How to spend awesome 2 days in Krakow (2024)

This 2 days in Krakow itinerary will make you fall in love with Krakow.

In addition to the affordable prices and amazing Michelin-star food, there are charming sights available that are nothing short of magical.

You can use this Poland guide for any season but there’s nothing like the shoulder seasons. We visited Krakow in mid-October and were blessed with amazing weather (22 degrees and sunshine), which only made the trip more awesome.

Two days in Krakow allow you to do the trip as a weekend getaway with enough time to see so much of the city’s beauty.

Ready to discover what to see in Krakow in 2 days?

Let’s dig in!

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Is 2 days in Krakow enough?

The million-dollar question: how many days in Krakow is enough?

Well, while you can spend several days just soaking in the vibe of Kazimierz and feasting on amazing Polish food, two days in Krakow is enough to experience the main sights.

If you’ve got three days, I recommend spending the last day on a day trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau and Wieliczka Salt Mine.

2 days in Krakow

Where to stay in Krakow

Krakow has five main neighborhoods with great hotels. 

I recommend Kazimierz.

The famous Jewish quarter is home to lots of pubs, clubs, cafes, and restaurants, and it’s a fantastic place to shop and get to know the local history.

If you prefer to stay closer to the center, pick a hotel in the Old Town (Stare Miasto) or find more amazing hotels in my post about where to stay in Kraków.

We stayed at BC7 Apartments in Kazimierz. It’s a New Yorker-style apartment with a super-nice host. We loved staying here as a family, and there were even toys and a baby crib for Theo. Check the latest prices:

Things to do in Krakow

Best restaurants in Krakow

The food is reason alone to visit Krakow.

Honestly, I was surprised to learn that there are 18 Michelin-recommended restaurants in Krakow and that the food is so amazing.

I was expecting stews and bland potato and meat dishes, but was surprised by DELICIOUS pierogies and gourmet dinners at very affordable prices.

Do yourself a favor and add Polish meals to your 2 days in Krakow itinerary. You won’t regret it!

These are my favorite places to eat in Krakow:

  • Starka restaurant (the best one!)
  • Pod zlotym karpiem
  • Czarna kaczka
  • Gaska polish restaurant
  • Amarylis (fine dining)
  • Bar mleczny gornik (a traditional milk bar)
Things to do in Krakow

Perfect Krakow itinerary

Day 1 in Krakow

In 1978, Krakow became the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 It covers a historic old town with an abundance of sights, attractions, and buildings, so there’s so much to do. Day 1 is the perfect time to explore the historic center.

To get around the historic center, you can simply walk. Krakow’s various tourist offices are scattered around town if you want to stop by to get a map or some advice for your visit.

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Stroll Through Rynek Glowny

The first stop is Rynek Glowny, Krakow’s main square.

Rynek Glowny is the largest medieval market square in Europe, and it’s surrounded by beautiful architecture, including St. Mary’s Basilica and the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice).

In the center of the square stands a statue of Adam Mickiewicz, Poland’s national poet.

Two days in Krakow
Things to do in Krakow

The Town Hall Tower

Make sure to also see the Town Hall Tower.

It’s the only remaining section of Kraków’s 13th-century town hall and the city’s answer to Pisa’s leaning tower (and Bologna’s twin towers).

2 days in krakow itinerary
“The Head” sculpture from 2004

The Cloth Hall Sukiennice

Right next to the tower is the Cloth Hall Sukiennice.

It dates back to the 13th century and was, as the name implies, originally used as a market for trading cloth and other fabrics. Today, it’s filled with shops, cafes and galleries.

Things to do in Krakow
Things to do in Krakow
Inside the Cloth Hall Sukiennice

St. Mary’s Basilica

The most iconic landmark in Rynek Glowny is St. Mary’s Basilica.

Surrounded by fascinating myths and legends, it dates back to the 14th century and features stunning Gothic architecture.

Climb the stairs to the top of the tower for panoramic views of Krakow’s Old Town.

2 days in krakow itinerary
krakow 2 days itinerary

Underground Museum of Krakow

And now it’s time to head below ground to the Underground Museum of Krakow.

The museum consists of excavated remains of the original buildings on the market square. The entrance to the museum is just next to that in the Market Hall.

The museum is popular and limited to only 300 people at a time, so you should buy a ticket in advance

Things to do in Krakow

St. Florian’s Gate

St. Florian’s Gate is part of Krakow’s royal route. You’ll get there by following Floriańska Street towards St. Florian’s Gate.

On the other side is Barbican –  a fortified outpost once connected to the city walls.

Things to do in Krakow
St. Florian’s Gate

Discover the old city walls

Once you’re done exploring St. Florian’s Gate, take a closer look at the old city walls.

They’re some of the oldest city walls in Europe, dating back to the 13th century. Similar to the defensive walls in Tallinn, they add a fairy tale touch to the city. 

krakow 2 days itinerary

Visit Wawel Castle

Now, head to Krakow’s impressive castle.

The Wawel Castle is a must-see if you like fairy tales, history or just beautiful architecture.

The castle dates back to the 14th century and was the home of Polish kings for centuries.

Today, the castle is open to the public and houses a number of museums, including the Crown Treasury and Armoury.

Things to do in Krakow
Things to do in Krakow
Things to do in Krakow
Beautiful view from the top

St Francis of Assisi church

St Francis of Assisi church is Kraków’s most colorful church, and my personal favorite, thanks to the gorgeous Art Nouveau interior.

The church has stood since it was established in the late 17th century and it’s not as visited as St. Mary’s Basilica, which means fewer crowds.

Things to do in Krakow

Day 2 in Krakow

As you can probably tell, Krakow is a history buff’s dream. There are plenty of churches, history, and that unique medieval vibe that you can only find in European towns.

What’s more, Krakow is home to an entire Jewish quarter, and that’s what day two is all about.

Personally, I recommend starting your day with a walk through the district.

Walk through Kazimierz

Kazimierz was once a separate city, home to a vibrant Jewish community. In 1941, this all changed when the German Nazis relocated the Jews of Kraków into the nearby ghetto in Podgórze.

Most of them tragically did not survive the war, leaving Kazimierz and its communities forever changed.

Today, Kazimierz is one of the major tourist attractions of Krakow with numerous synagogues, kosher restaurants, and cafes.

Be sure to visit Szeroka Street, the main street lined with shops and cafes.

Things to do in Krakow

Remu’h synagogue

Remu’h synagogue was built back in 1553.

Named after the legendary Rabbi Moses Isserles, this beautiful synagogue is considered a monument to rabbinical culture and has become an important symbol of respect for Judaism in Krakow. It’s located on Szeroka Street.

ThingsThings to do in Krakow to do in Krakow-30

Schindler’s Passage and factory

Kazimierz is also the same neighborhood where much of Schindler’s List was filmed.

Though it may not look like much today, the history that lies beneath its streets makes it a must-visit destination.

Explore its hallowed grounds and connect with the past while experiencing the film’s iconic scene firsthand.

You should also visit the famous Schindler’s factory, a museum dedicated to covering the Nazi occupation of Krakow during WWII. It’s located in Podgórze.

Book here – Guided tour of Schindler’s factory

Things to do in Krakow

Eat street food at Plac Nowy

Your visit to Kazimierz isn’t complete without trying the local delicacy – a zapiekanka.

This delicious street food is served in a half-open sliced baguette, topped with mushrooms, onion, cheese or many other toppings such as bacon or vegetables.

I had a delicious one that was topped with fried bacon, garlic sauce, and cheese.

Plac Nowy is the place to get one of these tasty treats – although, on Sundays, only one shop is usually open. Best part? They’re an absolute steal at just 7-10 PLN (roughly € 1.60 – € 2.30) depending on your topping choice.

Polish food

Uni targ flea market

If you’re anything like me, you love local markets. And in Eastern and Central Europe, you can find all sorts of old and fun bargains.

Krakow’s Uni targ flea market is full of everything from traditional Polish clothing to handmade clay pottery, old cutlery, vintage items, and much more.

It’s a great way to experience the culture in Krakow while also picking up some souvenirs. You never know what you’ll find.

Things to do in Krakow
Things to do in Krakow

Ghetto heroes square

Next, walk to Ghetto Heroes Square in Podgórze. Ghetto Heroes Square is a memorial for the victims of the Holocaust. 

70 empty metal chairs represent the site of mass murders of Krakow’s Polish Jews by the German Nazis and where thousands were transported to Auschwitz and Plaszow concentration camps.

Things to do in Krakow

St. Joseph Church

In the heart of Podgórze, you’ll find St. Joseph’s Church. A beautiful and historic Roman Catholic church.

It was built in 1844 as part of the neo-Gothic movement and is definitely worth a visit.

Things to do in Krakow

Love locks at Bernatka Bridge

On your way back to Kazimierz, you’ll cross the iconic Bernatka bridge. Notice the thousands of love locks attached to the railing. 

Things to do in Krakow
Things to do in Krakow

Day trips from Krakow

If you’ve got more than 2 days in Krakow, I recommend heading out of town. You can visit both of these places separately or combine them – I recommend the latter to get the most out of your day.


Auschwitz-Birkenau is a sobering reminder of the horrors of the Holocaust. The former Nazi concentration camp is now a museum and memorial dedicated to those who perished during World War II. 

Book your trip from Krakow to Auschwitz here.

See the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Close to Auschwitz lies the Wieliczka Salt Mine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Poland’s most popular tourist attractions.

The mine dates back to the 13th century and features salt sculptures, chapels, and underground lakes. I recommend booking a combined trip to Auschwitz and Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Book your combined trip here.


FAQ – What to do in Krakow

Is 3 days enough for Krakow?

So, how many days do you need in Krakow?

Three days in Krakow is perfect. It gives you enough time to see the main sights and even take a day trip to Auschwitz or the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

What are the do’s and don’ts in Krakow?

In Krakow, do respect the history, especially at historical sites. Don’t forget to try the local food. And, remember, public drinking is a no-go.

Is 2 days in Krakow enough?

Two days in Krakow lets you cover the highlights but it’ll be a bit rushed. If you can, add another day to not miss out.

Is Krakow expensive or cheap?

Krakow is pretty affordable, especially compared to Western European cities. Eating out, staying, and getting around won’t break the bank.

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Save it!

This 2 days in Krakow itinerary will make you fall in love with Krakow. In addition to the affordable prices and amazing Michelin star food, there are charming sights available that are nothing short of magical. #krakowpoland #visitkrakow

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