23 best bags for travel that’ll make your next trip a breeze

Best bags for travel

There are a lot of ways to travel, but however you choose to do so, you’ll need a bag. And more than one.

Whether you choose to travel with a suitcase, out of a backpack, or somewhere between the two, you’ll want to have the best bags for travel.

Let’s look at some of the very best backpacks for travel, as well as carry-on bags, day packs, camera bags, and more so that you can have the best vacation possible!’

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Best bags for travel

Carry-on bags

Carry-on bags are great. They toe that line between a large suitcase and a minimalist backpack perfectly.

You can keep them with you on the plane and thereby save money on check-in luggage, but all the same, they can fit a good amount of stuff. Here are three of the very best carry-on bags around.

Carry-on bag

Travel Pro Maxlite – under seat

Here’s a carry-on bag that’s designed to be easily stowed away under your seat. It’s a fantastic option if you want a soft but sturdy carry-on luggage option that suits almost all travel styles.

Best travel daypacks

You can’t really travel with a suitcase and not take a travel daypack. And a travel daypack isn’t enough by itself; they’re not as useful as big backpacks.

So, daypacks work as companions to your suitcase. You’re going to need one and you’ll want it to be the most secure and reliable daypack possible. Here are four of my personal favourites.


Crossbody Bag

This is a gorgeous and stylish leather shoulder bag. It’s not the best backpack in the world. It’s not even a backpack at all. But it is a stylish day pack that’s ideal for picnics, shopping trips, and visits to the beach during your holidays.


Crossbody with tassel

Here’s another handbag-style day pack that’s ideal for the more relaxed vacation days of strolling through towns and across the beach at sunset. It’s small, strong, safe, and very stylish.


Osprey light day pack

This is a very sturdy, very solid and strong day pack. It’s the best Osprey backpack for travel if you’re looking for something small, light, and practical to take with you along with your bigger suitcase.


Herschell 17l

I love the look and design of this backpack. I guess you could call it a hand luggage rucksack. It’s a light travel backpack that looks great and is perfect to take on any day out from the hotel: a hike, a picnic, and boat ride, whatever it may be. In terms of style, it’s the best rucksack around.


When it comes to suitcases, only the best will do. Having a flimsy, unprotective suitcase that doesn’t feel strong enough is super stressful.

You want to have the most durable luggage and, if possible, some ultra-lightweight luggage to boot.

Let’s look at four suitcases that meet this need, including the Kenneth Cole suitcase, which is one of the best bags for travel if you ask me.


Kenneth Cole hardshell 4-wheel spinner

This hard-shell suitcase in a gorgeous rose gold colour is one of the most stylish suitcases on the market. This right here is good fashion luggage. More than just looking good, though, it’s also secure and totally protective without being too heavy.


Delsey hardside spinner

One of the lightest hard-shell suitcases around and very sleek. A great choice of strong and sturdy suitcase that’s easy to carry and manage while on a train or a bus. Definitely one of the most durable luggage options around.


Amazon basics hardside

This suitcase is cheap without being low quality. It’s a great option if you want to save a bit of money without sacrificing sturdiness and reliability.



It might be on the more expensive end of the suitcase scale, but Samsonite is one of the best backpack brands and suitcase brands around. This suitcase is a great investment; it will last you for years and years, through rain or shine. It’s a suitcase built to last.


The right backpacks for travel are an essential part of any adventure.

A lightweight travel backpack is important for getting around and for ease of travel, and those are surprisingly hard to come by.

But these two backpacks for travel are the perfect companions on your journey, wherever it may take you.


Osprey backpack 45l

Right here is the best Osprey backpack for travel. As I’ve said, Osprey is one of the best backpack brands and, as such, they produce the best backpack in the world: this one.

Its lightweight, ideal size and general comfort make it the best travel backpack for women and one of the best backpacks for travel overall.


Teton 65l

If you bring A LOT of stuff on your travels, this is the backpack to get. Though it’s a little too large to be the best travel backpack for women, if you like your backpacks for travel across many months and many countries, this is the one you need. It’s not a lightweight travel backpack but it’s built to last.

Camera bags

What I’ve already said about the importance of good, strong, reliable luggage goes double for camera bags.

If you can’t trust a bag to keep your beloved and expensive camera safe on a few adventure holidays, it’s not a bag worth getting. Here are three camera bags that you can count on to keep your camera safe and secure.

Camera bag

MegaGear leather messenger bag

This is a stylish and affordable vintage camera bag fit for any camera of any size, with room for lenses. I just love its design and colour.

Camera bag

Sling backpack

The big selling point for this is the many compartments. It can easily fit all of your camera essentials and it can survive any kind of journey!

Toiletry bags

A good toiletry bag is waterproof, lightweight, and carries everything you need without things getting messy or confusing.

Here are four toiletry bags that do exactly that – toiletry bags that you can keep in your suitcases or big backpacks and not have to worry about the state of the contents.

Toiletry bag

BagSmart makeup bag

This is a great makeup bag. It has separate compartments for everything you could possibly need and is big enough to fit it all in.

Toiletry bag

Wayfarer hanging bag

This is a clever bag that can be as big or as small as you need it to be. It’s the Mary Poppins bag of toiletries and I love it. It doesn’t have a huge number of compartments, though, but it’s so practical.

Toiletry bag


This transparent toiletry bag is an airport’s best friend. It’s TSA-approved and one of the smallest, most practical, and simple toiletry bags around. And it’s waterproof.

Toiletry bag

Tumi Voyageur

Ever wanted a suitcase for your makeup? That’s what this is. It keeps your more fragile items like perfume bottles completely safe from harm while still being small and lightweight enough to be practical.

Laptop bags

If you, like me, take your laptop with you on any travel, you’ll need a good laptop bag or sleeve.

You need something slender and lightweight, not bulky and heavy. But also, a laptop bag that does an A+ job of protecting your laptop across plane and train journeys, bus rides, and even hikes.

All three of these recommended laptop bags will do just that.

Laptop bag

Laptop sleeve

This simple laptop sleeve is designed to fit your specific size and shape of laptop perfectly and act like a soft second skin around it. It’s slim and slender, so not practical as a bag but perfect to slot your laptop into a big backpack or carry-on for added protection.

Laptop bag

Kate Spade laptop bag

Now, here’s a sleek and stylish laptop bag. Pitch black, thin enough to keep your laptop secure without being bulky. And it can be slung over your shoulder as a bag. A perfectly designed laptop bag for most situations, and it looks gorgeous.

Laptop bag

Banuce laptop bag

This is a larger, leather, multi-purpose laptop bag. It has multiple compartments for both your laptop and other accessories. It’s a great carry-on that can fit a book, a tablet, and important documents as well.

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