55 major landmarks in Europe you should visit at least once

Looking for major landmarks in Europe? I’ve handpicked the most famous landmarks in Europe that you should add to your bucket list.

Did you know that Europe has 45 countries? It’s full of amazing spots, so picking the best landmarks isn’t easy.

But if we go by how popular and how historical they are, I’ve managed to make a list of 55 must-sees.

Whether you’re into nature or man-made wonders, there’s something for your Europe bucket list.

The highlights? Definitely don’t skip the Eiffel Tower in France, Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, or Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

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Best experiences in Europe

Looking for the best experiences in Europe? These are some of the most memorable tours:

55 major landmarks in Europe

United Kingdom

1. Stonehenge – Wiltshire, England

Stonehenge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and prehistoric monument dating back to around 3000 to 2000 BCE.

Made of a circle of massive standing stones, some weighing 25 tons, it’s an architectural landmark that stumps modern researchers.

Theories about why it was made and by whom range from a religious site to an astronomical calendar.

Visit for summer solstice sunrise or a guided history tour.

🛵 Best tour Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath from London (⭐4.5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Stonehenge

2. Tower of London – London, England

Make sure to visit the Tower of London when you’re in England’s capital.

Dating back to the 11th century, this historic fortress has been a royal palace, a prison, and even a zoo!

You’ll walk through centuries of British history as you explore its various buildings, including the White Tower, which houses the Crown Jewels.

Intrigued by mysteries and darker tales? You can discover the stories of famous prisoners like Anne Boleyn, who met her end here.

🛵 Best tour The Tower of London with a local expert (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Tower of London

3. Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland

Don’t miss Edinburgh Castle when you’re in Scotland’s capital.

Perched atop an ancient volcano, this 12th-century fortress offers jaw-dropping views of Edinburgh.

You’ll get up close with Scotland’s Crown Jewels and the Stone of Destiny, symbols of Scottish royalty and power.

🛵 Best tour Edinburgh Castle: Skip-the-Line Tour (⭐4.5/5)


4. Giant’s Causeway – County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Make sure to add the Giant’s Causeway to your itinerary when you’re in Northern Ireland.

This natural wonder consists of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, created by an ancient volcanic eruption.

The geometric patterns are so precise, you would almost think they were man-made.

🛵 Best tour Northern Ireland Highlights Day Trip Including Giant’s Causeway from Dublin (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Giant's Causeway


5. The Eiffel Tower – Paris

You can’t go to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower.

Completed in 1889 for the World’s Fair, this iconic landmark stands at 330 meters (1,083 ft) tall and will give you some of the best panoramic views of the City of Light.

Head to the top if you’re not afraid of heights, or enjoy a picnic in the surrounding gardens if you’d prefer to keep your feet on the ground.

🛵 Best tour Paris Eiffel Tower Guided Climb Tour by Stairs (⭐4.5/5)


6. Mont Saint-Michel – Normandy

When you’re in France, Mont Saint-Michel is a destination you simply can’t overlook.

This 8th-century medieval abbey rises dramatically from a rocky islet in Normandy and is best known for its stunning Gothic spires, stout defensive walls, and delicate flying buttresses.

🛵 Best tour Mont Saint-Michel Guided Day Trip from Paris (⭐4/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Mont Saint-Michel

7. Palace of the Popes – Avignon

If you find yourself in Avignon, France, the Palace of the Popes is a must-see landmark.

Constructed in the 14th century, this Gothic palace served as the residence for seven successive popes during a period when the papacy was relocated from Rome.

Covering approximately 15,000 square meters, it’s the largest Gothic palace in Europe.

🛵 Best tour Côtes du Rhône Wine tour: Avignon, Palace of the Popes (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Palace of the Popes

8. Château de Chambord – Loir-et-Cher

You won’t want to miss the Château de Chambord when you’re exploring the Loire Valley in France.

Built in the 16th century as a hunting lodge for King Francis I, this Renaissance masterpiece has a unique double-helix staircase, designed to let people ascend and descend without ever meeting.

With 426 rooms, 77 staircases, and 282 fireplaces, the sheer scale of the château is amazing!

🛵 Best tour Loire Valley Day Tour Chambord and Chenonceau (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Château de Chambord

9. Little Venice – Colmar

If you’re looking for a fairy-tale setting, Colmar’s Little Venice is a must-see.

Nestled in the Alsace region of France, this charming area is a maze of cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses alongside picturesque canals.

It’s a photographer’s dream and a romantic getaway rolled into one. Don’t miss a canal boat tour to soak in the full experience.

🛵 Best tour Alsace 4 Wonders Small-Group Day Trip from Colmar (⭐5/5)

Colmar, France


9. Neuschwanstein Castle – Bavaria

If you’re in Munich or Nuremberg, Neuschwanstein Castle is an absolute must-visit landmark.

Built in the 19th century by King Ludwig II, this fairy-tale castle inspired Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle, and it’s easy to see why.

Inside, the rooms are no less impressive, decked out in themes from Richard Wagner’s operas, whom Ludwig greatly admired.

🛵 Best tour Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace Day Tour from Munich (⭐4.5/5)


10. Brandenburg Gate – Berlin

Don’t leave Berlin without visiting the Brandenburg Gate.

Built in the late 18th century, this neoclassical monument has been a symbol of unity and peace since the end of the Cold War.

Standing at the start of the Unter den Linden boulevard, it has witnessed key historical events, from Napoleon’s march into Berlin to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall.

🛵 Best tour Berlin Wall and Cold War Bike Tour in Small Groups (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Brandenburg Gate

11. Cologne Cathedral – Cologne

Cologne Cathedral is an important landmark in Europe.

This Gothic marvel took over 600 years to complete and is one of the largest cathedrals in Europe.

Don’t forget to check out the Shrine of the Three Kings, which is said to hold the remains of the biblical Magi.

🛵 Best tour Cologne City Tour Experience cathedral city on the Rhine (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Cologne Cathedral


12. The Colosseum – Rome

If you’re in Rome, the Colosseum is an essential stop.

Built in the first century CE, this ancient amphitheater could hold up to 80,000 spectators and was the stage for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles.

Although partially ruined, it’s still an iconic symbol of Imperial Rome.

🛵 Best tour VIP Colosseum Tour (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - The Colosseum

13. Leaning Tower of Pisa – Pisa

Heading to Italy? Don’t miss the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Built over 199 years, this iconic structure started tilting due to unstable soil—hence its name.

Climb its 294 steps for a unique view of the city.

🛵 Best tour Pisa all inclusive: Baptistery, Cathedral and Leaning Tower guided tour (⭐4.5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Leaning Tower of Pisa

14. St. Peter’s Basilica – Vatican City

Inside the Vatican City, you’ll find St. Peter’s Basilica – one of the most important religious landmarks in Europe.

Built over a span of 120 years and completed in 1626, this Renaissance-era basilica is one of the largest churches in the world. Inside, you’ll find stunning works of art, including Michelangelo’s Pietà.

Don’t forget to climb to the top of the dome for a breathtaking panoramic view of Rome.

🛵 Best tour Vatican Breakfast: Sistine Chapel & St Peter’s Basilica Tour (⭐4.5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - St. Peter's Basilica

15. Florence Cathedral – Florence

Florence Cathedral, also known as the Duomo, is an absolute must-see.

Completed in the 15th century, its iconic red dome is a masterpiece designed by Filippo Brunelleschi. Inside, you’ll find impressive frescoes and intricate stained glass windows.

But the real highlight?

Climbing the 463 steps to the top of the dome.

🛵 Best tour Accademia, Duomo Climb and Cathedral (⭐4.5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Florence Cathedral

16. Venice Canals – Venice

You cannot visit Italy without experiencing the Venice Canals!

Built on over 100 small islands connected by more than 400 bridges, the city’s canals serve as its main “roadways.”

One of the best ways to soak it all in is by taking a classic gondola ride.

As you glide through the narrow canals, you’ll pass by centuries-old buildings and under famous bridges like the Rialto.

🛵 Best tour Venice Sunset Cruise by Typical Venetian Boat (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Venice Canals


17. Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

When you’re in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia should top your list.

Designed by the famed architect Antoni Gaudí, this basilica has been under construction since 1882 and it’s still not finished!

Despite that, what stands today is nothing short of breathtaking. Its intricate facades and towering spires are marvels of modernist architecture.

🛵 Best tour Sagrada Familia: Fast Track Guided Tour (⭐4.5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Sagrada Familia

18. The Alhambra – Granada

If you’re in Granada, Spain, the Alhambra is a must-visit. This palatial fortress, built in the mid-13th century, is a pinnacle of Moorish architecture.

From its intricate tilework to its lush Generalife gardens, the Alhambra is so, so stunning.

Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance; this UNESCO World Heritage Site is incredibly popular.

🛵 Best tour Alhambra Private Tour with Nazrid Palaces(⭐5/5)

Alhambra, Spain

19. Park Güell – Barcelona

Park Güell is another landmark in Barcelona.

Designed by Antoni Gaudí, this public park shows modernist art while giving you panoramic views of the city.

Known for its colorful ceramic tiles, meandering pathways, and whimsical sculptures, it’s a prime example of Gaudí’s imaginative vision.

🛵 Best tour Skip the Line: Park Guell and La Sagrada Familia Guided Tour (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Park Güell

20. Plaza Mayor – Madrid

Plaza Mayor is a must-visit in Madrid.

Built during the Habsburg period and completed in 1619, this grand square has been the center of various activities throughout history, from bullfights to royal ceremonies.

Today, it’s lined with cafes, shops, and the iconic Casa de la Panadería, known for its colorful frescoes.

🛵 Best tour Madrid Walking Tour and The Royal Palace (⭐4.5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Plaza Mayor


21. Parthenon – Athens

If you’re in Athens, the Parthenon is an essential stop.

Built between 447 and 438 BCE, this ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Athena is a masterpiece of Doric architecture.

Perched atop the Acropolis, it offers not only a deep dive into ancient Greek history but also panoramic views of Athens.

🛵 Best tour Acropolis monuments & Parthenon Walking Tour (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Parthenon

22. Meteora Monasteries – Thessaly

Another Greece landmark is the Meteora Monasteries.

Perched atop towering rock formations, these monasteries offer a blend of natural beauty and spiritual history.

Built from the 14th to the 16th centuries, they were accessible only by rope ladders or baskets. Today, you can visit by hiking or driving up modern roads.

🛵 Best tour Meteora and Monastery Visit (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Meteora Monasteries

23. Knossos – Crete

If you’re on the island of Crete, a visit to Knossos is a must.

This Bronze Age archaeological site is considered Europe’s oldest city and is closely linked to Greek myths like the Minotaur and the Labyrinth.

As you explore the ruins, you’ll see vibrant frescoes and intricate palace layouts that provide a window into Minoan civilization.

🛵 Best tour Full Day Trip to Knossos, Lasithi Plateau and Cave of Zeus (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Knossos


24. Red Square – Moscow

While I’m not a fan of Russia right now, it’s still home to some beautiful landmarks like the Red Square.

Built in the 16th century, it’s been the stage for significant Russian events, from coronations to military parades. You’ll also find the Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral here.

major landmarks in Europe - Red Square

25. Hermitage Museum – St. Petersburg

When you’re in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Hermitage Museum is an absolute must-visit.

Founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great, it’s one of the largest and oldest museums in the world.

Housed across five interconnected buildings, including the stunning Winter Palace, the museum’s collections range from ancient Egyptian artifacts to Impressionist paintings.

The Hermitage, Saint Petersburg, Russia


27. Hagia Sophia – Istanbul

If you’re in Istanbul, don’t skip the Hagia Sophia.

Originally a cathedral, then a mosque, a museum, and now a mosque once again, it’s a stunning mix of Christian and Islamic art.

Constructed in 537 AD, its massive dome and intricate mosaics are simply breathtaking.

🛵 Best tour Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi and more (⭐5/5)

28. Cappadocia – Nevşehir Province

Cappadocia is a bucket-list spot.

Famous for its otherworldly landscapes filled with unique rock formations and fairy chimneys, it’s a dream for hikers and photographers.

Don’t miss the hot air balloon rides at dawn for unreal views.

Whether you’re underground in ancient cave churches or floating in the sky, Cappadocia is an unforgettable experience.

🛵 Best tour Cappadocia Balloon Ride and Champagne Breakfast (⭐5/5)



29. Matterhorn – Swiss Alps

In the Swiss Alps, you’ll find the magnificent Matterhorn.

This pyramid-shaped mountain is like nature’s own skyscraper and a bucket-list climb for serious mountaineers.

Not into climbing? No worries!

The views from the nearby villages like Zermatt are postcard-perfect.

🛵 Best tour Matterhorn Paragliding flight in Zermatt (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Matterhorn

30. Jungfraujoch – Bernese Alps

Jungfraujoch is known as the “Top of Europe.”

Accessible via a cogwheel train, this high-altitude saddle in the Jungfrau Region offers jaw-dropping views of the Aletsch Glacier.

Not just for mountain enthusiasts, it’s got attractions like the Ice Palace and snow activities, so it’s perfect for both solo travelers, families and couples.

🛵 Best tour Swiss Alps Day Trip from Zurich: Jungfraujoch and Bernese Oberland (⭐4.5/5)

Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe


31. Schönbrunn Palace – Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace is a Baroque castle, built in the 18th century, and it used to be the Habsburgs’ summer residence.

Explore its 1,441 rooms, roam the stunning gardens, and don’t skip the world’s oldest zoo on the grounds.

🛵 Best tour Schonbrunn Palace & Gardens Guided Tour in Vienna (⭐4.5/5)

Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

32. Hallstatt – Salzkammergut region

Going to Austria? Don’t miss Hallstatt.

This idyllic lakeside village looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale.

Snap photos of its 16th-century Alpine houses and explore the world’s oldest salt mine. Take a boat ride on the lake or simply stroll through the charming streets.

🛵 Best tour Hallstatt Half-Day Tour from Salzburg (⭐4.5/5)

Hallstatt, Austria


33. Tower of Belém – Lisbon

In Lisbon? Make a beeline for the Tower of Belém.

This 16th-century fortress sits elegantly on the Tagus River and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Once a gateway for explorers, now it’s a must-visit for its Manueline architecture and panoramic views.

🛵 Best tour Belém and Jerónimos Monastery Guided Small Group Walking Tour (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Tower of Belém

34. Pena Palace – Sintra

Explore Pena Palace when you’re in Sintra, Portugal.

This 19th-century Romanticist castle is an explosion of colors and styles—Gothic, Renaissance, and Moorish elements all in one.

Walk through opulent interiors, then roam the lush gardens with panoramic views.

🛵 Best tour Sintra, Regaleira and Pena Palace from Lisbon (⭐4.5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Pena Palace


35. Atomium – Brussels

In Brussels, make sure to stop by the Atomium!

This funky building, designed to resemble an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times, is a nod to the atomic age.

You can explore its spheres, catch some science exhibits, and grab panoramic city views from the top.

🛵 Best tour Brussels Walking and Tasting Tour (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Atomium

36. Grand-Place – Brussels

Also, stroll through Grand-Place when you’re in Brussels.

This central square is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, flanked by guild halls and the Town Hall.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s the beating heart of the city.

🛵 Best tour Bruges and Ghent – Belgium’s Fairytale Cities – from Brussels (⭐4/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Grand-Place - Brussels


37. Ice hotel – Jukkasjärvi

Heading to Sweden in winter?

You’ve got to check out the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi (check rates here). This place is literally built from ice and snow, and it’s reconstructed every year.

Sleep in a room at sub-zero temps or just swing by for a cocktail at the ice bar. Either way, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime, ultra-cool experience you won’t want to miss.

🛵 Best tour Jukkasjärvi Icehotel Half-Day Tour with Street Food Lunch (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Ice hotel - Jukkasjärvi

38. The Royal Palace – Stockholm

The Royal Palace is one of the largest palaces in Europe and the official residence of the Swedish monarch.

You can explore lavish apartments, and museums, and even catch the changing of the guard.

🛵 Best tour Walking Tour of Stockholm Old Town (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - The Royal Palace - Stockholm


39. Geirangerfjord – Møre og Romsdal

The UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord is nature at its best—towering cliffs, deep blue waters, and stunning waterfalls like the Seven Sisters.

Whether you kayak, cruise, or just snap a ton of photos, it’s an outdoor paradise that’ll make your Instagram feed stand out.

🛵 Best tour Fjord safari Geirangefjord (⭐4.5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Geirangerfjord

40. Trolltunga – Odda

Heading to Norway and up for a hike? Trolltunga is your spot.

This rock formation juts out about 700 meters above a lake, and the views are out of this world.

It’s a challenging trek, so it’s not for the faint of heart, but if you’re up for it, the payoff is a nature spot unlike any other.

A true Norwegian landmark!

🛵 Best tour Full Day Private Hiking Adventure from Bergen to Trolltunga

major landmarks in Europe - Trolltunga

Czech Republic

41. Charles Bridge – Prague

In Prague?

Walk across Charles Bridge, no excuses.

Built in the 14th century, it’s a stone masterpiece lined with statues and always buzzing with artists and performers. Plus, the views of Prague Castle are unbeatable.

🛵 Best tour Best of Prague: City Walking Tour, Boat Cruise, and Typical Czech Lunch (⭐5/5)


42. Prague Castle – Prague

Prague Castle needs to be on your Europe bucket list. It’s the largest ancient castle in the world, complete with palaces, churches, and gardens.

The history is rich—dating back to the 9th century—and the views over the city are amazing.

🛵 Best tour Prague Castle Walking Tour Including Admission Tickets (⭐4.5/5)

3 days in Prague - Prague castle


43. Buda Castle – Budapest

So you’re in Budapest?

You’ve got to check out Buda Castle.

Sitting right next to the Danube River, it’s got palaces, museums, and beautiful views.

🛵 Best tour Budapest: Dinner & Cruise on the Danube with Folklore Dance Show (⭐4.5/5)

Budapest, Hungary

44. Thermal baths – Budapest

In Budapest, you can’t leave without visiting the thermal baths.

These are century-old pools fueled by natural hot springs.

Whether you go to Széchenyi, Gellért, or one of the smaller spots, it’s the perfect way to unwind and experience a quintessential part of the city’s culture.

🛵 Best tour Széchenyi Thermal Spa Full-Day Tickets (⭐4/5)

Budapest, Hungary
Gellért art nouveau baths


45. Anne Frank House – Amsterdam

If you’re in Amsterdam, the Anne Frank House is essential.

It’s the actual hiding place where Anne wrote her famous diary during WWII. It’s a moving, eye-opening experience that gives you a firsthand look at history.

Get tickets in advance because it’s always packed, but it’s well worth it for the insight and perspective you’ll gain.

🛵 Best tour Anne Frank Guided Walking Tour through Amsterdam’s Jewish Quarter (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Anne Frank House

46. Keukenhof Gardens – Lisse

Planning a spring trip to the Netherlands?

You’ve got to visit Keukenhof Gardens. Imagine over 7 million tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths all in bloom.

The colors are off the charts and the floral designs are super creative. It’s open only from mid-March to mid-May, so timing is key.

🛵 Best tour Day Trip to Keukenhof Gardens from Amsterdam (⭐4.5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Keukenhof Gardens


47. Little Mermaid Statue – Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, you should put the Little Mermaid Statue on your bucket list.

Yeah, it’s touristy, but it’s also iconic. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, this bronze statue has been sitting pretty by the harbor since 1913.

It’s smaller than you might expect, but still a must-see.

🛵 Best tour Copenhagen Canal Tour – Exploring Hidden Gems (⭐5/5)

2 days in Copenhagen

48. Kronborg Castle – Helsingør

Don’t miss Kronborg Castle in Helsingør. This is the real Elsinore from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” so it’s got major literary cred.

The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site, chock-full of history and epic architecture. Plus, the views of the Baltic Sea are amazing.

🛵 Best tour Hamlet And Sweden Tour from Copenhagen (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Kronborg Castle


49. The ice sheet

The ice sheet in Greenland is the largest natural landmark in Europe.

This massive glacier covers almost 80% of the surface of Greenland, and it contains about 2.9 million cubic kilometers (0.7 million cubic miles) of ice.

You can explore it by foot, snowmobile, boat, or helicopter – definitely a bucket-list item.

🛵 Best tour Chasing Northern Lights in Nuuk (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - The ice sheet, Greenland


50. Bran Castle – Transylvania

Ever heard of Dracula?

Then you’ll want to explore Bran Castle in Transylvania. Also known as “Dracula’s Castle,” it’s got this eerie, cool vibe.

While the link to the actual Vlad the Impaler is sketchy, the castle itself is steeped in history and legend.

🛵 Best tour Dracula Castle, Peles Castle and Brasov Small Group Tour from Bucharest (⭐5/5)

Bran castle, Romania

51. Peleș Castle – Sinaia

If you’re visiting Romania, make sure to add Peleș Castle to your itinerary.

This neo-Renaissance gem nestled in the Carpathian Mountains is basically a fairy tale come to life. It has beautiful interiors filled with art and intricate woodwork.

🛵 Best tour Dracula Castle, Peles Castle and Brasov Small Group Tour from Bucharest (⭐5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Peleș Castle


52. Wawel Castle – Kraków

Next stop, Poland? Set your sights on Wawel Castle in Kraków.

This architectural mix of Gothic, Renaissance, and Romanesque styles is a Polish national treasure.

Inside, you’ll find art, ancient artifacts, and even the Crown Jewels.

🛵 Best tour Krakow Grand City Tour by golf cart (⭐5/5)

Things to do in Krakow

53. Auschwitz-Birkenau – Oświęcim

Close to Krakow is Auschwitz-Birkenau.

This former Nazi concentration and extermination camp is a stark reminder of the horrors of the Holocaust.

The preserved barracks, watchtowers, and gas chambers speak volumes. It’s heavy, but visiting offers a powerful lesson in history and humanity.

🛵 Best tour Day Trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau and Wieliczka Salt Mine from Krakow (⭐4.5/5)

major landmarks in Europe - Auschwitz-Birkenau


54. Dubrovnik Old Town – Dubrovnik

Thinking of a Croatian getaway? Make your way to Dubrovnik Old Town.

Surrounded by massive stone walls, this UNESCO World Heritage site is like stepping into a medieval time capsule.

You can stroll the ancient streets, check out historic churches, and take in epic sea views.

It’s also a Game of Thrones filming location if you’re into that. Seriously, it’s a stunner.

🛵 Best tour Discover the Old Town Walking Tour (⭐5/5)

Dubrovnik City Walls ticket Croatia

55. Plitvice Lakes – Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes is one of the most beautiful landmarks in Europe.

It’s a series of 16 interconnected lakes and 90 cascading waterfalls. The water changes color—from turquoise to green to blue—depending on the light and minerals.

Plitvice is a UNESCO World Heritage site for a reason.

🛵 Best tour Plitvice Lakes trip from Split (⭐5/5)

Plitvice, Croatia

FAQ – major landmarks in Europe

What are 4 famous landmarks in Europe?

These are the 4 most famous landmarks in Europe:

  1. The Eiffel Tower – Located in Paris, this iconic iron structure is one of the most visited landmarks in the world.
  2. The Colosseum – Situated in Rome, this ancient amphitheater could hold up to 80,000 spectators and was used for public spectacles, including gladiator fights.
  3. Big Ben – This iconic clock tower is a symbol of London, England, and one of the most recognized landmarks in the United Kingdom.
  4. Sagrada Familia – Located in Barcelona, Spain, this basilica designed by Antoni Gaudí is still under construction. Its unique architectural style makes it a must-visit.

What is a famous landmark from Europe?

One famous landmark in Europe is the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Designed by Gustave Eiffel and completed in 1889, this iron structure has become an iconic symbol of Paris and is one of the most visited attractions in the world.

Standing at 324 meters (1,063 feet), the tower offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city and is a must-see for any visitor to the French capital.

What is the biggest landmark in Europe?

The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, is a colossal feat of architecture that earns its title as the heaviest building in the world.

Covering an area of 365,000 square meters, this mammoth structure features 12 stories, over 1,000 rooms, and 4 underground levels, including a nuclear bunker.

Commissioned by dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu during the 1980s, it’s both a symbol of Romania’s communist era and an architectural wonder that draws visitors from around the globe.

How many famous landmarks are in Europe?

Europe has a treasure trove of landmarks, easily numbering in the hundreds, that you’ll want to add to your must-see list.

Whether you’re into historical sites like the Colosseum in Rome or natural wonders like the fjords in Norway, there’s something for everyone.

Plus, let’s not forget that Europe is home to over 400 UNESCO World Heritage Sites—so you know you’re in for some truly significant spots.

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