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I’ve been just WAITING for the moment to share my upcoming travel plans. Friends, readers, adventure loving people of the world: let me introduce you to where I’ll be going this summer:

My own backyard.

Ok fine, my backyard might be a slight exaggeration. I will explore my own continent, Europe; an area I have neglected in order to traverse more exotic destinations such as Asia and Central America. Now it’s time for a change so this summer I will be traipsing around the Balkans and Northern Europe.

Croatia and Slovenia have been on my bucket list for a while. So when I was invited on a press trip to Northern Croatia, I decided to prolong the trip and explore some of the neighboring countries while I am at it (what else was there to do!).

I am excited to be traveling solo to the Balkan region, and by excited I do definitely mean terrified. But that’s just me; the constant worrier. I’ll get over myself as soon as I arrive.


Photo by Mirca

Yep. Not kidding.

First stop on my trip is Slovenia. I was first intrigued to visit this country because of its breathtaking beauty and because it’s not the typical tourist destination. Also, I’d love to visit Ljubljana (don’t you just love the sound of this tongue-twisting word? My super-linguist-nerdy self LUVES it).

During my time in the capital, I’ll spend the night behind bars. Errr. Confused? All shall be revealed in good time.

After my release, I head north to Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, Dreznica and Soca valley where I’ll try glamping. Lake Bled is what you see on the picture above. Looks good, right?



Photo by Jack Brauer. Not Jack Bauer, which would have been cool.

Ah, just look at that waterfall. It’s stunning, isn’t it? This is the first picture I ever saw of Croatia if we don’t count King’s Landing in Game of Thrones. The photo is taken in Plitvice, which is where I’ll be going after my press trip to Istria in Northern Croatia.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by VisitCroatia, the Croatian National Tourism Board, who invited me to Istria to help promote this area. I was thrilled. Obviously. So I will spend a week in Northern Croatia enjoying gourmet food, wine tasting and fun adventures while sharing it all on social media. Be sure to follow along.

I will move south toward Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik after that.


To be honest, I had never thought about going to Bosnia. That is, until I spoke to several Bosnians who raved about how absolutely STUNNING the nature is. Now I’ll find out for myself.



Photo by amira_a

I’m really excited about Montenegro. Until recently I hadn’t really heard anything about this country, but then this picture happened. Just look at it. How can I NOT go?

I will be spending time in Kotor Bay and Durmitor National Park before I head back home to Denmark.


Soaring high cliffs. Extreme danger. Adrenaline adventure. Looks like something I’ve done before?

I have been DREAMING of visiting Trolltunga in Norway since forever. And although I have no intention of doing a balancing act like on the photo above, I’d love to hike the norske fjelle (Norwegian mountains). I hope to visit in late summer.



Photo by Jacob Surland

And last but not least: my gorgeous home country. I’ll be touring Northern Jutland as usual, Fyn, Copenhagen and maybe Bornholm, where I havent’ been since the 6th grade.

So, as you can see, I have a busy schedule ahead of me this summer. I’m really excited about my travel plans and all the gazillion tons of photos I’ll be snapping all summer long.

Isn’t it exciting! Do you have any travel plans for summer?