35 absolute BEST things to do in Denmark (by a Dane)

Denmark is the perfect place for a vacation in Europe

It’s not too big or too small. It’s not too touristy. There is adventure and nature. Small towns and world-class food.

And there are more than enough things to do in Denmark to keep you busy for weeks.

As a Dane, I’ve lived here all my life, and I keep finding new beautiful places that are worth visiting.

No matter how many days you have in Denmark, you’ll be happy you went. Here’s my list of the best things to do in Denmark!

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The best things to do in Denmark

Copenhagen Highlights

Copenhagen, Denmark’s vibrant capital, is packed with must-see attractions from the historic Tivoli Gardens to the iconic Little Mermaid statue.

1. Explore Tivoli Gardens

You’ll find Tivoli Gardens right in the city center.

It’s not just an amusement park, but a historic site with a rich history dating back to 1843.

Here, you can enjoy the scenic beauty, thrilling rides at the roller coasters, and live performances.

Get your tickets here: Tivoli Gardens Entry Ticket

Things to do in Copenhagen

2. Visit the Little Mermaid statue

The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen might be tiny but it’s famous.

It sits on a rock, right by the sea, and embodies the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale.

You won’t need long there – just 5 minutes to take a picture and soak in the seaside vibe. It’s one of those classic must-visit spots in the city.

2 days in Copenhagen

3. Stroll through Nyhavn

Nyhavn is the most iconic Copenhagen landmark.

Go for a stroll while you admire the colorful 17th-century houses, bustling bars, and cafes. It doesn’t take more than 5-7 minutes to walk from one end to the other.


4. Discover Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg is a castle in the heart of Copenhagen, and it stands out with its Renaissance look and the Danish Crown Jewels on display.

Inside, it’s packed with ornate rooms and historical art, and the surrounding gardens are a bonus for a quick walk.

Things to do in Copenhagen

5. Experience Christiania

Freetown Christiania is its own world, and visiting is one of the most unique things to do in Copenhagen.

Known for its alternative lifestyle, it’s filled with colorful murals and unique handmade houses.

It’s a complete contrast to the rest of Copenhagen, even with its own set of rules. Drop by to see a totally different way of life, right in the city’s heart.

Things to do in Copenhagen

6. Enjoy smørrebrød

You can’t visit Denmark without trying smørrebrød.

These open-faced sandwiches are a Danish staple, and you can find them at local eateries and markets throughout Copenhagen and other major cities.

Torvehallerne, Copenhagen

7. Visit the National Museum of Denmark

Immerse yourself in Danish history at the National Museum.

Their exhibits range from the Iron Age to the modern day and deeply dive into Denmark’s culture.

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8. Take a canal tour

Taking a canal boat tour in Copenhagen is a great way to get a quick overview of the city’s main attractions.

You’ll cruise past famous landmarks like The Little Mermaid statue, Amalienborg Palace, and the charming area of Christianshavn.

A guide will fill you in on what you’re seeing.

Book here – Copenhagen Canal Tour – Exploring Hidden Gems

Things to do in Copenhagen

9. Go on a food tour

One of the best things to do in Denmark is to take a food tour and dive into Danish cuisine.

You’ll taste everything from classic smørrebrød to new Nordic dishes. It’s not just about eating; you learn about the local food culture, too.

Book here – The Copenhagen Culinary Experience Food Tour

10. Visit the National Aquarium, Den Blå Planet

The National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet, is the largest in Northern Europe.

It houses over 20,000 animals across 450 species, showcasing everything from tiny tropical fish to massive sharks.

Cultural experiences

Denmark has quite a few culture and music festivals throughout the year. Be sure to check out these events for a taste of Danish arts, cuisine, and fashion.

11. Attend Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival is the largest music and arts festival in Northern Europe, with all sorts of music from famous bands to new artists.

But it’s more than tunes – there’s art, activism, and a real sense of community.

Started back in 1971, it’s known for its lively vibe and focus on cultural and social stuff.

12. Join the Aarhus Festival

In early September, you can experience the Aarhus Festival (Aarhus Festuge), which is more relaxed.

For two weeks, you can find art shows, food tastings, musical performances, and theatrical events across the city.

13. Visit the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

Get a taste of local and International cuisines at the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival.

Over ten days in August, you can enjoy everything from street food to gourmet.

14. Chill at Skanderborg Festival

Skanderborg Festival is Denmark’s second-largest festival, known locally as SMUKFEST.

Starting in August, it features a mix of big names and local acts by a stunning lake, and it’s one of the most fun activities in Denmark.

It’s more relaxed and cleaner than Roskilde Festival, and it draws a more mature crowd (30+), so there are better camping facilities, real toilets, and hot showers.

things to do in Denmark - Skanderborg Festival

15. Join Copenhagen Fashion Week

If you’re into fashion, you can discover the latest trends at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Held biannually, it’s a key event for industry leaders and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Historic and artistic activities

Denmark has more than 400 castles, and its beautiful old towns and fascinating museums speak volumes of the Danish culture and history.

16. Explore Kronborg Castle, Helsingør

Kronborg Castle was Shakespeare’s inspiration for “Hamlet’s” Elsinore. It’s located just north of Copenhagen, so it’s the perfect day trip from the capital.

This UNESCO World Heritage site packs a punch with its mighty bastions and lavish ballrooms. It’s like time-traveling straight into Renaissance Europe.

Book here – Hamlet And Sweden Tour from Copenhagen

things to do in Denmark - Kronborg
The setting of Shakespeare’s play

17. Discover Ribe

Ribe is more than 1400 years old, and it’s the oldest town in Denmark.

You instantly feel it when you walk the cobbled streets lined with colorful houses and meet the Night Watchman, armed with his lantern.

Most people skip or don’t even know about Ribe, but it’s one of the must-see sights in Denmark.

Visit Ribe Denmark

18. Experience Aarhus Old Town

Aarhus is the loveliest city in Denmark. I’ve lived there for years and love the vibe.

In Aarhus, you’ll find the Old Town Museum – Den Gamle By – which is a unique open-air museum with historic Danish buildings.

It’s like stepping back in time when you walk through streets and houses from different eras. There are actors and activities to make history come alive.

Den Gamle By Aarhus

19. Discover Viking History in Jelling

Jelling is famous for its rune stones (The Jelling Stones) from the 10th century, erected by King Gorm The Old.

These two monuments tell the tale of Denmark’s conversion to Christianity and are essential for understanding Viking culture.

20. Visit Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art, Humlebæk

The Louisiana Museum sits right on the coast north of Copenhagen (close to Kronborg Castle).

You’ll find works by artists like Warhol and Giacometti, creating a cool mix of art and the surrounding landscape.

21. Explore Faaborg

Faaborg is one of the most wonderful small towns in Denmark. It’s cozy with a real old-world feel.

It’s got these brightly colored houses and cobblestone streets that take you back in time, especially during the summer months when they’re covered in hollyhocks.

The Faaborg Museum is a must-visit for art lovers. Plus, the harbor area is great for grabbing some fresh seafood and just soaking in the laid-back vibe.


22. Visit the Aros Aarhus Art Museum

The ArOS Museum in Aarhus is another must-see with its iconic rainbow panorama walkway.

It hosts a variety of international exhibitions and houses an impressive collection of Danish modern art.

Aros museum

Natural and outdoor adventures

Denmark has beautiful nature. And although you won’t find fjords like in Norway, you can still enjoy lovely beaches, forests, and 70 million-year-old cliffs.

23. Hike in Mols Bjerge National Park

Mols Bjerge National Park is one of the 5 national parks in Denmark.

It’s located on the peninsula of Djursland near Aarhus, where you’ll also find beautiful beaches, cliffs, and castles.

In Mols Bjerge, you can hike the marked trails through diverse terrains from deep forests to open meadows.

Visit Djursland

24. Kick back in Skagen

Skagen is located at the very tip of Denmark, where two seas meet.

Danes love it for its unique beaches and bright light that artists adore.

You can watch the sea collision at Grenen, visit the Skagen Museum for local art, or just chill at a cozy café. It’s a special spot with a laid-back vibe everyone enjoys.


25. Go bird watching at the Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea National Park is a haven for bird enthusiasts.

Your binoculars are essential here to spot the myriad of bird species during their seasonal migrations. You can also go oyster hunting and see seals.

The Wadden Sea National Park

26. Explore Thy National Park

One of the most beautiful places in Denmark is Thy National Park.

It’s worth visiting for its rugged landscapes shaped by the North Sea.

You’ll find both lighthouses, deep forests with craggy trees, and serene dunes, perfect for walks, hikes, and bike tours.

National Park Thy

27. Climb the Cliffs Of Møn

Møns Klint is a 6 km-long white limestone cliff, south of Copenhagen.

Dating back 70 million years, they’re one of Denmark’s highest points.

Set in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, you can hike, hunt for fossils, and take boat trips.

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Møns Klint

28. Visit Stevns Klint

Stevns Klint, just north of Møns Klint, is a 40-meter-tall limestone cliff stretching 16 kilometers.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site shows what happened 65 million years ago when dinosaurs vanished!

It’s perfect not just for fossil hunters and history enthusiasts, but for anyone wanting to see a stunning natural wonder.

Book here – Stevns Klint UNESCO and Stevnsfort from Copenhagen

Stevns Klint

29. Island hopping in the South Funen Archipelago

The South Funen Archipelago is hands down one of the most stunning spots in Denmark, and island hopping here is amazing in the summer.

Places like Ærø, with its quaint villages and maritime heritage, are like small fairy tales.

Each Danish island has its charm, whether you’re into beaches, cycling, or local eats.

30. Explore Bornholm Island

Aah, Bornholm Island. The most magical little island in the Baltic Sea!

Bornholm is known for its round churches, coastline, and rock formations.

You can explore Hammershus (the island’s main sight), savor delicious Nordic food, and relax on Dueodde Beach (one of the best beaches in Denmark).

Explore Hammershus – Hammershus Bådfart Grand Tur (60 mins)

Things to do in Bornholm

Unique activities and traditions

From underground caves to towering stone figures and cozy cultural experiences, each of the following activity gives you a taste of the kingdom’s diversity.

31. Visit Mønsted Kalkgruber

Did you know that the world’s largest limestone mine is located in Denmark?

Mønsted Kalkgruber is an endless maze of underground paths that stretches for 60 km and up to six floors in height!

You’ll navigate through illuminated tunnels, come by underground lakes, and maybe spot bats.

Mønsted Kalkgruber

32. See Dodekalitten

I recently visited Dodekalitten for the first time and was taken aback.

Imagine ten stone sculptures, some towering at 9 meters, forming a circle – it’s almost like Stonehenge.

These aren’t ancient relics but modern art pieces with a weather-responsive soundtrack.


33. Visit Legoland, Billund

If you have kids, you’ll love Legoland!

It’s a whole world made of Lego bricks, with fun rides, shows, and models of famous landmarks.

You can get hands-on building your own Lego creations, brave the rollercoasters, or just enjoy the detailed miniature cities. It’s fun, creative, and super interactive for the whole family.

34. Experience the Danish Hygge

When you visit Denmark, make sure to dive into hygge by joining summer picnics, barbecues with locals, or catching an outdoor concert.

Because in Denmark, it’s all about comfort, coziness, and connection.

In Copenhagen, you can join this top-rated hygge tour to feel the Danish hygge & happiness.

Danish Christmas food
Hygge = food, and vice versa

35. Winter bathing at Vinterbad Bryggen

Visiting during the winter months and feeling brave?

Then take a dip in the icy waters with Copenhagen’s winter bathers at Vinterbad Bryggen. Just brace yourself for the chill!

things to do in Denmark - Winter bathing

FAQ – Top things to do in Denmark

What not to miss in Denmark?

In Denmark, don’t miss Copenhagen’s historic landmarks, the colorful Nyhavn Harbor, and Tivoli Gardens.

Explore the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, the fairy-tale Odense, and Aarhus‘ modern art scene.

Visit the cliffs of Møns Klint and the old town of Ribe. Lastly, experience the unique Danish hygge at cozy cafes and local festivals.

What is worth seeing in Denmark?

Here are some must-see places in Denmark:

  • Legoland Billund: Perfect for families, a world-renowned theme park.
  • Bornholm Island: Known for its beautiful landscape and picturesque villages.
  • Skagen: The northernmost point where two seas meet, famous for its light and artists.
  • The Old Town in Aarhus: An open-air museum showcasing historic Danish buildings.
  • Frederiksborg Castle: A stunning Renaissance castle in Hillerød, surrounded by beautiful gardens.

How to spend 7 days in Denmark?

Here’s how to spend 7 days in Denmark effectively:

  • Day 1-2: Explore Copenhagen, visit Tivoli Gardens, and stroll through Nyhavn.
  • Day 3: Take a day trip to Roskilde for the Viking Ship Museum.
  • Day 4: Explore the natural beauty of Møns Klint.
  • Day 5: Head to Odense, and explore Hans Christian Andersen’s home.
  • Day 6: Visit Aarhus for art museums and The Old Town.
  • Day 7: Relax in Ribe, Denmark’s oldest town, and soak up the local culture.

What is the most beautiful part of Denmark?

For me, the top picks in Denmark for beauty are definitely Funen and North Jutland. Funen is like stepping into a fairytale with its lush landscapes and charming houses.

Then there’s North Jutland – it’s more about wild, long sandy beaches, and big skies. It’s no wonder artists get inspired there.

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