How to visit the super cool ARoS museum (Aarhus)

Aros museum Aarhusm

THIS, my friends. This is ARoS. This is colorful, cultural ARoS. Think light shows and magical mirrors with 3D-effect, über-cool rainbow panoramic views of the city, live performance, and Jack Black.

Wait, what? Yes, think Jack Black in Gulliver meets Gollum. SUPERSIZED and twice as bizarre. That’s ARoS in a nutshell.

ARoS is one of the largest art museums in Northern Europe and most likely the coolest place in all of Aarhus. Goood, I miss this city! Why, oh WHY did I ever move?

Self-pity aside *rolling eyes emoji*…. this week I met with my girl, Ieva, whom I hadn’t seen in, like, forever. She has a membership card so we were able to visit for free. SO much fun we had in this weird, artsy museum, which is anything but ordinary.

If you ever visit Aarhus (and you totally should, by the way), be sure to swing by ARos. UR GONNA LUV IT.

This was a fun day, friends. I hope your week has been just as fabulous xx

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Olafur Eliasson – Your Rainbow Panorama

Aros museum Aarhus

Same same 

ARoS, Aarhus

How it looks from the outside. Pretty cool, huh?

Aros museum Aarhus

Aarhus skyline

Aarhus, Denmark

Olafur Eliasson – The inverted panorama house
Aros museum Aarhus

The dark zone. Uuuuh, scary.

Aros museum Aarhus

THE BOY. Aaargh, even scarier.

Aarhus, Denmark
Aros museum Aarhus
Aros museum Aarhus

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    1. It’s the coolest I’ve been to. I’m not an artsy person, but I love how this ARoS has managed to make the visit a fun experience.

  1. This place looks amazing! Love the colours shining in through the windows in the ‘rainbow panorama’! Never even heard of this place before but will definitely have to remember it if I’m ever in Denmark!

    1. Thanks, Catherine. It is such a cool place, plus it offers a great panoramic view over Aarhus. It’s definitely worth going if you’re here.

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