13 fun things to do in Prague in the rain

The Czech Republic’s capital city is well worth a spot on your itinerary – even in the rain. Whether it’s pouring down or drizzling, I’m sharing all the fun things to do in Prague in the rain that you won’t want to miss!

things to do in Prague in the rain

Prague is known as one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. Unlike many other European cities, it escaped WWII bombing, so its historic architecture is intact.

You’ll find Gothic towers, ancient cathedrals, and the world’s largest castle here.

So, don’t let a little rain ruin your trip to this amazing place. I’ve handpicked the best things to do in Prague in the rain, so you can experience the best of the city.

Let’s dig in.

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Things to do in Prague in the rain

Rainfall in Prague

Prague is a city that certainly gets rainfall throughout the year.

It sees 20.7 inches of rain each year, which is about 1.7 inches a month. Expect to see some kind of rain or snow on about 150 days a year, or roughly 12 to 13 days each month.

With that being said, May is the wettest month with an average of 77.2 mm (3 in) of rainfall.

February is the driest month with an average of 22.6 mm (0.9 in) of rainfall.

What to bring in rainy weather

Since Prague gets its fair share of rain, it’s best to dress for it and plan accordingly. These are the things you should always bring on a trip to Prague:

things to do in Prague in the rain

Fun things to do in Prague in the rain

1. Visit Strahov

On a rainy day in Prague, head to Strahov Monastery – and take a taxi there. It’s located on a steep hill!

Strahov is located behind Prague Castle and Petrin Hill, and here’s where you’ll find a monastery, library, a church, a brewery plus some amazing views of Prague (if the weather permits).

The highlight of Strahov is the Library where you’ll find the stunning Theological and Philosophical Halls.

3 days in Prague

2. Try a Czech beer tasting

Beer is king in Prague, so what better excuse than a rainy day to duck into Czech beer tasting?

The beer is great! Seriously, the Czech Republic tops the charts in beer drinking per person, more than any other country.

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Prague in the rain

3. Explore Prague Castle

This Prague Castle complex is a big deal—it’s one of the top attractions in Prague and a defining feature of the entire Czech Republic.

Although some of the castle complex is outdoors, many parts of it, like St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, and the Golden Lane, are indoors and will give you shelter from the rain.

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fun things to do in Prague in the rain

4. Coffee shop hopping

Picture this: It’s raining outside, but you’re sitting in a soft, warm chair while sipping a hot macchiato with fluffy foam on top.

Use the rainy weather as an opportunity to explore cozy cafes and enjoy some delicious Czech coffee or hot chocolate.

5. Visit the medieval underground and dungeon

Much of Prague’s history is actually underground. So when the weather won’t cooperate, why not take a tour below the streets to discover a hidden side to Prague?

You can’t access these spots on your own, so a guide will take you into hidden underground corridors and cellars that most tourists never get to see.

From 12th to 14th-century rooms to tales of dungeons and public executions, you’ll get a unique perspective on the city’s past. Expect to hear about everything from architecture and floods to the plague and medieval secrets.

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6. Go to a museum

I’ve said this many times before but I still can’t get over the fact that Prague has over 200 museums!

Some of them are flat-out unusual – like the Sex Machines Museum. Others will show you the history of Prague, like the Museum of Communism, the Jewish Museum, or the Franz Kafka Museum.

They’re all perfect for a rainy day.

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7. Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock

So, one thing you can’t miss in Prague – no matter the weather – is the Old Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock.

Take a look from the outside and then head inside for a closer look.

The Astronomical Clock, also known as The Orloj has been ticking for more than 600 years, making it one of the oldest working astronomical clocks on the planet.

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things to do in Prague in the rain

8. Attend a classical music concert

Various venues around Prague, such as churches or historical buildings like the Municipal House, host classical music concerts.

This is the perfect way to experience the city while staying dry.

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9. Visit the beautiful Klementinum

Klementinum is my favorite place in Prague. It’s just so beautiful and atmospheric.

The Klementinum houses the Baroque Library Hall, the Meridian Hall, and an astronomical tower.

A guided tour will take you through these beautiful spaces, ending with a panoramic view of Prague from the tower (which you can skip if the rain is too heavy).

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10. See the Idiom Infinity Book Tower

Another fantastic landmark in Prague is the Infinity Book Tower, also known as Idiom.

Located at the Municipal Library, this wall-to-ceiling cylinder tunnel is made of books, and you can stick your head down to admire the sculpture’s manipulation of light and mirrors.

From the inside, it looks like an infinity tunnel of books that goes on and on. Hence the name: The Infinity Book Tower.

3 days in Prague

11. Have fun at the shooting range

Looking to try something different in Prague?

You can visit the indoor shooting range and get hands-on with various types of guns. Don’t worry if you’re new to this; there are dedicated instructors to guide you and help improve your aim.

It’s a fun way to spend a rainy day, and the place is super easy to get to from downtown Prague.

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12. Treat yourself to a spa day

My favorite thing to do in Prague in the rain is self-care – because Prague is perfect for it!

Many hotels and wellness centers in Prague offer spa treatments, saunas, and indoor pools where you can unwind and escape the dreary weather.

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Prague in the rain

13. Enjoy a 5-course medieval dining experience

Last but not least, you can do a 3-hour medieval dinner experience.

Picture this: You walk into a tavern lit only by candles and kick off the night with a free beer or glass of wine. Then you’ll enjoy a 5-course meal while entertainers like jugglers, belly dancers, and swordsmen put on a show.

You’ll also meet some wild characters like an executioner and a fortuneteller. It’s a unique, fun way to dive into Prague’s history, while it’s raining outside.

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Where to stay in Prague

I loved staying at the Mozart Hotel. It’s located right by the Charles Bridge so you’ve got an amazing view from the windows!

The Mozart Prague (⭐ 9.0) is an amazing, classical hotel where you’ll feel pampered during your stay in the city. Plus, the breakfast was the best I had during my whole trip! Check rates and availability here.

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