How to buy your Dubrovnik City Walls ticket (2024)

Wondering how to visit Dubrovnik City Walls? Here’s everything you should know about the Dubrovnik City Walls ticket, opening hours, and much more, based on my own visit.

Dubrovnik City Walls ticket Croatia

The ancient city walls of Dubrovnik are one of the top things to do in Dubrovnik.

On my visit, I quickly found out that the best way to experience the city is from above, or in other words: from the city walls of Dubrovnik. It’s also a fun way to learn about its history.

In this post, I’ve shared everything you need to know about visiting Dubrovnik Walls, from buying the tickets to prices and when to go.

Let’s dig in.

Walking the old city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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About Dubrovnik City Walls

The Dubrovnik City Walls in Croatia were built in the 9th century and extend 1.9 kilometers around the old town.

In 1970, the walls were added to the UNESCO world heritage list.

They consist of a complex combination of towers, bastions, forts, and fortresses. And, during the most turbulent times, the city of Dubrovnik was defended with 120 cannons from the city walls. Some of them are still up there.

Dubrovnik City Walls were also a filming location for the TV series “Game of Thrones.” You’ll know it as King’s Landing.

Walking the old city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia
The most popular photo spot from the walls

How to get Dubrovnik City Walls tickets

  • Entrance price: 35 EUR for an adult single ticket
  • Take a tour with Viator: 25 EUR (+ 35€ for the entrance ticket)

You can either buy the tickets online, at one of the entrances or take a tour where the guide will take care of the tickets.

Note that the 25€ for a tour does not include the entrance ticket price.

Walking the old city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia

How to skip the line

In the summer, the queues are long! But luckily, there’s a way to skip the lines, and that’s with a guided tour.

This priority tour with Viator (⭐ 5/5 and 937 positive reviews) comes highly recommended and has earned the Badge of Excellence.

It’s a great way to learn about Dubrovnik City Walls, save time, and make the most of your vacation time – especially during peak times.

Walking the old city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia

What does the ticket cover?

The Dubrovnik City Walls ticket includes the city walls, the fort of St. Lawrence, Minčeta tower, the 16th century archaeological museum of the gun foundry, the western bulwark and Bokar fort.

How long does the ticket last?

The ticket is good for 72 hours but only allows one entry per site. If you leave the walls, you can’t re-enter without a new ticket.

If you start with a 15 Euro ticket for just the fort, you can later upgrade to the full package by paying an additional 20 Euros.

Each site will scan your ticket upon entry, so keep it handy.

Walking the old city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia
The second most popular photo spot from the walls

Are Dubrovnik City Walls guided tours worth it?

In my opinion, yes!

While you can visit the walls of Dubrovnik on your own, a guided tour led by a knowledgeable guide can enhance your experience.

They can provide intriguing details about the history, architecture, and artwork of the walls. Also, a guided tour can help you navigate the walls so you’re sure to cover the most important areas without missing anything.

Another reason to choose a guided tour of Dubrovnik City Walls is that you get to skip the long lines.

This guided tour (⭐ 5/5) is the best-rated Dubrovnik City Walls tour on Viator 👉🏼 Check availability here.

Walking the old city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Entrance to the Old Town

How much time to spend

Around 2 hours.

I recommend visiting early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the crowds – and the heat!

I spent a few hours walking the walls and took a gazillion photos before I headed back down to the Old Town. Of all the fun things I did in Dubrovnik, this is one of the best!

Walking the old city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Where are the Dubrovnik City Walls?

The Dubrovnik City Walls encircle the entire Old Town area of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

While there are multiple entrance points to access the walls, the most commonly used is the Pile Gate, which is one of the main entrances to the Old Town itself.

Dubrovnik City Walls opening hours 2023

The City Walls are open year-round, but the hours vary throughout the year.

The best time to visit is in the morning from May to October. In the summer, begin your visit between 8 am and 9.

Summer Opening HoursWinter Opening Hours
10.00 – 17.00 (April 1st – June 30th)09.00 – 15.00 (November 1st – March 31st)
08.00 – 19.30 (July 1st – July 31st)Closed on the 25th of December (Christmas Day)
08.00 – 19.00 (August 1st – August 31st)
08.00 – 18.30 (September 1st – September 14th)
08.00 – 18.00 (September 14th – September 30th)​
08.00 – 17.30 (October 1st – October 31st)

The two sides of the walls

The walls in Dubrovnik cover two sides: the seaside and the mainland side.

The latter is a bit more challenging with steps up and down, but it’s easily conquered whether you’re in good shape or not.

Walking the old city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik from the sea-side
Walking the old city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik from the mainland side
Walking the old city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Where to enter the walls

There are three access points to the walls in Dubrovnik:

  1. Near the Dominican Monastery
  2. Near the Maritime Museum at Fort St. John
  3. At the Pile Gate (the most popular and crowded)

Most visitors use the Pile Gate, which is also the only place to get an audio guide. 

Walking the old city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Bring water

My last piece of advice is to bring bottles of water with you. There are a few kiosks on the wall, but they’re expensive. And you’ll need water, especially in the summertime.

Walking the old city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Walking the old city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dubrovnik is a lot more than Game of Thrones locations. It's also an ancient, really charming and warm city with an amazing view over the blue Adriatic sea. No wonder it's known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. Here's a guide to walking the walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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