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Koh Samui

Koh Samui is the second largest island in southern Thailand after Phuket. It’s home to a (harmless) Buffalo Fighting Festival and brings in tourists from around the globe to its luxury villas year-round. If you’re planning your trip and wondering where to stay in Koh Samui, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at what makes each of the beaches unique. From there, you can decide which resort, villa, or hotel is best for you on your trip to Koh Samui.

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How to Find the Best Koh Samui Hotels for you

This whole island is bliss, honestly. It doesn’t matter so much what your price range is; you’ll still be amongst the same beautiful greenery, in the same stress-free beach haven as everyone else. But if you’re looking for the quieter life, Maenam is certainly for you.

Likewise, if you want the better nightlife and restaurants, Lamai and Chaweng are equally awesome. The Fisherman’s Village is a must-see part of the traditional local culture, and that can be found in Bophut, making Bophut a great option for culture lovers.

The Quick Overview:

  • If it’s your first time on Koh Samui – Lamai
  • Where to stay in Koh Samui for luxury – Choeng Mon
  • Best area to stay in Koh Samui for nightlife – Chaweng
  • A little peace and quiet in Koh Samui – MaeNam
  • Best area for families – Bophut
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Why stay in Lamai:

  • The best variety of restaurants on the island
  • The best nightlife and bar scene
  • Plenty of Thai massage options


Why stay in Chaweng:

  • Largest beach on the island
  • Endless blue skies and seas surround you
  • The best place to relax, read, and swim


Why stay in Bophut:

  • Home to the Fisherman’s Village
  • Great place for market shopping and street food
  • Plenty of art to enjoy and buy


Why stay in Maenam:

  • The island’s secret hideaway
  • Great for relaxation and solitude
  • Surrounded by beautiful local greenery
Koh Samui Maenam Beach サムイ島メナムビーチ

Bang Rak

Why stay in Bang Rak:

  • Best traditional local foods on the island
  • Fresh food, affordable and delicious
  • A mix of street food stalls and high-end restaurants
Bang Rak

Choeng Mon

Why stay in Choeng Mon:

  • The luxury resort area
  • Great for gyms, massages, and pool
  • High-end restaurants aplenty
Koh Samui

Bang Po

Why stay in Bang Po:

  • Local cultural hub of the island
  • Home to a traditional Buddhist temple
  • Best place to explore the traditions of Koh Samui
Bang Po

Where to Stay in Lamai

Full of great spas and restaurants

Lamai has rows of restaurants celebrating amazing local Thai cuisine, as well as more international options. Whatever food you love, you’ll find it here. Thai massage is also bliss, and you’ll find loads of cheap options in this area.

Hotels I love in Lamai

Luxury – Seaview Paradise Beach and Mountain Villas

These stunning villas sit at the edge of the Gulf of Thailand. They are spacious, airy rooms with plenty of light which allow you to be right on the waterfront. From here you can access all the best restaurants in the area. Prices start at $80.

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Mid-range – Lamai Inn 99 Bungalows

This hotel’s biggest selling-point is its location: right next to the beach. The hotel pool is wide and deep, surrounded by beautiful Thai flora, and the hotel also has some fantastic dining options. The rooms are pretty and the beds comfy. Prices start at $60.

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Budget – Green Villa

The rooms at this villa have all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. You’re only a 20-minute drive from the airport, you have a great pool, and you can walk on over to the Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks in just a few minutes. Prices go up from $25.

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Pros and Cons of Staying in Lamai


  • Loads of eating options for all kinds of foodies
  • Amazing and cheap massages everywhere


  • Not the most quiet and relaxing area on the island
  • Also not a huge nightlife scene here

Where to Stay in Chaweng

The island’s biggest beach

Chaweng is is one massive, beautiful beach. Here is the best place to stay if you want nothing but endless blue to swim in. There’s also boating and fishing if that’s your thing. The beach is big enough for everyone, so this makes a great place for families and couples to come and relax.

Hotels I love in Chaweng

Luxury – Chaweng

This lovely villa-hotel features a huge blue outdoor pool, and a restaurant which serves fresh, quality local Thai food. Here, you’re also only a short walk away from a Thai boxing stadium! Prices start at $110.

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Mid-range – Samui Little Garden Resort

Beyond just having a lovely outdoor pool, this hotel also has a stunning garden to relax in and enjoy. It’s a great place to read, get some fresh air, and take in the fresh atmosphere. There are also plenty of great bars around! Prices go from $65.

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Budget – Banyan House

The rooms at this villa are simply stunning. You’ve got a spacious, sunlit room with a huge, extravagant bed. Comfort is certainly a top priority here! You’re also a short walk from a hot, white sandy beach and the open sea. Prices start at $40.

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Pros and Cons of Staying in Chaweng


  • A huge beach and an endless sea to swim and relax in
  • Great for families and couples


  • Light on the restaurants and nightlife scene
  • Less variety of activities than many other areas

Where to Stay in Bophut

Best for families

The Fisherman’s Village is the biggest cultural draw here. It’s a fascinating, vibrant, and beautiful market area full of stalls of foods, fabrics, and other things to browse and buy. You can also explore the local art for sale, and sample so many great local dishes. Bophut is the best place to discover the artsy and local culture of Koh Samui.

Hotels I love in Bophut

Luxury – Baan Bophut Beach Hotel

As the name suggests, this hotel is situated right on the beach, meaning you can leave your room and be in the sea within seconds. If the sea isn’t for you, the hotel also has its own gorgeous infinity pool. Prices start at $95.

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Mid-range – Pico Beach Bungalows & Resort

This mid-range, well-priced hotel actually has its own private section of the beach that’s all yours! At the hotel itself, you get a continental breakfast every day, and of course there’s a great outdoor pool to relax in after a morning at the private beach. Prices go from $70.

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Budget – Infinity Bophut Apartments

Lovely, spacious rooms with a minimalist style and plenty of light and colour. A private balcony on each room, an outdoor pool surrounded by comfortable sun-loungers. This fantastic budget hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay at Koh Samui. Prices start at $35.

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Pros and Cons of Staying in Bophut


  • Amazing street food
  • The best place to shop and buy souvenirs
  • Amazing market


  • Little else besides shopping and food
  • Not the best of the beaches on the island

Where to Stay in Maenam

The most quiet, reserved beach on Koh Samui

This is the place for you if you cherish peace and quiet above all else. Of course, this whole island paradise has great beaches, but Maenam is the best if you’re the kind of person who likes to feel like they own the beach. This lesser-known area is off-the-beaten-path, and as such it’s a lot less touristy and crowded. It’s a quiet slice of paradise for you, your partner, and your family to have all to yourselves.

Hotels I love in Maenam

Luxury – Baan Nana Villa

This stunning villa is all wooden décor, making you feel like you’re living the life of a local. Here you can relax in absolute comfort. You’re five minutes from the beach and the pier. The villa is also surrounded on all sides by some of the best restaurants on the island. Prices start at $95.

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Mid-range – Sazana Villa Resort

The most stunning outdoor pool, surrounded by lush wild greenery, is matched only by the most traditionally beautiful rooms. They’re decorated in a local Thai style and the whole resort is a short walk from the Fisherman’s Village. It’s simply a wonderful place to stay. Prices start at $60.

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Budget – Maenam Lodge

Here you get a daily continental European breakfast, as well as a restaurant that offers meals throughout the day. The rooms are well-lit and decorated in a happy minimalist style. The location is full of great bars and restaurants as well. Prices start at $35.

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Pros and Cons of Staying in Maenam


  • The most relaxing part of the island
  • Totally secluded and surrounded by lush wildlife


  • Very few restaurants and bars
  • Could get a little boring after a while
Koh Samui Maenam Beach サムイ島メナムビーチ
Photo by soma-samui.com

Where to Stay in Bang Rak

Home to the best food on the island

Bang Rak is where you’ll find the best quality local foods. If you’re coming to Thailand for Thai food, this is the area of Koh Samui you’ll want to stay in. This area is all about real traditional local dishes. A mix of restaurants and street foods means you likely won’t get bored with the variety.

Hotels I love in Bang Rak

Luxury – Sea Suite Villa

This place really is a sea suite, located at the edge of the beach and overlooking the endless blue sea. The views from this villa are complete and utter bliss. Here you also get a continental breakfast and an outdoor pool! Prices start at $80.

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Mid-range – Punnpreeda Beach Resort

Here you’re a short walk from the Fisherman’s Village and the resort itself has its own infinity pool to lose your worries in. There’s a laundry service to rid you of any concerns about washing. And there’s a restaurant which serves a fantastic traditional Thai breakfast! Prices go from $60.

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Budget – Samui Pier Beach Front & Resort

Many of the rooms here offer sea views of that endless blue, and the outdoor pool is free for every guest to enjoy. You can also get a massage at the resort, and they will help you dive in with some great water activities, including diving and fishing. Prices go up from $40.

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Pros and Cons of Staying in Bang Rak


  • The best local foods on the island
  • A huge variety of Thai foods


  • Not the best beaches on the island
  • Little else to do if you don’t travel with food in mind
Bang Rak

Where to Stay in Choeng Mon

Where all the up-market resorts can be found

This is the comfort and luxury capital of Koh Samui. Here you’ll find the best resorts full of massage parlours, high-end restaurants, infinity pools, and gyms. Even if you’re not staying at one of these resorts, some of them allow the public to come in and use their facilities for a fee. If you want real luxury, it’s all in Choeng Mon.

Hotels I love in Choeng Mon

Luxury – Moon Cottage

Four-poster beds, big luxury TVs, and loads of space. These rooms are so beautiful and comfortable that it’ll be hard to tear yourself away from your room! You also have a private garden area and a plunge pool. All around the cottages are fantastic bars, restaurants, and clubs for you to discover and enjoy. Then come home to bliss! Prices start at $90.

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Mid-range – Sirinsamui Boutique Hostel

Here you’ve got a fantastic outdoor pool, a pool table out on the deck, and plenty of cooking appliances if you prefer to do your own cooking. The rooms are spacious and the beds incredibly comfortable. You have everything you need, all from $70.

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Budget – Bay Beach Resort

This is a great place for a more peaceful and relaxing beach holiday. All the same, you’ve got plenty of shopping and nightlife if you’d prefer. There are tropical gardens to sit in and read a book, or a pool to wash away all your troubles. Prices start at $50.

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Pros and Cons of Staying in Choeng Mon


  • The best luxury resorts on the island
  • Great for massage, high-end restaurants, and gyms


  • Not ideal if you’re traveling on a budget
  • Not much of a nightlife scene
Koh Samui

Where to Stay in Bang Po

Home to a beautiful Buddhist temple

This is as great area if you like a little more peace and quiet, and you want to enjoy the local traditions of Koh Samui. Here you’ll find a beautiful Buddhist temple, which will remind you of the real local traditions and the less touristy parts of this stunning island.

Hotels I love in Bang Po

Luxury – The Humble Villas

Private pools, sea views, and a cocktail bar. If that doesn’t equal luxury, I don’t know what does. They call themselves humble, but they seem pretty special to me! Every room has its own private balcony for enjoying the sea views, and you’ve also got a spacious room that is flooded with sunlight every morning. Prices start at $185.

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Mid-range – Kalara Gardens

These stunning villas have an absolutely massive pool. The pool itself is surrounded by the most beautiful local greenery, submerging you in the local rural atmosphere completely. The rooms are apartment suits with cooking facilities to really make you feel completely at home. Prices go up from $150.

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Budget – The White Pearl Beach Club

Here you’ve got your own private hammock at the poolside, a great chance to relax, read a book, and lose yourself completely. Your bungalow also has plenty of space and its own patio area. There’s also a shared lounge where you can meet and greet with other friendly guests. Prices start at $40.

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Pros and Cons of Staying in Bang Po


  • An amazing temple to photograph and explore
  • The centre of traditional Thai culture on the island


  • Not much of a restaurant and nightlife scene here
  • Many of the villas are very expensive, so there’s less of a budget option
Bang Po
Photo by Devan Bickley

So, tell me – are you going to Koh Samui? Do you have any questions?

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