10 magical places to find Copenhagen cherry blossoms

Copenhagen cherry blossoms draw thousands of people every year, and they will blossom soon. I’ve listed the best Copenhagen spots where you can watch them.

Copenhagen cherry blossoms - Bispebjerg Cemetery

Spring in Copenhagen is beautiful.

The city awakens from its winter slumber and turns into a delightful sight with flowers and blooming trees all around.

The highlight of spring is the cherry blossom season, which paints the city pink.

Here’s a list of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Copenhagen, based on my strolls through the city.

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Copenhagen cherry blossoms

When to see cherry blossoms in Copenhagen

Cherry blossom, or Sakura as it’s known in Japanese, usually blooms from the last week of March to mid-April.

The exact blooming period can change yearly due to weather conditions, so it’s tricky to predict the exact peak blossom time.

If you want to see the cherry blossoms and need to plan ahead, I recommend booking your Copenhagen visit for the first week of April.

However, you’re likely to catch the blossoms in bloom from the last two weeks of March through the first two weeks of April.

Copenhagen Sakura Festival

If you visit at the end of April, you can join the Copenhagen Sakura Festival, inspired by Japanese culture.

The cherry blossom festival is held at Langelinie Park and celebrates Sakura trees’ blooming.

The event features 200 cherry trees, Japanese drum shows, folk dance, martial arts, and workshops. You can also get tea and view beautiful kimonos.

Miriam’s tips

Cherry blossoms in Copenhagen have become quite popular in the last few years, and especially Bispebjerg Cemetery can get crowded.

So much in fact that festival toilets, coffee vendors, and food stalls are set up every year.

The Cherry Blossom Path often crowds up, so I recommend visiting in the early morning, between 7-8 AM, to avoid the crowds.

The most popular places to experience pink blossoms

Where to see cherry blossoms in Copenhagen

1. Bispebjerg Cemetery (Nørrebro)

The most popular and beautiful place to watch cherry blossoms in Copenhagen is Bispebjerg Cemetery.

This large cemetery, located opposite Grundtvig’s Church, attracts thousands of people yearly who come to see the cherry blossom avenue bloom.

You’ll see signs that direct you to the cherry blossom avenue, but it’s actually easiest to find it if you enter through the gate at Støvnæs Allé.

Copenhagen cherry blossoms - Bispebjerg
Beautiful cherry blossoms at Bispebjerg Kirkegård

2. Langelinie Park (Østerbro)

A stone’s throw from the iconic Little Mermaid statue is another cherry blossom haven: Langelinie Park.

Along the short path between Gefion Fountain and Langelinie Park, you’ll find the pink cherry trees that are sure to wow anyone.

It’s really amazing standing among these trees at Langelinie, giving off strong Japanese vibes. And if you’re into more of that, check out Langelinie on April 22-23 when they celebrate the annual Sakura Festival.

Copenhagen cherry blossoms - Langelinje

3. Frederiksberg Gardens

Hidden in Frederiksberg is a pretty little park.

The building shields it from the noise of the nearby busy Falkonér Allé, while a lot of sunlight shines on the big grassy courtyard.

The cherry trees in Hostrup Garden are great if you just want to relax and enjoy the quiet.

4. Sønder Boulevard (Vesterbro)

Along the long boulevard that takes you through Vesterbro, you’ll find a line of beautiful cherry trees.

There’s also plenty of space for you to sit down on a blanket on the grass or on one of the benches and enjoy the nice trees.

If you walk towards the train station, you’ll come to Halmtorvet. It’s also a beautiful spot with cherry blossom trees.

5. Copenhagen University Botanical Garden

The University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden has a wide variety of international plants – and of course, they have a Japanese cherry tree that blooms as the spring sun comes out.

6. Landbohøjskolens Garden

One of the coziest, green spots in the capital is the Landbohøjskolen Garden.

This garden in Frederiksberg has many beautiful plants – including cherry trees.

There are more than 6,000 plants to look at, and they have name tags for educational purposes.

7. The King’s Garden

In the center of Copenhagen next to Rosenborg Castle, you’ll find The King’s Garden (Kongens Have Park). Here, there are several cherry trees.

Head to the corner of Kronprinsessegade and Gothersgade, bring a blanket, and relax in the shade of the pink trees.

Copenhagen cherry blossoms - King's Garden

8. Assistens Cemetery (Nørrebro)

Assistens Cemetery attracts many, both tourists and locals when the first spring sun arrives.

Here, you can find the graves of many famous Danes, including H.C. Andersen, Søren Kierkegaard, and Niels Bohr.

There are plenty of green areas to relax in, several with cherry trees.

Copenhagen cherry blossoms - Cemetery

9. Superkilen (Nørrebro)

The Black Square is part of Superkilen – a public park in Outer Nørrebro.

Here, you can not only enjoy the sight of blossoming cherry trees in spring, but also let the kids bike, scooter, and more.

10. Amaliehaven

Between Copenhagen’s canal and Amalienborg lies the cozy, little Amalie Garden.

From here, you can take amazing photos of the beautiful cherry trees with water or the palace as a backdrop.

FAQ – Copenhagen cherry blossoms

Are there cherry blossoms in Copenhagen?

Yes, Copenhagen has cherry blossoms in several spots including Bispebjerg Cemetery, Langelinie Park, Tivoli Gardens, and Frederiksberg Gardens, typically blooming from late March to mid-April.

You can also visit Amaliehaven if you’re looking for a small garden with cherry blossom viewing.

Are there cherry blossoms in Denmark?

Yes, there are cherry blossoms in Denmark. Apart from Copenhagen’s Bispebjerg Cemetery, Langelinie Park, and Frederiksberg Gardens, you can also find them in Aarhus Mindepark.

Where can I see Sakura in Copenhagen?

You can see sakura (cherry blossoms) in Copenhagen at Bispebjerg Cemetery, Langelinie Park, Frederiksberg Gardens, Sankt Annæ Plads, Copenhagen University Botanical Garden, and the area around Grundtvig’s Church.

You can also see white cherry blossoms in Island’s Brygge.

Have the cherry blossoms bloomed yet?

Cherry blossoms in Copenhagen typically bloom from mid-March to mid-April, peaking in mid to late April. The season goes from March 16 to April 30​.

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