So far, my trip to Slovenia had taken me past the beautiful Savica waterfall, through the magical world of Narnia to the majestic Boka waterfall. And now, I was heading to the incredible Kozjak; a waterfall hidden in a cave.

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Kozjak waterfall, or Slap Kozjak as they say in Slovene (slap means waterfall), is a 45 minutes hike from the town center of Kobarid. The hike has beautiful scenery of turquoise rivers, vast green nature, a hanging bridge and a historical bridge.

Napoleon Bridge, Kobarid

First stop of the hike was Napoleon bridge. The bridge was built in 1750 and it got this name because Napoleon and his troops marched across it on their way to Predel Pass. During World War I it was blown up, but later rebuilt.

Now it looks like this —>

Kobarid, Slovenia

Here’s Napoleon bridge

Since I almost always get lost, a girl from Kobarid tourist center had explained that when I reached Napoleon bridge, I could continue straight ahead and then cross the hanging bridge further ahead, or I could cross the bridge and take the road to the left towards Dreznica (if you look closely, you can see a car driving in the same direction).

I choose to cross the bridge and then I took the other road back. Both turned out to be very scenic.

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Kobarid, Slovenia

I mean, how beautiful is this!

Kobarid, Slovenia

If you stand on the middle of the bridge, you’ll inevitably see kayakers pass by

Kobarid, Slovenia

Hiking is a breeze with a view like this

Kobarid, Slovenia

And this

Kobarid, Slovenia

Aaand this

Kobarid forest

After walking for a bit, I reached a forest. It was so green and lush, and I could hear a small creek nearby. I’ve mentioned before that Slovenian forests are kind of magical. Slovenians believe this, and I think I’ve become a believer, too. The way the sun hits the tree tops, the leaves, and the small caves and labyrinthic paths. If this is not magical, I don’t know what is.

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Kobarid, Slovenia

The trail is well-marked so I didn’t get lost this time

Kobarid, Slovenia

Magical, isn’t it?

Kobarid, Slovenia-12

Kobarid, Slovenia-13

Kobarid, Slovenia-15

Kobarid, Slovenia-20

Kobarid, Slovenia

The bridge you cross just before the entrance to the waterfall

Kozjak Waterfall

As I approached the waterfall, the walls narrowed. I entered a cave-like grotto carved from rock by the shimmering water and continued up a few steps, across a wooden plank across the creek and went inside.

There is was.

A 15 meter high waterfall, its bottom covered by a vast blue and green pool, and its walls reminiscent of those in caves.  What an incredible sight.

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Kobarid, Slovenia-2


Kobarid, Slovenia-17
Kobarid, Slovenia-18
Kobarid, Slovenia

It’s possible to swim here

Kobarid, Slovenia-19

Kobarid, Slovenia-22

The walk back was just as pretty. I followed the path through the forest and passed smaller caves on my way.

What an amazing hike.

Kobarid, Slovenia

I am wondering. If fairies live in the forest, is this where the troll lives?

Kobarid, Slovenia-25

Kobarid, Slovenia-14

Kobarid, Slovenia

Soca river from its best side. I love the colors of this river

Kobarid, Slovenia-28

Kobarid, Slovenia-29

On my way back, I crossed the bridge. It’s an amazing view from there.

Kobarid, Slovenia-30

Kobarid, Slovenia

Flowers on the meadows

Kobarid, Slovenia

Kayakers on Soca river

Kobarid, Slovenia-35

Kobarid, Slovenia

The pretty Soca river

Many thanks to Spirit Slovenia for generously hosting me in Slovenia. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own, regardless of who is footing the bill.

So, what do you think of Slovenia? Would you go there?

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