Have you heard of the magical Rebild Bakker?

Rebild Bakker Denmark

When I was a kid, I remember going to Rebild Bakker with my family. My mom would pack a picnic basket, dad would find a great spot in the hills and I’d play hide and seek with my two brothers.

As I grew older, I always thought of Rebild as a place of calm and rejuvenation; somewhere to clear your mind and create perspective on everything. And I guess that’s what nature does for us. Or like Albert Einstein once said: “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” 

That’s what Rebild Bakker does for me. It holds a special place in my heart, and it’s one of those place I keep coming back to. 

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Why you should visit Rebild Bakker

Whether you’re a Dane or a tourist looking for things to do in Denmark, there are many reasons to add Rebild Bakker to your itinerary!

For starters, it’s one of the most vibrant and beautiful nature spots in Denmark. There are lots of places in Denmark to admire these purple fields (like Dollerup bakker), but the heathland of Rebild National Park is something special.

You’ve got the purple heath covered hills. Long walking routes, free roaming sheep that add to that idyllic setting. And then it’s close to Rold Skov, the largest forest in Denmark that’s home to the gnarly troll forest (more on that in my next post). Rebild Bakker is also the perfect spot for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking or fishing.   

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Rebild Bakker DK
Rebild Bakker DK
Rebild Bakker DK

4th of July celebration in Rebild National Park

Since 1912, thousands of people have celebrated the American Independence Day in Rebild Bakker. That’s because the area was bought in 1911 by a group of Americans of Danish descent.

In 1912, they gave it back to the Danish people whom then promised to keep it in a natural state and to celebrate 4th of July here for both emigrants and Danish citizens every year. The celebration is a token of gratitude towards the US, and the tradition still stands, all in the spirit of freedom and friendship between our two countries. It has been held every year since, except during World War I and II.

The festivities include music, traditional folk entertainment, great food and speeches by prominent Americans and Danes, such as the Danish royal family, former US President, Richard M. Nixon, Richard Chamberlain, Walt Disney, and many others. It’s the world’s largest official 4th of July event hosted outside of the US. 

Rebild Bakker DK

Outdoor activities

Rebild Bakker is more than a beautiful flower covered hill area. It’s also perfect for outdoor activities. Here are the most popular things to do in Rebild Bakker.

Hiking – If you decide to do some hiking, you can chose between a 4 km, 8 km or 10 km route. On the 10km route, you’ll pass through Ravnkilden, Lars Kjærs Mindestue, Rebild Bakker and the 300-year old Troll forest. The hiking routes are not suitable for strollers or wheelchair users, but you can bring both on the path through Rebild Bakker.

Mountain biking – You can bring your bike or rent one and head for the famous trails in Rold Skov. With more than 50 km of routes, the trails have both easy and difficult single tracks, sections with great flow and large climbs – perfect for adventurous mountain bikers. 

Fishing – Fishing is another activity in Rebild Bakker and Rold Skov. Choose between Put & Take, fishing in the river or lake fishing. You just need a fishing license.

Canoeing – Rent a canoe and paddle down the idyllic Lindenborg creek. The price is 450 DKK per canoe, including paddles, wests and pick up, if the sail ends at the estate Lindenborg Gods.

Picnic – A more relaxing thing to do in Rebild Bakker is having a picnic. There are benches throughout the hills, but I recommend bringing a blanket and just find a quiet spot. 

General info

  • Free entrance.
  • There’s a kiosk at the entrance where you can buy water, snacks and ice cream.
  • Bathrooms are also found near the entrance.
  • There’s a parking lot right outside Rebild Bakker.
Rebild Bakker DK

Where to stay near Rebild Bakker

It’s not possible to stay inside Rold Skov or Rebild Bakker, so most people spend the night in Skørping. The town is just 3 km from Rebild Bakker and has a grocery shop, a train and bus station. 

  • Comwell Rebild Bakker is located in Skørping, a 1-minute drive from Rebild Bakker National Park and 6 minutes from Rold Skov. This 4-star hotel has an indoor pool and modern interior. Find the latest prices here
  • Danhostel Rebild is also located in Skørping and is a cosy and homelike hostel with great breakfast. Find the latest prices here.

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Rebild Bakker is one of the most beautiful nature spots in Denmark. Try outdoors adventures when the purple heath covered hills blossom between July and August. #Denmark

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