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When you’re travelling, it’s all too easy to sleep in, get too relaxed, and miss a lot of the exciting opportunities a new country always presents you with.

You turn off your alarm, or even don’t bring it at all, and just let all your troubles melt away. And there is merit to that! But if you’re hoping to see and do as much as possible while you’re on holiday, you absolutely need to get yourself the right travel alarm clock. This guarantees that you don’t get up late for your morning train and that you make the most of your next adventure!

So, let’s take a look at the best travel alarm clocks on the market. And, before that, also discuss which features the best travel alarm clocks should have before you rush to buy a travel alarm clock of your own.

The rundown: 10 best travel alarm clocks


best travel alarm clocks

Best overallMarathon CL030023 Travel Alarm Clock
    “Ticks every box: small and compact, but also sturdy.”

Best budgetAmazonBasics Small Digital Alarm Clock
     “A clear and bold time that shows clearly all through the night.”

Best travel analog alarmPeakeep Battery Travel Alarm Clock
    “It’s tiny, easily portable, and as a bonus it has a backlight.”

Most simpleTravelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock
    “It does nothing more than it absolutely needs to do.”

Most compactPeakeep Digital Travel Alarm Clock
    “Folds away into something that looks like a gadget from Star Trek.”

Best smart travel alarmCrazyFire Wake Up Light Alarm Clock
    “With Bluetooth speaker, adjustable brightness, and three different alarm sounds.”

Best travel clock radio DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock Radio 
    “Very simple and easy to operate.”

Best atomic travel alarmHito 3.8″ Digital Battery Atomic Alarm Clock
    “Keeps you informed on the current time, so you don’t need to worry.”

Most innovative Wake-Up Light, LBell Alarm Clock
    “Changes colour gradually before the alarm sound.”

Best white noise alarmDual Alarm Digital FM Clock Radio
    “Helps you get into a deep sleep.”

What to look for in a good travel alarm

Type of clock – Would you prefer a digital travel alarm clock or an analogue alarm clock? This comes down to personal preference. You could call a digital travel alarm clock a more simple alarm clock: quicker to read and clearer to see when glancing at the time. But many of us prefer to have an analogue alarm clock because they have an undeniably vintage and traditional style about them. You’ll usually find that it’s the digital ones that have more features, though. For example, a digital travel alarm clock with light is pretty standard.

Type of alarm – This means everything. You know when you watch a TV show and a character will wake up to the most annoying or startling alarm sound possible, and you think: why? You want to have an alarm clock where you can choose your alarm sound from a variety of options. This is both so that you can find the sound most pleasant to your ears, and also the one most likely to wake you up. Especially if you’re a heavy sleeper (like me) who needs something strong to get you up in the morning.

Features – There are certain features of the best alarm clock that you absolutely need, and others which are just neat and convenient additions. Consider what features you want and need for your own travel clock, like: do you need it to only show time and alarm? Or do you also need the date, temperature, radio, etc?

Cool features to look for:

  • Radio – The best thing about having a radio on your alarm clock is being woken up by information: a DJ telling you the time, the weather outside, and the latest news item of the day. And being woken up by a voice is surprisingly pleasant. It also means getting to know the music of wherever you’re vacationing: what’s the popular music in Germany? Or India? Or Bali? Find out by having a modern alarm clock with a radio!
  • Atomic alarm clock – Adjusting the time on your watch, phone, and alarm clock can be a real pain, especially if you’re not actually sure what time zone you’ve just entered. Having an atomic alarm clock means you never have to worry about that, since it adjusts automatically. All the best travel alarm clocks should do this.
  • Backlight – Having a backlight means you can always and easily know the time, even if it’s still dark. You wake up before dawn, want to know the time, and just hit a button to turn on the backlight and find out! 
  • Smart alarm clock – What’s the opposite of a simple alarm clock? One that you can control via your smartphone using an app! Does this sound like something useful to you? If it is, definitely factor it in when you buy an alarm clock.

Design – Bedside alarm clocks are extra bulk for your bag. Not much, but some. So, you need to consider getting a travel alarm that’s lightweight, slender, small, but also durable. Getting one that’s foldable is a great option to consider. Durability, size, and weight are the most important considerations.

Is it ticking/making noise? This can be a deal breaker for some, especially if you’re a light sleeper. Bedside alarm clocks are kept right next to us, and for many of us the ticking can been rhythmic and soothing; for others it’s an impossible annoyance. Another important detail to consider.

Battery or outlet? If you’re staying in a hotel, an outlet bedside clock should be no problem. But if you’re in a hostel, a battery powered alarm clock is a better idea. A battery powered alarm clock ensures more options when it comes to moving around and always having a working clock, but it does also mean you have to worry about it running out at the most inconvenience moment! Check the battery life and weigh it against the length of your trip.

Best travel alarm clocks

Best overall – Marathon CL030023
This is the best travel alarm clock around. It ticks every box: small and compact, but also sturdy. It’s digital with a backlight and its stand can be used to hold your phone instead. It also has a calendar and temperature display.

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Best budget – Amazon Basics
This is the best alarm clock for its price range. A clear and bold time that shows clearly all through the night. And it has the option to both plug in and be a battery operated alarm clock – whichever you prefer.

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Best travel analog alarm – Peakeep Battery
This is an analogue alarm clock with a backlight. It’s tiny, easily portable, and as a bonus it’s a retro shade of green. If you prefer analogue, this is the best portable alarm clock for you.

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Most simple – Travelwey Home LED
If all you’re looking for in a travel alarm is a clear, digital clock face and an alarm, this is the best alarm clock for you. It does nothing more than it absolutely needs to do. Practical and simple.

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Most compact – Peakeep
This portable alarm clock folds away into something that looks like a gadget from Star Trek. It’s fantastically compact, and also shows the current time, the time your alarm is set for (I love this feature!), and the date.

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Best smart travel alarm – CrazyFire
This bedside clock isn’t only smart, but also very futuristic looking. It works as a Bluetooth speaker, comes in five different colours, has adjustable brightness settings, and offers three different alarm sounds.

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Best travel clock radio – DreamSky Decent
Here is a small digital alarm clock with a radio function. It’s still very simple and easy to operate, but it offers a great radio function.

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Best atomic travel alarm – Hito 3.8″
This travel alarm is easy to operate, small and compact, and automatically changes between time zones so you don’t have to fiddle with the time every time you go on holiday. It keeps you informed on the current time, so you don’t need to worry. Very handy!

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Most innovative – Wake-Up Light, LBell 
This is unquestionably one of the best travel alarm clocks. It’s a big orb that changes colour gradually before the alarm sound, in order to mimic the pleasant and shifting light of the sunrise. An amazing travel alarm! If you struggle to fall asleep, it does the same for a sunset simulation and offers sleep sounds to relax you!

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Best white noise alarm – Dual Alarm 
This is a great alarm clock for helping you sleep. It plays white noise to relax you and help you get into a deep sleep. There are eight relaxing nature sounds to choose from. So, if you’re travelling and struggles to get to sleep, this is a great option.

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