21 unique things to do in Slovakia (places you shouldn’t miss)

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Slovakia beyond Bratislava, you’re in the right spot.

The country is full of fairytale castles, medieval villages, and caves that most tourists miss!

In fact, Slovakia has beautiful landscapes and historical sites that could fill your itinerary for weeks.

In this post, I’ll list the top places to visit in Slovakia that are off the tourist trail, so you’ll get a complete picture of what the country has to offer.

Let’s dive in!

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Best things to do in Slovakia

1. Stroll through Bratislava Old Town

Most people arrive in Bratislava when they visit Slovakia.

Make sure to check out Bratislava’s Old Town, where you’re just a short walk from the 9th-century Bratislava Castle.

Also, check out the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum for some modern art.

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things to do in Slovakia - Bratislava Old Town

2. Explore Banská Štiavnica

Banská Štiavnica is a charming mining town from the 3rd century and a UNESCO site since 1993.

Tour the Old Castle from the 13th century and the New Castle from the 16th century to see how people in the past defended their turf.

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things to do in Slovakia - Banská Štiavnica

3. Tour the medieval Spiš Castle

Spiš Castle was built in the 12th century, and it has been a UNESCO site since 1993.

Climb up there for some awesome views and a peek into Slovakia’s medieval days.

Spiš castle, Slovakia

4. See the UNESCO-listed wooden churches

In Eastern Slovakia, the wooden churches are something else. The Hervartov church from the 15th century, for example, is built without nails.

It’s part of these UNESCO sites that really show off the old-school building skills.

things to do in Slovakia - Hervartov

5. Join a food tour

Slovakian food is pure comfort food, and a food tour is the best way to experience it.

In Bratislava, you can join a 4-hour tasting tour where you’ll hit up at least five different spots and try the best food from Slovakia.

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Slovakian food

6. Learn at the Slovak Mining Museum

At the Slovak Mining Museum in Banská Štiavnica, you can dive into the miners’ world and the rich mining history of the area.

It’s a hands-on way to learn about the tough lives of those who dug deep into the earth for precious metals.

7. Taste Slovak wines at local vineyards

Sip on some local Slovak wines straight from vineyards that have been around since Great Moravia.

These places offer tastings and tours, so you can get a taste of what makes Central European wines special.

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8. Visit open-air museums for Slovak village life

Find out how Slovak ancestors lived at open-air museums like the Museum of the Slovak Village near Žilina.

They’ve got whole villages rebuilt just like in the old days, giving you a real-life glimpse into the past.

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things to do in Slovakia - David Gareja

9. Attend a Slovak folk festival

Get into the spirit of Slovakia at a folk festival.

Places like Vlkolínec or Čičmany throw these lively events where you can soak up traditional music and dance that have been the heart of Slovak culture for ages.

things to do in Slovakia - Vlkolínec

10. Experience the cultural heritage of Košice

Košice is Eastern Slovakia’s gem.

This city is home to the majestic St. Elisabeth Cathedral and the East Slovak Museum, housing the famous Golden Treasure of Košice.

Wander the streets to soak up the city’s vibrant cultural heritage and don’t miss the “Cage of Shame,” a relic from a bygone era of public humiliation for nobility.

Košice, Slovakia

11. Admire the traditional painted houses in Čičmany

The village of Čičmany is like walking into a storybook with its traditional painted houses.

These decorative patterns were originally meant to protect the wood from the elements. This artistic tradition has put Čičmany on the map as a prime example of Slovak folk architecture, and it’s even said to have inspired elements of modernist architecture.

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things to do in Slovakia - Čičmany

12. Go bear-watching or hiking in the High Tatras

The High Tatras are the highest range in the Carpathian Mountains.

I went hiking in June and it was so beautiful – lakes, trees, and mountains all around. You can hike on your own or join an organized tour where you’ll hike AND look for bears!

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High Tatras, Slovakia

13. Ski or snowboard in the Low Tatras

In winter, the Low Tatras becomes a winter wonderland for snow sports enthusiasts.

Jasna is the largest ski resort in Slovakia with over 50 km of ski runs and state-of-the-art lift systems.

After hitting the slopes, you can unwind in traditional mountain huts that dish out hearty local cuisine.

things to do in Slovakia - Tatras

14. Go caving in Demänovská Cave of Liberty

If you’re up for a bit of underground adventure, check out the Demänovská Cave of Liberty.

It’s not too far from Liptovsky Mikulas, and it’s a cool place to escape the heat. in the summer. You’ll walk through lit-up paths and see all sorts of wild rock formations like stalactites and stalagmites.

things to do in Slovakia - Demänovská Cave of Liberty

15. Drive through Slovak Paradise National Park

Slovak Paradise National Park is filled with dense forests, clear streams, and steep gorges.

The Sucha Bela Gorge is a must-visit – it’s got ladders and bridges, so it’s a bit like hiking and climbing at the same time.

things to do in Slovakia - Slovak Paradise National Park

16. Discover the Dobšinská Ice Cave

And then there’s the Dobšinská Ice Cave.

This place is chilly all year, so don’t forget a warm jacket. It’s actually one of the biggest ice caves in the world, discovered back in 1870.

Since 2000, it’s been on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

things to do in Slovakia - Dobšinská Ice Cave

17. Visit Devin Castle ruins

If you like old ruins with a view, Devin Castle is the spot.

It’s been around since the 9th century, right where the Danube and Morava rivers come together. The views are amazing, and there’s a lot of history there.

It was destroyed by Napoleon’s army, but there’s still plenty to see.

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things to do in Slovakia - Devin Castle

18. Unwind in a thermal spa

Slovakia is dotted with spa towns, like Piešťany and Trenčianske Teplice.

The water is warm, full of minerals, and just the thing for some relaxation. And while you’re at it, grab some bryndzové halušky – it’s the local comfort food.

things to do in Slovakia - Piešťany

19. Cruise along the Danube River

Fancy a different view of Slovakia?

Hop on a boat and cruise along the Danube River.

You’ll float right under Bratislava’s UFO Bridge and get a glimpse of the city’s old historical buildings from the water.

things to do in Slovakia - Danube River

20. See the Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art

In the town of Medzilaborce, you’ll find the Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art, which is where Warhol’s parents were from.

It has one of the largest collections of Warhol’s works outside the United States.

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21. Visit the picturesque mining village of Špania Dolina

Špania Dolina is a quaint little mining village.

It used to be a major copper producer, and now it’s a peaceful spot surrounded by hills and dotted with historical houses. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful places to visit in Slovakia!

things to do in Slovakia - Špania Dolina

FAQ – What to do in Slovakia

What is Slovakia famous for?

Slovakia stands out for its 100+ castles, stunning Tatra Mountains, and well-preserved folk architecture in regions like Čičmany. Its capital, Bratislava, charms with its historic old town and riverside cafés.

Is it worth going to Slovakia?

Definitely, Slovakia has a mix of outdoor adventure, rich history, and unique cultural experiences.

Is there much to do in Slovakia?

With activities ranging from exploring the High Tatras for hiking and skiing, visiting UNESCO sites like Spiš Castle, to soaking in thermal parks like Bešeňová, Slovakia is packed with diverse attractions.

Is Slovakia a cheap country?

Slovakia is more affordable than many Western European countries, with lower costs for dining, lodging, and sightseeing.

Save it!

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