20 best places to visit in Europe in April (2024)

Looking for the best places to visit in Europe in April? I can help.

April is a fantastic time to go because you won’t freeze or melt, and you won’t have to elbow your way through a sea of tourists everywhere you go.

Whether you’re looking for the blooming flowers in the Netherlands or to enjoy the Easter festivals and local spring celebrations, April has a lot to offer.

Let’s take a look.

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Weather in Europe in April

In April, Europe’s weather is all over the map, literally. There isn’t just one blanket climate for the whole continent, so your experience will depend on where you’re standing.

Let’s break it down:

  • Northern Europe: It’s still a bit nippy up here. Don’t expect to shed your layers just yet, with temperatures hovering around 37-46°F (3-8°C).
  • Western Europe: A little milder than the north, you’re looking at 48-59°F (9-15°C). A jacket’s still a good idea.
  • Southern Europe: Here’s where it gets warmer. Think 57-68°F (14-20°C). You can start to leave the heavy jackets at the hotel.
  • Eastern Europe: There’s quite a range, 46-57°F (8-14°C), so check the local forecast before you pack.

Now, can you go for a swim? 👙

In most places, that’s a hard no. The sea is pretty chilly; only the bravest (or those with wetsuits) will be jumping in. However, if you’re eyeballing spots like the Canary Islands, the water’s more forgiving and might just be bearable.

The best places to visit in Europe in April

🐣 Easter and festivals in Europe

In April, Europe comes alive with festivals and Easter festivities offering vibrant traditions and unique experiences. Here’s where you can experience those celebrations.

1. Seville, Spain

In Seville, April’s warmth is ideal for indulging in the city’s vibrant festivities. Expect temperatures ranging from 11°C to 23°C, perfect for outdoor events.

The Semana Santa festival leads into the famous Feria de Abril, a week where Seville bursts into a spectacle of flamenco dancers, traditional dresses, and music-filled casetas.

best places to visit in Europe for Easter - Seville Semana Santa

2. Berlin, Germany

Berlin in April showcases a cooler side of spring, averaging from 4°C to 13°C. Pack layers because it can be quite crisp, especially in the evenings.

April kicks off several music festivals and cultural events in Berlin, with many museums and galleries orchestrating special exhibitions and shows, offering you a cultured and rich experience of the city.

best places to visit in Europe in April - Berlin

3. Rome, Italy

In Rome, the week leading up to Easter, known as Holy Week, is filled with solemn processions and ancient ceremonies.

You won’t want to miss the Pope’s Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica on Easter Sunday.

Expect large crowds and a deeply religious atmosphere infusing the historic streets of the Eternal City.

best places to visit in Europe for Easter - Vatican City

4. Krakow, Poland

Krakow pulls out all the stops for Easter with its famous Easter markets.

Here, you can sample Polish Easter specialties and admire intricately decorated Easter eggs.

Make sure to catch the traditional “Śmigus-Dyngus” (Wet Monday), where everyone partake in a lighthearted water fight to symbolize the arrival of spring.


5. Madrid, Spain

Join the Madrid locals in the “Semana Santa”, where you’ll be awed by the solemn processions that fill the streets.

Statues of Mary and Jesus are paraded through the city, accompanied by the haunting beat of drums and the scent of incense.

It’s an intense experience that captures the reverence of Spain’s capital during Easter.

best places to visit in Europe in April - Madrid

6. Vienna, Austria

Easter in Vienna is all about elegance and culture.

You’ll find the city’s beautiful squares dotted with markets selling artisan goods and seasonal treats.

Take part in the Easter concert at the Imperial Palace or listen to the classical music that spills out from the city’s churches during this time.


☀️ Warm weather destinations in Europe

The warmth of the Mediterranean is a great reason to visit Europe in April. Europe’s southern regions has some of the best weather if you’re looking to escape the tail end of winter.

7. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, affectionately known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” serves up mild temperatures and clear skies in April.

With the mercury hovering around a comfortable 16°C, it’s the perfect time to wander the UNESCO-listed Old Town’s alleys without the peak season crowds.

Plus, you can grab views of the serene Adriatic Sea from its ancient city walls.

Dubrovnik City Walls ticket Croatia

8. Lisbon, Portugal

In Lisbon, Portugal’s sunny capital, you’re in for a treat with an average high temperature of 18°C.

As the city comes alive with spring, you’ll find its outdoor cafés and cobblestone streets inviting and full of life.

Don’t miss a tram ride through Lisbon’s historic neighborhoods or a pastel de nata in one of its iconic bakeries.

best places to visit in Europe in April - Lisbon

9. Athens, Greece

Athens in April is spectacular, with temperatures typically around 20°C.

The Greek capital sheds its brief winter chill and welcomes visitors to explore sights like the Acropolis free from stifling heat.

The Aegean Sea is still warming up, but it’s a great time to begin island-hopping to the nearby Greek islands.

best places to visit in Europe in April - Athens

🌸 Tulips and cherry blossoms in Europe

If you’re planning a trip to Europe in April, you’re in for a treat. Here’s where you can catch the best blooms.

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

In Amsterdam, you hit the jackpot when it comes to flowers!

Make a beeline for the Keukenhof Gardens, which is about a 30-minute drive from the city.

This place is pure eye candy in spring with over 800 varieties of tulips splashing color as far as the eye can see.

best places to visit in Europe in April - Keukenhof Gardens

11. Paris, France

Paris in April isn’t just about getting that perfect shot with the Eiffel Tower.

Flowers are big on the scene, too. Stroll through the city’s parks and you’ll find plenty of blossoms.

If you’ve got time, a trip to the French Riviera isn’t a bad idea either – the mild climate makes for a colorful spring.

best places to visit in Europe in April - Paris

12. London, England

Don’t miss London in April if you love flowers. The city’s parks are starting to burst into bloom this time of the year.

Visit the royal gardens or simply walk down the streets of central London – the urban gardening here is no joke.

best places to visit in Europe in April - London

13. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is hidden gem when it comes to cherry blossoms.

Public gardens and the city’s green spaces are sprinkled with color. Thanks to the city’s efforts, spring here is a delight for anyone who appreciates flowers.


🌱 Spring highlights and outdoor adventures

14. Prague, Czech Republic

In Prague, the city shakes off its winter chill and welcomes you with open arms.

Hit the cobbled streets for a leisurely walking tour as you take in the pastel hues of historic buildings. It’s the perfect time for cycling along the Vltava River before the summer crowds surge in.


15. Alsace, France

Embrace the spring in Alsace with a hiking trip through the vineyard-covered hills. I highly recommend staying in Colmar old town, it’s such a beautiful town.

The region is known for its picture-perfect villages and wine routes that are especially delightful when the flowers start to bloom.

Remember to pack a waterproof jacket; April showers are a thing here.

A guide to Colmar, France

16. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a springtime heaven for those who love green spaces and brisk outdoor adventures.

Climb Arthur’s Seat for panoramic city views, or explore the rugged landscapes in the nearby Scottish highlands.


17. Gdansk, Poland

The old town in Gdansk, with its colorful facades, feels especially vibrant in the spring.

Take a city break here and walk the medieval streets before heading to the coastline for a breezy seaside stroll.

With fewer tourists around, you’ll get a more authentic feel of this historic port city.


18. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest in April is less about thermal baths, more about exploring the city by bike or on foot.

The mountains surrounding the city are also calling—if you’re up for a hike, the rewards are lush trails full of spring flora.

Budapest, Hungary

19. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik might still have a nip in the air, but the longer days mean more time for sightseeing.

You might catch the last of the northern lights or start to witness Iceland‘s waterfalls at their thunderous best.

For a true adventure, strap on some crampons and walk a glacier.

best places to visit in Europe in April - Reykjavik

20. Istria, Croatia

Forget the Dalmatian Coast’s summer sizzle and revel in Istria’s quieter, cooler April clime.

The rolling hills are perfect for a cycling adventure through medieval towns and olive groves.

The coast offers secluded spots for kayaking, away from the summer crowds.

Istria, Croatia

FAQ – Best places to visit in Europe in April

Which part of Europe is best to visit in April?

The best part of Europe to visit in April would be Southern Europe, including destinations like Malta, the Canary Islands, and cities like Seville and Valencia for warmer temperatures, or Central European cities like Prague and Budapest for a mix of pleasant weather and springtime festivities.

For those interested in flowers and gardens, the Netherlands is also a top choice in April.

What is the warmest place in Europe in April?

The warmest place in Europe in April is typically Cyprus, offering temperatures averaging around 21-24°C (69.8-75.2°F) during the day. Nicosia, in particular, is known for its pleasant warmth at this time of year.

Is April a good month to visit Europe?

Yes, April is a good month to visit Europe. The weather is generally mild, making it comfortable for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

It’s also shoulder season, so there are fewer tourists, shorter lines at attractions, and often lower prices for flights and accommodation.

Additionally, you can experience various spring festivals and events during this time.

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