10 best travel hair dryers 2024, tried and tested

Best travel hair dryers

A hairdryer is a pretty common household object. We all have one, and using it is fairly automatic. But when it comes to travel, having a hairdryer can become a bit complicated.

For example: your hair dryer needs to have two things to work in other countries – the correct voltage and a travel adapter.

Otherwise, it won’t work! It also needs to be lightweight and compact, preferably smaller than the average hairdryer so that it doesn’t take up half your suitcase.

There’s a lot to consider when looking for the best travel hair dryer. But I’ve got all those considerations taken care of here. So, before you decide, check out this list of portable hair dryers and how to choose the best one for you.

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The rundown: 10 best travel hair dryers

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick overview of the 10 best travel blow dryers. There’s one for every budget.

How to choose the best travel hair dryer

Dual voltage hair dryer

Having a dual-voltage hair dryer means you don’t have to worry about it not working when you go abroad.

And it has the double benefit of being just as useful at home as it is abroad, so it can be used as your standard hair dryer and there’s no need to buy two.

A dual voltage blow dryer is a must-have if you’re traveling to another country; there’s nothing more frustrating than lugging a blow dryer abroad only to find it doesn’t work when you get to your hotel or apartment.

With one of these, that won’t happen.

Ionic or tourmaline dryer vs. ceramic or porcelain dryer

These are the two main types of travel blow dryers. Ionic and tourmaline hair dryers are for thick and frizzy hair, whereas ceramic or porcelain hair dryers are for fine or dry hair.

You know your hair, so you know which type of travel blow dryer to get for your needs.


Needless to say, you want a portable hair dryer that really is portable.

One that can be easily carried from one place to the next, doesn’t weigh down or bulk up your suitcase, and can even fit in your daypack if you need it to.

You’ll be surprised how heavy a hair dryer can be, so the best travel hair dryer is one that’s as lightweight as possible.


The best blow dryer is a compact and foldable blow dryer.

You’ll often notice that a lot of travel hair dryers fold in two, and that’s for the simple and practical reason of being as compact as possible to ensure that no luggage space is wasted.

The size of your travel hair dryer is just as important as the weight of the thing. So, to sum it up – the best travel hair dryer is a foldable, compact, and lightweight hair dryer.

Hot, cold, and speed settings

These are elements that we look for in the best blow dryer, whether it’s for travel or not.

Having hot and cold settings, as well as calm and fast speed settings is a must for any ordinary hair dryer, let alone a professional hair dryer. So, make sure it has that.


What attachments do you use at home?

You’ll also need to consider those for your travel hair dryer as well.

If you have particularly frizzy hair or you like to get a little extra volume, then you’ll need to think about your attachments as much as any other aspect of your travel blow dryer.

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Must-have accessories and products

Finding the best travel hair dryer is great, but you’ve got to have the right tools to execute it.

For instance, does your hair get frizzy? Or electric?

And do you use your blow-dryer every day (in which case, you really need a heat protector)?

These are some of the products I use before and after I dry my hair.

Hair products

Best hair dryer brush – Revlon 

This is an electric hairbrush that provides hot air as you brush. This gives your hair lots of extra volume while also drying and brushing it. Not much else you can ask for!

Hair products

Repairing treatment – Olaplex No 3 

Before you dry your hair, repair it by putting some of this fantastic repairing treatment through it. This is something you can take on holiday and keep your hair healthy wherever you are.

Hair products

Best heat protector – Argan 

If your hair is frizzy and gets dry easily, it is the enemy of the hair dryer. So, for you, Argan Oil is a must-have! It adds a shine to your hair and protects it from the drying power of the blow dryer.

Hair products

Anti frizz crème – Alterna 

To keep your hair completely healthy, youthful, and voluminous, use this anti-frizz cream, ensuring your hair remains smooth and fights back against aging.

Hair products

Moisture – Mythic Oil from L’Oreal 

This oil keeps your hair tamed. If your hair has a habit of getting away from you, this oil adds moisture and keeps your hair tame and natural. I use this every single day and it smells amazing!

Travel must-have

Travel adapter and travel surge protector – Universal adapter

Because of varying voltages, travel hair dryers have a nasty habit of not working, or even breaking. Hair dryers are so much more vulnerable to this issue than all other appliances and electronics, so make sure to get yourself a travel adapter and a travel surge protector.

The best travel hair dryers

I’ve rounded up the best travel hair dryers at a range of price points that are high quality and promise to help you get blowouts without frizz and flyaways. Trust me: Quality makes all the difference when it comes to speed, durability, and a fab blowout.

Travel hair dryers

Best overall – 1875w Professional Tourmaline

This is a tourmaline hair dryer with some fantastic accessories to go with it. It may not be foldable, but it is lightweight and just small enough to be the ideal travel hair dryer.

Travel hair dryers

Best value – Revlon 1875W

A foldable, small, lightweight travel hair dryer that’s such a low price for all the benefits you get! It’s compact, works as well as any other hair dryer, and can be bought without breaking the bank.

Travel hair dryers

Best budget – Remington compact 

A simple, effective travel hair dryer that comes in two colors. Remington is a renowned and reliable brand that you can trust, and the price tag is low!

Travel hair dryers

Best splurge – BaBylissPRO

A real professional hair dryer that’s comfortable to hold, soft and powerful, has all the adjustment settings you could want, and looks fantastically stylish!

Travel hair dryers

Best lightweight – Revlon 1875W

It’s not compact and foldable, but it is perfectly lightweight – weighing next to nothing at all. This is a great travel hair dryer if your primary luggage concern is weight, rather than space.

Travel hair dryers

Most compact – Conair 1600 Watt

If you’re more concerned about space over weight, however, this is the most compact hair dryer you’re likely to find on the market. It’s a tiny, foldable hair dryer that you can completely forget about until you need it.

Travel hair dryers

Best ionic hair drier – Conair 1875 Watt

If ionic hair dryers are a must for you because you have thick and frizzy hair, then this is the hair dryer you need. It will manage your hair perfectly while you’re abroad, without a worry in the world.

Travel hair dryers

Most quiet – Chic Republic

This sleek and stylish black hair dryer is as quiet as it is fashionable. If you’re worried about upsetting your hotel neighbors, this excellent little hair dryer can put your mind at ease.

Travel hair dryers

Most stylish – CONFU

This hair dryer is simply gorgeous. The design here is mesmerizing and the rose gold color is so excellently chic! It is also, more importantly, ultra-lightweight and foldable, making it the best travel hair dryer!

Travel hair dryers

Best for all hair types – Conair 1875 Watt

This hair dryer is the perfect price for what it does. It can adapt for whatever hair type you have; it’s also just the right size and weight for your needs and its only downside is that it doesn’t fold away.

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