Porec itinerary: 17 amazing things to do in Poreč

Looking for a great Porec itinerary? I have visited a few times and listed all the best things to do in Poreč in this blog post.

Porec itinerary, Croatia

Poreč is one of the cosiest, most lovely towns in Istria.

Poreč is located by the Adriatic Sea, and it’s home to a promenade with wonderful seafood restaurants, a UNESCO site and a charming Old Town.

It’s a beautiful little town and there’s much to do there, both in terms of history, food and a vivid night scene.

If you’re wondering what to do in Porec, you’ll find out in this blog post. Here are all the best locations you can visit with a suggested Porec itinerary!

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Porec itinerary

About Porec

Porec is a charming coastal town in Istria with a population of around 17,000.

Not far off the coast, the small island of Sveti Nikola adds to the town’s scenic beauty.

The renowned Euphrasius Basilica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is Porec’s most important attraction.

Porec itinerary

Where is Porec?

Porec is located at the western side of the Istria peninsula in Croatia. It sits along the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

To zoom in and out on the Porec map, click the + and – button in the corner.

How to get to Porec

Porec is fairly well connected internationally and from other Croatian towns. You can fly into Pula airport or take busses or the train to Porec.

I always recommend having a rental car in Istria because there are lots of sights and small towns off the path that you can only visit with a car. Plus, the landscape is so beautiful and there’s much to see on the way, both from Ljubljana, Zagreb and Zadar.

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Where to stay in Porec

Aparthotel Adeo (⭐9.1) Nestled just a short stroll from Aquacolors Water Park and the beach, this hotel is the perfect place to relax in Porec. With its comfy, air-conditioned apartments and cool pool scene with pool bar, you’ve got everything you need for a laid-back vacation. Check availability here.

Porec itinerary

17 things to do in Porec

1. The UNESCO Byzantine Euphrasian Basilica

Your first stop in the historic town Porec should be the Byzantine Euphrasian Basilica. It’s impressive! The Basilica was built in the 6th century and has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1997.

In the basement you’ll find the remains of several mosaics from ancient times and some of them have a fascinating story.

Maybe you already know this, but in Roman times it wasn’t allowed to be a Christian, so they had to keep it a secret for the Romans.

They decorated their mosaics with a fish symbol (also known as Ichthus), which helped Christians identify one another as believers. You can see one of the oldest remaining fish mosaics on the image below.

Porec, Croatia
The Euphrasian Basilica is one of the highlights of the istrian peninsula
Porec, Croatia
Inside the Basilica
Porec, Croatia
If you look closely you can see that each arch has its own design
Porec, Croatia
The fish mosaic inside the Basilica

2. Basilica bell tower

The basilica also has a 16th-century bell tower that you can climb.

Once you’re up there, you get an absolutely stunning bird’s eye view of Poreč and its beautiful surroundings.

Porec, Croatia
View from the bell tower
Porec, Croatia

3. Main Square & Church of Our Lady of the Angels

The Trg. Slobode, or Freedom Square, is the heart of Porec. It’s where the cultural events and minor festivals happen, particularly during the summer.

It’s right at the entrance of the old town, next to the Church of Our Lady of the Angels (Gospe od Andela church).

It’s the biggest church in town, dates back to the 18th century, and has beautiful paintings inside.

Porec itinerary

4. Decumanus – the main street

Decumanus Street is basically the pulse of Porec. It’s a mix of old and new – a Roman-era street lined with cobblestones where you can shop and look at stores.

It starts from Freedom Square, cuts through the old town, and passes by historical sites like the Pentagonal Tower and the Municipal Museum.

Porec, Croatia

5. Park J. Dobrile

Tucked away in the old town of Porec is the J. Dobrile park.

The park has a Roman arch in the middle, adding a touch of ancient charm. There’s also a few restaurants and boutiques around the corner to explore.

Porec itinerary
Old Roman ruins

6. Neptun’s temple

The Neptune Temple stands tall in the Poreč forum and was built back in the 1st century.

It’s considered the grandest of its kind in Istria, even though just some parts of its walls and foundations are still intact today.

7. Marafor Square

Back in the day, Marafor Square was the city’s hub, packed with government buildings and temples.

Two of these temples, dedicated to Mars and Neptune, have been standing since the 1st century.

You can still see bits of the old temple complex today.

8. Zuccato Palace

Right where Cardo Maximus and Decumanus Maximus cross paths, you’ll find Zuccato Palace. It’s a gothic palace that stands out with its unique Venetian style and decor.

Porec, Croatia

9. Romanesque House

Make sure to pass by the Romanesque House when you’re in the city of Poreč.

This 13th-century building is one of the oldest in the city and it’s hard to miss when you’re wandering around near Marafor square. Back in the day, the first floor was a stable and the upper floor was a living area with a fireplace.

Now, it’s home to a little ethnographic exhibit on the first and second floors.

Porec itinerary

10. Wander around Porec old town

Take a stroll around the cobblestone streets of Poreč’s Old Town and allow yourself to get lost. The town isn’t huge, but you can easily spend half a day exploring if you’re not rushing.

You can join a walking tour, if you’d like to know all the hidden gems, ancient ruins and the history of Porec. This tour with Viator takes you to the main attractions around the old town and the Euphrasian Basilica.

If you prefer to go at your own pace, You can also walk yourself and stop by some of the quaint cafes and eateries to grab a bite or a drink.

Bacchus Wine Bar, Wine Corner Porec, and Casa Manzolin are some top-notch wine bars.

Porec, Croatia

11. Have lunch at Sv Nikola

I had my first oysters at Sv Nikola, and it was not my last!

Sveti Nikola restaurant is located by the marina and is one of the best restaurants in Porec.

Naturally, its menu is dominated by fish, seafood and Istrian specialty ingredients such as truffles. So, make sure to try some of it – or it all!

Porec itinerary
Sv Nikola is a local restaurant

12. The Round Tower

Need a coffee break with a twist? The Round Tower has a restaurant inside – perfect for grabbing a quick bite.

But the best part?

Climb up those narrow, curvy steps (they’re a bit steep, so go easy), and you’ll be treated to an amazing view of the town and the peninsula in the distance. Totally worth the climb!

Porec, Croatia

13. Go to the beach 

Porec’s beaches are top-notch.

Lots of them even have a Blue Flag – which is like a gold star for being super clean, having great water quality and facilities.

The best spots to take a dip are Pical, Brulo and Porto Busola beaches.

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Porec itinerary
Porec itinerary

14. Try oysters in the Lim Fjord

So, everyone calls it a “fjord,” but it’s actually a “ria” – basically a flooded river valley that’s connected to the sea. The Lim canal or Lim Fjord is a 10-kilometre-long estuary of the Pazinčica River.

This gorgeous natural spot is just up north from Rovinj, in Istria, which makes it the perfect day trip.

Lim Fjord is famous for its seafood, especially mussels and oysters. The water doesn’t have a lot of salt, which is just perfect for farming these little delights.

Small towns in Istria
Oyster feast

15. Aqua Colors Waterpark

If you’re traveling with kids, you’ll want to visit the Aqua Colors Waterpark, one of Croatia’s top-notch waterparks.

This water park boasts 12 awesome slides that’ll keep the fun going all day.

We’re talking about family rafting, a wild ride in a huge funnel, looping rockets, and plenty of slides for the kids. Just keep in mind, most of these water activities are best suited for kids six and older.

16. Dolphins and snorkeling tour

A Panorama, Snorkeling, and Dolphins Tour is like a triple treat – all packed into one awesome adventure that you won’t forget.

You get to check out the coastal views of Vrsar and Porec, snorkel in the crystal-clear water of Lim Fjord, and watch dolphins being their cute, playful selves in the wild.

This is one of the most popular tours in Porec.

Roatan, Honduras

17. Porec pub crawl

How about a pub crawl?

Porec is a great place to party, and what better way to get started than with a night out with new friends?

You’ll meet your guide at 10 PM at the first pub, kick off with a shot and a game of beer pong.

After the winners boast, you’ll hit the next pub for more games and fun. The third pub amps up the excitement with a Poreč scavenger hunt, so brace yourself for a wild night!

Porec itinerary

Porec itinerary FAQ

Is Poreč in Croatia worth seeing?

Yes, Poreč in Croatia is definitely worth seeing.

You can explore its beautiful old town, go to the beach, and go out. Plus, there are plenty of restaurants, shops, and historical sites to visit, too.

Which is nicer Rovinj or Poreč?

I personally prefer Rovinj because it’s one of the most picturesque towns in Istria, but it’s a personal choice.

Rovinj is charming and has a romantic and historic ambiance with an Italian feel. Plus it has twisting city streets and a photogenic harbour.

On the other hand, Poreč is known for its beautiful Basilica and it has a rich history.

Porec itinerary

How many days do I need in Istria?

To explore the best things to do in Istria, you’ll need around 4-6 days. This gives you time to visit key towns like Motovun, Rovinj, and Pula, as well as enjoy some of the region’s beautiful beaches and countryside.

Is it worth going to Istria Croatia?

Yes, absolutely! It’s definitely worth going to Istria, Croatia.

The coastal areas, known as Blue Istria, and the hilltop towns, known as Green Istria, are both worth visiting.

Cities like Pula or Porec are not typical European beach resorts; they offer history, culture, and gorgeous beaches.

Istria is also home to Motovun and Groznjan, both magnificent destinations that remain untouched by mass tourism.

Porec itinerary

Save it!

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