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Packing list

Are you planning a Europe trip and in need of a packing list for Europe in the summer? Then read on! My summer in Europe consisted of 1 week in Slovenia with lots of outdoor adventures and hiking, 2 weeks in Croatia with relaxation and great food, and 1 week in Montenegro with sightseeing and national parks on the schedule. The weather was impeccable with at least 27 degrees every day, which meant no jackets or rainwear in the backpack —> more room for accessories and dresses.


Summer clothes is lighter and less bulky, and for once I didn’t overpack (I feel like I deserve a medal). I mostly wore short dresses and playsuits, and they worked well for the different activities I did. The playsuit is definitely one of my favorite outfits for summer because it’s so airy, feminine and cute. I just love wearing it.

Also, this was the last trip for my faithful Deuter backpack. I’ve used a backpack for the past 10 years, but it has simply become too heavy and, well, unhandy for Her Ladyship. So, I’m switching over to a trolley.

Here’s what I brought with me for one month in the Balkans.


Documents and money

  • Passport
  • Credit card
  • Plane tickets
  • Wallet
  • Local currency *
  • Insurance card **
  • Drivers license

I brought Euros for Slovenia and Montenegro, and Kuna for Croatia. I usually go to an ATM first thing when I visit a new country, but I always bring US dollars or/and Euros, just in case.

If it’s not already there, I write down the phone number of the insurance company and the Danish embassy (only when I visit development countries).


  • Warm sweater
  • Large scarf
  • Underwear
  • Socks (only 2-3 pairs, because I only wear flip-flops or ballerinas in the summer)
  • Two short leggings
  • T-shirt
  • Three tops
  • Four dresses (two long and two short)
  • Playsuit (sleeveless)

A tip about laundry when traveling: A way to travel light is to do laundry on the road. When I travel for more than three weeks, I usually wash the clothes by hand or find a laundry lady. The clothing is weighed on a scale to determine price, and it usually takes 24 hours before it’s done. It’s always cheaper to have it done at a family run laundry than at the hotel.

Packing list for the Balkans

Beach wear

Several countries in the Balkans are located along the Adriatic Sea, so I prepared for lots of beach time and sunshine. I usually pack one or two bikinis, but this time I only brought one and that was enough. The sun is strong in Eastern Europe so I got a factor 30 sunscreen, which is ideal for most countries.

Packing list for the Balkans


Oh, the shoes. I would have brought ten pairs if I had the room. Instead I narrowed it down to these four and it actually turned out that I could have left the wedges at home. By the way, if there’s one kind of footwear you should always have on your packing list, it’s Havaianas. These flip-flops are comfy, flexible and laid back – the perfect pair for summer holidays or hot destinations.

  • Ballerinas (I LOVE the ones from H&M)
  • Flip flops
  • Sneakers
  • Wedges

Packing list for the Balkans


  • Hand sanitizer
  • Small plastic bags (for laundry)
  • Neck pillow (for the nights on planes/busses, etc.)
  • Tampons
  • Medicine (for headache, band aids, antibiotics)

Packing list for the Balkans


I’ve only recently started bringing my laptop and phone with me when I travel. One of my initial concerns was safety as I didn’t want to carry around too much expensive equipment, especially when I’m traveling alone. Luckily most hotels and hostels have a safety box for valuables or you can always leave them in your bag at the reception. This has worked well for me so far.

Packing list for the Balkans

So, that’s it. Is there anything else you’d take to the Balkans?

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Packing list for Balkans
Packing list