17 best travel wallets for women

best travel wallets for women

The best travel wallets for women are more useful and practical than a pocket-sized purse but isn’t something as heavy or cumbersome as a messenger bag, backpack, or even a handbag.

It’s a stylish accessory, something you’re happy and excited to wear as part of your outfit, but also something that serves a real purpose while you’re travelling.

The best travel purse for Europe, or indeed for anywhere in the world, is one that keeps your phone, money, and credit cards safe, but also one you can use as a travel document holder or a passport wallet.

Here, we’ll look at every kind and style of ladies’ travel wallet, from the best passport wallet to a good travel document wallet and even a hidden travel wallet.

Let’s dive in!

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How to choose the best travel wallets for women


Choosing the best travel wallets for women or the best travel purse means choosing the best material for what you need.

Good material means being waterproof, built to last, and looking stylish. Leather covers all three of those needs but is not the only option.

We’ll look at a few great leather ladies’ travel wallets as well as other options that still meet your function and fashion needs.

The important thing is that what you’re wearing is gorgeous but also does everything you need it to, so you need to think about the lining and how comfy the strap is.


From material to craftsmanship. So, I’ve mentioned how the material is important, but how it’s made is just as – if not more – important.

Good craftsmanship often comes with a higher price tag, but one that’s fair given how beautiful and sturdy a good travel wallet should be.

Whether it’s a passport wallet or a travel document wallet, all the more reason to demand the finest craftsmanship! And, of course, you want your passport travel wallet to stand the test of time and serve you well for a long time to come.


Good craftsmanship comes at a price. The price for the best travel wallet or the best travel organizer can be a high one. But it also doesn’t have to be.

Consider how often you’ll be using your wallet, and where.

The best travel purse for Europe is one with chic style, and that costs a bit more, but a good travel purse for exploring the cities of Southeast Asia can be something a little more muted so as not to stand out, and that means getting a cheaper price.

Size and capacity

Most ladies’ travel wallets are around about the same size: bigger than a purse but smaller than a handbag.

Just the right size for all your pocket-sized essentials. Though I do recommend a good travel document holder or passport travel wallet, for the best security possible.


There’s a line you need to walk here: a line between being stylish and being so bold as to tempt thieves to want to steal your wallet.

When it comes to security, having a belt wallet, a hidden travel wallet, or a secure travel wallet is something to consider, but more on that later.

The bottom line is nobody should be allowed to tell you how flashy to be, but you also need to take responsibility and think carefully about how much of a target you might make yourself.

Great features to look for

Coin pouch

The best travel organizer should have a coin pouch. Loose change is a nightmare in general, and if you’re looking to keep all your valuables in one convenient place, a coin pouch is a great addition.

Pockets & compartments

Sorting your credit cards, passport, travel documents, money, phone, and spare change into different compartments is a blessing. And the best travel wallet for women should do all of this with ease.

Easy but secure access

You want to be able to very easily access whatever you need at any given moment.

That’s essential.

If you’re in a queue and you need to grab some change or show your passport, it should be seconds away. That said, making sure everyone else can’t access your wallet as easily as you can is also essential.

RFID travel wallet

This is a big one! RFID protection stops people from scanning your wallet if it has a contactless credit card inside.

The protection is in the wallet’s lining and stops this kind of invisible theft in its tracks.

Passport case insert

The best passport wallet is one where the passport is optional. Being able to remove the passport case means having the option to slim down your travel wallet, but also the choice to keep your passport safe inside it.

Room for your phone

This is a big one. Paying for a slightly wider and bulkier travel wallet means having a place to keep your phone safe as well as your money and passport. The best travel wallet is one that can store your phone.

Best travel wallets for women

Best travel wallets


A chic and stylish brown leather travel wallet with RFID protection and a very reasonable price tag! This secure wallet is built to last.

Best travel wallets


I love the style and design of this travel wallet, as well as the long and deep shape of it. A great travel document wallet that can fit a lot without being bulky.

Best travel wallets

Michael Kors

Minimalist chic in a classic colour. The peak of style and elegancy but still a perfectly sized purse. It also comes in a range of different colours if you’d prefer.

Best travel wallets


A secure travel wallet with compartments for everything you could ever need. So much safety and security here without sacrificing and style and beauty, all for an amazing price.

Best travel wallets

Tumi voyager

This is a very small travel purse that’s ideal if you’re only considering carrying your money and cards. It’s minimalist but very pretty and great for travelling light.

Best travel wallets

Kate Spade

With so many beautiful colours to choose from, this is a great and secure wallet to choose for your travels.

Best travel wallets

Kate Spade Laurel

This is a long and thin wallet with all the compartments you could ask for. Slender, chic, and stylish.

Best travel wallets


Coach bags are consistently perfect when it comes to style and design. And this one boasts the finest craftsmanship.

Best travel wallets

Michael Kors phone case

This is a specifically designed phone case purse. It behaves like a purse but has a phone-specific pocket inside it to keep your phone safe. And it’s gorgeous.

Best travel wallets


A hundred colour choices and a hundred compartments. Perhaps the very best passport wallet.

Best travel wallets


Or is this the best passport wallet? This wallet has room enough for travel documents, passports, and all other essentials!

Best travel wallets


This fantastic travel organiser carries everything you’ll ever need, all while being small and sleek and beautiful.

Best travel wallets


A passport holder with room for all your credit and debit cards, as well as your tickets and other travel documents.

Best travel wallets

Fossil leather wallet

A wallet with room to breathe. You want to pack in a few more essentials? It has the space!

Best travel wallets


A simple, chic, minimalist travel wallet for all your essentials. This can definitely function as a hidden travel wallet.

Best travel wallets

Tory Burch

Very classy. Very stylish. Simply beautiful. And functional as well as fashionable: built to last and perfect for travelling.

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