22 most stylish camera bags for women

best camera bags for women

Find the best camera bags for women in this post. These bags are both stylish and practical, and I’ve handpicked them based on design, quality and type.

A good camera bag is an absolute necessity. Your camera costs a lot of money, so it deserves a nice home. 

For me, it’s not enough that the camera bag is practical and carries all my camera gear. It needs to be chic as well, because I double it as a handbag. If you feel the same way, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s take a look at the very best, most stylish camera bags for women.

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How to choose the best travel camera bag

First, you have to figure out what kind of travel camera bag you want. This is what to look for:

Bag or backpack

This is your first big question, and only you can decide: do you want a shoulder bag or a travel camera backpack?

Camera shoulder bags are more common, and you can carry one while also having another backpack full of clothes and essentials on your back. If you’re going to be backpacking, a shoulder bag is the most sensible option. But if your camera is your main carry luggage or if you’re going hiking, then maybe invest in a camera backpack instead. The best camera backpack for travel keeps your hands free, allow you to be more mobile, and can usually fit a few other essentials in as well.


Your choices are soft or hard, and my advice here is to ALWAYS choose a hard one. You’re trying to protect your camera and lenses after all, right? A soft travel camera is only going to carry them and maybe keep them dry. But if it’s dropped or knocked, that could be the end of your camera (oh, horror!). A hard camera bag will ensure that your camera remains safe.

Quick (but secure) access

You want to have quick access to your camera for those fleeting photo opportunities, like that dolphin that just surfaced or a passing train for example. That means having a camera bag that allows quick and easy access, but one that also doesn’t risk damage to your camera in the process. This is where a shoulder bag definitely has the edge over a camera backpack.


As I mentioned, a good travel camera backpack will have a little extra room for other items like your phone and purse; maybe even a Kindle or tablet. A good camera bag should do the same thing. A camera bag can easily double as a handbag or day bag – something that keeps your camera safe but can also be used for your daily haul. Your camera, after all, is just one more essential accessory and you don’t want to have to have two bags for no reason.


Like having a hard rather than a soft bag, having one with padding is also essential. The best camera bags for women are ones that are comfortable no matter how long you carry them for. So, naturally, you want one with soft, strong padding.


Think very hard about what material you decide on for your camera travel case, whether it be a shoulder bag or a camera backpack. Having one that’s waterproof is absolutely essential, and that means one that’s leather or waxed canvas. Regular canvas gets dirty easily and isn’t waterproof so is best avoided. Also, a leather camera bag is always a stylish choice.

Low key

The best camera bag is a low-key camera bag. You don’t want something that invites someone to steal it. Of course, a stylish camera bag is preferable, but not something so bling that it makes you a target when you’re travelling. Nobody wants that. So consider toeing that line between stylish and low-key very carefully.

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Camera bags for women – best brands

When you’re looking for the best camera bags for women, these are some brands to look for:

  • ONA
  • LO & Sons
  • Kamrette
  • Kelly Moore


Ona has the finest camera bags around (in my opinion). That means hand-crafted original designs using the finest waxed leather and other top-quality materials. They’re gorgeous, practical, but also very expensive.

LO & Sons

These are stylish and sleek camera bags for women. Most of them have a style that disguises their camera bags as handbags and purses, meaning you can carry your camera and lenses and they’ll match your look when you’re out in the city.


The Gatta camera bags toe that line between being stylish and practical. They’re amazingly well-made, very in vogue, and crafted with security in mind. They keep your camera safe and look amazing as they do it.


Kamrette camera bags for women come in a range of styles: messenger bag, backpack, and tote bag. They’re leather, they’re well made, they’re very pretty, and they’re practical! Everything you need in a good camera bag.

Kelly Moore

These are classic, vintage-looking camera bags that ooze a timeless look. Handcrafted and designed with a long life in mind. They’re big, sturdy, and very chic leather camera bags.

The messenger bag

A messenger bag is the most stylish camera bag. Period. They’re also the best choice if you’re looking for a leather camera bag. They drape over your shoulder and are less practical for things like hiking, but they definitely look the best and are the most popular camera case option.

Messenger bag


This is a gorgeous and stylish leather camera bag that fits a camera, a lens, and all of your valuables and essentials. A perfect DSLR camera bag at an affordable price.

Messenger bag

Ona the Bowery

This is the best camera bag for women. It’s stunning vintage leather, big enough for your mirrorless camera and all of its accessories, and looks so chic.

Messenger bag

MegaGear Torres

This small camera bag is still big enough to fit your camera and accessories. It’s safe, compact, waterproof, and looks stunning.

Messenger bag

Rofozzi bag

Somewhere between a full sized bag and a camera bag purse, this cute bag fits everything you and your camera need.

The backpack

Not considered a fashion camera bag but certainly a practical one! And camera bags for women should be practical as well as stylish. Camera backpacks keep your hands free and are best if you’re going hiking, swimming or embarking on other sporty or extreme adventures.

Camera backpack

Sling back

A petite, perfectly sized bag that fits any camera and all accessories. Secure, sensible, and minimalist.

Camera backpack

Kattee backpack

With a top compartment for accessories, a bottom section to keep your camera safe, and an underside strap for your tripod, this is the best camera backpack for practicality.

Camera backpack

Waterproof backpack

So many compartments for your camera, lenses, and accessories, and it’s waterproof! Perfect.

Camera backpack


This is the best camera backpack for if you’re on a rough journey and don’t want to worry about the security and safety of your camera.

Camera backpack


One of the coolest and most stylish backpacks is also incredibly well organised and practical. So clever and so cool. A very stylish camera bag.

Camera backpack

ONA – Monterey

A little on the expensive side but a very well-made, practical, lightweight, and sturdy camera backpack. Everything a travel camera bag should be.

Camera backpack

GATTA – Christie

If you’re looking for a stylish camera backpack, this is it. Camera bags for women should be practical as well as stylish, and that’s exactly what this bag is.

The tote bag

Similar to the camera messenger bag, a tote is a camera sling bag that you drape over your shoulder or hold by your side. It’s not as secure as a messenger bag or a camera backpack, but it’s the best camera bag for the fashion-conscious.

Camera tote bag

Hanover bag (For multiple lenses)

A delightfully sleek and simple black design that fits your camera and all of its accessories just perfectly, but also doesn’t look like a camera bag so doesn’t draw too much attention.

Camera tote bag

ONA – the capri

If you prefer a tote camera bag, this one is perfect. The leather bag from ONA has  – besides a chic design – room for all your camera gear. 

Camera tote bag

Jo totes

A camera messenger bag style tote bag with a gorgeous leather finish but a lot more relaxed and bulky aesthetic.

Camera tote bag

ONA – The Chelsea

This is style. A camera purse style women’s camera bag that oozes chic and quality. These are what real designer camera bags look like.

The cross-body

Essentially a messenger bag without the fashion and more of the function. A cross-body bag is a secure camera case that you can drape over yourself to keep your camera extra secure.

Camera cross-body bag

Fosoto waterproof antishock

This is a practical and affordable, secure bag. Not all camera bags for women have to be super chic and stylish. They can be practical and perfectly fit for purpose like this one.

Camera cross-body bag

Bagsmart canvas bag

If you like to have an oversized purse that looks great and distracts from being a camera bag, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Camera cross-body bag


This leather camera bag is simply gorgeous. It’s not super petite, but it fits everything your camera needs, plus extra accessories like a notebook or a tablet. And it looks so good.

Camera cross-body bag

Ona Bond Street

Looking specifically for designer camera bags? This is a fantastic choice: practical and sturdy but also genuine leather and really stylish.

Camera cross-body bag

GATTA – Lola Miel

A bright and happy style that’s a really nice design, but also something that works perfectly as a practical camera bag. A perfect blend of bag and purse.

The camera bag purse

A small bag for a small camera. It’s not useful as a DSLR camera bag, but it’s an excellent women’s bag for a smaller camera, like mirrorless or point and shoot cameras.

Camera purse

Coach leather bag

Coach do everything the best, and this camera bag purse is no exception. A fantastic and stylish camera bag in black leather for city travellers.

Camera purse

Tassle bag

Available in multiple colours, this leather camera purse is a simple, sleek, and stylish camera bag for travel.

Camera purse

Michael Kors

A stylish handbag that doubles perfectly as a camera bag, especially for a small camera.

Camera purse

Coach small camera bag

If you like to always have a small point and shoot camera on you, this little camera handbag is exactly what you’ll want to carry it in. It’s stylish and discreet. 

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