75 unique travel gifts for someone going traveling

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Looking for the best travel gifts for someone going travelling? As a frequent traveler, people often ask me about travel gear or unique gifts for travellers. But what exactly is a fun travel gift? You can’t buy your friend a plane ticket; that’s too much. And they might already have a suitcase.

So, what’s left?

That’s why I made this list of 75 unique travel gift ideas, inspired by the travel gear I use myself. 75 might sound like a lot. But I’ve divided them into categories to make it easy for you.

Most of these travel gift ideas cost less than $100 with only few exceptions, like the mirrorless camera or the Bose noise-cancelling headphones. While they are super pricey, I’ve included them because they’re the absolute best on the market. Most gifts, though, are under $40 and within reach. 

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Unique Travel Gifts for Someone Going Traveling

When you’re looking for that perfect gift for someone going travelling, keep these three things in mind:

  • Travellers love to travel more than anything else
  • We love to surround ourselves with things that remind us of travel and adventures
  • We enjoy items that can be used on the road; practical things that can help us with our packing, our flying, our planning

So, if you’ve got a friend or loved one who loves to explore and adventure across the world, there are so many fantastic items that you can affordably give them. 

Are you ready to dive in? Here are the very best travel gift ideas for your nomadic friends or family

Travel Gifts for Women

Gifts for women

Monstina makeup trravel kit ($8.99)

When it comes to packing, it’s all about making every little space count. That’s why the smallest, most compact makeup kit that still fits all of your essentials is, well, essential for successful journeying. I’ve picked the MONSTINA Makeup Travel Kit specifically for that exact reason: its compact size isn’t huge but still offers a massive selection of pockets and compartments, allowing you to keep organised.

Gifts for women

HaloVa Toiletry Bag ($7.50)

The same principle applies here for toiletries as it does for makeup. This bag ensures that nothing is spilled, leaked, or lost. You can travel worry-free with all of your essential items packed away neatly and safely. Voilá.

Gifts for women

Microfibre Towel ($7.99)

Another practical towel that can prevent a lot of headaches: meet the microfibre towel. It’s small, thin, light and takes up next-to-no room in your suitcase. There is no downside to a towel like this. A bulky towel is the worst. This towel is the best.

Gifts for women

Revlon Compact Travel Hair dryer ($14.46)

I absolutely need my hairdryer, end of story. I can rough it when I travel pretty well, but I classify a hairdryer as an essential tool for travel. Unfortunately, they weigh a ton and take up room. That’s why a mini, foldable hairdryer design for travel is a godsend.

Gifts for women

GHD Straightener ($149)

I’ve had straighteners before, but this one, ladies. This is top dollar. It’s pricey, but trust me; this award-winning ceramic straightener is worth every cent. It heats up in just 7 seconds and has automatic sleep mode and universal voltage, which makes it perfect for travel. It’s an essential travel gift that your friend (or yourself) will be eternally grateful for.

Gifts for women

World Map Women’s Wristwatch ($16.99)

Need a little inspiration? A wristwatch with a world map painted across it, as well as a plane proudly stating ‘World Travel’, is exactly the kind of inspirational gift we need.

Gifts for women

Women’s Waterproof Windbreaker ($39.99)

The kind of gift that can save you a lot of worry is one that will be forever appreciated. This waterproof windbreaker can be folded into nothing and packed into the bottom of your suitcase. It might just save you in the worst situations on the road.

Gifts for women

Wanderlust Passport Cover ($6.99)

If you also keep your passport by your bedside, ready  to disappear at a moment’s notice, it’s good to have something beautiful to cover it with. A gorgeous and minimalist cover should do the trick.

Travel Gifts for Men

Gifts for men

PackTidy Shirt and Tie Organiser ($23.99)

If you know a guy who’s going travelling – maybe for business, interviews, or simply a fancy dinner – he’s going to thank you forever for this ingenious shirt organiser that prevents wrinkles on ironed shirts. Simply iron your shirt, pack it in this, stuff it in your suitcase, and get it out when you’re ready to suit up.

Gifts for men

Philips Beard Trimmer/Groomer ($16.99)

This is to a man what a hairdryer is to a woman. If you’re looking for gift ideas for someone going travelling, look no further. Razors are an absolute hassle in your luggage, but a beard trimmer is sturdy, reliable, and quick-to-use. No water, no fuss, no mess; practical in every way.

Gifts for men

Men’s Travel Toiletry Bag ($12.99)

For the man who insists on being clean shaven and wants to pack his razor, a toiletry bag is the perfect solution. With this, he can pack all the shaving cream, aftershave, deodorants, and shower supplies that he needs to keep groomed and smelling good on the road.

Gifts for men

World Map Men’s Wristwatch ($19.99)

A world map design wristwatch is a fun travel gift idea to subtly inspire any man you know to head out into the world again.

Gifts for men

Men’s Waterproof Travel Boots ($79.85)

Men typically aren’t as fussy with their shoes as women are. They prefer all-purpose shoes for any weather or climate. For them, a pair of waterproof travel boots that will serve them well across every adventure is more than ideal.

Gifts for men

Men’s Waterproof Windbreaker ($29.99)

What better gift for a man than something he needs but will probably overlook? A windbreaker, especially a waterproof one, might just be a life-saver in a jungle or on a mountain top. So help keep him safe with this thoughtful travel gift.

Gifts for men

Tommy Hilfiger Wallet ($19.99)

Another inspiring gift for the man who loves to travel. A wallet with a sleek, minimalist look will serve him well as he gears up for his next adventure.

Gifts for men

Bluetooth Foldable Headphones ($39.99)

Bluetooth headphones are so much more of a practical gift idea for someone going travelling than wired headphones. When he’s overloaded with his luggage and a hundred items to keep track of, these hang loose around his neck stress-free.

Travel Gadgets

Travel gadgets

Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera ($449)

The ultimate travel gadget for any traveller is a camera, and for the more serious space-conscious traveller: a lightweight mirrorless camera. If you’re feeling generous, the Canon EOS M100 is the perfect little mirrorless camera for any budding travel photographer. 

Travel gadgets

Optical Cell Phone Camera Lens ($39.99)

This is the perfect gift for anyone who want to make the most of their iPhone or Android. This pocket-sized optical lens can simply be clipped onto your phone or tablet and immediately upgrade any cell phone to a serious camera.

Travel gadgets

Joby Gorillapod for Mirrorless Cameras ($30.49)

The perfect gift for someone going travelling who already has a good mirrorless camera is a small, lightweight tripod. Joby Gorillapods are the best of the best, and a very useful travel gift. They’re the most flexible, which means you can wrap the legs around everything — tree limbs, poles, lamps, anything. They’re perfect for city photos, but since they’re not super high, I wouldn’t recommend them for landscape photography.

Travel gadgets

Travel Adapter (with USB) ($12.99)

One of the most practical and indispensable travel gadget is a good travel adapter that can be used in any and all countries. This means you only need to carry around one or two of these guys anywhere on the planet. This one even comes with USB ports, meaning it’s all you’ll ever need.

Travel gadgets

Kindle Paperwhite (Waterproof) ($149.99)

I used to be guilty of packing a handful of heavy books in my luggage when travelling for a few weeks, until I got myself a Kindle. Now I can leave my pretty books at home and journey out with my Kindle, which can even fit in my jacket pocket. You need one in your life if you travel and read.

Travel gadgets

Travel-Sized Wireless Router ($27.63)

These things are simply incredible. If you’re not sure if the hotel or apartment you’re staying in has WIFI, it will probably have an ethernet cable somewhere. In that case, this pocket-sized router can be hooked up and provide WIFI for all of your gadgets – and that’s indispensable for gadgets that cannot hook up to an ethernet cable (which, in this day and age, is most of them).

Travel gadgets

Digital Luggage Scale ($11.99)

If you want to avoid guessing and then panicking about luggage weight at the airport terminal, this thing could save all of your worries. It simply weighs your luggage for you, and it’s small enough to take with you wherever you go. It’s one of the best travel gifts for someone going travelling.

Travel gadgets

Mini Electric Toothbrush ($12.97)

I’m a firm believer in electric toothbrushes. Nothing else will do. But they can be bulky. Having the smallest possible electric toothbrush with you when you travel can really help when packing for a journey. This is a really fun and thoughtful gift idea.

For the Adventurous Traveler

Adventure gifts

Grayl Portable Water Purifier ($59.95)

This thing is nothing short of revolutionary. Grayl have created a portable water bottle which can scoop up water from any source (not salt water). It then purifies it completely, removing 99.99% of germs and bacteria, so the water is safe to drink. Use this in your hotel in China, or a river in the woodlands of Canada. It’s amazing.

Adventure gifts

Travel Sleeping Bag ($48.99)

Sleeping bags are horribly bulky, but here’s one that can be folded up to the size of a cell phone. The ideal travel sleeping bag means that you can sleep in relative comfort anywhere on the planet. You won’t even know it’s in your luggage until you need it.

Adventure gifts

Travel Pillow ($29.99)

The best neck pillow on the market is a great gift for someone going travelling, allowing them to sleep in real comfort on a train, plane, boat, anywhere at all. They’re springy and soft and lovely to wear, and they can even hook onto your backpack and be forgotten about with ease.

Adventure gifts

Anti-Theft Backpack ($27.99)

If you’re adventuring here, there, and everywhere, security is of the utmost importance. You also need a backpack with a lot of sturdy padding to protect your gadgets when you’re out hiking and exploring. To that end, a solid, anti-theft backpack is an indispensable travel gift.

Adventure gifts

Travel Wallet ($11.99)

A wallet which can carry your money, credit cards, flight tickets, passport, and paperwork will fully prepare the adventurous traveller for all eventualities. They’re pretty, too.

Adventure gifts

Travel Bra ($14.95)

This one is for the ladies, specifically: a bra with hidden pockets for added security but also to alleviate that worry of losing your essentials. Especially when out on the road, running through the airport, or climbing aboard a ship.

Adventure gifts

Salomon Hiking Boots ($99.77)

Adventure means hiking, and waterproof hiking boots that can survive any wilderness terrain are a perfect gift that will be very much appreciated. I’ve used Salomon myself for the past 7 years. They’re available for men and women.

Adventure gifts

Contoured Sleep Mask ($14.95)

The perfect supplement to the travel sleeping bag, for those travellers who cannot ignore a pesky and harsh sunrise. Or who want to get some shut-eye in the middle of the day.

For the Luxury Traveler

Luxury travel gifts

Leather Travel Bag ($62.99)

When travelling in style, a leather bag is an must-have. If you know someone who likes their luggage to look good, this is a great travel gift.

Luxury travel gifts

Matching Luggage Set ($86.33)

Whether you’re a single person with a lot of luggage or a family who want to match, what better than a matching set of suitcases? A really fun travel gift.

Luxury travel gifts

Moisturising Face Cream ($18.95)

For those long-haul flights which dry up your face, or after a day relaxing on the beach, some quality moisturising face cream is a luxury gift not to be overlooked.

Luxury travel gifts

Bose Noise-cancelling Headphones ($349)

These are absolutely the best noise-cancelling headphones on the market. If you want to guarantee a perfect long-haul flight, train or bus ride, these are a godsend and the best luxury travel gift you could buy for a loved one.

Luxury travel gifts

HappyLuxe Travel Shawl ($39)

This multi-purpose shawl can be worn anywhere from the beach to the town to the ski lodge; and it’s a fantastic gift for the fashion-minded woman.

Luxury travel gifts

Michael Kors Passport Holder ($52)

Passports get worn down quickly, and if yours is in the sad state as mine, you’ll want something classy to cover it and make it look fresh and stylish.

Luxury travel gifts

Personalized Engraved Flask ($21.99)

This is the perfect gift for the man (or woman) who appreciates a personal engraved item.

Luxury travel gifts

iPad Keyboard Case ($59.97)

Paired perfectly with an iPad, this doubles up as both a soft keyboard (turning your iPad into a very portable laptop) and a secure and solid travel case.

For the Active Traveler

Active travel gifts

Pembrook Wool Trail Socks ($23.95)

If you’re going to be hiking and walking for miles over rugged terrain, you’re going to need thick, protective socks. However active you are, these will keep your feet going forever.

Active travel gifts

Merino Wool Baselayer ($69.98)

This baselayer is a life-saver in cold climates and is especially useful in high escalation as you’re mountain climbing, hiking, or scaling the Great Wall of China.

Active travel gifts

Polarized Aluminium Sunglasses ($12.29)

Perfect for any weather. A seasoned active traveller should not be without a pair, but this pair has the added virtue of looking great; a travel gift very much appreciated.

Active travel gifts

50L Hiking Backpack ($36.99)

An active traveller packs for every eventuality, and to help them do that you can gift them with a hefty, secure, and sturdy backpack.

Active travel gifts

Wireless Earbuds ($59.99)

These are great for outdoor activities, especially solo ones. If you know someone who enjoys solo hiking, climbing, or running, these will be the most appreciated gift they’ll ever receive, I guarantee.

Active travel gifts

First Aid Travel Kit ($10.99)

An active traveller is a danger-seeking traveller. Help keep them safe by buying them a small, portable travel first aid kid.

Active travel gifts

Travel Hammock ($24.99)

If you want to spend as little time in a hotel as possible and want to camp beneath the stars atop a wild mountain, a travel hammock will provide just a little added comfort.

Active travel gifts

Travel Flashlight ($7.95)

Something easily forgotten but essential if you’re going to be crossing any kind of terrain at night.

For the Responsible Traveler

Responsible travel gifts

Bamboo Toothbrush ($9.97)

If you’re an eco-friendly traveller, consider a bamboo toothbrush. It reduces your footprint on the world.

Responsible travel gifts

Bamboo/Steel Travel Mug ($16.99)

Not only are these guys environmentally-friendly, they are also lightweight, versatile, and pretty. A perfect travel gift idea for the conscious traveller.

Responsible travel gifts

Reef Safe Suncream ($14.95)

We don’t often consider the subtle effects of sun cream in our oceans, but over time that effect can be devastating. This sun cream eliminates any negative effects on ocean wildlife.

Responsible travel gifts

Eco-Pals Reusable Straw ($14.99)

The elimination of disposable plastic straws is steadily becoming a large movement. Get on board now with the gift of a reusable straw to keep with you at all times.

Responsible travel gifts

GoToob Silicone Travel Bottles ($21.99)

Most airlines allow 100 ml of fluids in your hand-luggage. With these, you not only get to keep your shampoo but do so responsibly.

Responsible travel gifts

Solid Shampoo Bar ($15.20)

These shampoo bars are simply bars of soap but made from shampoo. They also mean that you can carry them in your carry-on, since they aren’t liquid. Amazing!

Responsible travel gifts

Bamboo Utensils ($9.99)

Much like the bamboo toothbrush, this is an environmentally-kind move to keep our reduction of disposable utensils way down.

Responsible travel gifts

Reusable Shopping Bag ($13.99)

Always a must-bring for those travellers who love to shop. You don’t want to carry your backpack or suitcase with you shopping, so have one of these in your luggage for just such an occasion.

For the Family Traveler

Family travel gifts

Family Passport Holder ($23.10)

This is the perfect gift idea for a mum or dad going travelling with little ones. Able to carry multiple passports at once, this will likely save a lot of stress!

Family travel gifts

Children’s Travel Mug ($17.99)

Every child needs a mug, but one that’s a little more sturdy and durable is definitely going to come in handy on the road.

Family travel gifts

Baby Carrier ($29.66)

If you know someone travelling with a baby, a gift like this will be met with a shower of thanks. It helps their travels be more streamlined and stress-free.

Family travel gifts

Reusable activity books + water pen ($14.34)

This is the perfect gift for anyone traveling with kids. The three activity books with a chunky-sized water pen is amazing entertainment for every child on a long-haul flight, a road trip, or a train journey. Bonus: They’re reusable and make no mess!

Family travel gifts

Inflatable Travel Bed Rails (2-pack) ($34.99)

In case the hotel or Airbnb don’t have a baby cod, this is a genius invention. You just tug them under the sheet in each side of the bed. Bonus: they nearly take up any space in your luggage. 

Family travel gifts

Snack Holder ($5.89)

It might look like a sippy cup, but this little guy holds snacks instead. Great for dispensing the odd snack here and there during a long flight or car journey.

Family travel gifts

Children’s Travel Pillow ($24.97)

We often overlook the need for a child to have a smaller travel pillow. If you want to be savvy and gift your friend with a family one of these lovely things, you’ll be offering them a real helping-hand.

For the Traveler’s Home

Gift for the house

Scratch-Off World Map ($23.99)

These are the most satisfying things to come home to. After you return from a new country, the satisfaction of scratching it off your map is immeasurable!

Gift for the house

Ramen Bowl Set ($19.99)

When your friend returns from Japan or Korea and starts to miss their world-class ramen, gift them with a ramen bowl set that will send them straight back there.

Gift for the house

Globe Bookends ($36.98)

These look stunning on a bookcase, subtly letting all your friends know that you love travel as much as you love to collect books.

Gift for the house

World Map Wall Sticker ($19.99)

Every house should have a world map, shouldn’t it? And minimalist wall stickers like this one are the most stylish of the bunch. They look fun and are educational! A really fun gift for friends who love to travel.

Gift for the house

Adventure Piggy Bank ($13)

Need a little motivation for saving? This adventure piggy bank is the perfect way to save for the trip of a lifetime!

Gift for the house

Digital Photo Frame ($79.99)

A photo frame which cycles through photos from an SD card is just the coolest thing, allowing you to see a different travel memory every time you walk past it.

Gift for the house

Leather Travel Journal ($8.99)

A wonderful and thoughtful gift for someone who loves to travel is something they can fill with memories and keep by their bedside.

Gift for the house

World Map Glasses – 2 sets ($20)

For the friend who likes to think of traveling while he drinks a cocktail, whisky or a glass of water.

Safety Gifts

Travel safety gifts

World Nomads Travel Insurance

This is a very thoughtful gift, showing your friends that their safety is your number one priority. Read my World Nomads travel insurance review here.

Travel safety gifts

Infinity Scarf ($14.99)

Keeping your things safe means hiding them somewhere that a pickpocket could never get to. That’s where this brilliant invention comes in: the infinity scarf. Safe, pretty, and secure.

Travel safety gifts

Travel Door Alarm ($14.72)

These things can be hooked onto your hotel door to ensure that nobody can get in without you knowing. 

Travel safety gifts

Lifeproof Case ($52.81)

A phone case that can survive any weather is an absolute must-have if you want your friend to return home from their rugged adventures with a working phone!

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