How to spend amazing 2 days in Nuremberg Old Town

2 days in Nuremberg Old Town

Nuremberg Old Town is a treasure trove of cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses, and an awe-inspiring 1000-year-old castle. Not to mention the delicious Franconian food and beer.

Located just two hours from Munich, Nuremberg (spelled Nürnberg in German) is the second largest city in Bavaria as well as the unofficial capital of Franconia.

This majestic 975-year-old town offers plenty of exciting sights, so I’ve created this travel guide with everything you need to spend 2 days in Nuremberg.

Let’s get started. 

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2 days in Nuremberg old town

Nuremberg Old Town – Altstadt Nuremberg – dates back to 1050 when the Imperial Castle protected the city. The castle and city walls of Nuremberg old city are known as some of Europe’s most impressive medieval fortifications.

All the main sites are located in the Old Town along the walking street, known as Koenigstrasse. I got a Nuremberg Card, which gave me access to the main sights and unlimited free public transportation. 

You can join a walking tour of Nuremberg or simply explore old Nuremberg on your own. I did a combination of both, and it’s a great way to get historical facts along the way.


What is special about Nuremberg?

You might be wondering: is Nuremberg worth visiting? And my answer is a sounding YES. It was my favorite place in Bavaria, actually. Here are some interesting facts about Nuremberg:

  • Nuremberg is the second-largest city in Bavaria, after Munich.
  • The Imperial Castle of Nuremberg is the largest castle in Germany and dates back to the 11th century.
  • It was home to famous artists such as painter Albrecht Dürer and woodcarver Peter Vischer the Elder.
  • Nuremberg Old Town is known for its stunning examples of medieval architecture, including the walls, towers, and gates that date back to the 13th century.
  • Nuremberg is famous for its unique sausages, gingerbread, and beer – all Franconian specialties!
  • Nuremberg is also known for hosting the infamous Nazi Party rallies during WWII and for the Nuremberg Trials.
Nuremberg is home to a medieval Old Town and 1000 year-old castle, to the famous Nürnberger bratwurst and Franconian beer. It’s also the second-largest city in Bavaria and the unofficial capital of Franconia. It's a hidden gem in Germany and there are so many beautiful, quaint sites here and much history, especially from World War 2. Here's a guide to Nuremberg, Germany. #nuremberg #europetravel

Day 1 in Nuremberg

On your first day in Nuremberg, walk down Koenigstrasse and explore the many medieval buildings and the market. Make sure to taste some of that amazing Franconian food (I’ve listed restaurant tips at the bottom of the post). Enjoy!


Right next to the Old Town entrance, there’s a small walkway to the Frauentorturm, which is part of the old city wall. Walk inside and discover the small shops, cafés, and a green area. It’s like a little oasis in the city.

a day in Nuremberg
1 day in nuremberg
The old city wall is opposite the train station

Mauthalle (former customs house)

Next, walk down Koenigstrasse to Mauthalle, the former customs house.

The building stands proudly at its original location in 1393, and today, the Mauthalle houses several important collections and exhibitions.

2 days in Nuremberg Old Town
Mauthalle (former customs house) on the left


Next up is the Nassauerhaus, which was originally built in 1447. Inside, you will find beautiful wooden carvings and unique works of art that have survived from centuries ago.

It’s also a popular place for weddings and other large gatherings because of its grandeur and timeless beauty. 

walking tour nuremberg


Up to the right is the Heilig-Geist-Spital (hospital of the Holy Spirit).

Built in the early 14th century, this hospital was originally used to care for the many pilgrims who visited the city and has since become a major landmark of Nuremberg.

Many parts of it have been restored over the years, but its inner courtyard remains one of its most beautiful features.

2 days in Nuremberg, Germany
Heilig-Geist-Spital (Hospital of the Holy Spirit)

Main Market Square

The Old Town Nuremberg Germany is also known for its many open-air markets, including the Christmas Market.

When I visited in May, I went to a flea market and the food market at the Main Market Square where they sold everything from truffles, fruits, and Turkish food to old lamps, swords, and paintings.

nuremberg old town, Germany

St. Lorenz / St. Lawrence Church

One of the things I noticed about Nuremberg was how many beautiful churches there were within the walls of the Old Town. Along Koenigstrasse I found no less than three stunning churches: Frauenkirche, St. Lorenz church, and St. Sebaldus church. 

St. Lorenz Church was built in 1310 and is known for its Gothic architecture.

Go inside and admire the intricate wooden carvings, large windows adorned with stained glass, and a soaring ceiling that towers high above the church floor. 

2 days in Nuremberg old town, Germany
St. Lorenz church


Another Gothic church is Frauenkirche, which was built between 1352 and 1362. Make sure to see the interior.

2 days in Nuremberg old town, Germany
Frauenkirche “Church of Our Lady”

St. Sebaldus church

Almost at the end of Koenigstrasse is St. Sebaldus Church.

Built in 1273 and reconstructed throughout the years, this is the oldest of the churches in Nuremberg old town.

2 days in Nuremberg old town, Germany
2 days in Nuremberg old town, Germany
Inside St. Sebaldus Church

The city canals

Lastly, walk along the canals in Nuremberg Old Town. You’ll meet many locals; people walking their dogs, and moms with strollers, and the landscape is lush and beautiful!

2 days in Nuremberg old town, Germany

Day 2 in Nuremberg

Both of these days are interchangeable but day 2 is set up with more of an emphasis on Nuremberg’s historic area and World War II sights. Personally, I recommend starting your day at the Albrecht Dürer house.

Albrecht Dürer house

The best area in Nuremberg Old Town is around the Imperial Castle. It’s more historic with colorful buildings and houses, including the Albrecht Dürer house, which is a museum today.

It’s named after Albrecht Dürer (1471 to 1528), a painter, famous for being one of the first artists to do a self-portrait.

2 days in Nuremberg old town, Germany

Discover the half-timbered houses

Next, I recommend wandering the streets and just discovering and taking photos of the half-timbered houses, which are similar to the ones in France and Denmark.

This is definitely the prettiest place in Altstadt Nuremberg.

2 days in Nuremberg old town, Germany

2 days in Nuremberg old town Germany

Nuremberg Imperial Castle (Kaiserburg)

Your 2 days in Nuremberg itinerary wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Imperial Castle.

Built in 1040 by the German king Henry III, Duke of Bavaria, Nuremberg Castle stands high above the Old Town. Inside the castle, you’ll find decorated courtyards, intricate statues and vaulted ceilings.

There’s a really good view from the top and a beautiful flower garden. Nuremberg castle – or Kaiserburg – also includes the Sinwell tower and the deep well. They’re both worth a visit.

2 days in Nuremberg old town Germany
2 days in Nuremberg old town Germany
Sinwell tower in the background
2 days in Nuremberg old town Germany
The view from Nuremberg castle


A few streets from the castle, you’ll find the beautiful Weissgerbergasse. Definitely go here!

2 days in Nuremberg old town Germany

The Nürnberg trials and World War II sights

Nuremberg has a long and complex history, and whether you’re interested in history or not, it’s worth visiting a few of the WWII sights in town. 

It was here that the Nazi rallies were held and where the Nuremberg Laws denying German citizenship to Jewish people were passed.

After World War 2, the Nuremberg Trials were held, a series of military tribunals that aimed to punish those responsible for war crimes committed during WWII.

The city has a dreadful burden of history to bear, but it bears it honestly and well. Some of the most important World War 2 sites and museums are located here:

Nuremberg’s Palace of Justice –  this is where the 1945 Nürnberg trials were held. It’s possible to see courtroom 600 where 21 Nazi war criminals were tried and convicted.

Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds – a large stadium and parade ground. It was completed in 1933 and hosted 6 of Hitler’s biggest Nazi Party rallies.

World War 2 Art Bunker – a former bunker transformed into an art gallery.

Kongresshalle – the headquarters of the Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds, which was a meeting place of the Third Reich. Here, you can get insight into Nazi Germany and the Nuremberg Trials.

2 days in Nuremberg old town Germany

Where to stay in Nuremberg

The best place to base yourself in Nuremberg is between the Old Town and the train station (Bahnhof). This is where all the sights are located and it’s close to restaurants and public transport.

I stayed at Sorat Hotel Saxx Nürnberg, which was perfect for my needs. The rooms are high standard and luxurious.

And the hotel is located directly in the city center at the main Market Square (next to the Old Town). If I revisit Nuremberg, I’d stay here again. Get the latest prices here.

Food in Nuremberg

Traditional Franconian food is hearty and flavourful, so make sure to try some while you’re in town. Many traditional recipes have been passed down through generations to become part of the local culture.

What to eat

In Nuremberg, it’s a MUST to taste the famous Nürnberger bratwurst. It’s outstanding. Think sizzling hot sausage – only 9 cm long and 25 grams – flavored with marjoram and spices.

An absolute fat content of 35% – cooked this way for the last 700 years. I went crazytown with the bratwurst; fried, boiled, and pickled. I did not regret it.

Another great local dish is the Franconian Schäuferle – or pork shoulder. The meal is quite heavy, so arrive hungry and order a large Nuremberg beer on the side.

Where to eat

These are some of the best restaurants in Nuremberg:

  • Bratwursthäusle (across from St. Sebaldus church) – the best bratwurst in town
  • Albrecht-Dürer-Stuben (it’s very popular, so make a reservation)
  • Goldenes Posthorn (also very popular)
  • Spiessgeselle (the Schäuferle is great) 
  • Alte Küchn
2 days in Nuremberg old town Germany
Franconian Schäuferle at Spiessgeselle restaurant
2 days in Nuremberg old town Germany
Bratwursts at the Bratwursthäusle
2 days in Nuremberg old town Germany
Bratwurst lunch, traditionally served with sauerkraut and mustard. Ketchup is verboten.

Final thoughts

All in all, I really enjoyed my solo trip to Nuremberg. Everyone I met was so nice and it was easy to find my way around town. What I liked most about Nuremberg is that it’s not crowded – except on market days – and there’s so much history.

In many ways, it’s very different from its Bavarian counterpart Munich; it’s cheaper, less metropolitan, and more historic and quaint, plus the bratwurst is different (and in my opinion sehr better).

It was interesting to visit both Nuremberg and Munich, the two largest cities in Bavaria. They’re so close but really quite different.

2 days in Nuremberg old town Germany

Thanks so much to Nürnberg Tourismus, and Tatjana in particular, for hosting and taking good care of me in Nuremberg. All opinions and über-excitement is my own.

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  1. I visited Nurnberg 10 or so years ago and even if it was a really brief visit I loved it! I promised myself to return there and see the city properly but it’s yet to happen. Hopefully soon!!! Now you made me even more motivated to go!

    1. Thanks, Kami! I know exactly what you mean, I have so many places on my must-return list 🙂 Nuremberg was super nice and it’s definitely not the last time I visited that region.

    1. You are right, it is the wrong house 🙂 I have corrected it now. Thanks for weighing in!

      Du hast recht, und Ich habe es jetzt korrigiert. Danke für die Information!

  2. Thanks Miriam, great post. Great photos too. It will be very useful for mi visit to Nuremberg this december. How cold is it, any idea?

    1. I’m glad to hear that, Emilio. I haven’t been to Nuremberg in December, but I’m guessing the temperature is around 0 degrees Celsius, which is typical for central Europe. Also, it might snow.

  3. We would be traveling from Munich in June. Would this be a good place to spend a night or two? Thanks for your post! Also, what are your thoughts on train travel vs. car.

    1. Absolutely! Nuremberg is such a lovely city and very different from Munich. I took the train from Nuremberg to Munich and it’s very easy, quick and budget-friendly – I highly recommend it.

      Have a great trip.

  4. Love Nuremburg, it is worth the 3+ day visit. Just do not do it on a tour. The magic happens once those day trippers are gone. We spent 3 weeks in Germany and snapped over 5k in photos. It is truly a beautiful place to visit.

  5. Rather silly question, but is Nuremberg good walking for a heavy person. I have been to Germany and had a very steep walk to one of the castles. I will be going to Nuremberg this December and want to be prepared.
    Thank you!

    1. Not a silly question at all, Tammy!

      Nuremberg is very easy to walk. There’s a hill to Nuremberg castle – it’s a bit steep, but not very long. Otherwise, the city is very flat, and all the main sights are conveniently placed along the walking street (Koenigstrasse), which is 1,5 km long from the train station to the castle. It’s one of the easier cities for sightseeing.

      Have a great trip 🙂

  6. My husband and I just returned from a summer trip that included Bavaria. We only scheduled one night in Nuremberg but wished we had more. It is such a charming town and we enjoyed it way more than Munich. I agree the Nuremberg sausages are amazing! Your pictures are stunning!

  7. Other places of interest in Nuremberg are, for example, the peer-to-pear gardens and the jail-jails. Culinary specialties, which you must try out are Schäuferle and Nrnberger bratwurst

  8. I lived in Fürth, just out side of Nürnberg for 5 years and I loved it. I drooled over your picture of the Schäufele. I’m now in Basel (on the border with Baden-Baden) and can not find it anywhere.

  9. Thank you for your excellent write-up on the sights in Nuremberg. Your step by step list of sights in the Old Town area was very informative as I plan my own trip to this city.

    Danke sehr!

  10. I lived in Furth for 2 years in the early 1980’s. I will never forget all the beautiful sights and wonderful food in Nurnberg! Would love to return there for a visit one day!

  11. I was there last year and I loved it. It is so beautiful and I really would like to visit Nuremberg again. It is an amazing town so I strongly recommend to visit this place if you are planning to go to Germany.

  12. Hey Miriam. Is it possible to have a look at the city in 2 days (1night). Where to stay to avoid public transports ? Thanks

    1. Yes, absolutely! If you can find a hotel or hostel along the walking street (Koenigstrasse), you’ll avoid public transports. Everything in this article is located near the walking street.

  13. I am going to Nuremberg in December (24th_30th ), and your blog has made it that much more exciting, Shall be staying for 6 nights there, shall also visit Munich, maybe for a day, and head down to Baden Baden for 3 nights Can’t wait to visit. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad to hear that! Nuremberg is such a lovely place. You could also consider visiting Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a fairy tale town just an hour or so away.

      Have a great trip 🙂

  14. Not sure if you could help, there seems to be different kinds of trains, one is the train line, another Ice,and also another one which has a flexible ticket (to be used between 9.00 am – 3.00 am the next day. Would you know if with the latter, you could use on all trains? We have no trians in Malta, so to me this is very confusing.

    1. Hi Annette, I’m afraid I can’t help much as I don’t really know the German trains. But you could always ask them at the train station, they speak English.

  15. My husband and I will be on a river cruise in May and Nuremberg is one of our port of calls. After a city tour by motorcoach, we will have free time to visit the city center. Thank you for the “10 things to do in Nuremberg” information. It will be very helpful as we will definitely be limited in time.

    Again, many thanks for this very useful information.

  16. Hey, I was looking for tips because I am planning to visit Nurnberg in August.. staying near Frauentorturm, I think. Is the city safe during the day? I am a girl and I’am travelling alone. Of course I will not go out in the night alone.

  17. In th summer of 1945 I was in the 580th Quartermaster Battalion and lived in Number 27 Farnstrasse a spacious residence and I wonder I wonder if that nice residence still stands. My bedroom was on the first floor, next o the jeep enclosure. James W Hartline, Royal Oak Michigan, USA

  18. I was stationed in Germany twice in my US Army career, once in Nurenburg where my youngest was born. We have since taken 4 river cruises, two of which stopped at Nurenburg, and will go there November 17, 2019 on another. We love Nurenburg and believe it to be the prettiest city in Germany. You definitely can not beat the food and local beer..

    1. Aw, that’s my birthday 😉 And I agree with you – Nürnberg is such a lovely place. It’s my favorite city in Germany, as well.

      Have an amazing trip in November.

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