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best travel handbags

Are you looking for the best travel handbags? Look no further! Finding the perfect bag for travel might not be as easy and straightforward as shopping for an everyday handbag. Because when you travel, you need to factor in practicality and safety even more.

Luckily, a practical travel bag for women can be as chic as it’s useful. Striking that balance is important, and the best travel handbags on this list all do exactly that.

Let’s dive in.

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What to look for in a travel handbag


Size is a tricky thing to get right when it comes to ladies’ travel bags – and especially for handbags. In terms of style, you want something that’s not too bulky. But you’re also travelling, and you need to have all of your essentials with you at all times, like your phone, wallet, makeup, etc.

But how much space do you need, and how heavy will all that be? Consider the size of your bag very carefully in order to get something that looks sensible but also does everything you need it to do.

Style and comfort

This leads perfectly on from size. What kind of bag are you looking for? One that’s crossbody, one that drapes over your shoulder, or one that you carry by hand like a clutch? For practicality and comfort, crossbody is often your best bet. It frees up your hands and spreads the weight of the bag across your torso, where you’re strongest.

But does that always look the most stylish? Well, yeah, it can, depending on the bag! Also consider the strap for comfort: what’s it made of and how much comfort does it offer?

Main use

Think about how you’re planning to use your travel purse or handbag. Where will it go with you, what city, what country, what weather, what kind of terrain? How long will you be lugging it around for each day?

If you’re heading to Europe to explore cities like Paris and Rome, the best travel purse for Europe is something stylish and small but also safe and secure. If you’re travelling in Southeast Asia, you’ll want to consider something larger and crossbody, because you may want a greater feeling of safety and to have more essentials on you at all times.

So, really think about where you’ll be using it and what you’ll be carrying in it; the best travel purse is one that suits your occasion.


It doesn’t really matter where you go; having a bag that’s safe and secure is always a must. The best anti-theft bags are vital for your peace of mind. But what does safety mean in terms of finding the best travel handbags? You’re looking for things like invisible seams and hidden zips – things that thieves can’t get their fingers on, but you know how they work.

Things like this are also great for style; they’re a new way of designing minimalist fashion and sleek designs. Knowing that your bag cannot be pickpocketed means that your stylish travel purse is safe and secure.


Part of material preference comes down to your own taste. Do you like leather? Are you ethically adverse to it? Do you find certain fabrics tacky? What’s your ideal material? That’s all on you. But there’s also more to it than that, like the practical benefits.

You’re going to be travelling a lot, and that means durability is a factor. There are few worse moments, after all, than that fatal sudden breakage of your travel bag. You do not want that to happen. As well as that, something waterproof (like leather or waxed canvas) is also essential, for obvious reasons!


Your final consideration is price. How much are you willing to pay? The more you’ll use it, the more it’s worth, the more you should be willing to pay. If it’s just an accessory, consider something pretty but a bit cheaper. And if you’re looking to have the very best fabrics and something chic, you’ll have to be prepared to pay the price.

But expensive bags can still be practical and cheaper bags can still be durable and gorgeous, so don’t worry too much about your price range. Below you’ll find something for everyone, including the best travel handbags for you.

Leather bags

Leather bags are a fantastic choice if you’re looking to blend function and fashion. Since they’re leather, that means they’re waterproof. And leather never goes out of style. They’re built to last and look fantastic as they age. With leather bags, there’s really no downside!

Komals – Leather bags are considered the best travel purse for Europe, partly for the fact that they’re always in style and also because much or Europe is rainy and cold, and leather is waterproof! This medium-sized tote is one of the best travel bags for that reason. It’s a stylish, fun vintage design with a lot of space and comfort.

Komals – This is another great option if you’re looking for a decent amount of space and size, but don’t want to sacrifice style and beauty. This leather bag is the best carry-on bag for a women given its great size and timeless style.

Kattee – Great luggage bags are ones that can be carried comfortably but can also fit all your essentials. Enter this gorgeous leather tote bag from Kattee. The best carry-on bag when you need space for makeup, essential tech, and a good book!

Straw bags

Straw bags are great for the beach and for summer portraits (I’m looking at you, Instagram!). If you’re heading to a warmer country, maybe in Southern Europe, a straw bag is perfect. They’re lightweight but strong, with feminine designs and a lot of breathability. The perfect summer bags.

Joseko – Straw bags are perfect for warmer countries. If you’re heading to Spain or Italy in the summer, and you’re going shopping or to the beach, this stylish straw tote bag is more than an ideal choice given its size and artisan look.

Teeya crossbody – A cute straw tote bag that also has a strap, making it one of the best crossbody bags for travel in warmer countries. It’s a gorgeous bag to boot, with plenty of space for all your necessities.

Rattan bag – A straw body and a leather strap make this the best travel purse for summer. It has longevity and it’s also adorable, so you’re getting all the fashion and function you need out of the best travel bags for women.

Madeterra – A fantastic blend of leather and straw means that this is another great option for strength mixed with style. And, as I’ve said, the best travel purse should do both, just like this one does.

Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags are great for comfort and security. The way you wear it means you can afford to buy a slightly larger one to keep more of your essentials in. They’re the most comfortable bags to carry, and they keep your essentials close to you at all times.

Estalon – I love the colour and texture of this bag. Its shape, size, portability, and functionality make it one of the best crossbody bags for travel, and it’s also stylish. This is what I mean when I say style can meet functionality perfectly.

Befen – This is one of those ladies’ travel bags that toes the line between being one of the best travel handbags and a simple travel purse. It’s not too big; it carries all of your main essentials; and it comes in multiple colours. 

Michael Kors – This bag is such an ideal size; I love it. Its strap, a mix of leather and stylish gold chain, and its trademark Michael Kors design makes it one of the most contemporary travel handbags around.

Levogue – Another great travel handbags on the market is this one. Almost more of a messenger bag than a handbag but every bit as convenient and perfectly sized. Leather, a crossbody design, and big enough to fit a few electronics. This is the ideal travel handbag.

Amelie – Once again, this is a bag that proves you can mix function and fashion so perfectly when it comes to choosing the best travel handbag for you. This is a stunning black leather handbag that oozes style but is still perfectly convenient for all your travel needs.

Anti-theft bags

Anti-theft means two things: the bag is hard to get into for thieves and pickpockets, and they use RFID blocking technology to keep thieves from scanning your contactless credit cards. The best anti-theft bags use both of these methods to keep thieves at bay.

Mundi – RFID blocking technology and an invisible seam make this one of the best anti-theft bags around. Nobody is getting into it, except you! And yet, this bag sacrifices none of its style and chicness to get there. It doesn’t look like an anti-theft bag, and that’s what makes it so cool.

Travelon – This is another fantastic anti-theft bag. The zips lock in place securely and easily. There’s RFID-blocking technology in the lining. And there’s also a mesh inside that prevents knives from cutting into it! So clever and still stylish.

Nevenka – This gorgeous and cute brown leather backpack will infuriate any potential thieves with its invisible seams. There’s seemingly no way of getting into this bag unless you already know how. 

Charmore – A great black travel backpack that’s totally thief-proof and also looks adorable on your back. It’s ideal for safely storing all of your best essentials, including a tablet and even a small laptop or Kindle.

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