30 unique places to visit in Denmark (by a Dane)

Want to explore Denmark, but don’t know where to begin? Begin here. I’ve handpicked 30 of the best places to visit in Denmark (besides Copenhagen).

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The best places to visit in Denmark

Denmark is a small country, and you can get from one end to the other in six hours (less if you fly).

My list of the best places to visit in Denmark includes highlights from all over the country.

If this is your first time in Denmark, check out my Denmark travel guide. If you’re planning a road trip, get the best itineraries here: 7 amazing self-drive itineraries in Denmark.

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30 best places to visit in Denmark

1. Bornholm

Bornholm is known as the sunshine island because it’s the sunniest place in Denmark. There’s a unique and idyllic landscape on this Baltic island, which is why Danes love to visit.

Whether you’re looking for white sand beaches, dramatic cliffs, or quaint fishing towns, Bornholm is the perfect destination.

It has also become a mecca for glorious food, so do stop by Christianshøjkroen and Fredensborg Hotel (for the amazing seafood buffet!) and try the renowned smoking houses and the world-known Johann Bülow licorice.

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2. Fur

Fur Island is known as Denmark’s most wonderful island and it’s currently on the UNESCO tentative list for its moler (or moclay in English).

Moler is a special kind of clay layered with black volcanic ash. It’s 55 million years old and can be found here along with fossils of fish, insects, and birds. 

Fur Denmark

3. Faaborg

Faaborg is located on Funen and it’s one of the cutest, most quaint towns in Denmark.

Aside from the vibrant half-timbered houses, you’ll find hollyhocks-lined streets in the summer. Faaborg is absolutely worth visiting!

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4. Mariager

Back in high school, I lived in Mariager for two years and really loved it. It’s located in central Jutland and it’s truly a hidden gem.

Mariager is a charming little rural town dating back to the early 15th century.

Known as The City of Roses, locals are welcoming and will greet you with a nod or ‘hello’. Mariager has a fjord, a lush forest, a salt center, and a quaint old town with picturesque cobbled streets.


5. The Dodecalith

The Dodecalith on Lolland-Falster is a unique circle of tall stone sculptures with faces, set to tunes that change with the seasons.

Near a small fishing village, a walk takes you right to it. With old burial spots around, it’s a neat blend of art and history, with a killer view of the water.

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6. Mønsted Kalkgruber

Did you know that the world’s largest limestone mine is located in Denmark?

Yep. It’s Mønsted Kalkgruber. An endless maze of underground paths that stretches for 60 km and up to six floors in height.

Some of the caverns are as large as cathedrals while others are so narrow that a grown man couldn’t walk through them upright.

In other words, the limestone beneath Mønsted in Denmark is riddled with the biggest chambers, widest tunnels, and most mind-blowing voids anywhere in Europe.

Mønsted Kalkgruber

7. Odense

Odense is the hometown of H.C. Andersen – the godfather of fairy tales and author of the famous words: To travel is to live.

Make sure to explore the picturesque old town, St. Knud’s Cathedral, and Møntergården Museum.

Odense is an ideal day trip from Copenhagen or a stop-over on your way to Jutland or around Funen. 

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8. Blåvand

Blåvand is known for its calm and shallow water, which is not at all common for the North Sea (it’s usually wild, untamed, and windy).

Add to the fact that it’s surrounded by children-friendly, snow-white beaches and pretty vast sand dunes.

All of this makes Blåvand Denmark perfect for families or anyone who likes the dramatic and unspoiled nature of the North Sea but without the strong current. 

Blåvand Denmark

9. Ribe

Ribe is not only the oldest town in Scandinavia, it’s also easily one of the best places to visit in Denmark to soak up some history.

Its charming half-timbered 16th-century houses are overseen by the country’s oldest cathedral. Definitely worth a visit.

Places in Denmark-7

10. The Wadden Sea

In the Wadden Sea (in Danish, National Park Vadehavet), the North Sea floods the mud flats with seawater twice a day.

When the tide is low, you can drive or take tractor-bus rides to offshore islands and watch harbor seals on the sandbanks.

The Wadden Sea National Park

11. Møgeltønder

The main street in Møgeltønder, an old cobbled road lined with linden trees and idyllic houses, is known as the most beautiful street in Denmark.

It’s unique because of its many thatched cottages from 1700-1800. 

This charming village is also home to the royal Schackenborg Castle where Prince Joachim and his family live from time to time. 

Road trip in Denmark

12. Dybbøl Mølle

Dybbøl Mølle is a mill museum and national symbol of Danish bravery.

This was the final battlefield during the war in 1864 when Denmark went from being a large nation to a very small nation. 

Dybbøl Mølle is located in Sønderborg.

Road trip in Denmark

13. Sønderborg

Sønderborg has a lot going on, so you won’t run out of things to do here. War sights, castles, island hopping, and Sønderjysk kaffebord – it’s all worth trying.

Sønderborg is also a great anchor for exploring the rest of Als and Southern Denmark.

Road trip in Denmark

14. Christiansfeld

Christiansfeld is a town in Central Jutland and was enlisted as a World Heritage site in 2015 because of its unique stringent architecture that represents the Moravian Brethren in Denmark.

It’s named Christiansfeld after King Christian VII who planned the city. 

Pro tip: Try the honey cakes – they’re legendary!

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15. Aarhus

Aarhus is my favorite town in Denmark. It’s cultural, historic, charming and a true foodie destination. It’s also the second largest city in Denmark after Copenhagen.

Things not to miss include Den Gamle By (the old town), Aros (Rainbow Panorama), Aarhus cathedral, the Latin Quarter, Åboulevarden Riverfront and the quaint Møllestien. 

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Places in Denmark

16. Ebeltoft

Ebeltoft is a picture-worthy medieval town in Djursland.

Think quaint half-timbered houses, winding cobbled streets, nice beaches, and a lively culture scene during the summer. 

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17. Old Estrup Manor

Not far from Ebeltoft is Old Estrup Manor. I could have included Egeskov Castle (the first photo in this post) because it’s one of the most impressive castles in Denmark.

BUT this isn’t a popularity contest – and besides, I’d rather show you the less visited castles. The hidden gems, like Old Estrup Manor; a red-brick renaissance manor and museum from 1340. 

Visit in the summer to get the full experience of the beautiful gardens. It’s so pretty.


18. Rebild Hills

We don’t have mountains in Denmark, but we do have hills. And purple ones.

Rebild Bakker has some of the most vibrant nature in Denmark. You can find heathland all over Denmark, but Rebild National Park is something special.

If you visit in August when the heath is in bloom, you can have a picnic or walk through the purple idyllic setting. Rebild is also a great place for outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, or fishing. 

Rebild Bakker Denmark

19. Troll Forrest

The twisted trees of Denmark’s troll forests are up to 200 years old and look as though they are bewitched.

This enchanting and a bit eerie landscape was planted in an attempt to reduce the sand flow in the area, but it didn’t work.

Now, these strange woods can be found in Thy National Park (Thagaards Plantage), Rold Forest (the Troll Forest), and Tisvilde.

Danish summer

20. Bulbjerg Klint

Bulbjerg Klint is a 47m high limestone cliff and one of the most amazing places for nature in Denmark.

Bird-watchers can have a field day at Bulbjerg, too. As the only bird cliff in Denmark, it’s home to kittiwakes, common puffins, and northern fulmars. Even if you’re not into birds, this place is just epic. 

What makes it special for me is the dramatic, grass-covered cliffs overlooking the roaring North Sea, and that wide-open, crisp-air feel at the top of the cliff. You can see it from below, too.

Bulbjerg Klint

21. Jammerbugten

Jammerbugten is special because of the North Sea. It’s home to some of the best beaches in Denmark.

One of them is Tornby Beach. Like most of the beaches on the north-west coast (Løkken, Blokhus, Tversted, and Skiveren), it’s very popular, but Tornby is special in a way.

It’s dotted with cute summer houses and has a lovely little ice cream shop. Even if you visit off-season, it’s worth stopping by (the picture below is taken off-season, in March).

Tornby Denmark

22. Stevns Klint

Stevns Klint is a UNESCO world heritage site and absolutely deserves a visit if you love nature.

So does Møns Klint, by the way, which is located 1.5 hours south of Stevns Klint. They’re both chalk cliffs and were formed millions of years ago when the sea covered Denmark. 

Whereas Møns Klint isn’t on the UNESCO list, Stevns Klint made it there in 2014. That’s because the 40-meter-high cliff shows evidence of the giant meteorite that hit Earth and caused the mass extinction about 65 million years ago.

It’s an easy day trip from Copenhagen.

Stevns Klint

23. Rubjerg Knude

Rubjerg Knude is one of the best places in Denmark.

The wind-whipped coast, the howling wind, and the relentless forces of Mother Nature are what make this place so fascinating. 

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

24. Råbjerg Mile

Råbjerg Mile is one of the largest migrating dunes in Europe, and it’s a super fun place to visit.

The sand dune consists of a 1000-m long and 1000-m wide mound with about 4 million m3 of sand. The highest point is 40 m above sea level and from the top, you can see all the way to Skagen.

Råbjerg Mile is moving towards the Kattegat Sea at a rate of more than 15 m a year. It’s expected to cover the main road to Skagen in a century or two. 

Råbjerg Mile

25. Thy National Park

It’s the first national park in Denmark. It has the wildest nature in the country. And it’s perfect for a multi-day road trip.

National Park Thy has a special wilderness, formed by the wind, sand, and the salty North Sea. 

Here, you can enjoy a unique landscape: sand dunes, dune heaths, wetlands, and lakes with a number of rare species – from birds to insects and plants. And – after a 200-year absence from Denmark, wolves have been spotted here in 2012. 

Thy National Park

26. Skagen

This all-time favorite of Denmark’s intellectual elite and artists is a lovely place filled with art galleries and museums.

Skagen’s main attraction is Grenen – the northernmost point in Denmark where two seas collide. At the seafront, you can sample some freshly caught fish and admire the picturesque houses.


27. Møns Klint

Møns Klint is a beautiful spot with towering white cliffs right by the Baltic Sea in Denmark.

If you take the stairs down, you’ll hit a rocky beach where you can actually find old fossils.

28. Sprogø

Sprogø is this tiny island in Denmark, right in the middle of the Great Belt.

It’s known for its lighthouse and a cool windmill. The place has a bit of a history, once being a base for pirates and later a home for disempowered women who were ostracised by society.

Now, it’s part of a massive bridge connecting bigger parts of Denmark. It’s not a bustling spot, but its mix of history and neat structures makes it a cool, quiet pitstop.

29. Faxe Kalkbrud

Faxe Kalkbrud is a massive old limestone quarry in Denmark. It’s like stepping into a different world with its clear blue waters and rocky surroundings.

You can go fossil hunting, finding relics from millions of years ago. It’s not suitable for swimming.

30. Mors

Mors is an island in Denmark with a bit of everything.

It’s got beautiful beaches, forests, and even a desert-like area called Hanklit where you can see layers of the earth’s past.

There’s an old moler factory, telling tales of ancient volcanoes. You can hike, swim, or just chill and soak up the nature.

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