The 13 best travel toothbrushes (electric, manual and sustainable)

best travel toothbrushes

The best travel toothbrushes are portable, durable and efficient. But the form and shape – well, that’s up to you. I can go on about how electric toothbrushes clean more thoroughly, help keep teeth white and gums healthy, and prevent cavities. But if you’re more comfortable with a manual or sustainable toothbrush, you should go with that. 

In this post, I’ve handpicked the best electric, manual and sustainable toothbrushes out there. I’ve also included some accessories for keeping your teeth healthy on the go (as well as at home).

So, let’s explore the best travel toothbrushes and what exactly makes each one the top toothbrush for travel, as well as how to choose one that’s right for you.

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How to choose the best travel toothbrushes

Electric or manual toothbrush?

This is totally up to you. But if you ask me (or the dentist), the best travel toothbrushes are electric toothbrushes. That being said, manual has its place. I often carry a backup manual toothbrush for the odd time when my electric toothbrush needs a battery change.

And that’s the manual’s big pro: it never needs charging. A con is that they don’t last as long, so you often need to buy a new one. But that’s easy since they’re so much cheaper. But when it comes to actually cleaning your teeth properly, you cannot compete with an electric toothbrush.

Battery or rechargeable

For travel, battery operated toothbrushes have a big upside: they usually last longer. So, you can just pack one extra battery and you’re good to go. No need to pack a charger. So, for travel, a battery operated toothbrush has a real upside.

The big pro for rechargeable toothbrushes is that you never need to buy new batteries; you simply take a few hours to charge it. Thus, you save a lot of money on batteries in the long run.

Design – This is partly down to your personal preferences as well as your travel preferences. A thin, light, foldable toothbrush is preferable when it comes to considering space and weight in your suitcase or hand luggage. But perhaps a thicker or longer toothbrush is more comfortable for your hand. That’s all down to you. 

Find the right toothbrush head

Consider the toothbrush’s head shape when selecting your tool of choice. Do you prefer a rectangular or a round shape?

Go for soft bristles

A toothbrush with soft, rounded bristles is the best. Go gently, too. Scrubbing your teeth with a stiff-bristle toothbrush can be tough on teeth and gums.


As I mentioned, portability for a toothbrush is already pretty simple. But toothbrushes are best kept clean, so getting one with a carry case is definitely a consideration. It’s an easy way to keep it separate and clean when you’re packing.

Also, if it’s foldable then it will definitely be easier to fit into your toiletries bag. I’ve had electric toothbrushes in the past that were a little too long and I had to pack them separately. So, a foldable toothbrush is definitely the best toothbrush in that respect.


Almost all toothbrushes – electric or manual – have been made from plastic for years. But that’s changed recently, with the introduction of bamboo toothbrushes. They’re eco-friendly, sustainable, cheap, and have no downsides to them at all except that we can’t yet get electric bamboo toothbrushes.

But if you want to be as eco-friendly as possible, a bamboo toothbrush is a great idea given how disposable manual toothbrushes can be. Perhaps consider getting an electric toothbrush that you’ll have for years and a backup bamboo manual toothbrush. That’s what I do.

Find the best travel toothbrushes, from electric to manual and sustainable. These handpicked toothbrushes are all travel friendly.

Electric toothbrushes 

Electric toothbrushes are certainly my preferred toothbrush. Simply because they keep your teeth clean, healthy, and strong better than any other kind of toothbrush. You can choose between a battery operated toothbrush and a rechargeable toothbrush. Both are suitable for travel, although a rechargeable toothbrush most likely requires a travel adapter.

Electric toothbrushes

Best overall – Oral-B White Pro 1000

This is my personal toothbrush brand of choice. It’s a rechargeable Oral B electric toothbrush that’s affordable and reliable, even when on holiday. When it comes to being reliable, an Oral B electric toothbrush is your best option.

Electric toothbrushes

Philips Sonicare Essence 

Not quite as good as its big brother (below). But it’s very affordable, removes plaque in hard-to-reach areas and has a 2-minute timer, which ensures that you’re brushing as long or as thoroughly as you should.

Electric toothbrushes


For efficiency, this is the best electric toothbrush with a timer. Having an electric toothbrush with a timer really helps with avoiding both over-brushing and under-brushing your teeth.

Electric toothbrushes


This is the top electric toothbrush if you’d rather have batteries than a charger. It’s slimmer, lighter, and you don’t need to pack a charger.

Electric toothbrushes


This is a clever and cheap electric toothbrush that comes with a variety of settings and a lovely travel case.

Electric toothbrushes


This might be the best electric toothbrush around. It has an USB charger which is way more practical for travel than those special travel plugs. And it has so many settings and quality of life options!

Manual toothbrushes

Manual toothbrushes never run out of battery or charge. This makes them the most simple, practical toothbrush for travel, but certainly not the best for keeping your teeth clean and healthy. A good compromise is to have a manual toothbrush as an emergency backup.

Manual toothbrushes

Colgate disposable

These are great for travel: tiny, light, disposable, perfect if you’re on the go and just want to freshen up.

Manual toothbrushes

Travel charcoal toothbrush

This is a foldable toothbrush that’s ideal for storing in your hand luggage. A great backup to your electric toothbrush.

Sustainable toothbrushes

If you want to do your part in keeping the world happy and healthy, then consider a sustainable bamboo or plant-based toothbrush over a plastic manual toothbrush. Nothing is sacrificed when you end up replacing it, and it works just as well as most other manual toothbrushes.

Sustainable toothbrushes

Bamboo toothbrush

A very cheap set of four bamboo toothbrushes. Eco friendly and ideal for travel!

Sustainable toothbrushes

Plant based

Soft, cheap, ideal for travel, and you get a set of five for next to nothing! And you help save the environment!

Sustainable toothbrushes

Rainbow bamboo

These bamboo toothbrushes have the added benefit of coming in a range of lovely colours!

Sustainable toothbrushes


These toothbrushes are of an odd design that helps prevent gum disease, and are made with sustainable materials!

Must-have accessories for healthy teeth

If you’re spending time and money on the best travel toothbrushes, then you also need to consider what accessories you’re getting with them. This includes brush heads for an electric toothbrush, as well as a carry case and the best toothpaste for your needs.

Sustainable toothbrushes

Travel case with cord

A perfect travel case that fits your electric toothbrush, spare heads, and charger cord! 

Sustainable toothbrushes

Universal travel case

A slender travel case that fits your toothbrush and two spare heads.

Sustainable toothbrushes

Brush head cap (round)

Perfect for keeping your toothbrush clean, protected, and germ-free! I personally find the round brush heads better at reaching every surface. But some toothbrush shapes will suit some mouths better than others. 

Sustainable toothbrushes

Brush head cap (rectangular)

If your brush heads are rectangular instead of round, this is what you need. 

Sustainable toothbrushes

Toothpaste (whitening)

Fantastic toothpaste if your main goal is to have nicely white and shimmering teeth.

Sustainable toothbrushes

Toothpaste (sensitivity relief)

I’ve always used this specific toothpaste and it’s great! It really works.

Sustainable toothbrushes

Toothpaste (organic and fluoride-free)

Organic, whitening, fluoride-free, and prevents plaque build-up. A complete all-in-one toothpaste!

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