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Kobarid, Slovenia-19

Wondering how to visit Kozjak Waterfall? Here’s everything you need to know to plan your trip.

So far, my trip to Slovenia had taken me past fairy tale lakes through the magical world of Narnia to the majestic Boka waterfall. And now, I was heading to Kozjak; a waterfall hidden in a cave.

Kozjak waterfall is a 45 minutes hike from the town center of Kobarid. The hike has beautiful scenery of turquoise rivers, vast green nature, a hanging bridge and a historical bridge.

Introduction to Kozjak Waterfall

Kozjak Waterfall, or Slap Kozjak as they say in Slovene (slap means waterfall), is by many considered the most beautiful waterfall in Slovenia. 

I tend to agree although I’m pretty taken by Savica waterfall, too!

What makes Kozjak waterfall unique is that it’s located inside a cave. Hidden. The walls leading inside the cave are covered in moss, which makes it a super enchanting sight.

The waterfall is 15m high.

Hiking in Kozjak waterfall, Slovenia. Get all the tips and tricks here. Kozjak waterfalls. Kobarid Slovenia. Soca valley. Waterfalls Slovenia. The Balkans.

Hiking in Kozjak waterfall, Slovenia. Get all the tips and tricks here. Kozjak waterfalls. Kobarid Slovenia. Soca valley. Waterfalls Slovenia. The Balkans.

How to get to Kozjak Waterfall

There are two ways of getting to Kozjak Waterfall: by car and on foot. The route from Kobarid is the same until you reach Napoleon Bridge. If you’re on foot, I recommend taking one way there and the other way back for a change of scenery. That’s what I did.

By car / on foot – From Kobarid, drive towards the Napoleon Bridge. Once you get there, cross the bridge and take the road to the left towards Dreznica. 150 m up the road is a parking lot on your right side. From there, you’re looking at a 30 minute hike to Slap Kozjak. Remember to buy a parking ticket and display it in your car window!

On foot – From Kobarid, walk towards the Napoleon Bridge. You can cross it (like the cars) OR continue straight ahead and then cross the hanging bridge further ahead. The walk takes 45 mins from Kobarid town centre to Slap Kozjak. The trail is well marked and easy to walk.

Travel tips

When to visit 

Go in the morning or before noon. That way you won’t run into too many people. 

Entrance fee

Adults 4€ / Children from 7-14 years 2€ / Family 10€

Opening hours

1 July – 15 August: 8.30-20
1 September – 1 July: 8.30-19

Kobarid, Slovenia-35

Napoleon Bridge, Kobarid

Napoleon Bridge is the first highlight you’ll get to on your way to Kozjak Waterfalls. 

The bridge was built in 1750 and got this name because Napoleon and his troops marched across it on their way to Predel Pass. During World War I it was blown up, but later rebuilt.

Napoleon Bridge is where the road splits. So, if you’re by car, you need to cross the bridge, and if you’re on foot, just continue straight ahead.

Kobarid, Slovenia

Here’s Napoleon bridge

The route to Kozjak Waterfalls

Once you’ve reached the parking lot, follow the pathway. The first stretch is open and easy to walk. 

Soon after, you’ll get to Soca River and walk right next to it. It’s super beautiful! Just continue straight ahead. 

Kobarid, Slovenia

Hiking is a breeze with a view like this

Kobarid, Slovenia

Kayakers on Soca river

Kobarid, Slovenia

The suspension bridge

Then, on your left side, you’ll see a suspension bridge. This is where to cross if you went straight ahead at Napoleon Bridge.

If you want, you should go stand in the middle of the bridge to admire the Soca River. It’s an amazing view from there and you’ll inevitably see kayakers pass by in the summer.

Kobarid, Slovenia-29

Kobarid, Slovenia

Kobarid forest

Ok, so get back on the pathway and walk a little further. You’re now entering the forest. 

It’s so green and lush, and you can hear a small creek nearby. Slovenians believe that forests are magical, and I think I’ve become a believer, too 🙂 The way the sun hits the tree tops, the leaves, and the small caves and labyrinthine paths. If this isn’t magical, I don’t know what is.

Kobarid, Slovenia

The trail is well-marked so you won’t get lost

Kobarid, Slovenia

Magical, isn’t it?

Kobarid, Slovenia-12

Mali Kozjak Waterfall

Many do not know this, but there are actually TWO Kozjak waterfalls. You’ve got Veliki Kozjak Waterfall (the big one) and a small one: Mali Kozjak Waterfall.

The small waterfall is located in the forest under an old wooden bridge. It’s 8m high, but it seems smaller. 

Mali Kozjak Waterfall

Mali Kozjak Waterfall

Veliki Kozjak Waterfall

Once you see moss-covered walls, you know you’re almost there. As you approach the waterfall, the walls narrow. You’ll enter a cave-like grotto carved from limestone and cross a wooden plank across the creek. Continue a few steps and go inside.

There it is.

A 15 meter high waterfall, its bottom covered by a vast blue and green pool, and its walls reminiscent of those in caves. It’s an incredible sight.

Is swimming allowed?

You might see people swimming in the waterfall. At the moment, swimming is allowed. BUT it’s super cold. 

Kobarid, Slovenia

The bridge you cross just before the entrance to the waterfall

Kobarid, Slovenia

Kobarid, Slovenia-17
Kobarid, Slovenia-18

Getting back

Once you’re done exploring the waterfall, it’s time to head back. If you’re on foot from Kobarid, consider crossing the suspension bridge and walk that way back to Napoleon bridge. It’s a scenic hike.

Kobarid, Slovenia

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Many thanks to Spirit Slovenia for generously hosting me in Slovenia. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own, regardless of who is footing the bill.

So, what do you think of Slovenia? Would you go there?