10 best places to travel alone in Asia (2024)

Koh Chang, Thailand

So, you’ve decided to travel solo in Asia, and your first question is probably: What are the best places to travel alone?

Well, you’ve picked the perfect place for solo travel, because Asia has a lot of countries that are more than suitable as solo female travel destinations. In fact, in many ways, traveling alone in Asia is safer than in the U.S., Latin America, or Africa. 

There is far, far less violence in most Asian countries and therefore less of a reason to be nervous when traveling alone. Traffic is actually the main thing to be really careful of in Asia, which is something you can work around.

So, what are the very best places to travel alone in Asia?

Here are 10 recommendations if you’re planning to solo travel to Southeast Asia or East Asia.

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Best places to travel alone in Asia

When you look for countries to visit on your solo trip to Asia (especially if it’s your first time), choose with these four things in mind:

  • Easy to visit.  Choose a country where locals speak English, are used to tourists, and where everything is well-signed. It makes it much easier to visit. 
  • Good infrastructure. You want to be able to get from A to B easily. So, pick a place where the roads and infrastructure are good.
  • Friendly locals. Go where you’ll find the most hospitable and welcoming locals. In most capital cities in Asia, you’ll find plenty of English spoken and locals to talk to and help you along the way.
  • Overall safety. Asia is a great place for solo travel. It was my first solo travel destination and I highly recommend it. Petty crimes like pickpocketing and purse-snatching, while not non-existent, are 99% of the time never violent. And bigger crimes happen rarely. As I mentioned above, your main concern is traffic because people drive like crazy (especially people on scooters!). Take extra care if you drive a motorcycle/scooter and when you cross the road. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, this can be a hair-raising experience! 

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Solo travel in Asia

So, why is it so safe to solo travel Asia?

Why are the countries some of the safest places to travel alone? For Southeast Asia, a big part of it is that you’re always meeting fellow like-minded solo travelers and backpackers. You’re all there for the same reason and you can support each other.

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Beyond that, the people of many East Asian countries are often simply more peaceful. This can come down to their politics (wealth is often distributed more evenly in places like Thailand and Japan). Or it has to do with education, religion, and general respect.

But, whatever the reasons, backpacking alone or traveling alone in Asia is safe in most places, and here are the top 10 best places to travel alone.


For solo travel, Singapore will always be number one. It’s the cleanest and most organized and orderly of all the countries in Asia, which makes you feel in good hands.

Singapore has a huge blend of Chinese, Indian, and Western cultures all living together in harmony. It’s absolutely one of the safest countries for both male and solo female travelers.

In fact, if it’s your first time doing solo travel, Singapore is a great starting point.

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Solo female travel in Thailand is as safe as can be in every big tourist area: the islands, the capital of Bangkok, and the northern towns of Chiang Mai and Pai.

Thailand is so full of travelers just like you, traveling to Thailand alone, backpacking alone, so you’re always sure to meet someone to talk to.

Solo female travel in Thailand is a secure and amazing experience where you can get a massage, visit the markets, and relax at the beach without much of a care in the world (except deciding when to get your next tequila sunrise).

I love travelling alone in Thailand and I highly recommend it!

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Bali (Indonesia)

Travelling Southeast Asia alone is an adventure, and there’s no place packed with more adventure than Indonesia!

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations right now, for honeymoons, family vacations, and solo travelers just like us! And when you get there, you’ll see what I mean.

In Bali, you’ll find fellow solo travellers backpacking alone. You can make friends with them or travel with them for a while. It’s quite common actually.

And the locals are the sweetest, most caring people on the planet (maybe except for Bosnians, who are seriously the friendliest people, but that’s for another blog post).

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Boracay (Philippines)

Another one of the best places to travel alone is The Philippines.

For solo travel, the Philippines is one of the best experiences you can have. You’ve got thousands of islands to choose from, each with something unique to offer, from beaches to mountains to lagoons and more.

People in the Philippines are so kind and welcoming. And Borocay specifically is what makes it one of the best countries to travel alone.

Borocay is a beach island paradise where you’ll find the best beach (White beach), a laid-back vibe, and leave all your troubles behind. For solo travel, Philippines is peak.

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Beautiful sunsets at Boracay

Siem Reap (Cambodia)

You’ve seen Tomb raider, right? Well, Siem Reap is where the movie is partially shot.

It’s the ancient capital and the gateway to the world-famous travel destination (and UNESCO World Heritage site) Angkor Wat.

It’s a fun town and an easy place to travel alone, where you’ll definitely meet other like-minded travelers.

And if you worry about safety, please don’t. Although Cambodia has a dark and tragic history, it’s very safe and peaceful today.

I’ve been there twice, and while it’s a little more rough around the edges than Laos or Thailand, I felt just as secure as in the rest of Southeast Asia. Plus, it’s super cheap in Cambodia, so you can go ahead and splurge on a 4-star luxury hotel for just $53 per night. 

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Dalat (Vietnam)

I love all of Vietnam, honestly. And Dalat specifically is a magical place among safe solo travel destinations.

Dalat may be lesser known than Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi but that’s a good thing! It’s quieter, safer, and more relaxed than its more bustling cousins.

Dalat is a very natural place, surrounded by rice fields and farmlands, and with some really friendly people. It’s one of the best places to solo travel in Southeast Asia.


Luang Prabang (Laos)

Oh, Laos. It really is an underrated country. Maybe because of the infrastructure, which – granted – isn’t great.

But the beautiful city of Luang Prabang is definitely worth visiting and it’s a favorite solo female travel destination. It was once the ancient capital and is now a perfectly preserved and stunning piece of history that still lives and thrives today.

Think silk markets, Buddhist temples, and beautiful waterfalls. It’s an idyllic and peaceful place, perfect for solo travel! It’s a bit like Pai in Northern Thailand. Kind of spiritual and laid-back. 

Gili Trawangan (Indonesia)

Another part of Indonesia that’s really great as a solo female travel destination is Gili Trawangan.

The largest of the three Gili Islands, and the one furthest from the mainland, Gili Trawangan is nothing less than a tropical island paradise where you can sunbathe, swim, and dive.

There are no cars on the Gili islands. Just bikes and horse-drawn carts. Just imagine the silence.

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Gili Trawangan

Hong Kong

Despite its size and how overwhelmingly busy it can be, Hong Kong also deserves a spot on my list of the safest places to travel alone – especially among solo female travel destinations.

The people of Hong Kong are used to tourists, the infrastructure is great and easy, and English is widely spoken. Don’t miss out on visiting Hong Kong – it’s perfect as a stopover!

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Hong Kong


Although I haven’t been to Japan YET, I’ve only heard praises when it comes to safety and easy traveling. It’s often and famously touted as one of the safest countries to visit, solo traveler or not. And I can easily imagine.

The Japanese people I’ve met have been peaceful, respectful, helpful, and kind. And on top of that, it’s spotlessly clean everywhere (koi fish swim in the storm drains).

For a safe and magical solo travel experience, Japan is a great bet. I wouldn’t think twice about going there by myself. 

Tips for traveling alone

Okay, so you’ve seen some of the best places to travel alone in Asia. Let’s talk about the practical stuff, like what to pack, how to get around, and other solo travel tips. 

What to pack

Southeast Asia is hot, so light summer clothes are always a must-take. The most important thing in Asia is feeling comfortable, so think sandals, shorts, thin and breathable clothes. Also, make sure to bring mosquito repellent everywhere you go. Check out my Ultimate Asia packing list for all the details!

How to get around

If you’re planning to take a bus or a train between cities or even across borders, the best way to organize, plan, and book those trains and buses is with 12Go. It’s an Asia-specific travel site that helps you book whatever you need to get around easily.

How to meet other people

The best way to meet people when traveling is by booking an organized tour. On tours, you meet like-minded solo travelers and it’s just the best way to make some new friends.

Every single time I take a tour, I get chatting with a fellow solo traveler and I have some great company to enjoy the day or even the week with. And to do that, you can book a tour through GetYourGuide, wherever you are in the world.

General safety tips for solo travelers

Despite being safe countries, you obviously need to take a few precautions. Things like getting yourself a rubber doorstop for your hotel room, and watching what you drink and where.

Never overdo it with alcohol if you’re traveling alone; you never want to feel vulnerable or lost.

Also make sure you have the address of your hotel, as well as the local emergency numbers for the emergency services written down. Read all my best safety tips for solo travel.

Door stopper / Pad locks / Safety scarf / Personal alarm

Book your trip

Book your flight – The best way to find cheap flights is through either Skyscanner or Kiwi.

Both sites do all the legwork for you when it comes to searching for the best and cheapest flights to anywhere in the world. I always use both to find the very best deals.

Find your accommodation – Whether you’re looking for a hotel, a hostel, or an Airbnb, you can find what you need on Booking.com. Here you can check out the best deals, look at user reviews, look through photos, and pick the very best hotel for your needs and your price range.

Don’t forget travel insurance – Never ever go anywhere without travel insurance, trust me!

It can save you in so many ways, whether through accident, illness, or lost luggage. It has certainly saved me!

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