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Where do you want to go? Thailand, Denmark, perhaps Peru? In these travel guides, you’ll find thorough and up-to-date information on travel destinations around the world. Everything on this blog is based on personal travel experience.

Whether you’re looking for the best destinations, where to stay, things to do and see or where to eat, you can find it here. My guides are tailored for solo travelers, couples and families going on all types of vacations – island getaways, off the beaten track, road trips, weekend getaways and backpacking trips.

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The preparation before a trip is important for having a great vacation. From finding your next favourite place, booking your flight, finding the best hotel and figuring out a budget. You want to make sure you pack everything you need (and not overpack). I’ve traveled the world for more than 13 years and have shared my tips and best advice in these travel posts.