15 best places to spend Easter in Europe (2024)

Who’s ready to spend Easter in Europe?

Whether you’re looking for Easter markets, Holy Week processions, or simply a warm-weather destination – you can’t go wrong with Europe during March and April.

Since each country has its own traditions and climate, I’ve organized my favorite places to help you get started.

Here it is – my ultimate list of 15 epic places to visit in Europe for Easter!

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What is Easter in Europe like?

Easter in Europe is about religious celebrations and local customs, and for many, a time to get together with family.

You don’t see as much of the Easter Bunny and egg hunts as in the U.S.

Each country in Europe has its own way of celebrating their traditions.

You’ve got big religious celebrations and processions in places like Spain and Italy. Other countries have unique Easter traditions, like pot throwing in Greece.

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The best places to visit in Europe for Easter

Warm places in Europe

1. Sicily, Italy

Sicily is a great choice for Easter in Europe.

You’ve got sunny weather in April, usually around 18°C, so it’s perfect for wandering through historic Greek ruins.

Easter here is special with delicious lamb dishes and intricate pastries.

best places to visit in Europe for Easter - Sicily procession

2. Costa Del Sol, Spain

Head to Costa Del Sol for a vibrant Easter under the Spanish sun. The region often sees 20°C around this time.

You’ll experience spectacular Holy Week processions and can unwind on sandy beaches or play a round of golf.

3. Algarve, Portugal

Spring in the Algarve means clear skies and temperatures above 22˚C.

You’re promised breathtaking cliffs, warm sea breezes, and colorful Easter parades through the cobblestone streets.

best places to visit in Europe for Easter - Algarve

4. Crete, Greece

Crete’s mild April weather, hovering in the low 20s°C, is perfect for exploring the island’s historical sites.

You can join the locals in celebrating Easter with a mix of solemn rituals and joyous feasts.

best places to visit in Europe for Easter - Crete

5. Mallorca, Spain

Easter in Mallorca is a blend of solemn processions and lively festivals.

With an average temperature of 17°C, your Easter holiday can be a balance of cultural immersion and lounging on sun-soaked Mediterranean beaches.

best places to visit in Europe for Easter - Mallorca

Easter Celebrations in Europe

6. Vatican City, Rome

The Vatican City hosts profound Easter ceremonies.

You can witness the Pope’s Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica and the iconic Via Crucis procession. It’s a spiritual epicenter during Easter, offering you introspection and grandeur.

But also, you can expect crowds!

best places to visit in Europe for Easter - Vatican City

7. Seville, Spain

In Seville, you can experience Semana Santa during Easter.

The streets are packed with people in hoods and fancy floats. It’s really about tradition and faith, with a lot of music and incense in the air. It’s quite an experience.

best places to visit in Europe for Easter - Seville Semana Santa

8. Corfu, Greece

In Corfu, they have a unique pot-throwing tradition on Holy Saturday.

It’s about welcoming new crops and luck. You can join the locals, share their excitement, and watch this unique tradition in a historic setting.

It’s a different, fun way to experience Easter.

best places to visit in Europe for Easter - Easter Pot Smashing Corfu

9. Krakow, Poland

In Krakow, Easter is all about traditional markets and Święconka, where they bless food baskets.

It’s really about Polish customs and community vibes. You’ll get a real feel for their traditions.

best places to visit in Europe for Easter - krakow easter

10. Prague, Czech Republic

You can’t miss the markets full of decorated eggs in Prague during Easter.

It’s a chance to really get into Czech culture, check out neat handicrafts, and try all sorts of traditional Czech foods.

best places to visit in Europe for Easter - Prague

11. Florence, Italy

In Florence, Easter Sunday is all about the Scoppio del Carro or “Explosion of the Cart.” It’s this unique mix of old history and fireworks.

You get to see a tradition that’s been going on for more than 350 years, full of fire and pageantry.

best places to visit in Europe for Easter - florence Scoppio del Carro

12. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges really comes alive at Easter with hunts and loads of chocolate. The medieval town square turns into a chocolate lover’s dream.

It’s the perfect sweet stop on your Easter trip.

best places to visit in Europe for Easter - Bruges

13. Andalusia, Spain

Andalusia gets really lively at Easter.

You’ve got these night processions that mix serious moments with fun. It’s a real showcase of Andalusia’s culture.

It’s worth checking out if you’re there.

14. Oberammergau, Germany

The German town of Oberammergau is famous for its Passion Play, held every ten years.

It’s a real draw for theater fans, as locals perform this deeply spiritual play.

Oberammergau itinerary

15. Salzburg, Austria

In Salzburg, Easter means classical music and Salzburger Osterfestspiele.

Lose yourself in world-class performances that fill the air with harmony, set against a backdrop of Baroque architecture.


FAQ – Easter in Europe

Where is the best place to spend Easter in Europe?

The best place to spend Easter in Europe really depends on what you’re looking for.

For traditional religious ceremonies, Seville in Spain and Vatican City are top choices. If you’re into unique customs, try Corfu in Greece for its pot-throwing tradition, or Florence in Italy for the Scoppio del Carro.

For a more laid-back Easter, Bruges in Belgium is great for chocolate lovers.

Which part of Europe is best to visit in April?

For April travel in Europe, Southern Europe is a good bet for warm weather. Think Spain, Italy, or Greece.

If you like spring scenery, Central Europe – places like Germany or the Czech Republic – is also nice. You’ve got options from sunny coasts to blooming cities.

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Is Easter a good time to be in Europe?

Yes, Easter is a good time to be in Europe.

Many places have special traditions and events. It’s a bit busier in some spots, but it’s a great chance to see unique celebrations and enjoy the spring weather.

Where is warm in Europe over Easter?

These places in Europe are generally warm over Easter:

  • Spain: Especially the southern parts like Andalusia.
  • Italy: The south and Sicily are usually warm.
  • Greece: The islands and coastal areas.
  • Portugal: Especially the Algarve region.

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