Where to stay in Seville | Best hotels in the coolest neighborhoods

Seville, Spain

So, you’re wondering where to stay in Seville. Let’s take a look at the best luxury, mid-range, and budget hotels in Seville. The city has something for everyone, regardless of price-range.

In this post, I’m going to take you across this beautiful and historic roman city, from its breath-taking palace and cathedral to its wonderful range of museums.

We’ll look at what each area of this Spanish city has to offer and check out a variety of places for you to stay to make the most of your memorable trip to Seville.

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The best places to stay in Seville

Santa Cruz

Seville, Spain

Why stay in Santa Cruz:

  • Perfect for first-time visitors
  • The main tourist centre of the city
  • Has the most famous attractions

El Arenal

El Arenal

Why stay in El Arenal:

  • Smart area
  • Perfect on a budget
  • Beautiful surroundings


Seville, Spain

Why stay in Alameda:

  • Filled with café-bars and art spaces
  • Great vegan restaurants
  • Picturesque setting 

Seville Centre

Seville, Spain

Why stay in Seville Centre:

  • Seville’s shopping area
  • Wonderful traditional atmosphere
  • Famous sights nearby



Why stay in Macarena:

  • Seville’s modern, trendy part
  • Great boutique stores
  • Blends the old and the new



Why stay in Triana:

  • The city’s best nightlife
  • Beautiful white houses with vibrant tiles
  • Former gypsy area

Los Remedios


Why stay in Los Remedios:

  • Amazing architecture
  • The city’s peaceful residential district
  • Perfect for families

How to find the best Seville hotels for you

Turn any corner in Seville and you’ll be hit with a gorgeous sight. The architecture is overwhelming, the history is deep, and the art is stunning.

This means that, wherever you choose to stay, something beautiful is close-by. Choosing the best hotel and district comes down to what you are drawn to the most.

Do you love shopping? Spanish leather and high fashion is the best in Europe, after all! In that case, bed down in Seville Centre.

If you’re here for your art and architecture, Santa Cruz and Arenal are the real hubs of beauty. Also think about how busy or peaceful you want your stay to be. For peace and quiet, you’ll want to stay at Los Remedios.

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Where to stay in Santa Cruz

The main tourist centre of the city

Santa Cruz is the heart of the city. It’s full of traditional Spanish arts and culture. Tapas bars can be found on every street. The streets themselves are cobbled and tinged with a deep history.

This is where you want to be if you want to feel the electric atmosphere of Seville.

Seville, Spain

Best hotels in Santa Cruz

Luxury – Palacio Marmoles

This gorgeous hotel includes its own private garden for you to enjoy. It’s also perfectly located, with jusr a short walk to Santa Maria la Blanca Church. Your room has its own cooking area, if you want to save a little money and cook for yourself. Prices start at $155 for a double room.

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Mid-range – Green-Apartments Alto de Santa Cruz

These Seville apartments are flooding with beautiful Spanish light. They include a terrace to relax on – perfect for a summer holiday! Nearby is the historic Santa Maria la Blanca Church and the area is overflowing with the best tapas in the city. Prices start at $100.

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Budget – Hotel Patio de las Cruces

This beautiful hotel is so attractive for its budget price! It’s flooded with green, making you feel like you’re staying in a rainforest. The rooms are airy and well-lit, and all the best bars and restaurants of Old Town are at your fingertips, just a short walk away. Prices go from $60 for a single room. Great for solo travelers!

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Pros and cons of staying in Santa Cruz


  • It’s the most romantic area, with cobbled streets and relaxing cafes
  • There are beautiful churches and synagogues to explore and photograph
  • It has the best tapas in the city


  • The area is always packed with tourists
  • It can get very busy at every time of day or night

Where to stay in El Arenal

Home to the Torre del Oro watchtower and Teatro de la Maestranza opera house

El Arenal is overflowing with beautiful buildings. The best of which is the Torre del Oro (meaning Tower of Gold). Built in the 13th century by the Almohad Caliphate, it’s one of the most dramatic sights in the city.

The nearby opera house is also a stunning sight and holds regular shows.

El Arenal

Best hotels in El Arenal

Luxury – Apartamentos Turísticos Torre de la Plata

The wide-open and spacious modern apartments are the height of comfort. All modern décor and wooden floors. These Seville apartments sit right next to the Torre de la Plata tower and just down the road from the Seville Cathedral. Prices go up from $200.

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Mid-range – Puerta Catedral Indias Lofts

These apartments have some of the best views in the city! Their terraces overlook the stunning streets of Seville. From here you can easily get to Plaza del Armas and Triana Bridge. For history lovers, this location is more than perfect. Prices start at $155.

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Budget – Apartamentos Avenida

These modern Seville apartments are all modern décor and flooded with natural light. All of Seville’s biggest and best monuments are within walking distance. So, you’re in the centre of the action right here! There’s plenty of space in these apartments to make yourself at home. Prices start at $100.

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Pros and cons of staying in Arenal


  • It has the best ancient and modern architecture in the city
  • It has a deep military and naval history to discover


  • There’s little to love if you don’t enjoy history and architecture
  • The best local food is found elsewhere

Where to stay in Alameda

Filled with café-bars and art spaces

This is the hipster area of Seville. If you want vegan restaurants and trendy cafes, Alameda is your place!

Wide avenues filled with light make a picturesque setting and a great area to relax in and take in the atmosphere. There’s also a good mix of cuisines from other cultures to be enjoyed here.

Seville, Spain

Best hotels in Alameda

Luxury – Atico con terraza en Alameda de Hercules

On the waterfront, this apartment is a great location if you enjoy your boats and fishing! Some of the city’s most beautiful architecture is nearby, and the apartments themselves have balconies overlooking the stunning local area. Prices start at $90 for a queen bed.

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Mid-range – Quiet & Central

Not far from the Triana Bridge, this apartment gives you easy access to the city’s most beautiful monuments and architecture. The apartment itself has two bedrooms, meaning it’s perfect if you’ve got children and want to bring them to this beautiful city. Prices go up from $70.

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Budget – Ritual Alameda Sevilla

This hotel is a great choice if you’re a young couple. The Isla Magica Water Park is a 5-minute walk away! The hotel itself also has a terrace for you to go out and relax on a summer’s evening, and the restaurant a breakfast of delicious local foods. Prices for this hotel start at $55 for couples.

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Pros and cons of staying in Alameda


  • The best vegan, vegetarian, and fusion foods in the city
  • Great, positive hipster atmosphere with excellent coffee and bars


  • Not a lot of history and old buildings to explore here
  • If you don’t travel for food, there’s little here to captivate you

Where to stay in Seville centre

The place to buy top-quality Spanish fashion

In Seville centre you can shop like a local. There are stores and stalls selling the highest quality Spanish leather: boots, bags, and belts aplenty!

You can buy traditional local shawls to help you blend in and start new trends back home. It also has a wonderful traditional atmosphere.

Seville, Spain

Best hotels in Seville centre

Luxury – Apartamento Tetuan

This fantastic Seville accommodation is just a ten-minute walk from the beautiful Torre del Oro. It’s also surrounded on all sides by bars, restaurants, and cafes. You won’t run out of new foods, drinks, and coffees to try. The apartment itself has a bright and happy décor and is fitted with everything that makes a house a comfy home. Prices start at $180.

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Mid-range – Hotel Derby Sevilla

Staying here is a great way to visit and explore the area on foot without being right in the hustle and bustle. Restaurants surround this hotel, making it a perfect location if you want to dine somewhere different every night! It also has its own terrace and spacious rooms. Prices start at $130 for a double room.

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Budget – Reyes Catolicos

Staying at this lovely Seville hotel means being a short walk from Santa Cruz and all the city’s most iconic buildings. You’re also surrounded by great shopping streets, where you can explore the latest local fashions and brands. The Palace Gardens are also right down the street. Prices for this hotel start at $95.

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Pros and cons of staying in Seville centre


  • The best place to shop in the city, especially for fashion
  • If you want tradition, this is the place


  • Not much to love if you don’t care for fashion
  • Not much to do if you don’t love to shop when you’re on holiday

Where to stay in Macarena

Home to independent boutiques and markets

If you want modern, trendy shopping rather than the traditional Seville style, Macarena has everything. The area is all about boutique stores selling creative, original brands and designs. There are markets everywhere to get lost in and explore.


Best hotels in Macarena

Luxury – Apartamento La Salle

This excellent Seville accommodation has its own outdoor pool. It’s the perfect place to stay if you’re visiting at the height of summer! The area is also perfect for taking a stroll to see the local markets and boutique stores. The apartment is bright and spacious with everything you need to make it comfortable. Prices start at $170.

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Mid-range – Luminoso Apartamento Tipo Estudio

This apartment has a very cool modern décor. The area is peaceful and relaxing, but still full of awesome boutique stores and hipster cafes to relax in. It’s a great mid-range Seville accommodation if you’re looking for a little more peace and quiet. Prices start at $115.

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Budget – Magnífico Apartamento Zona Macarena

If you want to cook for yourself, this Seville accommodation has its own toaster, microwave, and a great kitchen area. But if you’d rather be waited on, the breakfast is available every morning with a continental option and a buffet! Fantastic choices for a budget apartment! Prices go up from $100 for a family of four. If you want to holiday with your kids, this apartment is a great choice.

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Pros and cons of staying in Macarena


  • Original and unique boutique shopping!
  • Plenty of clothing markets to rummage through


  • Not so much history or traditional art to find here
  • Less about the food and more about the fashion, which isn’t for everyone

Where to stay in Triana

Home of the photogenic Triana Bridge

Known as Seville’s “independent republic”, this area erupts with life day and night. Flamenco dancing, tapas bars, and ceramic art is everywhere. This area is a modern take on Spanish tradition. Best of all is the gorgeous Triana Bridge, which makes for some great photos!


Best hotels in Triana

Luxury – Apartment Azahar Apartamentos Triana V

Just down the road from the beautiful Triana Bridge is this delightful apartment. Continental breakfasts are offered every morning, or you can cook for yourself since the apartment is well-equipped with everything a kitchen needs. The apartment is spacious and brightly-decorated with some lovely street views. Prices start at $115 with a continental breakfast.

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Mid-range – Apartamento en el centro de Sevilla

This lovely Seville accommodation is flooded with natural light and has a real modern décor. The Plaza de Espana is a short stroll away. The apartment is fantastically well-equipped, with a stove and a washing machine to make you feel totally at home. Prices go from $85.

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Budget – Casas y Patios de Triana

This apartment is comfortable and cosy. The living area is spacious and a balcony is included. You’re a short walk from the Triana Bridge and some excellent cafes and restaurants. Prices start at $70.

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Pros and cons of staying in Triana


  • Great tapas, flamenco dancing, and modern artistry
  • A beautiful bridge to walk along and take memorable photos of


  • Can be loud and busy, especially at night
  • Not many museums and galleries to discover here

Where to Stay in Los Remedios

The city’s peaceful residential district

The most modern district of the city is all about its American influence. You can see that in its boutique stores and American diners. It’s a more laid-back area, full of residential streets. Perfect for relaxing.


Best hotels in Los Remedios

Luxury – Spectacularly Updated Home for Large Groups

This huge and spacious Seville accommodation can house ten people. If you’re a large family on a trip to Spain, this is the perfect apartment for you! It has its own terrace and is located close to a good range of restaurants and cafes. Prices begin at $190 for a family of six.

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Mid-range – Beds Triana

This is an ideal Seville apartment if you’re a small family. It’s a perfect luxury space with comfortable beds and sofas. It is well-stocked with the best appliances, and its location is ideal for a family. The area is quiet and relaxed but still within walking distance of the most beautiful architecture. Prices start at $125.

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Budget – Resitur 304

This apartment is beautiful. For an incredible price, you get a bath, a kitchen with separate dining area, and an ideal location if you’re a couple who prefer the quiet life. You’re not far from the Triana Bridge and you can also rent a bike for easy travel. Prices start at $55.

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Pros and cons of staying in Los Remedios


  • The most chill and comfortable area of the city
  • Lots of boutique shopping to enjoy


  • Not much of a buzz here, so it could be boring for some
  • There’s nothing antique here; it’s all shiny and brand new

Things to do in Seville

The city of Seville is all about history and architecture. From the St. Mary of the See Cathedral and its beautiful Giralda bell tower, to the jungle-like Maria Luisa Park.

Taking yourself on a walking tour of the city’s districts, exploring the plazas and parks, is the best thing to do.

Its ancient architecture was built by both Romans and Muslims, and makes for some jaw-dropping sights! And museums like the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Arts and Traditions are must-visit places.

They’re both fascinating inside and beautiful outside. Seville may just be the prettiest and most interesting city in all of Spain.

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