21 authentic and best souvenirs from Iceland (2024)

Are you planning a trip to Iceland and want to take a bit of it home with you?

Forget the usual magnets and keychains.

In this post, I’ll share the most authentic and best souvenirs from Iceland – items like warm wool sweaters, some of that strong Brennivín they love, or maybe even an elf figurine.

Ready to find out what to buy and where to get it?

Let’s get started.

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The best souvenirs from Iceland

Traditional Icelandic clothes & textiles

1. Hand-knitted Lopapeysa sweaters

The traditional Icelandic wool sweater, also known as the lopapeysa, is known for its insulating qualities that protect against harsh weather. So, if you live in a cold country or simply want a cozy sweater, this is a great bet.

The wool comes from Icelandic sheep, and its unique fibers provide warmth and breathability.

best souvenirs from Iceland - Lopapeysa sweaters

2. Icelandic wool hat and scarf

When it comes to keeping warm, don’t overlook Icelandic wool hats and scarves.

Knitted with the same care and attention as the lopapeysa, these accessories are both practical and stylish. The wool’s natural oils make them water-repellent, which is ideal for Iceland’s rainy or snowy days.

  • Where to buy: Various shops throughout Reykjavik and other tourist spots.
souvenirs from Iceland - Souvenirs

3. Icelandic wool blanket

Taking a piece of Icelandic comfort home is easy with Icelandic wool blankets.

They’re soft, cozy, and durable— perfect for snuggling up on a cold evening. Like the sweaters, they often display traditional Icelandic patterns and are handmade.

  • Where to buy: Numerous souvenir shops and markets across Iceland.

4. Eiderdown comforter or pillow

For a touch of luxury, consider eiderdown comforters or pillows. Eiderdown is sourced from the nests of eider ducks from to Iceland.

It’s known for its incredible warmth and lightness.

  • Where to buy: Specialized stores in shopping districts of Reykjavik.

Icelandic food and drink

5. Dried fish (Harðfiskur)

Dried fish, known as Harðfiskur, is a traditional Icelandic snack.

Typically made from cod or haddock, it’s packed with flavor and protein. It’s eaten plain or with a bit of butter for added taste.

  • Where to buy: Local fish markets and supermarkets across Iceland.
souvenirs from Iceland - Harðfiskur

6. Brennivín (Icelandic Schnapps)

Brennivín, also dubbed the “Black Death,” is Iceland’s signature spirit.

It’s a schnapps made from potato and flavored with caraway seeds. This strong beverage is often enjoyed during the Þorrablót winter festival.

  • Where to buy: Liquor stores such as Vínbúðin or during your Duty-Free shopping at Keflavík Airport.

7. Saltverk sea salt

Saltverk sea salt is harvested in the Westfjords of Iceland, leveraging geothermal energy. It’s known for its clean, intense flavor and is a staple in many Icelandic dishes.

  • Where to buy: Gourmet shops and some souvenir shops around Iceland.

8. Omnom chocolate bars

When you’re craving something sweet, pick up an Omnom Chocolate bar. It’s an Icelandic chocolate, made in Reykjavik, with unique flavor combinations like licorice and sea salt.

  • Where to buy: Most grocery stores, Omnom’s own store, or even at Keflavík Airport.

9. Sambo lakkriskonfekt

Sambo Lakkriskonfekt is a popular licorice candy, that combines the strong taste of licorice with chocolate. The love for lakkris is strong in Iceland, making this a sweet souvenir choice.

  • Where to buy: Supermarkets, candy stores, or the duty-free stores at the airport.

10. Icelandic glacial water

Taste the purity of Icelandic glacial water sourced directly from natural springs. It’s not only refreshing but also brings a piece of Iceland’s natural beauty straight to your home.

  • Where to buy: Everywhere in Iceland, from gas stations to grocery stores.

Crafts, health products, and cultural items

11. Silica mud mask from the Blue Lagoon

The Silica Mud Mask is made from the silica mud found in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.

It’s packed with minerals that are good for your skin, helping to clear and soften it.

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

12. Icelandic jewelry

Icelandic jewelry often has elements like volcanic rock and intricate Norse designs. Own a piece of the land of fire and ice with an elegant keepsake.

  • Where to buy: Shops such as Aurum in Reykjavik or select tourist centers.

13. Puffin tote bag

Choose from quirky puffin-themed gifts, showcasing one of Iceland’s most beloved birds, to add a playful touch to your souvenir from Iceland.

  • Where to buy: Puffin shops around tourist hotspots or Reykjavik’s flea markets.
souvenirs from Iceland - Puffin

14. Handmade Icelandic pottery with volcanic ash glaze

Adorn your home with handmade pottery, featuring unique volcanic ash glaze that captures Iceland’s raw, natural beauty.

  • Where to buy: Icelandic art and craft stores or directly from local artisans.

15. Sóley organics

Sóley Organics uses wild herbs from Iceland and the latest in skincare science to make products that are good for your skin.

It’s a straightforward way to get the benefits of Iceland’s natural plants in your skincare routine.

  • Where to buy: Health stores, select supermarkets, or online Icelandic skincare retailers.

16. Icelandic Christmas decorations

Celebrate the holidays with a touch of Icelandic tradition, such as figurines of the mischievous Yule Lads.

  • Where to buy: Christmas markets in Iceland or specialty shops during the holiday season.
souvenirs from Iceland - Icelandic Christmas
Father Christmas boots

17. Volcanic rock items

Incorporate Iceland’s volcanic essence into your life with products like lava bracelets or other volcanic rock items.

  • Where to buy: Jewelry stores across Iceland or at the Reykjavik flea market.

18. Viking age relics replicas

Own a slice of history with replicas of Viking Age relics, telling tales of Iceland’s storied past.

  • Where to buy: History museums or specialized souvenir stores in Iceland.

19. Icelandic coins

Icelandic coins are fun souvenirs. They’ve got neat designs, showing off Iceland’s history and animals.

For example, the 1 króna coin has dolphins, the 5 krónur coin features a bull, the 10 krónur coin displays a cod, and the 50 krónur coin has a crab.

They’re a great conversation starter about your travels.

souvenirs from Iceland - coins

20. Icelandic literature

Delve into the world of Icelandic literature with sagas and modern tales, reflecting Iceland’s rich storytelling tradition.

Some of the best Icelandic books are Independent People by Nobel Prize winner, Halldór Kiljan Laxness, and The Draining Lake by Arrnaldur Indridason.

  • Where to buy: Bookstores throughout Iceland or literary museums.

21. Icelandic elf figurines

Icelandic elf figurines dive right into Iceland’s folklore about elves and hidden people.

If you grab one as a souvenir, you’re basically taking home a piece of Iceland’s storytelling tradition.

  • Where to buy: Souvenir shops are the best place to find these figurines. You can find them, especially in areas known for their folk tales.
souvenirs from Iceland - Icelandic elf

FAQ – Icelandic souvenirs

What jewelry is Iceland known for?

Iceland is known for its unique volcanic rock jewelry, such as lava stone pieces, and jewelry inspired by Norse mythology, featuring symbols like the Valknut and Thor’s hammer.

What crafts is Iceland known for?

Iceland is known for its woolen crafts like the Lopapeysa sweaters, handknitted items, and ceramics inspired by its natural landscape.

What’s Iceland famous for?

Iceland is famous for its stunning natural landscapes, including geysers, waterfalls, volcanoes, and the Northern Lights, as well as its rich Viking history and geothermal spas like the Blue Lagoon.

What should I bring home from Iceland?

Bring home a Lopapeysa sweater, volcanic rock jewelry, Blue Lagoon skincare products, Icelandic licorice, and a piece of local art or literature.

Do I pay with card or cash in Iceland?

Use a card; Iceland is highly card-friendly for almost all transactions.

What to buy in Iceland duty-free at Keflavik Airport?

At Keflavik Airport duty-free, aside from alcohol and Icelandic candy, it’s also smart to pick up skincare products, especially those from the Blue Lagoon.

Skip on Doritos and some chocolates since they’re not cheaper there.

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