12 amazing things to do in Roatan – Honduras’ paradise

Planning a trip to Roatan? Read my list of the best things to do in Roatan, Honduras, including paddle boarding, zip lining, mingling with sloths and swimming with dolphins. 

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I’ve always heard that the beaches in Roatan, Honduras were the most beautiful in the world.

And for the sake of clarity – it’s totally true! They’re just as dreamy as everyone says.

Since Roatan is in the Caribbean (just like the in-cre-di-ble beaches in Mexico), you will get tropical white sand beaches with turquoise water teeming with sea turtles, vibrant fish and pods of squid. The beaches in Roatan are absolutely fantastic.

I’ll tell you more about them and share lots of pictures so you can see for yourself, but we’ll also take a look at all the other great things to do in Roatan. Because despite its small size, there’s actually loads to do here!

Whether you’re visiting on a cruise or staying for several nights, here’s a list of the best Roatan activities and excursions.

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Things to do in Roatan

Roatan is different from mainland Honduras in more than one sense. We traveled overland from San Pedro Sula and found the contrast quite stark.

Roatan has an amazing biodiversity, is much safer and the way of life here is more relaxed. No wonder it’s one of the most popular destinations around the world, both for solo travelers, families with kids, seniors and even backpackers.

There’s lots to do here for all ages. From snorkeling, diving and zip lining to meeting wildlife and taking a day excursion to nearby islands, you’ll find a plethora of great Roatan activities.

Things to do in Roatan
Things to do in Roatan

Roatan Honduras map

Looking for a Roatan map?

Use the below map by clicking the + or – in the corner to zoom in and out.

Roatan is 77 kilometres (48 mi) long and less than 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) across at its widest point. It has one main road running through it, so it’s almost impossible to get lost.

You can pick up a map at various places around Roatan when you get there. Most maps are free, but you can also buy them for $1. 

When to visit Roatan

Roatan is visited year-round by sun-seekers, but the best time to visit Roatan is April and May when the weather is warm, and there is little rainfall.

During April and May, temperatures typically range from the mid-70s to the mid-80s Fahrenheit (24 to 29 degrees Celsius), which is perfect for beach hopping, swimming and snorkeling.

Things to do in Roatan

Safety in Roatan

You may be wondering if Roatan is safe to visit. My answer is yes!

While Roatan is part of Honduras, it’s considerably safer than mainland Honduras, where crime rates are higher.

There are no separate crime statistics for Roatan, but much evidence suggests that it’s poles apart from mainland Honduras. Having been to both, I can attest to that. I also spoke to several locals who had fled the mainland because of crime and found safety in Roatan.

The absence of a gun culture and low gang activity and violence in Roatan makes it a safe place to visit.

Petty crime

Although petty crimes like theft and pickpocketing can occur (like anywhere else), local authorities take security seriously, and the crime rates have dropped significantly in recent years due to increased tourism and development. Do make sure though to keep an eye on your belongings and avoid flaunting valuables in public.

Avoid walking alone at night

This is the top advice for all countries in Central and South America: don’t walk alone at night and avoid deserted places and streets after dark. There are also certain places in Coxen Hole that you should avoid, but not touristy places. Those are safe.

Water activities

While Roatan is known for scuba diving and snorkeling, it’s important always to use a reputable tour operator, wear safety gear, and be aware of ocean currents and weather conditions.

💸 Roatan travel insurance

I highly recommend having travel insurance because let’s be real — the last thing you want on your trip is for accidents to get in the way.

I recommend Safety Wing — they offer affordable prices, great coverage, and a reliable 24/7 on-call service.

🐢 Things to do in Roatan

1. Roatan diving

Roatan is famous for its amazing offshore reefs and perfectly suited for both new and advanced divers. 

It’s a well-known destination for coral gardens, shipwrecks such as the Odyssey and Aguila, sharks and all sorts of fish, but it’s also famous for encountering the largest fish in the sea: the majestic whale sharks.

You can see whale sharks from February – April and from August – October, although they can appear anytime.

🤿 Roatan has great diving, such as Port Royal and Mary’s Place, but nearby island Utila has the advantage of being cheaper than Roatan (stand-out dives include The Canyons and Black Hills). 

Things to do in Roatan

2. Try snorkeling

If you’d like to explore the tropical underwater in the Caribbean Sea but aren’t a fan of scuba diving, you can try snorkeling. It doesn’t take any practice and you’ll be closer to the surface.

The snorkeling is really great at West Bay and West End’s Half Moon Bay Beach. You can snorkel right offshore and see lots of fish, shellfish and maybe even an octopus.

You can also join a snorkeling tour, where they’ll take you to the best snorkeling places for a few hours of underwater exploration where snorkeling gear is included. 

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Things to do in Roatan

3. Glass-bottom boat tours

If you’d like to watch the coral reef and marine life, but without getting wet, you can take a glass-bottom boat tour.

It’s kind of like a submarine where you sit 2 metres below the surface with windows on each side. You’ll be able to see the coral reef, sharks, eels, and a whole lot of different fish.

The tour usually takes 40-50 mins, and the boat is air-conditioned. 

Things to do in Roatan

4. Swim with dolphins at Anthony’s Key

One of my favourite things to do in Roatan island was visiting Anthony’s Key. Here, you can snorkel, dive or swim with Bottlenose dolphins on their own terms, with no trained behavior.

You can also dive with them in the open sea.

Things to do in Roatan
Things to do in Roatan

5. Zip lining

Another fun Roatan activity is zip lining. You can ride on a high cable through a tropical forest and see monkeys up close. One of the good places to try zip lining is at Monkey Trail Canopy in Gumbalimba Par or you can take this tour.

The price varies from US $45-65 and it’s great fun for the whole family. 

6. Paddle boarding

The great bays and clear, calm water makes Roatan great for paddle boarding! There’s a wrecked sailboat with a giant rope swing that you can play on at Half Moon Bay (at West End).

There’s also a steel skeleton shipwreck in Mahogany Bay, which is insane to explore as the hull towers over you while you paddle.

The boards are steady and it’s fun at any age.

Things to do in Roatan

7. Visit the indigenous Garifuna on Cayos Cochinos

The Cayos Cochinos are a group of two large island, Cayo Menor and Cayo Grande, and thirteen tiny coral cays between Roatan and the Honduran mainland.

You can visit Cayo Grande whereas Caya Menor is only permitted for scientists and people who work for the Honduras Coral Reef Fund.

Approximately one hundred people reside on these islands, and nearly all of the residents are members of the indigenous Garifuna community. 

What to bring:

8. Utila

Utila is one of the other Bay islands and another popular visit in Honduras. And – it’s super close to Roatan. You can do a day trip there, although I recommend spending a night or two because it’s more convenient. 

We didn’t get to visit Utila on this trip, but I’ve found a few ways for you to get there from Roatan. Make sure to book in advance:

How to get from Roatan to Utila:

  • By air (quickest and most expensive). It takes 15 mins, and you can contact Morgan’s Travel or World Wide Travel in Utila for details of latest schedules and prices.
  • By charter boat (most flexible but can be expensive). Try this one for $75, one way or reach out to Capt. Vern. He does daily trips between Roatan and Utila (leaving at 1 p.m.). Try him at his phone: 9910-8040/3346-2600 or email: [email protected]
  • By ferry (least expensive, but slowest). It takes 3.5 hours. Take the Galaxy Wave from Roatan to La Ceiba, then the Utila Dream Ferry to Utila. 

9. Little French Key

One of the other great things to do in Roatan island is visiting Little French Key.

Little French Key is a private island paradise off the shore of Roatan. At this little piece of heaven, you can relax or do activities, such as paddle boarding, kayaking, zip lining, snorkeling or seeing wildlife. 

The basic Little French Key day package costs $59 and includes transportation to the island, a beach chair and visit to the island’s tropical animal rescue center. I would suggest upgrading to the $88 package, which also includes a meal, two drinks, and access to snorkeling gear, kayaks and paddle boards. 

Things to do in Roatan

10. Daniel Johnson’s Monkey and Sloth Hangout

Entrance fee: $12 (they also offer transportation, check out their website)

There’s lots of wildlife running around the island, but at the animal and botanical parks, you’ll be sure to get up close with them.

Daniel Johnson’s Monkey and Sloth Hangout is one of the most popular wildlife parks on Roatan. The animal park sanctuary is located in French Cay and houses rescued wildlife like sloths, capuchin monkeys, scarlet macaws, and parrots.

On a tour, you can also see the indigenous Agouti, also known as the Roatan Island rabbit and spider monkeys. 

Things to do in Roatan

11. Gumbalimba Park 

Entrance fee: $30 / plus canopy: $45 / plus zip lining: $55

Gumbalimba Park is located right outside West Bay Beach, and to us it was one of the best things to do in Roatan, Honduras.

On a tour there, you can mingle with friendly capuchin monkeys, the largest population of black iguanas, and free-flying exotic birds like macaws, hummingbirds and peacocks. It’s also home to a few sloths although we didn’t see any there.

Aside from the animals, the park includes a museum, pool, a suspension bridge, several waterfalls and more than 200 colourful plant and tree species.

Things to do at Gumbalimba:

  • Nature Trails and botanical gardens
  • Watch and pet the animals
  • Zip lining
  • Kayaking
  • Relax at the pool or the beach
Things to do in Roatan
Things to do in Roatan

12. Carambola Gardens

If you’re interested in nature and botanical gardens, you should head to Carambola Gardens in Sandy Bay. The park’s many jungle trails are the perfect place for hiking, scenic photography, bird watching and nature studies.

While you can also spot wildlife here, you’re more likely to see the very vibrant plants, and fruits, including a chocolate tree and the world-famous Honduran mahogany tree.

Things to do in Roatan
Things to do in Roatan

Best Roatan hotels

Roatan island has a decent selection of accommodation for all budgets. The three most popular places to stay are West Bay, West End and Sandy Bay.

West Bay

West Bay is most popular among tourists. I personally loved staying at West Bay, which has the undeniably best beach on Roatan. It does get crowded twice a week when the cruise ships dock, but that clear, turquoise water makes it worth it. Grand Roatán Caribbean Resort is the best hotel in West Bay, no questions asked. Right at the beach, excellent rooms and beautiful location. Find the latest prices here.

West End

West End is cheaper, more backpacker-friendly with more restaurants – good snorkeling. One of the best hotels here is Mr. Tucan Hotel; a beachfront hotel with free Wifi, fantastic rooms and a great location. Find the latest prices here.

Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay is relaxed and less crowded, but it doesn’t have the same beautiful beaches as West Bay or West End. The Puerta Azul is a laid-back, peaceful place in a quiet location. The snorkeling is great. Find the latest prices here.

Things to do in Roatan
Things to do in Roatan

Best restaurants in Roatan

After discovering all the fun things to do in Roatan, you’ll need something to eat. And luckily, the island is dotted with restaurants!

Whether you’re looking for local Honduran food, International dishes, vegetarian, or a familiar flavour from back home, you’ll likely find it at a restaurant in Roatan.

Here are my favourite restaurants in Roatan, Honduras:

  • Creole’s Rotisserie Chicken probably has the most flavourful rotisserie chicken on Roatan. It’s primarily Caribbean food and located at West End.
  • Roatan Oasis. What can I say – fantastic food! Try the lobster nachos or the lamb, and make sure to call for a reservation because they are often full. They also have vegetarian food.
  • La Palapa Beach Bar is an amazing bar with cocktails with a swim/walkup bar and great service!
  • Cindy’s Place. This little street food place makes you feel at home. The owner Cindy is like a mom, calling you sweetheart and asking about your day. Try the baleada (traditional Honduran tortilla filled with mashed, fried red beans). 
Things to do in Roatan

🙋‍♀️ Roatan island FAQ

What is Roatan island known for?

Roatan island is known for its beautiful beaches, stunning coral reefs, and clear blue waters which offer some of the best diving and snorkeling opportunities in the Caribbean.

The island is also known for its cultural heritage, which is a blend of African, Caribbean, and Latin American influences like the Garifuna.

What language do they speak in Roatan?

The official language of Roatan is Spanish, but English is widely spoken, especially in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Also, Garifuna and Creole are spoken by some locals. Garifuna is a language that originated from the Afro-Caribbean communities, while Creole is a blend of English, Spanish, and African languages.

Can you walk to a beach from Roatan cruise port?

Yes, there are beaches within walking distance from the Roatan cruise port.

Two popular options are Mahogany Bay Beach and Dixon Cove Beach. Mahogany Bay Beach is owned by the cruise port and is only accessible to cruise ship passengers, while Dixon Cove Beach is a public beach, about 30-minute walk from the port.

🐠 Pro tip: Check with your cruise line to see if they offer shuttle services to nearby beaches.

How many days do you need in Roatan?

If you are interested in scuba diving or snorkeling, then 3-5 days would be ideal. However, if you are just looking to relax on the beaches and enjoy other outdoor activities, 2-3 days should be enough.

Is Roatan a US territory?

No, Roatan is not a US territory. Roatan is a part of Honduras. However, Roatan is a popular cruise ship destination for American tourists and visitors from other countries.

Save it!

Roatan island is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, and the waters are filled with corals, starfish, dolphins and other underwater stunners. Find here the most amazing things to do in Roatan, Honduras. #honduras #roatan #cruise

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  1. My perfect beach has to offer a lot: quiet (or at least not crowded), warm water (I’m a softy when it comes to water temperature), soft sand (not that grainy coarse stuff), and some natural shade! I always wanted to visit the caribbean coast of Honduras, but when we passed through it was rain season 🙁
    Some of the beaches in the North of Australia, like Pt. Douglas and Mission Beach, might be to your liking (the prices might not).

    1. That sounds like the perfect beach to me, too, Juergen. Thanks for the recommendation on Australia. I might be going there in the spring, so I will remember this!

  2. The perfect beaches? Roatan is the best place in the entire planet! I just returned from there two weeks ago. The whole area, Islas de la Bahia, the 18th Department of Honduras, have in my opinion the best beaches: powdery white sand, crystal clear Warm water along the year, affordable prices, plus the second Coral Reef barrier in the world, for such reason and more, Best beaches in the planet.

      1. Hi Michelle, it’s been a few years since I visited and back then we had difficulty finding a nice play to stay. All I can say is that West Bay is the prettiest place and where I would stay again.

  3. That was our port on my husband and my cruise. We went there 10 yrs ago and visited Taybana beach at the west end. Beautiful place even though it was windy. This year we are going on a cruise again and this is our stop. We will probably go back to the same beach

  4. Roatan is my favorite spot in the western Caribbean! I must have visited 12-13 times in the last 8 years. People are friendly, English and US currency is used widely, and you get a lot more than the eastern Caribbean for your money.

    1. Yes, excellent shore diving at the reef house, also at paya. Bay and also flowers bay. Park and dive at paya and flowers, take water taxi to reef house..

  5. Do you know any locals that we can get to take us outside the traditional cruise trips? We love to support the locals!

    1. I love your approach. Unfortunately, I don’t know any locals in Roatan. All the tours I came by seemed quite touristy and over priced. But you can ask at your hotel, I’m sure they can point you in the right direction.

  6. I am heading there March 19th, and will be spending a full week enjoy all what the island has to offer. Thank you for your post. I cant wait as I am counting down the days. Crystal blue waters and sandy beaches are calling to me

  7. I am traveling there soon. What is the best way to get to Roatan from San Pedro? and You think a car rental is necessary once you are in the island?

    1. We flew there, and on the way back we took the ferry. Both are great ways. You don’t need a car on the island, take a taxi instead. You’ll be spending most of your time by or in the sea anyway 🙂

  8. Do you know of a reputable company on Utila that offers scuba diving or snorkeling ? Maybe with whale sharks too ?

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