10 best tips for visiting the Alhambra, Granada (2024 guide)

Visiting the Alhambra in Spain? Get the top 10 tips on how to plan your trip, including how to book Alhambra tickets.

The Alhambra
View of the Alhambra from Mirador de San Nicolas

Did you know that the Alhambra in Granada is the most-visited site in all of Spain? Aside from the fact that it’s super old (from the 13th century), the fortress sits on a hill, overlooking the snowcapped mountains and city of Granada.

By visiting the Alhambra, you’ll experience Islamic architecture at its best, awe-inspiring views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the rolling hills of the Andalusian countryside.

It’s majestic.

In this post, you’ll find everything you need to know about visiting the Alhambra. And if you still have questions at the end of the post, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer!

Let’s get started.

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🇪🇸 Visiting the Alhambra

1. How to buy Alhambra tickets

Price: 19.09 € for an Alhambra General ticket

First off, you need to reserve your tickets in advance. Like, you really HAVE TO.

Unlike most attractions, you can’t just arrive at the Alhambra entrance and buy a ticket. Technically, it’s possible, but you won’t get into the main attraction, the Nasrid Palace. Only 300 people are allowed to visit this palace every half hour, so you have to pick a specific time for your entry.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the official Alhambra website.
  • Pick between the types of tickets (I recommend the Alhambra General ticket ).
  • Choose the day you want to visit.
  • Then choose the exact half hour you will enter the Nasrid Palace.
  • Pay online (19.09 €) and you will get an email confirmation with your ticket.
  • Print this (or bring it online) and voila – you have your Alhambra ticket.
  • Remember to bring your passport or ID (you need it to enter Alhambra).

2. Alhambra map

Here is a map of the Alhambra. You can print it here.

Alhambra Granada

When you enter the Alhambra from the main entrance, you’ll get to this road ↓

The road parts in three directions. The left road leads to the palaces – the Alcazaba, Charles V and Nasrid. The middle and the right road leads to Generalife, which is a large garden area.

The Alhambra

There are signs around the Alhambra so you won’t get lost. Also, you’ll see guards, especially in the Nasrid so just ask them if you need information. They seemed very helpful to me.

The Alhambra

3. How much time to spend at Alhambra

Most people spend around 3 hours on their Alhambra visit, and you’ll walk around 3.5 km in total. Let me break it down for you:

  • Generalife: 15-30 minutes
  • Alcazaba: 20-30 minutes
  • Charles V Palace: 15 minutes (without visiting the two museums) or 45 minutes (visiting the two museums)
  • Nasrid Palace: 1 hour
  • Walking distance: 1-1,5 hours
  • Waiting in line: 30-60 minutes

The thing is that Alhambra is quite big and the attractions are scattered around a large area.

To give you an idea, it takes about 20 minutes to walk from the main entrance to Generalife. Then you have to walk back the same way to get to the other palaces – that’s another 30 minutes. Plus the time you spend walking around the palaces and waiting in long lines.

We spent 4 hours at the Alhambra. We arrived at 4pm and left when it closed at 8pm. Looking back, this was the ideal time to visit.

The Alhambra

4. Waiting in line

Waiting in line (in general):

When I read up on the Alhambra I got the impression that I would spend A LOT of time standing in line.

I found this not to be the case!

At the main entrance, there were two people in front of me. I probably spent around 30 minutes in total standing in line, and I visited in June in the afternoon, which is said to be one of the busiest months and times of day.

Waiting in line for the Nasrid Palace:

When you walk up to the Nasrid palace, you’ll see a huge line. Don’t freak out. It goes away pretty quick.

This is what you need to do:

If you have an appointment at say 7pm (that’s what I had), you need to get in line at around 6.40. Although the line seems hopelessly long, don’t worry, you will get in for the time you have booked.

As you will notice, guards are walking past the line asking people when their appointment is for. They do this to make sure you’ll get in, and that the line is only for people with this time slot and not the next.

5. Itinerary for the Alhambra

The four main places to visit in the Alhambra are:

  • Generalife
  • Alcazaba
  • Charles V Palace
  • The Nasrid Palace (main attraction)

👮🏼‍♀️You can see the attractions at Alhambra in whichever order you like. As long as you’re at Nasrid for your booking time! They’re very strict about it so don’t be late. Otherwise they won’t let you in. 

Alhambra Granada


A beautiful garden

The Alhambra


A ruin

The Alhambra


Oval building

The Alhambra


The main attraction

🌹 Generalife

Most people begin at the Generalife, because the other attractions are located next to each other.

Generalife or The Palacio de Generalife was a summer palace for the kings of Granada when they wanted to get away from the official affairs of the palace. If you visit during the late spring and summer, you’ll see lots of beautiful and colourful flowers there.

The Generalife Gardens include the Jardín de la Sultana (Sultana’s Garden or Courtyard of the Cypress), and the Patio de la Acequia (Water-Garden Courtyard), which has a long pool framed by flowerbeds, fountains and pavilions.

Alhambra Granada

🏰 Alcazaba

Alcazaba is a fortress and the oldest part of the Alhambra. It dates back to the 12th century, but the current complex was built by Mohammed I, who lived in the fortress along with his successor Muhammed II.

Once the palaces were finished, the Alcazaba was only used as a fortress for military purposes.

What to see at the Alcazaba:

  • The Armas Square
  • The Adarves Garden
  • The Vela Tower
  • The view of Granada (especially from the tower)
The Alhambra
The Alhambra
View from the tower

🏛️ Charles V Palace

Charles V, king and elected emperor, decided to build his palace in the Alhambra, because it was a Muslim citadel conquered by his grandparents, the Catholic Monarchs.

The construction of the palace of Charles V began in 1527 and was finished in 1957 – the building was sometimes neglected to such an extent that the ceilings collapsed. It’s the most important Renaissance building in Spain.

The Alhambra
The Alhambra

🕌 Nasrid Palace

And now to the Nasrid Palace – the main attraction at the Alhambra. There are three buildings inside the Nasrid:

  1. The Mexuar is the oldest hall. It was employed for meetings between the ministers of the king and as a courtroom.
  2. The Palace of Comares is where the king lived. Inside is the Courtyard of the Myrtles (with a bright green pond) and the Hall of Ambassadors (where the throne was) and the Hall of the Boat.
  3. The Palace of the Lions or in Spanish patio de los leones (the main courtyard).
The Alhambra
Hall of the Ambassadors
The Alhambra
Hall of the Two Sisters
The Alhambra
Oratory (located at the back of the Mexuar)
The Alhambra
Daraxa’s Mirador
The Alhambra
Hall of the Abencerrajes
The Alhambra
Palace of the Lions
The Alhambra
The Court of Myrtles
The Alhambra
Daraxa’s Garden

5. Why is Alhambra important?

Well, aside from the fact that it’s regarded as one of the finest palaces from its era and therefore declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Alhambra is quite impressive on its own.

It was once home to royalty and the surrounding gardens are just stunning. Plus, it’s the most visited monument in Spain.

The Alhambra
Inside Bano de la Mezquita

6. When to visit (season and time of day)

Best season

You’ll get the most out of your visit by going in late spring or summer. That way you’ll see the full extent of the beautiful gardens. However, this is also the high season, so there will be more people there.

Morning or afternoon?

A lot of tours go in the morning, so you can avoid the crowds by going in the afternoon. I went at 4pm and booked the Nasrid for 7pm. I think this was ideal because people were starting to leave around 6.

The Alhambra

7. How to get there

You have several options for getting from the city centre in Granada to Alhambra palace:


6 Euro (each way). This is the easiest and most convenient way to visit.


Take the C3 bus behind the statue of Isabella and Columbus. For 1.2 euros you get a ride up the hill almost to the front entrance.


Parking is 5.45 euros for 3 hours and 7.00 euros for 4 hours. It takes about 15 minutes from Granada by car. When you enter the parking lot, you get a ticket. Remember to pay at the machine in the parking lot before you leave.


Start at Plaza Nueva and follow Cuesta de Gomerez. When you reach the Gate of the Pomegranates, turn left and continue until you reach the Puerta de la Justica (Gate of Justice) entrance at the Alhambra. It’s a steep walk, but you can make it there in 15-20 minutes.

Alhambra Granada

8. Should you take an Alhambra tour?

A tour is a great way to make sure you see the main highlights and know the history. But there are a few drawbacks, too.

The guided tours move fast and have less time to enjoy the beauty of the Alhambra. My advice – if you want to go with a tour guide – is to pick a private tour or a small-group tour with enough time (3 hours).

This small-group tour (⭐5/5) comes highly recommended, lasts 3 hours and includes all the highlights.

Learn the history and architecture of the AlhambraExtra cost
Skip the linesCan’t explore freely
Personalised tips regarding what to see, and where to find the best viewpointsA tour can feel rushed
Don’t worry about purchasing your Alhambra entrance ticket – it’s included
The Alhambra

9. Can you bring children to Alhambra?

Yes. That said, you should know that you can’t bring a stroller into the Nasrid Palace or Generalife. There are special areas to keep the strollers while you’re visiting the Nasrid, but that, of course, doesn’t help you with managing your child.

There are free baby carriers where you can store the stroller. The staff will help you adjust it.

10. Where to eat

After spending 2-3 hours visiting the sites of the Alhambra, you’ll probably be tired and hungry. You won’t have many options, though.

The best bet is to visit the Alhambra Parador which is a hotel right inside the Alhambra in an old monastery. It’s a simple restaurant with a decent menu with Spanish and more typical tourist choices.

There’s also a kiosk and a small vendor next to the Alcazaba, but that’s more for snacking and water.

The Alhambra
Alhambra Parador hotel and restaurant

🙋‍♀️ Alhambra FAQ

How much time should you spend at Alhambra?

Between 3-4 hours. That’s enough time to see everything. Depending on the type of ticket you purchase, you will be allowed access to the monument in either the morning, afternoon, or night.

Can I just turn up to Alhambra?

In theory, yes. But chances of getting tickets for the Nasrid palace (the main attraction) are small.

Visiting the Alhambra palaces is in high demand, and tickets are capped at a certain amount daily.

To make sure you get the ticket of your choice, the Alhambra Council recommends booking your visit at least one month in advance.

Can you visit Alhambra without a guide?

Yes. You can visit without a guide. If you decide to go with a tour, this small-group tour comes highly recommended.

What is the best time to visit Alhambra?

Spring and summer are the ideal seasons for visiting the Alhambra, when the flowers are in full bloom.

The best times of day to visit are either early morning or late afternoon because these times offer the best lighting conditions for taking photos and have fewer crowds.

Is there a dress code at the Alhambra?

No, there’s no dress code at the Alhambra. However, the complex and gardens cover a huge area so make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

Can I bring a water bottle into the Alhambra?

Yes, you can take your own food and drink into the Alhambra. However, due to security reasons, large bags are not permitted in the Nasrid Palaces, Alcazaba or Generalife – you may need to use the storage lockers while you are exploring those.

What should I not miss at the Alhambra?

  1. The Nasrid Palace – This is the largest and most ornate palace complex in the Alhambra, with grand interiors made up of intricate mosaic-tiled walls, alabaster columns, carvings and gardens.
  2. The Alcazaba – This is the oldest part of the Alhambra, a magnificent fortress with seven towers and three enormous fortified gates.
  3. Generalife Garden – Located just outside the Nasrid Palaces, this beautiful garden features a variety of fountains and pools as well as gorgeous views of Granada’s cityscape.
  4. El Partal Palace – Formally known as “The Castle of Comares” this 14th century palace features amazing Islamic-style architecture and has a picturesque rose garden on its façade.
  5. The Court of Lions – Perhaps one of the most iconic structures within the Alhambra complex, this courtyard is shaped like an octagon and surrounded by 12 marble lions which symbolize strength and power.
  6. The Dragon Fountain – Located in the Patio de los Arrayanes (Court of Myrtles) this ornate fountain is filled with crystal clear water that cascades down into tubs decorated with dragons heads for spitting out excess water.
  7. Charles V Palace – This palace boast elegant Renaissance courtyards from centuries ago which are still in pristine condition today!

How early do I need to get to the Alhambra?

Make sure to arrive at least 45 minutes before your scheduled visit to the Alhambra. This is because it takes around 20 minutes to walk from the main gate to the Nasrid Palace, and you won’t be able to enter it late.

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expect Islamic architecture at its best, awe-inspiring views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the rolling hills of the Andalusian countryside. If you're planning a trip to the Alhambra, doing a road trip in Andalusia or simply looking for inspiration for your next trip, here are 10 essential tips for you.

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      2. I think you should do the others first and save the best (Nasrid) for last.

      Have a great trip to Alhambra!

  12. My wife and I just returned from our Alhambra tour. We had a private tour guide and 1:30pm entry at main gate called General life2, . The best bus to take is C32 to get to the entrance also called the Alhambra Map next to the tickets area. We exited after 5 hours of incredible awe inspiring exposure. We used the Justice gate and right there is the bus stop for C32. The Alhambra has s lot of drinking water fountains so no issu need to carry or buy water. You must have fully charged camera or cell phone batteries to take the pictures otherwise you will run out .
    Four years back at a dinner with various diplomats in Pakistan I had a discussion on palaces etc and I was rooting for the Versailles palace and everyone thought I should visit Alhambra. They were right, though entirely different in all respects, this palace is so much superior.

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      I waited 30 minutes in total! Not just in one line but in all the lines at the different palaces. The only line that was really long was to Nasrid. But you will always get in at your booked time no matter where in the line you stand. A guard will walk by and check your ticket.

      In general we did not wait much in line when we visited in June. But it might be different in July, which is the vacation season for Europeans.

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    1. Hi Muhammed, yes that’s correct.

      You’ll need to book the exact time and date of your visit to Nasrid (only Nasrid – not the rest of Alhrambra). They’re strict about the time so you should be at the entrance to Nasrid 10-20 minutes before your allocated time slot.

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