12 best things to do in Spain (bucket list experiences)

If you’re looking for Spain bucket list experiences, you’ve come to the right place.

Spain is one of the most popular countries in Europe because it has so many things to do – from its rich history and culture to some seriously beautiful nature.

I’ve spent a bunch of time exploring Spain and I’ve got some favorites that I think you should consider for your own itinerary.

In this post, I’ll share the best things to do in Spain that I think should be on any Spain bucket list.

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12 best things to do in Spain

Best Spain bucket list experiences

1. Explore the Alhambra

The Alhambra is the most beautiful place in Spain – it’s perched on a plateau with a great view of Granada,

It was mostly built from 1238 to 1358 and is a big part of Spain’s Moorish history, with impressive stonework and tiles. It’s on the UNESCO list for good reason.

You’ve got the exquisite old Nasrid palaces and the green Generalife gardens to wander around.

Alhambra, Spain

2. Watch flamenco in Seville

One of the best things to do in Spain is to see a flamenco dance.

It’s the real deal when it comes to Spanish culture – all passion and drama.

If you’re in Seville, don’t miss out on a show, especially in the historic parts of town. It’s where you’ll get the authentic vibe of the city.

💃🏻 Fun fact:

Flamenco is listed by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. And Seville itself is considered the birthplace of flamenco.


3. Hike the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is a historic Catholic pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela where the remains of St. James the Greater are said to be buried.

Pilgrims have been walking these trails since the 9th century.

During the nearly 500 miles, you’ll pass through some beautiful scenery and charming little towns, which makes it one of the top pilgrimage paths in the world.

Best Spain bucket list experiences - Camino de Santiago

4. Devour tapas in Madrid

Go on a tapas tour in Madrid. It’s a great way to experience the local culture and taste different Spanish flavors.

Tapas are an integral part of Spanish culinary culture, offering a variety of flavors and ingredients that reflect the diversity of the country’s gastronomy.

Each restaurant has its own take on these small, tasty dishes.


5. Visit Barcelona’s Gaudí sites

Barcelona is home to some really unique buildings by the architect Antoni Gaudí, like the unfinished church Sagrada Familia and the imaginative Park Güell.

The Sagrada Familia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been under construction since 1882, while Park Güell is known for its colorful mosaics and creative design.

These sites are prime examples of Gaudí’s distinctive style, which is a big part of what makes Barcelona’s architecture so famous. You can visit on your own or with a guide to get the full story and highlights.

Best Spain bucket list experiences - Barcelona

6. Stroll through historic Toledo

Walking through Toledo’s historic center is one of the best things to do in Spain.

This city is rich in history, with a mix of architectural styles from its Christian, Jewish, and Muslim past.

You can see the Gothic Cathedral and the Alcázar fortress as you explore.

Fun fact

Toledo is known as the “City of Three Cultures” for its historical coexistence of these religions.

Best Spain bucket list experiences - Toledo

7. Enjoy Costa Brava beaches

The Costa Brava in Catalonia has some amazing beaches, with dramatic cliffs and clear waters.

It’s worth visiting towns like Cadaqués or finding a quiet spot like Cala Futadera to swim or sunbathe.

Costa Brava translates to “Wild Coast” and it lives up to its name with its natural, rugged beauty. The region stretches for about 220 kilometers from Blanes, north of Barcelona, to the French border.

Best Spain bucket list experiences - Costa Brava

8. Participate in Buñol’s La Tomatina

La Tomatina is the world-famous tomato-throwing festival in Buñol, near Valencia.

It’s chaotic, messy, and an absolute blast.

Just remember, it takes place on the last Wednesday of August, and you’ll need to buy tickets in advance—because who wouldn’t want to experience the world’s biggest food fight?

🍅 Fun fact:

La Tomatina started back in 1945 and has grown into a major event with thousands of participants, and the town of Buñol has to bring in over 100 metric tons of tomatoes for the occasion.

9. See Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum

Check out the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

It’s an incredible building with reflective titanium panels designed by Frank Gehry, and you don’t have to be an art expert to appreciate it.

The Guggenheim Bilbao is part of a larger Guggenheim network and has helped to revitalize Bilbao since its opening in 1997.

Best Spain bucket list experiences - Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum

10. Run with bulls in Pamplona

For an ultimate adrenaline rush, running with the bulls in Pamplona during the San Fermín festival is a bucket list must.

It’s held every July and draws adventurous souls from around the world.

It’s not for the faint of heart, though. It’s a wild ride, and you’ve got to be ready to move fast.

Best Spain bucket list experiences - Pamplona

11. Explore Mallorca’s Caves of Drach

On the island of Mallorca, you can explore the Caves of Drach—four massive caves that are all connected.

Inside, there’s Lake Martel—one of the biggest underground lakes around. They even put on classical music concerts on boats down there, which is pretty unique.

And since you’re on the island, you should definitely swing by Palma de Mallorca. It’s the capital and not too far from the caves, so it’s perfect for adding to your trip.

Best Spain bucket list experiences - Caves of Drach

12. Experience the Canary Islands

If you’re up for seeing some amazing nature, the Canary Islands are where it’s at.

Tenerife has this massive volcano, Mount Teide, and it’s pretty impressive.

Then there’s Gran Canaria with its sand dunes and green forests. Each island has its own vibe, and there’s tons to do, whether you’re into hiking or just chilling under the stars.

Best Spain bucket list experiences - Canary Islands

FAQ – Spain bucket list experiences

What is the big attraction in Spain?

The big attraction in Spain is the Alhambra in Granada, a stunning Moorish palace with intricate architecture and beautiful gardens.

Where do the rich and famous vacation in Spain?

The rich and famous often vacation in Ibiza for its world-class nightlife and beaches, or Marbella on the Costa del Sol for its luxury resorts and upscale vibe.

What is the most visited sight in Spain?

The most visited sight in Spain is the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, an iconic and unfinished basilica designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí.

What is one thing Spain is known for?

One thing Spain is known for is its tapas, the small, flavorful dishes that are a staple of Spanish cuisine and culture.

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