Ultimate Country Guide for Singapore

A small and wealthy city state in Southeast Asia, Singapore is famous for its blend of cultures – mostly British, Chinese, and Indian – as well as its fantastic street food and incredible cityscape. It’s a modern metropolis that’s spotlessly clean, with some of the world’s best hotels and resorts.


Singapore is a city-state. It is the 2nd smallest country in Asia. And also 2nd richest in Asia.

5.612 Million

Official Languages
English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil

Safety Score
90% – One of the safest city in the world 

Welcome to Singapore

A clash of cultures

Singapore was initially a British colony, and since gaining autonomy it has become a multicultural place where English is very widely spoken, but so is Mandarin Chinese. You’ll find a Chinatown and an equally fascinating Little India. British colonial buildings are still intact and beautiful, but the local cuisine has blended so much of European, Indian, and Chinese cultures. It’s a perfect global microcosm of culture.

A very clean city

Singapore may be the cleanest city you’ve ever set foot in. There are heavy fines for littering and chewing gum. It’s a spotlessly clean place and they go to lengths to keep it that way. You’ll probably never visit a cleaner country than here.

A vibrant food scene

Because of the incredible blend of cultures, all that incredible food has come with it. In many ways, food defines a culture, and with such a perfect blend of Chinese, Indian, and European culture in Singapore, you get the best of every world in the food scene. The best of the lot being the exciting hawker centres: wide open food courts with communal tables where you can pick and choose what street food you want to try. It’s healthy, clean, exciting, and a favourite place among both locals and tourists.

A great stop-over

Singapore is the ideal place to stop over on your way from Thailand to Indonesia, or Southeast Asia to Australia. Because it’s a small place, a lot can be seen in a day or two, making it the perfect stop-over.

Practical info

Weather & Best Time to Visit

You can visit Singapore all year round without it having any major effect on your holiday. However, if you want the least chance of rainfall then February to April is the driest month and if you dislike humidity avoid July-September.

Another great time to travel to Singapore is during Chinese New Year if you want to enjoy the festivities which take over the city. Although it does get crowded during this period.


US and EU citizens don’t need a visa to enter Singapore for less than 30 days.

Rough budget

  • Hotel: $100-200
  • Food: $20-50
  • Activities: e.g. $60 for Universal Studios
  • Transportation: $5-10 for the subway

Chinese phrases

  • Hello: Ni hao
  • Thank you: Xie xie
  • Yes: Shi
  • No: Bu
  • Bye: Zaijian
  • Cheers: Ganbei

Amazing experiences in Singapore

#1 Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is the most famous and iconic building in Singapore: a resort building that sort of resembles a cricket wicket. Inside is a hotel, a museum, two theatres, and a shopping mall!

#3 Chinatown

This Chinatown is a single, very long street lined with a dizzying number of street food stalls, restaurants, Chinese silks and garments for sale, and a TinTin merchandise store for some reason!

#4 Sentosa Island

The ultimate in luxury islands, Sentosa is connected to the main area of Singapore by a single road, and is otherwise its own unique resort area built for fun and relaxation.

#5 Gardens by the Bay

This is the real-life Avatar! Huge towers overgrown with greenery light up in all manner of colours and you can walk in it and on it like a futuristic rainforest.

#6 Little India

An area with more quality restaurants and fewer street food stalls, but where you can buy fantastic clothes and fabrics. You can also get spices and ingredients to make your own Indian meals at home.

#7 Clarke Quay

This historic quay was named after Singapore’s second governor. The restored warehouses along the quay are now host to some of Singapore’s best restaurants and night clubs.

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