30 best souvenirs from Denmark you’ll love (2024)

Looking for the best souvenirs from Denmark?

I’ve handpicked the 30 best Danish souvenirs that really show what my country is all about.

From Danish hygge and design to tasty snacks, in this post, I’ll share what to bring back from your visit.

Let’s dive in.

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Souvenirs from Denmark

Food and drink

In Denmark, you’ll find lots of different food and drinks that make great souvenirs. There are sweets, savory items, and unique Danish drinks.

1. Danish butter cookies

Imagine biting into a Danish Butter Cookie, crisp and buttery, straight out of a decorative tin. It’s a classic souvenir and doubles as a delicious snack or a charming home accessory.

souvenirs from Denmark - Danish butter cookies

2. Johan Bülow Lakrids

If you’re adventurous with flavors, you can’t pass up Bülow Lakrids.

These are no ordinary licorice treats; they’re a gourmet experience infused with a variety of flavors from fruity to salted caramel.

This is a photo of my favorite edition – the butter cookie Christmas edition 🤤

Souvenirs from Denmark

3. Carlsberg beer glasses

For beer enthusiasts, Carlsberg Beer Glasses are a must.

They’re a nod to Denmark’s rich brewing history and perfect for enjoying a cold one back home, hygge-style. Don’t forget to clink glasses and say “Skål!”

souvenirs from Denmark - Carlsberg beer glasses

4. Flæskesvær

As a quintessential Danish snack, Flæskesvær (pork rinds) are salty, crispy, and perfect for a quick taste of Danish cuisine.

Grab a bag or two; they’re addictive.

Souvenirs from Denmark

5. Aalborg Akvavit

Take home a bottle of Aalborg Akvavit.

This spirit is a true expression of Danish tradition, meant to be sipped slowly and appreciated as the Danes do.

It’s popular around traditional Danish lunches and holidays.

Christmas in North Jutland, Denmark

6. Anton Berg marzipan

Anton Berg marzipan is one of those Danish souvenirs you can’t miss if you have a sweet tooth.

It’s super tasty, with just the right amount of sweetness, wrapped in delicious dark chocolate.

Souvenirs from Denmark

7. Smørrebrød recipe book

Get yourself a Smørrebrød Recipe Book and you’ll master the art of making Denmark’s iconic open sandwiches.

It’s a gift for your kitchen and a chance to impress friends with your new culinary skills.

Jewellery and fashion

When you’re in Denmark, the range of jewelry and fashion items you can bring home as souvenirs is impressive. From the island of Bornholm’s unique sandstone to the sleek designs of Skagen watches, each piece embodies a facet of Danish culture.

8. Sandstone jewelry from Bornholm

Bornholm is famous for its exquisite sandstone jewelry.

Its warm hues reflect the island’s natural beauty, making it a unique memento of your time in Denmark.

9. Pilgrim jewelry

Pilgrim jewelry is popular because it has a clean Danish design that’s both modern and a little traditional.

Buying a piece means you get to bring a bit of Denmark’s fashion vibe back with you.

10. Skagen watch – minimalist Danish design

With a Skagen watch, you’ll have a piece of Danish minimalism that’s both functional and stylish.

Known for their slim profiles and simple aesthetics, these watches are the epitome of Scandinavian design.

11. Traditional Danish amber jewelry

Denmark’s coastline is littered with amber – often referred to as “Nordic gold.”

Traditional Danish amber jewelry is not just beautiful; it carries the story of millions of years and makes for a timeless Danish souvenir.

souvenirs from Denmark - amber jewelryamber jewelry

12. Viking replica jewelry

For something more historical, go for Viking replica jewelry.

From Thor’s hammers to Odin’s ravens, these pieces let you carry a bit of Denmark’s Viking legacy with you.

13. Danish flag keychains

And for a small but patriotic token, snag a Danish flag keychain.

It’s a simple accessory that’s light to pack and serves as a daily reminder of your Danish adventure.

souvenirs from Denmark - Danish flag keychain

Home and design

Denmark is famous for its simple and useful design, so Danish home décor is a great souvenir. You’ll find items that look good and are handy to use at home.

14. Royal Copenhagen Porcelain

Your shelf can showcase a slice of Denmark’s artistry with Royal Copenhagen porcelain miniatures.

This Royal Copenhagen china reflects centuries-old craftsmanship and serves as a timeless reminder of your trip.

Souvenirs from Denmark

15. Georg Jensen key ring

Accessorize your everyday carry with a touch of Scandinavian elegance.

Georg Jensen key rings are not just practical, they’re small artwork pieces in your pocket.

16. Bang & Olufsen EarSet 3i

For crisp sound and sleek design on the go, indulge in Bang & Olufsen EarSet 3i.

B&O represents the pinnacle of Danish audio design and promises an unrivaled audio experience.

17. Eco-friendly Danish design items, like wooden kitchenware

Incorporate sustainability into your home with eco-friendly Danish design items.

Consider adding wooden kitchenware to your collection for a mix of functionality and environmental mindfulness.

Souvenirs from Denmark

18. Hygge-themed candles

Capture the essence of Danish hygge in your home with hygge-themed candles. These pieces create a cozy atmosphere that is profoundly Danish.

Souvenirs from Denmark

19. Danish salt and pepper shakers

Danish salt and pepper shakers can add a dash of Scandinavian style to your dinner table. They’re both practical and a conversation starter.

Souvenirs from Denmark

20. Handmade Kähler ceramics

Adorn your home with handmade Kähler ceramics, a piece of Danish artistry. Each piece represents the storied heritage of Danish ceramics.

Souvenirs from Denmark

21. Kay Bojesen toys

Brighten up any room with Kay Bojesen toys. These playful pieces blend fun and Danish craftsmanship, often becoming keepsakes passed down through generations.

22. LEGO sets – Denmark’s iconic toy brand

Reignite your childhood creativity with LEGO sets. These embody Denmark’s iconic toy brand and are enjoyable souvenirs for both kids and adults.

Souvenirs from Denmark

23. Ole Henriksen skincare products

Treat your skin to the rejuvenating qualities of Ole Henriksen skincare products. With their roots in Denmark, these products blend natural ingredients with Danish design in their packaging.

Literature and arts

When you look at Danish souvenirs, books, and art really stand out. They show off Denmark’s culture and make thoughtful presents.

24. Hans Christian Andersen illustrated fairy tale book

Denmark is where Hans Christian Andersen comes from, and getting a book of his fairy tales with pictures is a must-have Danish gift. T

hese books take you into Andersen’s world, with stories like “The Ugly Duckling” and “Thumbelina” that everyone loves. An illustrated book is a great Denmark souvenir.

25. The Little Book of Hygge

You can’t leave Denmark without understanding Hygge – Denmark’s approach to cozy living.

“The Little Book of Hygge” by Meik Wiking, who runs the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, breaks down how Hygge plays into Danish happiness.

This book is a great take-home from Denmark, showing you how to live a happy life, the Danish way.


26. Miniature Viking ship replica

A miniature Viking ship replica is a must-have when you’re picking souvenirs from Denmark. It’s a small but mighty reminder of the country’s Viking roots.

These mini ships are not just decorative; they tell the story of Denmark’s adventurous past and craftsmanship.

Perfect for displaying at home or as a gift.

souvenirs from Denmark - viking ship replica

27. Copenhagen postcards with city landmarks

Handpicked postcards allow you to keep a visual diary of the must-see spots in Copenhagen.

Not only are they great for sharing, but they also make for a vivid collection of the city’s picturesque landscapes.

28. Copenhagen city map poster

A stylized poster of Copenhagen’s city map is a geographic recap of your travels. Hang it up to continually trace the streets and spots you explored.

29. Danish Christmas decorations

From traditional Julehjerter paper hearts to glass ornaments and nisser, Danish Christmas decorations add a unique Nordic touch to your holiday season.

They’re especially cozy reminders of your winter travels.

Souvenirs from Denmark

30. The Little Mermaid souvenir

The Little Mermaid statue is a symbol of Copenhagen.

You can take home your own souvenir from a variety of different versions available. These keepsakes pay homage to Hans Christian Andersen’s beloved fairy tale character.

FAQ – Danish souvenirs

What is worth buying in Denmark?

In Denmark, it’s worth buying Danish design items, Royal Copenhagen porcelain, Lego sets, Anton Berg marzipan, and unique Danish spirits like Akvavit.

What famous product comes from Denmark?

Lego, the world-famous interlocking brick toy, comes from Denmark.

Is Denmark known for anything?

Yes, Denmark is known for its pioneering design and architecture, high quality of life, renewable energy initiatives, and as the birthplace of Lego.

It also has a rich history, beautiful landscapes, and a strong cycling culture.

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What is Denmark special for?

Denmark is special for its innovative design and architecture, renowned welfare system, and environmental leadership.

It’s also famous for hygge culture, fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen, and culinary delights like smørrebrød and Danish pastries.

Plus, it’s the home of Lego and has a rich Viking history.

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