29 best travel purses for Europe

best travel purse for Europe

There’s a common misconception that we can’t be stylish and fashionable as we travel the world. That practicality should win above looking chic.

That’s nonsense!

There are so many practical suitcases, travel bags, camera bags, jackets, and other travel necessities that are also gorgeous and stylish (take the fact that leather jackets are always waterproof, and that’s also a practical necessity).

So, what about purses?

Well, if you’re planning on traveling around Europe, the fashion capital of the world, you’ll want to look good while also keeping your valuables safe.

So, let’s take a look at what is the best travel purse for Europe. We’ll discuss what a good travel purse and travel wallet should be and do, and look at a list of the best travel handbags and purses so that you can decide which is the best travel purse for you.

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How to find the best travel purse

Size and storage/utility

This is your first consideration. What do you usually carry in your travel purse or travel wallet?

That will determine how big your ideal travel bag should be.

Consider your essentials – what you need to have in your purse at all times, and what can be relegated to your suitcase or backpack. Then you’ve got an idea of what size bag you need.

Also, you’re going to be mostly exploring towns and cities in your good clothes, so you won’t need that many essentials; bear that it mind.


This is a vital point of consideration. In Europe, some cities are safer than others. Berlin, for example, is typically very safe.

But Paris can be surprisingly deceptive when it comes to theft. So, having an anti-theft bag is hugely important.

Always factor that in. And, below you’ll see a selection of the best anti-theft bags on the market to choose from.

Comfort and style are, of course, important, but keeping your things safe is a bag’s job, after all!


The best travel purse for Europe should be something comfortable as well as stylish.

You could be walking in a city like Paris or Madrid for hours on end, and you’ll want to be as comfortable as can be so as not to cut your day short for no good reason.

Comfort means a lot of things to a lot of people, but factors to bear in mind when selecting the best travel purse are size and weight, how it’s carried (handle, strap, over shoulder, crossbody, etc), and what material it’s made from.

All of these can affect your decision and deserve close consideration.

It has to be stylish

As I’ve said, Europe is stylish! So, the bottom line, you want to be stylish while you’re traveling.

And that means having a bag that looks good, and matches your outfit, but is also still safe and comfortable.

Below you’re going to see a good range of styles to choose from which will ensure that your tastes are met. I guarantee you’ll find the best travel purse for you right here.

Best anti-theft bags

Anti-theft bags keep your essentials and valuables safe and secure in two ways: they use RFID-blocking technology to stop thieves from scanning your contactless credit cards through your bag.

And they have invisible seams and zips to stop slippery pickpockets from sliding into your bag. They’re a must-have if you want that extra security.

Anti-theft bag


This is one of the best anti-theft bags on the market. It’s perfectly sized for all your essentials, including cards, money, and your phone. What makes it a great anti-theft bag is its RFID blocking technology, which stops people stealing from your contactless credit cards!

Anti-theft bag


Not a purse, but one of the ultimate ladies’ travel bags around. What makes it so good? It’s fantastically theft-resistant with no visible zips or pockets. No pickpocket can get into this fantastic anti-theft bag!


Anti-theft bag

This is one of the ladies’ travel bags that’s hard to describe. It’s a backpack, but can also be carried like a tote bag, and it’s designed to perfectly carry and keep safe your laptops and other bits of tech safely and soundly.

Anti-theft bag

Minicat RFID bag

A perfectly stylish travel purse that’s also crossbody. It’s gorgeous, small, compact, anti-theft, and comfortable, making it one of the best anti-theft bags and one of the best crossbody bags for travel in Europe.

Anti-theft bag


This is a delightfully and adorable travel backpack for women. It’s small and compact, making it cute, but bigger than a purse so it can hold more of your essentials, making for an ideal daypack.

Anti-theft bag

Arden Cove

A pretty little travel purse that’s perfectly anti-theft. It can hold so many essentials in multiple hidden pockets. And it has a gorgeous chain strap for heightened fashion and style.

Anti-theft bag


A little larger than a purse and smaller than a messenger bag – one of the best crossbody bags for travel that’s also one of the best anti-theft bags. Beautifully lined and perfectly secure, this is an adorable bag.

Best money belts

Money belt


You don’t get more anti-theft than this! A money belt is an amazing accessory. This one is water repellent and completely secure. It keeps more than just your money safe: cards and phone as well!

Money belt

Hands free money belt

This money belt is on another level! It’s basically a strap wrapped tightly around your waist. You can even wear it while jogging and exercising! It’s less a bag and more a fabric belt. Stylish and invisible, totally anti-theft!

Best cross body bags for travel

Crossbody bags are great for their size and comfort. They’re larger than most travel purses because they are supported by your whole body, meaning you can carry more weight. They also look fantastic and are often made from stylish leather.

Cross body bag

Crossbody Bag

This minimalist purse is so gorgeous. A stylish leather bag with subtle logo that can carry all your major accessories. The most ideal and best travel purse for Europe if you want security, style, and convenience!

Cross body bag

Chevron quilted bag with tassel

This is a thin and flat crossbody bag, black leather with delightful little tassels on its zips. It fits your wallet, purse, money, cards, phone, Kindle, all your real essentials perfectly. One of the best crossbody bags for travel.

Cross body bag

Rebecca Minkoff

This elegant travel purse is one of my favourites – so chic and stylish in black leather with a chain and chevrons. Beautiful, practical, and ideal for travel in Europe.

Cross body bag


This slightly larger messenger bag is lined gorgeously, with plenty of pockets to keep all your accessories and necessities organised perfectly.

Cross body bag


If you use your travel purse or day bag to carry your makeup, notebook, tablet, phone, money, and other little essentials, you need this bag. It’s one of the best travel bags for women, able to fit all your biggest essentials.

Cross body bag


This little shoulder messenger bag is just gorgeous. It’s a soft brown leather bag with dozens of pockets, both inside and out, that gives it a rugged and retro feel. It’s big enough to carry all your essentials, too.

Cross body bag


A lovely large messenger bag that’s definitely one of the very best travel bags for women. Big enough to fit a small laptop if needed, and small enough to be easily portable and comfortable.

Best travel totes

Tote bags are stylish, sleek, and simple in their design. They’re all about keeping your essentials safe and looking good while they do it.

Travel tote


The secret to being the best travel totes is to be stylish. Tote bags can often be practical and plain over being fashionable, but not this leather beauty! It oozes style for days!

Travel tote

Michael Kors

This Michael Kors bag is the height of fashion. It’s an ideal travel bag to take to the beach or for a shopping trip through Berlin or Paris. A stunning travel bag full of chic charm.

Travel tote


Simplicity is the name of the game here. This tote bag is like a plain black dress: always stylish and always in fashion. One of the best travel totes as a result.

Travel tote


This travel tote is certainly for the professional Euro-traveller! It has enough space and security to pack a laptop, a tablet, a Kindle, and any other tech you’d like to have on you. It’s also sleek and very stylish to boot!

Best travel handbags

More traditional handbags – often made from leather – are where style and fashion shine through the most.

They’re bags that are often designed to be slung over one shoulder; they carry a little less than a messenger bag but still have room for all your essentials.

Travel handbag

Charming Tailor

This Charming Tailor handbag is also about minimalist design, making it very much at home on a trip to Paris or Milan. It’s one of the best travel handbags by virtue of being so irresistibly gorgeous.

Travel handbag


This kattee leather travel handbag is all about mixing practicality with design. It’s hefty and spacious, perfect for carrying everything you need. But it’s also stunning to look at and hold.

Best travel wallet

Like a fashionable clutch, a travel wallet is perfect for carrying your most valuable essentials: cards, money, ID, passport, and phone. Some are a little bigger, but compact portability is key with travel wallets.

Travel wallet


This wide and thin travel wallet is ideal as a crossbody handbag. It’s perfectly suited for your phone, money, cards, and papers.

Travel wallet


This is a very cool little travel wallet that has a summer vibe going on. It also has RFID blocking technology so it’s great as an anti-theft bag.

Travel wallet

Michael Kors

Another gorgeous and chic minimalist travel bag from Michael Kors. This is such a stunning little travel purse in a rose gold colour with enough space to hold safely all of your must-have travel essentials.

Travel wallet


This is a great little travel wallet – one of the most practical and useful wallets around. It has space for so many cards, ID, money, papers, a notebook, every absolute essential that you can’t be without.

Best travel clutch

Similar to a travel wallet, a clutch carries about the same amount of essentials, is usually gorgeous in style and design, and is often meant to be carried by hand so it can’t ever be too big or cumbersome.

Travel clutch

Charming Tailor

This is the kind of black leather clutch you could use as a travel day bag for your essentials and then take with you to an evening party.

Travel clutch


A pitch-black clutch with so much style and glamour to it. A sheen that drips with style and enough room for all your must-have essentials.

Travel clutch


This large croc clutch comes in six gorgeous colors and is ideal for carrying all the travel essentials that a messenger bag or large travel purse could carry, making for something that’s as practical as it is stunning.

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