25 best gifts for business travelers

gifts for business travelers

One or two of these gifts for business travelers are sure to improve the travel experience for any businessman or woman on your gift list.

Traveling for business is quite different from traveling for yourself (backpacking, vacations, etc). Traveling for business means certain expectations: to dress well, be organized, be prepared.

For that, you need to have the best things packed with you to ensure you can be tidy, organized, and well-prepared. As well as comfortable.

So, here are a few important and useful business gifts, from the practical to the luxury gift for business travelers, which will ensure that your traveling business friends and family have the best time out on their next business trip.

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Find a great gift for business travelers

When you’re looking for that perfect gift for business travelers, keep these three things in mind:

  1. They need to get from the airport to their next meeting in style
  2. The gift needs to be both practical and feel like a treat
  3. They spend a lot of time away from home, so find something that keeps them connected with home on the go
Business traveler gifts

Carry-on suitcase

The best gift for business travelers is one they can use again and again. If you’re looking for gift ideas for someone going traveling, consider a fantastic carry-on suitcase.

This particular suitcase comes with a charging point for gadgets so that they can keep organized and answer emails on the go! Every business traveler needs good business gifts, and this is one of the best.

Business traveler gifts

Men’s laptop bag

A good laptop bag is another ideal gift for business travelers. And they need to be two things: practical and stylish.

They need to be able to carry a laptop and a few other gadgets (phone, tablet, Kindle), as well as papers. And they need to look good. Just like this one for men.

Business traveler gifts

Women’s laptop bag

This women’s laptop bag also fits the bill. PU leather exteriors, compartmentalized interiors, shoulder straps, comfortable handles, and thick skins designed to last long. A fantastic gift for business travelers.

Business traveler gifts

Passport organiser

One of the more unique travel gifts and also one of the most useful! So many of us keep our passports, wallet, and documents separate and in various pockets – either on us or in our bags.

But this passport organizer keeps passports, ID, credit cards, and travel documents all safely together in one place.

This passport holder and travel document holder is one of the best gifts for someone going traveling, business or not!

Business traveler gifts

Kindle Oasis E-Reader

When we think of business travel gadgets, we often think of phones and tablets, but one of the best business travel gadgets you can buy is a Kindle.

Having a library in your pocket or bag is a miracle in this day and age, so why not treat your loved one to the best Kindle around: the Kindle Oasis?

With a huge display, totally waterproof, a long battery life, and bigger storage capacity, this is one of the best business travel gadgets you can buy and a great gift for business travelers.

Business traveler gifts

Compression socks

Compression socks are always praised as being a game changer by people who switch to them. Whether you stand up in your job a lot, run and play sports, or spend half your time on a plane, swelling in your feet and legs can be a painful issue. These socks can make all the difference, making them one of the best gifts for business travelers.

Business traveler gifts

Packing cubes

Yes, they work. There’s a lot of skepticism around packing cubes but, trust me, they work. They allow you to pack more and to keep your suitcase neatly organized.

A real important factor for people who travel for business and need to always know where everything is in their suitcase. Packing cubes are simple, elegant, and excellent travel gifts.

Business traveler gifts

Noise-cancelling head phones

If you buy this for your traveling loved one, you’ll be their best friend for life.

That feeling of getting on a noisy flight and wanting to shut out the world, then putting on a pair of excellent noise-cancelling headphones cannot be beaten.

It is bliss, and this is one of the best pairs around. These headphones are one of the best travel gifts for him and for her. Sealing yourself in a bubble with nothing but your music, an audiobook, or a podcast is a pleasure, and makes long-haul flights totally bearable!

Business traveler gifts

Travel pillow

Speaking of making a long-haul flight bearable, a good travel pillow is a must-have! So why not make it a gift? There are good travel pillows and bad travel pillows.

And this one from MLVOC is the best. Absolute comfort, absolute bliss. It makes for one of the best travel gifts for women and men alike and is up there amongst the most well-appreciated business Christmas gifts, believe me!

Business traveler gifts

Portable power bank

Every business traveler needs a portable power bank – for their phone, their tablet, and their laptop.

They have a business to conduct, and they need the power to do so! One of the best travel gift ideas for her or for him is a portable power bank – it’s something that would be very much appreciated by the business traveler in your life.

And this one from Anker comes with a carrying case to keep it safe, too.

Business traveler gifts

Universal adaptor

Going from country to country and hotel room to hotel room, it’s difficult to always make sure you have the right plug for the right socket, so always having a universal adapter is essential.

Meaning it’s also an essential gift for business travelers. Knowing that, wherever you go in the world, your gadgets will work just fine, is a feeling that gives you a lot of security!

Business traveler gifts

Clear toiletry bag

Whether you’re looking for travel gifts for her or for him, everyone needs a toiletry bag. And airport security loves a clear one.

The smoother you can make someone’s journey through the airport, the more they’ll thank you!

Business traveler gifts

Electronics cable organiser

Business travelers fill their laptop bags and suitcases with gadgets, and gadgets come with cables and accessories.

One of the very best gifts for someone going traveling, therefore, is something to bind all of these together and keep them in one place. This gift item is amazing.

Business traveler gifts

Business card holder

Just as useful as a travel document holder is a business card holder. And this particular one from MaxGear is sleek, stylish, shiny, lightweight, and bound to impress! One of the very best business gifts around.

Business traveler gifts

Eagle Creek Pack-It Organiser

When it comes to the best travel gifts for him, a shirt and tie organizer can really save him a headache, as well as time wasted ironing shirts before a big meeting.

Keep his suits tidy and clean in his suitcase with this amazing gift from Eagle Creek.

Business traveler gifts

Mini steam iron

If he does insist on ironing, though, perhaps offer him a mini iron he can actually carry around easily and practically! It might not be one of the most exciting business Christmas gifts, but it’s certainly a useful and practical one!

Business traveler gifts

Portable travel router

These things are amazing! Surprisingly often, you can end up in a hotel room that only offers a wired internet connection (especially in Japan), and this tiny portable router turns that wired connection into a wireless one for all your WIFI needs!

They’re a real lifesaver and I love them. Thus, it goes without saying that if you’re looking for great gift ideas for someone going traveling, look no further!

Business traveler gifts

Small travel umbrella

One of the slightly more unique travel gifts, but something that would be very much appreciated by any business traveler, is a small travel umbrella.

Something lightweight and easy to pack, but one that can keep your new suit and laptop bag dry in a pinch!

Business traveler gifts

Receipt envelope

Traveling for business means having travel expenses to claim back, and that’s where this handy and fantastic receipt envelope comes in!

This is an awesome and extremely useful gift for business travelers. And it can also be used as a travel document holder!

Business traveler gifts

Men’s purse

One of the best travel gifts for him is a handy large wallet that can fit his phone, passport, travel documents, and credit cards all together in one handy, gorgeous leather case!

Business traveler gifts

Women’s purse

And one of the best travel gifts for her is a stylish handbag that suits the business traveler perfectly. Something that looks elegant but also holds all your necessary travel documents perfectly.

Business traveler gifts

Leather luggage tag

This luggage tag is a great option for any business traveler. The Travelambo pair of leather luggage tags is ideal if your business traveler has multiple pieces of luggage to keep track of, and they’re conveniently small in size.

Business traveler gifts

Privacy luggage tag

The Talonport tag is perfect if you have just one piece of luggage and you want something a little larger and more private.

Business traveler gifts

Stain remover stick

Traveling can be a messy business and yet, for business, one must look clean and fresh!

The best way to keep your fresh business clothes clean is by carrying around a stain remover stick if anything unfortunate happens in the hours before an important meeting!

Business traveler gifts

Classic briefcase

They’re coming back into style in a big way, and they make the best travel gifts for him.

A classic style retro briefcase is a sleek and stylish gift for business travelers that will guarantee he gives off the best possible impression.

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