Review: A seaside retreat at Fredensborg Hotel, Bornholm

Set among lush forests and overlooking the craggy Bornholm coastline, Fredensborg Hotel is a picture of modernist chic with white interiors, Bornholm granite, and furniture in classic Danish design.

Fredensborg Hotel is located in Bornholm, one of the most magical places in Denmark.

I had the pleasure of staying there during a long weekend this summer, and it was wonderful.

We did day trips to Hammershus, Rokkestenen, and many other iconic sights – it was the perfect location.

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Bornholm Hotels

Fredensborg Hotel is a traditional Danish beach hotel. Denmark’s beach hotels (badehoteller) are all about good food, great views, wellness, and relaxation.

They’re the perfect place for a relaxing seaside break in Denmark.

Like many other beach hotels, Fredensborg offers delightful accommodations, fine cuisine, and a range of outdoor activities in a magnificent seaside setting. 

The hotel has free Wi-Fi, free parking, and a restaurant with a terrace. Also, in the garden, there are two jacuzzis where you can enjoy the seaside view with a cocktail in hand.

Fredensborg is part of the Bornholm Hotels chain, together with GSH, an eco-friendly hotel, and Hotel Griffen, the biggest four-star hotel in Bornholm.

Things to do in Bornholm, Denmark
Fredensborg Hotel
Fredensborg Hotel
Bornholm hotels
GSH Hotel
Fredensborg Hotel
Fredensborg Hotel

My room at Fredensborg Hotel

After a swift check-in, I was shown to my room on the third floor. The room was furnished in original, Nordic minimalist style. 

It had a Hästens double bed, a flat-screen, a table and chairs. From the balcony, there was a stunning view of the Baltic Sea and the hotel garden.

Bornholm hotels
Bornholm hotels

The hotel was recently renovated and redesigned by Danish designer Pernille Bülow.

This included the bathroom, which featured a luxury overhead rain shower that was nothing short of rejuvenating.

As a bonus, there were the most amazing organic bathing products available. They were so delightful that I bought myself a shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to take home. 

Overall it was a lovely bathroom and room – a wonderful place to relax after a day of sightseeing the Danish island.

Bornholm hotels
Bornholm hotels
Bornholm hotels
View from my balcony

Private swimming bridge

In traditional beach hotel style, Fredensborg Hotel features a private swimming bridge.

Although the sea looked ice-cold – which it was – lots of the hotel guests still got in for a swim. I got up around 6 am and saw the first morning bathers heading for a dip in the Baltic Sea.


We actually had an excessively hot summer in Denmark this year (some days hovering around 32-34 degrees), but I still preferred staying ashore sipping a light refreshment instead.

Things to do in Bornholm, Denmark
Things to do in Bornholm, Denmark
Things to do in Bornholm, Denmark

Fredensborg Restaurant

Breakfast is included in the room rate and consists of a Nordic buffet with a great selection of fruits, bread, and cereals.

For Danes, this is a little goldmine.

A traditional Danish breakfast normally consists of cereal or oats with milk, bread, smoothies, pastry, and skyr (a low-fat and protein-rich yogurt with a thick texture) – and this breakfast buffet had it all.

Things to do in Bornholm, Denmark
Bornholm Hotels, Denmark
The famous, rather addictive welcome drink

Restaurant FB

The hotel has a lovely restaurant by the name of Restaurant FB where you can get traditional French bistro dishes.

Try their welcome drink with rhubarb, strawberry, and vodka, or the homemade french fries with mayo if you’re in a snack mood – both are fabulous.

Seafood buffet

The crown jewel of the restaurant is the exquisite seafood buffet- an amazing selection of fish and shellfish with no shortage of choices for seafood lovers (yours truly included).

You can scoop up crab legs and peel-and-eat shrimp, as well as hearty options of fresh grilled scallops with pea puree, whole lobster, and Norway lobsters (my favorite).

Things to do in Bornholm, Denmark
My plate from the seafood buffet
Bornholm Hotels
Breakfast buffet
Bornholm Hotels
Bornholm Hotels

Rønne beach and nature trails

One of the things I really liked about Fredensborg Hotel was the location.

It’s only 3 km from Rønne (the largest town in Bornholm), yet it feels secluded, tucked away in the forest near the beach.

There are so many opportunities for walks, jogging, or biking – and bicycles can be rented at the hotel.

Bornholm hotels
Bornholm hotels
Wild black berries
Bornholm hotels
One of the nearby beaches – only 5 minutes walk from the hotel

Fredensborg luxury

Final thoughts on Fredensborg Hotel? I really enjoyed it.

The service was outstanding and I felt welcome from the minute we arrived. I would gladly return – and most definitely on a Thursday, just in time for the delicious seafood buffet.

Things to do in Bornholm, Denmark

A thousand thanks to Bornholm Hotels for hosting me and making me feel at home in Bornholm. I was a guest, but all opinions are my own as always.

FAQ – Hotel Fredensborg Bornholm

Is there an age requirement at Hotel Fredensborg Bornholm

Yes. Hotel Fredensborg has an age limit, requiring all guests to be at least 16 years old to ensure a calm and relaxing atmosphere​​​​.

What type of cuisine can I expect at the hotel?

The hotel features a restaurant with a sea view, offering a variety of dishes including seafood, vegetarian, and French-inspired delicacies. Guests are advised to make table reservations in advance​​​​.

What outdoor activities are available at Hotel Fredensborg?

You can enjoy complimentary access to outdoor hot tubs, a private bathing bridge, paddleboarding, and a swimming pool with a sea view​​​​.

Is Hotel Fredensborg wheelchair-friendly?

The hotel and its restaurant are accessible by wheelchair, and there is an elevator available for accessing the first and second floors​​.

Can I rent bikes at the hotel?

Yes, the hotel provides free bicycle hire, allowing guests to explore the island’s numerous bike paths easily​​.

Is there parking available at the hotel, and can I charge my electric car?

Yes, guests can park free of charge in the hotel’s parking lot, which also includes charging stations for electric cars​​.

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    1. Hi Curran, I’m not sure which migrants you’re referring to. But there aren’t any issues on Bornholm, rest assured. It’s a very, very safe island.

  1. Love this post! Looks so beautiful! We haven’t visited Denmark, outside of 3 hours in Copenhagen between flights, and not too many bloggers talk about Denmark. Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you get to see more of Denmark at some point. It’s so beautiful here and Copenhagen is just a small part of it. Bornholm, Funen, Aarhus and North Jutland are the places to go to experience the real Denmark.

  2. Thanks for the reply i read gangs of Muslim migrants are randomly shooting people in Denmark. Hence me asking sounds like a great place to.visit and safe.too.

    1. Denmark is a super safe country in general (and especially Bornholm because it’s so secluded). I haven’t heard about those gangs that shoot people, but I understand how you got concerned by reading about it. We do have crime of course, but nothing that’s to worry about. Personally, I have never felt unsafe in Copenhagen or any other place in Denmark, and I’ve lived here for 35 years 🙂

  3. Miriam the media always seem to paint a negative picture of a country. I led to believe this.

    It’s nice that you have told me Denmark is a safe place. Thankyou for sharinh

    1. I know the feeling all too well 🙂 I do hope you get to visit Denmark, Curran. And if so, let me know so I can make sure you get all the best tips and recommendations for my country.

  4. I lived on the south side of the Island for several years in the mid nintys, attended the summer fest near nexo more then once. I think of it often and miss those times. Lately i’ve though of returning for a vacation. I was over 20 years ago im conserned it has changed. And i;ll be disapointed, this is my delema.it seens like it could be a place time forgets . I hope its still the same.

    1. Hi Jim,

      You shouldn’t worry. I visited Bornholm for the first time in the ’90s as well. I was just 12 years old and have such great memories. Now, more than 20 years later I can tell you, it’s just like I remembered it. In fact, it’s improved because there’s such a focus on sustainability and gourmet food now. So really, you should go back 🙂

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