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Mexico City

Mexico City is an interesting city where deep, dark history meets modern art and cuisine. Are you planning a trip there and thinking about where to stay in Mexico City when you arrive?

In this post, I’ll introduce you to all the best districts of town, from Roma Norte to San Angel. We’ll look at what each area has to offer, as well as a variety of great accommodation for you to stay in. Let’s dig in.

Things to do in Mexico City

Mexico City is all about diversity. Its history is some of the most fascinating and well-maintained in the world. Here you can find museums filled with Aztec artefacts and art, as well as still-standing Aztec architecture. If the modern scene is more for you, there are thriving nightlife areas and great restaurants. There are so many fun things to do in Mexico City!

By the way, if you have an extra day to spend, I highly recommend taking a day trip to Teotihuacán Pyramids. You can easily organise the trip yourself, and trust me – it’s worth it! I’ve seen pyramids before, but these ones are special, and they’re enormous! 

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Where to stay in Mexico City for first time visitors - Wondering how to find the top accommodation in Mexico City? Check my guide on finding the best hotels in the best neighborhoods #mexico #mexicocity #hotels

How to find the best Mexico City hotel

Mexico City has something for every taste. You’ve got the bohemian and hipster Condesa, and nearby the more urbanised Roma district. The historic centre is where many of the main attractions are, such as the Plaza de la Constitucion (the largest in Latin America) and the Aztec Templo Mayor, Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace.

Chapultepec is an urban park area; a relaxed neighborhood with lakes, the Anthropology Museum and a castle. It’s perfect for families. Nearby, you’ll find Polanco, a wealthier and more upscale area of Mexico City

The quick overview:

  • If it’s your first time in Mexico CityRoma or Condesa
  • Where to stay in Mexico City for luxuryPolanco
  • Best area to stay in Mexico City for nightlifeJuarez
  • Best area for familiesChapultepec

My top pick is Condesa DF – a lovely hotel with great service and an amazing rooftop terrace in Condesa.

Where to stay in Roma Norte

Capital of arts and cuisine

There is so much wonderful arts and culture here. Some of the best art galleries are all clustered together in Roma Norte. As well as that, cafes feature the work of local artists and there’s a vibrant theatre scene, too.

Hotels I love in Roma Norte

Luxury – Deco Housing Luxury Rentals

This bright, happy luxury apartment is spacious and has a lovely modern decor. Here you’re in the heart of the district and your apartment comes with a terrace or a balcony. Prices start at $140.

Check the latest prices at

Mid-range –– Casa Colima

This lovely private Roma Norte accommodation is ideal for couples. If you want a comfortable little apartment in the heart of the city, this is it! The décor is classy and you get a big TV! Prices start at $85.

Check the latest prices at

Budget – Habitaciones Monterrey

With this budget hotel you’re amongst all the best galleries and restaurants in the whole city. You get a private room, ideal if you’re a young solo traveler on a budget. Prices go up from $20.

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Pros and cons of staying in Roma Norte


  • A vibrant art scene
  • All the best museums and galleries


  • Food and accommodation is a little more pricey
  • There’s less of a nightlife here

Mexico City

Where to stay in Condesa

Bohemian area with European architecture

This is the most Spain-like district of Mexico City. There’s a lot of calm beauty here. The architecture has its roots in Southern Europe and the wide open avenues feature great shops, bars, and cafes to peruse and enjoy.

Hotels I love in Condesa

Luxury – Hotel Villa Condesa

Beautiful décor with a wood aesthetic and warm colours. A shared dining room and terrace area. A calm, welcoming environment. This hotel is one of the most tranquil places to stay in the city! Prices start at $180.

Check the latest prices at

Mid-range – Casa Comtesse

These rooms have a real homey style to them. They’re decorated like any modern apartment, with a living space that doubles as a library. There’s plenty of light to make you feel at peace. Prices go from $100.

Check the latest prices at

Budget – Suites Condesa

For a budget price, here you get a shared terrace area and a restaurant with delicious local Mexican cuisine. The rooms are colourful and vibrant. Prices start at $55.

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Pros and cons of staying in Condesa


  • Beautiful European architecture
  • Great shopping and café culture


  • Not much nightlife
  • Could be boring for families

Mexico City

Where to Stay in Centro Historico

Home to many of the historical landmarks

The most incredible history is all right here! From Aztec buildings to museums packed with ancient artefacts. Mexico has a rich, diverse, and dark history that can be experienced on the ground level in this amazing district!

Hotels I love in Centro Historico

Luxury – Marconi Loft

This loft apartment space is just down the street from the Fine Arts Museum of Mexico. Here you get a full apartment with a bedroom, kitchen, living space, and bathroom. It’s a bright open space to make into a home. Prices start at $115.

Check the latest prices at

Mid-range – 1BR: Plaza SantoDomingo

This lovely apartment offers a kitchen area so you can cook your own food, as well as a terrace which overlooks so much of this stunning neighbourhood. It’s ideal if you’re a couple or a small family. Prices start at $75.

Check the latest prices at

Budget – Hotel Roble

This hotel is close to many great shops and restaurants. The hotel itself also has a restaurant which offers traditional Mexican cooking. Amazing for a budget hotel that begins at $50!

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Pros and cons of staying in Centro Historico


  • The historic hub of the city
  • So much to learn and discover here, from ancient buildings and museums


  • No real nightlife
  • If you don’t like history, there’s little else to love

Mexico City

Where to Stay in Juarez

Thriving and colourful young hipster scene

This area is great in both the day and night time. For every great café in the afternoon is a bar to visit at night. There’s a vibrant gay scene here, as well as a large Korean hub where you can get some great bibimbap!

Hotels I love in Juarez

Luxury – MC Suites Mexico City

So many of Mexico City’s best buildings are within reach of this perfectly-situated hotel. You’ll also find a vibrant nightlife nearby. The hotel itself has a modern décor with calm colours. Prices go from $97.

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Mid-range – Hotel PF

This hotel includes a traditional restaurant so you can sample the local food without straying too far. Great museums can also be found nearby. Prices start at $84.

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Budget – Suites Havre

There’s a great shopping district close to these apartments. The rooms themselves have a very modern décor with an emphasis on natural woods and lights. You’ll feel very at home here! And the prices start at a very reasonable $45.

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Pros and cons of staying in Juarez


  • A great Koreatown with fresh food
  • A vibrant hipster day and night scene


  • Little history to discover here
  • Might be too busy for some travelers


Where to Stay in Chapultepec Park

A massive and diverse city park

This is the calmest district of the city’s centre, and features one of the world’s largest inner-city parks. The park itself houses a gallery and a museum, and can be explored for hours upon hours. It’s the best place to relax in Mexico City.

Hotels I love in Chapultepec Park

Luxury – St. Isidro Corporate Housing

The downstairs restaurant offers a fantastic international cuisine for you to enjoy! The suites themselves are spacious and roomy. You’re also just down the road from the beautiful park, and you get all of this for $200.

Check the latest prices at

Mid-range – Arboleda 215

Classy, modern rooms with access to a very chill roof terrace. There’s little more you could need! You also get your own coffee machine and easy access to the park. Prices start at $170.

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Budget – Suites Teca Once

These lovely apartments feature the most comfortable beds. You’re in the centre of a relaxed central district with plenty of museums and restaurants to discover. The park is a walk away, and your apartment has its own coffee facilities. Prices go from $85.

Check the latest prices at

Pros and cons of staying in Chapultepec Park


  • A beautiful urban park
  • The best place to unwind and relax in the city


  • There’s not much nightlife to see here
  • Very little history

Mexico City

Where to Stay in Polanco

The upscale shopping and dining district

This district is reminiscent of the best parts of Paris and Rome. You’ve got fancy restaurants on every corner with food from all over the world. And avenues are lined with the best shops (at really good prices!).

Hotels I love in Polanco

Luxury – Penthouse En Polanco

This gorgeous penthouse suite is full of light, and decorated in a relaxed, minimalist style. It’s situated just down the road from the Museum of Anthropology. A room for two starts at $145.

Check the latest prices at

Mid-range – Casa Anzures

This place is full of character. A rusting, country décor of bright colours and woods really reminds you of where you are. It has a continental breakfast as well, and there’s a balcony to relax on. Prices start at $90.

Check the latest prices at

Budget – Golds 227

A junior suite here will get you your own balcony. There are also museums on every side for you to discover and explore. Prices for a balcony room start at $35.

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Pros and cons of staying in Polanco


  • Amazing cuisine; the best restaurants in the city
  • A huge shopping district to get lost in


  • There aren’t many affordable bars and clubs
  • There’s no local history here

Where to Stay in Coyoacan

Full of the best museums, galleries, and theatres

This is the theatre district of the city. It also has some great museums and galleries, but the best bit is the theatres. I’m sure you know how rich Mexico’s music and performance culture is, and you can see it all in Coyoacan.

Hotels I love in Coyoacan

Luxury – Casa Jacinta Guest House

With a continental breakfast to start your morning off, and a garden to relax in throughout the day, this guest house certainly has luxury! Prices go from $145.

Check the latest prices at

Mid-range – La Casita de Coyoacan

The breakfast at this hotel offers both continental and vegetarian options. You’ve also got a shared terrace where you can meet and get to know fellow travelers. The private rooms are bright and colourful. Prices start at $80.

Check the latest prices at

Budget – Casa Tamayo

Garden views, an outdoor terrace, and rooms that come with comfortable sofas. This budget hotel has everything you need for a relaxing, comfortable stay in Mexico City. It’s bright, it’s colourful, and it starts at $60.

Check the latest prices at

Pros and cons of staying in Coyoacan


  • A paradise for theatre lovers
  • A lot of great museums and galleries


  • Not much to love if you don’t enjoy theatre and museums
  • Could be boring for families with young children


Where to Stay in Zona Rosa

A nightlife hub

This area is all about fun. It’s a big nightlife hub with the city’s best clubs. The gay clubbing scene is particularly huge here, and welcomes party people from all walks of life!

Hotels I Love in Zona Rosa

Luxury – Hotel and Suites PF

With the atmosphere and decor of a hotel but the utilities of an apartment, this is the perfect place of comfort in Mexico City. Here you’re close to some great nightlife. Prices start at $110 for an executive suite.

Check the latest prices at

Mid-range – Hotel PF

This hotel has a fantastic gym. There’s a huge International cuisine for every meal, and you’ve got your own coffee-making facilities in your private room. Prices start at $95.

Check the latest prices at

Pros and cons of staying in Zona Rosa


  • It’s very lively
  • A fantastic place to discover your new favourite club


  • If you’re not a fan of nightlife, there’s not much else here
  • Not ideal for families with children

Where to Stay in San Angel

A quiet, cobblestoned market district

This suburban area is almost like a small town attached to the edge of the city. In that sense, it’s like a whole other world. You can enjoy the more traditional side of Mexico here, with cobblestone streets and amazing markets that sell traditional foods and goods.

Hotels I Love in San Angel

Luxury – Art Residence

This stunning San Angel accommodation is decorated with love and thoughtfulness. The garden is luscious and relaxing, and the traditional artwork used to decorate the rooms sets a wonderful tone for your visit. Prices start at $135.

Check the latest prices at

Mid-range – Casa San Jacinto

This hotel features a restaurant, and the rooms themselves are decorated with a style that mixes modern with traditional Mexican décor. It’s an atmospheric and beautiful place to stay. Prices start at $100.

Check the latest prices at

Budget – Casa Habitacion

These lovely rooms are all about that traditional Mexican décor. There’s a real homey, country inn kind of vibe here, but with all the comforts and amenities of a great hotel. Prices go from $45.

Check the latest prices at

Pros and cons of staying in San Angel


  • The most traditional area of the city
  • Great markets selling real Mexican foods and goods


  • Can be a little too quiet if you want more excitement
  • There’s not much of a bar or café culture here