10 unique ways we celebrate Easter in Denmark (2024)

In Denmark, Easter is a happy holiday where we mostly eat a lot. 

Some families hide Easter chocolate eggs in the garden and then the kids have to find them.

In my family, we also give each other Easter eggs of chocolate or marzipan, and enjoy a meal of my brother’s delicious lamb with creamy potatoes. I love this tradition!

If you’re wondering which other Easter traditions we have, you’ll find out in this post.

Let’s dive in.

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Easter in Denmark

In Denmark, Easter gives us five days off in a row, which is great for a break.

Also, some schools close for the whole Holy Week, so we can get up to ten days off. That’s why many of us in Denmark see Easter as the perfect chance to go on a trip and unwind after a long winter.

Here are more detailed descriptions of key Danish Easter days:

Holy Thursday (Skærtorsdag)

Previously, Danes ate a nutritious cabbage soup with mutton or pork, believed to ensure health for the coming year.

Good Friday (Langfredag)

A peaceful day with flags at half-mast. Historically, Danes had barley or flour porridge, a tradition that has largely faded.

Easter Saturday (Skidenlørdag)

Known for children finding chocolate eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny. Traditionally, Danes ate ‘skidne æg‘ (hard-boiled eggs in mustard sauce) and started spring cleaning.

Easter Sunday

A festive day with a large lunch featuring various traditional dishes like herring, boiled eggs with cress, sliced meats, cheese, liver paste, and sometimes lamb.

10 ways we celebrate Danish Easter

1. Gækkebreve (Teaser Letters)

It’s like a fun little game.

You get this fancy letter, cut out like a paper snowflake, with a poem that’s got a puzzle to it.

If you can’t figure out who sent you this teaser letter, you’ve got to give them a chocolate egg. It’s all in good fun, and it adds a bit of mystery to the holiday.


2. Easter Lunch

Oh, the påskefrokost is where it’s at.

Think of a table just groaning under the weight of all these delicious foods—herring, eggs, lamb, and don’t forget the snaps. It’s not just a quick sit-down meal; it’s an event that stretches out for hours.

It’s about the food, sure, but it’s also about spending time with the people you care about.

Easter food

3. Easter Beer (Påskebryg)

This isn’t your average beer.

Påskebryg is brewed especially for Easter, and it’s something of a tradition to have a pint or two.

You could be sipping it at your Easter lunch, or maybe you’ll swing by the local pub and raise a glass with your buddies.

4. Easter Eggs

Who doesn’t love chocolate eggs?

They’re everywhere during Easter in Denmark. But it’s not just about the chocolate; you might also get crafty and paint some hard-boiled eggs.

These aren’t just for eating—they’re also about decoration and celebrating new life, which is what spring and Easter are all about.

Photo of the Week 21 - Easter in Denmark

5. Easter decorations

When spring rolls around, Danes love to spruce up their homes with a bit of Easter cheer.

You’ll see lots of yellow and green because they’re like a nod to the fresh vibes of spring.

It’s all about bringing that sense of new life and vibrancy into your space.

Photo of the Week 21 - Easter in Denmark

6. Easter markets

Imagine wandering through a market where every stall is bursting with seasonal joy.

You’ve got handcrafted goods, tasty treats, and often a beautifully decorated Easter tree.

These markets aren’t just for shopping; they’re a whole vibe, adding a splash of festivity to town squares and streets.

7. Church services

For those with a religious bent, Easter is a profound time.

Church services in Denmark on this holiday are all about reflection and embracing the deeper meaning behind the celebrations.

It’s a time for contemplation and community, set against the backdrop of the season’s spirituality.

8. Easter games

It’s not Easter without some good-natured competition.

Games like egg rolling and egg tapping are all about skill and a bit of luck.

The goal is simple: knock the other person’s egg without wrecking your own. It’s a laugh, a challenge, and a great way to get everyone involved.

9. Egg hunt for kids

There’s something truly joyful about watching kids on an egg hunt, their eyes lighting up as they spot chocolate eggs hidden in the garden.

It’s a sweet tradition that gets the little ones outside and lets their excitement run wild.

Easter eggs

10. Easter lilies and tulips

Adding Easter lilies to your garden or placing them inside your home is also something lots of Danes do. Myself included.

These flowers are a symbol of purity and a fresh start, which fits right in with the whole Easter theme of renewal.

Spring flowers

FAQ – Easter in Denmark

Do they celebrate Easter in Denmark?

Yes, we celebrate Easter in Denmark. It’s a significant holiday with various traditions, including festive lunches, Easter beers, and family activities.

What do Danes eat at Easter?

During Easter, Danes enjoy a variety of Danish foods such as herring, boiled eggs, lamb, and leverpostej, as well as Danish pork meatballs and roast pork with crackling, often accompanied by beer and snaps. 

Danish Easter food traditions also include “skidne æg,” which are hard-boiled eggs in mustard sauce.

Is Copenhagen open during Easter?

During Easter, Copenhagen’s opening hours can vary. Most stores will be closed on the main public holidays, such as Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday.

However, some smaller shops and grocery stores remain open. Restaurants, museums, and attractions like Tivoli Gardens often have special holiday hours, so it’s best to check in advance.

What is the Easter egg in Denmark?

In Denmark, the Easter egg is both a symbol of life and a popular treat during the holiday season.

Danes partake in various Easter egg traditions, such as painting and decorating hard-boiled eggs, and especially enjoying chocolate Easter eggs.

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