9 filming locations of Game of Thrones Seville (Spain)

filming locations of Game of Thrones Seville

Are you a massive Game of Thrones fan? Then you will love Seville – it’s packed with filming locations that you can visit.

To help you plan your trip, I’ve gathered all the must-see Game of Thrones Seville sites for your travel bucket list.

The most important scenes are located inside Alcazar, the Royal Palace of Seville. Others are placed close to the city of Seville.

Let’s take a look.

🍿 Spoiler alert

In this post, I’ll reveal plots from Game of Thrones. If you haven’t already watched the series, you can jump straight to the filming locations here:

  • Alcazar
  • Seville’s Royal Shipyards
  • The Roman site of Italica
  • Osuna Bullring
  • The Castle of Almodóvar del Río.

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Game of Thrones tour

Alcazar palace is there the main film locations are located. You can get an entry ticket and explore the palace on your own.

However, if you’d like a guided tour of Alcazar with a guide that focuses on the Game of Thrones filming locations, this tour is for you.

The tour lasts 1.5 hours, during which you’ll see the Kingdom of Dorne, learn about the palace’s medieval Moorish history, discover where Prince Oberyn Martell plotted the downfall of the Lannisters and hear exciting stories from a local guide.

The tour is perfect for any Game of Thrones fan.

Game of Thrones locations in Seville

Game of Thrones Seville

1. Real Alcázar of Seville (Dorne)

Seville is home to one of Game of Thrones’ most recognisable filming locations: The Real Alcázar Palace of Seville, which was featured as the Water Gardens of House Martell and Dorne.

This major tourist attraction showcases iconic Moorish architecture and gardens and it’s easy to see why it was chosen to be in the TV series.

Game of Thrones was filmed in four parts of Alcazar’s royal palace:

  • The Ambassadors’ Hall
  • Mercury’s Pool
  • The Baths of Maria de Padilla
  • The palace gardens

filming locations of Game of Thrones Seville
Inside royal alcázar of seville

2. The Pond of Mercury

The Pond of Mercury features a small fountain with a bronze statue of the Roman god Mercury at its centre. This statue was created by Diego de Pesquera and cast by Bartolomé Morel in 1576.

👑 Game of Thrones location:

In Season 5, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones, the Pond of Mercury appears when Jaime travels to Dorne to bring his daughter, Myrcella, back to King’s Landing.

During this episode, Ellaria Sand speaks with Prince Doran of the Martell family on a terrace overlooking the pond and Grotto Gallery, demanding retribution for Oberyn Martell’s murder.

filming locations of Game of Thrones Seville
Inside royal alcazar of seville

3. The Hall of Ambassadors

Probably the most beautiful and important room in the royal palace is the Hall of Ambassadors (El Salón de Embajadores). It’s also known as the Throne Room because it was used for public events and affairs of state.

This room is absolutely stunning! Aside frorm the Moorish style details, there’s an an opulent gold dome, intricately crafted with intertwined wooden stars by the master carpenter, Diego Ruíz. Make sure to look up!

You’ll find the room at the far end of the Maidens’ Courtyard (an arcaded patio with a long pool and trees).

👑 Game of Thrones location:

In Season 5, Episode 9, Jaime meets Prince Doran in the Hall of Ambassadors. After explaining his mission to retrieve his daughter/niece Myrcella from Dorne and revealing that Ellaria Sand is behind the threat, the prince grants Jaime’s freedom and allows Myrcella to return home to King’s Landing.

They changed the set a little to give it a realistic look for the palace, but you can still recognise it from the series.

filming locations of Game of Thrones Seville
Inside real alcázar de sevilla

4. The Baths of Lady María de Padilla

The Baths of Lady Maria de Padilla (Los Baños de Doña María de Padilla) are a series of rainwater tanks beneath the Patio del Crucero. They are named after King Peter of Castile’s mistress, Maria de Padilla.

Legends says she would come here to seek solace, although no one knows if it’s true.

👑 Game of Thrones film locations:

In Season 5, Episode 6, Ellaria Sand and her daughters (the infamous “Sand Snakes”) meet at the baths to plot revenge for Oberyn Martell’s murder.

As Ellaria was also a former mistress, it’s fitting that she should take on the meeting place of her predecessor.

filming locations of Game of Thrones Seville
Inside Alcazar

5. The Palace Gardens

The gardens in Real Alcazar of Seville are huge. They feature in several scenes in Game of Thrones, so make sure to spend at least an hour here.

The palace gardens are filled with fruit trees, colourful flowers but little shade. I’d recommend visiting before noon to avoid the afternoon heat.

👑 Game of Thrones location:

In Season 5, Episode 6, the Pavilion of Carlos V is used as a Game of Thrones filming location.

Here, Jaime confronts Myrcella and Trystane while infiltrating the garden, only to be ambushed by the Sand Snakes. A short battle ensues until Martell soldiers arrest them.

filming locations of Game of Thrones Seville
Game of Thrones Seville

6. Seville’s Royal Shipyards (crypt of the Red Keep)

The Royal Shipyards in Seville have been closed to the public for over 20 years.

It consists of 17 vaulted naves, built in the Gothic-Mudéjar style. Each of the naves are large enough for the construction of a galley, and the shipyards once covered more than 3 acres. Unfortunately, they fell into disrepair over time.

However, the shipyards are currently being restored with plans to reopen to the public by 2024. This is partially due to their appearance in two episodes of Game of Thrones.

👑 Game of Thrones location:

In Season 7, the Royal Shipyards in Seville served as the crypt of the Red Keep in King’s Landing.

In Episode 2, Qyburn reveals his dragon-slaying weapon to Queen Cersei in the shipyard’s basement. Later, in Episode 5, the dungeons of the Red Keep becomes the site of a tense meeting between Jaime and Tyrion, led by Bronn.

GAME OF THRONES Filming locations near Seville

7. Roman site of Italica (Dragon pit)

Just 9 km north of Seville, you’ll find the ruins of Italica.

Founded by the Romans in 206 B.C., Italica is known to be the birthplace of three Roman Emperors: Hadrian, Trajan, and Theodosius.

The amphitheater of Italica, which once held 25,000 spectators, was the third largest in the Roman Empire. Today, Italica is located in modern-day Santiponce, and the town has applied for UNESCO World Heritage status to protect the ruins.

👑 Game of Thrones location:

Italica was the real life location for the Dragon pit of King’s Landing in Game of Thrones.

The pit, where Daenerys Targaryen keeps her dragons, was the setting for a key scene in the Season 7 finale. In this scene, the leaders of the major Westerosi houses come together to negotiate a plan for dealing with the Army of the Dead and the approaching White Walkers.

filming locations of Game of Thrones Seville

8. Osuna Bullring (Daznak’s Pit)

Located an hour east of Seville, the picturesque white village of Osuna is home to the Plaza de Toros, a bullring inaugurated in 1903.

Made with sandstone ashlars from quarries near Osuna, the seating capacity of the bullring is 5,000. Anibal Gonzalez, the same architect behind the Plaza España in Seville, was responsible for the design.

👑 Game of Thrones location:

In Game of Thrones, the bullring became famous as Daznak’s Pit, the fiercest combat arena in Meereen where slaves battled like Roman gladiators.

The pit appears in Season 5, Episodes 9 and 10, with filming taking place over 17 days in October 2014. Featuring 550 extras and stunt performers, this sequence is among the most expensive scenes ever produced for television.

9. The Castle of Almodóvar del Río (Highgarden and Casterly Rock)

Less than an hour’s drive from Seville lies the Castle of Almodóvar del Río, which played a crucial role in Game of Thrones as two distinct locations.

👑 Game of Thrones location:

Firstly, the castle’s exterior was used as Highgarden, the ancestral seat of House Tyrell. Secondly, parts of the dungeons at Almodóvar del Río were used in the creation of Casterly Rock, the ancestral home of House Lannister.

filming locations of Game of Thrones Seville
Game of Thrones Seville

🙋‍♀️ Seville Game of Thrones FAQ

Where is Game of Thrones filmed in Spain?

Game of Thrones was filmed in 17 locations in Spain, including the Alcazar of Seville, the Castle of Zafra, the Bardenas Reales Natural Park, the Plaza de Toros de Osuna and the cities of Girona and Caceres, among others.

The most famous filming location in Spain was the Real Alcazar of Seville, which served as the Water Palaces of Dorne.

Which part of Alcazar was in Game of Thrones?

The filming of Game of Thrones took place in four distinct areas of the Alcazar: the Ambassadors’ Hall, Mercury’s Pool, the Baths of Maria Padilla, and the gardens.

The palace was featured as the Water Gardens of Dorne in numerous scenes throughout four episodes of Season Five and one episode of Season Six.

Where in Andalusia was Game of Thrones filmed?

Game of Thrones was filmed in Seville, Cordoba and Almeria in Season 5, 6, 7 and 8. These are the Andalucia Game of Thrones filming locations and when they feature in the series:

In Season 5:
Alcazar of Seville (episode 2, 6, 7 and 9)
Osuna Bullring (episode 9)
Roman Bridge of Cordoba (episode 3)

In Season 6:
Alcázar of Seville 
Alcazaba Fortress of Almeria
Tabernas, Almeria (episode 4)
Mesa Roldan (episode 9)
Roman Bridge of Cordoba

In season 7:
Castillo de Almodovar (Highgarden)
Seville Royal Shipyards
Italica (final episode)
Alcázar of Seville
Roman Bridge of Cordoba

In Season 8:
Seville Royal Shipyards (episode 5 and 6)
Italica (final episode)

Was Dorne filmed in Seville?

Yes, Dorne was filmed at The Alcázar of Seville in the successful HBO TV series, Game of Thrones.

Dorne was featured in several scenes in four episodes of Season 5 and one of Season 6.

Which Game of Thrones scenes were filmed in Seville?

Scenes in Season 5, 6, 7, and 8 were filmed in Seville. Several sites inside the Alcazar palace were chosen to depict Dorne.

Where to next?

While you’re in Seville, don’t miss out on the many things to do in town. Aside from Game of Thrones filming locations, you’ll also find a famous location from Star Wars (see photo below).

Make sure to read my travel guide to Seville where you’ll find everything you need to know, from what to see to where to stay and eat.

Naboo Star Wars location in “Attack of the Clones”

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