Top 10 dishes around the world

One of the wonders of traveling is the different sorts of dishes you get to taste. Here’s a list of some of my favourites:

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10. Balleadas – a local Honduran dish


It doesn’t look like much, but it certainly tastes great! This national dish from Honduras consists of a freshly baked pancake with chicken (or whatever else you like), dressing, kidney beans and cheddar. It’s only $1,5 in street kitchens.

9. Falafel from Guatemala



See, this dish shouldn’t really be named a Guatemalan dish since it’s from Israel. However, I got this amazingly tasteful falafel with humus at a restaurant called Hummus Ya at Lake Atitlan. I paid $4 for it.

8. Fried lobster a la El Salvador


Barbecued lobster with garlic and chili served with fried banana chips and an ice-cold Corona. Yes, thank you! I paid $18 for this meal in San Salvador and it was worth every penny.

7. Shiiiiish kebab


I love love looove Middle Eastern food. The spices, the ingredients, the dipping. It’s fantastic! I got this dish in Qatar – smoked lamb with loads of fresh spices – for $17. A little pricy, but totally worth it.

6. Prasad


Prasad is holy vegetarian food from India prepared with (and without) certain ingredients. According to Indian tradition, it’s supposed to be better for both body and mind. This was served in the ashram I lived in. Free of charge.

5. Thai red curry


Thai red curry is another one of my favourites. It is served with prawns or chicken and both ways it tastes D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S! It’s only $3.

4. Fried rice with chicken & cashews


Thai food is just amazing, really. It’s so simple with the rice, egg, chicken and cashews, but somehow it tastes of a lot more than that. You could try this dish in your local countries as well. We have a great Thai restaurant here in Aarhus called The White Elephant and they serve this dish for $18 (In Thailand I pay $3).

3. Yak steak with naan bread



In Tibet, everything is made of yak. And I do mean everything. The food, the pillow, the dyne, the milk, and some of the houses even. Though you tend to get a little fed up with the animal, this dish never gets boring! It tastes just like a good steak; very tender and it melts on the tongue. I won’t even begin to praise the Naan!

2. Motton kebab



I found this local place in Dubai where they served Motton kebab with different sorts of dipping  (kinda like the Indian Thali). It was no less than über delightful, and it definitely deserves a second place on my list! $6 for this yummy dish.

1. Pizza Company


Yes, I’ll admit it looks suspiciously much like Pizza Hut, but it is not. I guarantee! Somehow this thai mastermind of deep pan has come up with the perfect, and I really mean perfect, type of sauce. If you go to Thailand, you have to visit Pizza Company.  It costs around $8 for a deep pan, but they often go with a: Buy 2,  get 1 promotion.

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