Is Denmark in the Netherlands? Here’s how to tell them apart

As a Dane, I’m often asked: So, is Denmark in the Netherlands?

Honestly, it’s a pretty common mix-up, so let’s clear things up: Denmark and the Netherlands are two separate countries, each with its own traditions and languages.

Stick with me, and I’ll walk you through the fun stuff that makes both places special – from the bike-friendly streets of Amsterdam to the cozy Danish concept of ‘hygge’.

It’s about time we get to the bottom of this.

Let’s go!

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Is Denmark in the Netherlands?

No. Denmark and the Netherlands are two distinct European countries.

If you’re from Denmark, you speak Danish, and if you’re from the Netherlands, you speak Dutch. And we don’t understand each other.

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Denmark vs the Netherlands similarities

While they are two countries, they do share some similarities:

  • Both have a strong biking culture.
  • Both are known for their flat landscapes.
  • Both have a rich history of seafaring and exploration.
  • Both have a high standard of living and social welfare systems.
  • Both are renowned for their design and architecture.
  • Both place a high value on environmental sustainability and renewable energy.
  • Both are kingdoms.
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Denmark vs. Netherlands Map

Where’s Denmark? Right there in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, with its eastern shores facing the North Sea. It’s north of Germany, and Copenhagen is its capital city.

And the Netherlands? Head west of Germany, and you’ll bump into it. Known for Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague, it’s part of what’s called the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Here’s a map:

DANISH AND DUTCH - Denmark vs the netherlands map

What is the difference between Denmark and the Netherlands?

When you’re trying to figure out the geographical and cultural differences between Denmark and the Netherlands, it’s easy to mix them up.

So, let’s take a look at what they’re known for:

#🇳🇱 The Netherlands🇩🇰 Denmark
1Tulips and flower marketsHygge (coziness and comfort)
2Windmills and countrysideThe Little Mermaid and fairy tales
3Wooden shoes (clogs)Danish Vikings history
4Cheese markets (Gouda, Edam)Lego toys
5Canals and Amsterdam architectureDanish design and architecture
6Bicycling cultureDanish pastries and butter cookies
7Dutch art (van Gogh, Rembrandt)Danish monarchy and Royal family

Are you Dutch if you’re from Denmark?

No, you’re not Dutch if you’re from Denmark. You’re Danish. People from the Netherlands are referred to as Dutch.

This might sound confusing since both countries are in Europe, but they have different languages and cultural practices. While Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands, Danish is the primary language in Denmark.

Both nations are also renowned for their cycling culture, but being Dutch implies a connection to the Netherlands, not Denmark.

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Is Amsterdam in Denmark?

Amsterdam is not in Denmark; it’s the capital city of the Netherlands.

It’s known for its elaborate canal system, artistic heritage, and narrow houses with gabled facades — all things you won’t find in Denmark.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, which sits to the north of Germany, while Amsterdam is west of Germany, bordering the North Sea.

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Is Denmark bigger than the Netherlands?

In terms of land area, Denmark is slightly larger than the Netherlands.

Denmark consists of a larger mainland peninsula, Jutland, and an archipelago of 443 named islands, with the largest being Zealand and Funen.

The total area of Denmark is about 43,094 square kilometers compared to the Netherlands’ approximately 41,543 square kilometers.

Despite their size difference, both countries have highly developed economies and a high standard of living.


Denmark and Netherlands distance

These two countries are not nestled together; they’re separate entities in Northern Europe.

There’s a stretch of land and sea between them, but fortunately, it’s not a vast expanse.

In terms of driving, you’d be covering roughly 795 kilometers or about 494 miles if you’re heading from Copenhagen to Amsterdam. In optimal conditions, that’s a day’s journey by car.

DANISH AND DUTCH - Is Denmark in the Netherlands?

Danish Vs. Dutch culture

When you think about Denmark and the Netherlands, you’re dealing with two distinct cultures, despite both being part of the broader Germanic family.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Danish culture

In Denmark, especially when considering history, you’re looking at land famed for its Vikings.

This heritage influences Danish art, storytelling, and even the way they approach cooperation within their communities.

The Danes are part of Scandinavian culture, known for its modern design and social welfare model.

Egeskov Castle

Dutch culture

Switching to the Netherlands, it’s often referred to as Holland, but that’s just part of the country.

Here, the Dutch culture shows a huge pride in their art history, boasting the names of Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

They also have a reputation for openness and international trade.

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The food

Food tells its own story.

You’ve got Danish cuisine with its smørrebrød (open sandwiches), and then there’s Dutch food, where cheese takes the crown. Think of the famous Gouda or Edam.

The drink of choice in Denmark? Beer and local microbreweries are a point of pride. Over in the Netherlands, the beer scene is also strong, supported by internationally recognized breweries.

So, remember:

Danish or Dutch, cheese or smørrebrød, Vikings or painters – while they share some Germanic roots, they’ve each got their own unique flavor of culture.

Traditional Danish food

Danish and Dutch language comparison

When you’re looking at Danish and Dutch, it’s easy to get them mixed up by name, but they’re quite distinct languages.

Danish is what you’ll hear if you’re walking the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital. It’s a North Germanic language, which means it shares its branch with Swedish and Norwegian.

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Dutch, on the other hand, is the main language spoken in the Netherlands.

It’s part of the West Germanic branch of languages, so it’s more like a cousin to English and German. If you’re curious about other places where Dutch is spoken, you’ll find pockets of Dutch speakers in Belgium and a few former Dutch colonies.

Here’s a quick fact list about both languages:

GrammarFlexible word orderStricter, like English
PronunciationSoft vowels, “stød”Guttural sounds
VocabularyGerman, English, Old NorseFrench, Latin, Germanic

FAQ – Is Denmark in the Netherlands?

Which countries are included in the Netherlands?

The countries included in the Kingdom of the Netherlands are the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao, and Saint Maarten.

Is Amsterdam in Denmark or the Netherlands?

Amsterdam is in the Netherlands.

Is Holland the same as the Netherlands?

“Holland” is not the same as “the Netherlands.”

Holland refers to two provinces within the Netherlands: North Holland and South Holland. The Netherlands is the name of the entire country.

Is Denmark close to the Netherlands?

Yes, Denmark is relatively close to the Netherlands, with a distance of approximately 500 to 700 kilometers between them.

They are separated by the North Sea and Germany.

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