12 spiritual things to do in Bali

spiritual things to do in Bali

Bali is one of the most spiritual places in the world. You’ll find healers, shamans, temples, spiritual retreats and many other spiritual activities here that can offer you a rejuvenating experience.

I spent a month in Bali during my own spiritual journey, and I’ve made a list of the best spiritual things to do in Bali.

I’ve included both day tours, single activities and a retreat so you have a varied selection of the best experiences.

Let’s take a look.

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Spiritual things to do in Bali

You have a lot of different spiritual experiences to choose from, and I’ve handpicked the best ones.

Below you’ll find the top options that will give you an incredible experience of the spirituality in Bali and some of the most unusual things to do on the island of the Gods.

1. Soul retreat and aura cleansing experience

Rating: 4.9 of 5 stars (24 reviews) | Read all reviews here

This day tour takes 8 hours and takes you to several spiritual stops.

You’ll begin with a peaceful walk in the lush jungle of Bukit Penulisan, followed by a meditation session to relax your mind and body, remove stress, and find inner balance. The goal is to elevate your consciousness and achieve spiritual awareness for healing and personal growth.

Afterwards, you’ll participate in a jungle smudging ritual where incense smoke is used to clear away negative energies and unwanted influences. This purifying ritual can help improve your mood, spiritual energy and overall wellbeing.

The day ends with a holy bathing ritual called Melukat at one of Bali’s sacred spring temples. This cleansing process helps to heal you emotionally while cleansing your aura.

Working with your aura is also an essential part of spiritual growth, combining meditation and prayer into meditative prayers.

Some key points:

  • The tour takes 8 hours
  • Pickup and drop-off back at your hotel
  • Jungle walk, meditation, smudging ritual (purifying ritual), bathing ritual and aura cleansing

2. Eat, Pray, Love tour

Bali, Indonesia

Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars (128 reviews) | Read all reviews here

On this Eat, Pray, Love tour, you’ll walk in Elizabeth Gilbert’s footsteps.

First, you’ll walk through Ubud’s scenic rice paddy fields with a local guide and experience a great view of Mother nature.

Next, you’ll visit Intuitive Flow, one of the best yoga studios in Bali. Enjoy a 1.5-hour yoga class with a small group of only 20 participants while taking in the stunning view of mountains and trees. You can actually see the sun rising above Mt Agung in the morning classes – it’s pure magic.

Continue your spiritual journey by visiting Tirta Empul, one of Bali’s most sacred spots. Bathe in the holy waters and participate in a spiritual cleansing ceremony guided by an experienced guide.

Afterward, complete your spiritual experience by visiting one of Ubud’s most famous fortune tellers to have your life’s questions answered.

The day ends at one of Bali’s best vegan restaurants that offer healthy, hearty, and simply delicious raw food options.

Some key points:

  • The tour takes 8 hours
  • Wander through scenic rice paddies
  • Practice yoga with a breathtaking view in a quiet area in Ubud
  • Talk to a Balinese fortune teller and have your life’s questions answered
  • Purification ceremony at a holy spring water temple
  • Enjoy raw, organic and vegan food

3. Bali Shaman,Palm Reading,& Spiritual

spiritual things to do in Bali

Read all reviews here

This half-day tour will take you to a respected healer and palm reader for a fully private talk. Whether you seek advice on health issues or direction in life, your guide can connect you with the right healer or fortune teller. You can ask them anything about life and your current situation, and they’ll help guide you.

Bali’s traditional healers, also known as Balians, dukun, or shamans, have been in the international spotlight since the release of Eat Pray Love. They play an integral role in Bali’s culture by treating physical and mental illness, removing spells, and channeling information from ancestors.

After that, you’ll continue to Holy Springs Water for a purification ritual that will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed.

Some key points:

  • The tour takes 8 hours
  • Get picked up and dropped off at your hotel by a dedicated driver
  • Palm reading
  • Holy springs

4. Spiritual cleansing and shamanic healing

spiritual things to do in Bali

Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars (325 reviews) | Read all reviews here

This spiritual cleansing tour begins in the morning, where you will be picked up from your hotel and head to the temple to meet one of the best Balinese Shamans from Puri Negari.

The shamans combine Yagna, Yatra, and Mantra healing practices to provide a holistic approach to spiritual healing.

Afterwards, you’ll participate in a traditional spiritual cleansing ritual at Tirta Empul temple’s holy springs water. This sacred site has been known for centuries for its purification properties, allowing you to release negative energies and emotions while restoring balance and harmony within yourself.

Some key points:

  • The tour takes 8 hours
  • Get picked up and dropped off at your hotel by a dedicated driver
  • Meet a Balinese Shaman for advise and healing
  • Spiritual cleansing at Tirta Empul temple

5. Temple tour

Did you know that Bali has more than 20,000 temples? Obviously, it’s impossible to see them all, nor is it necessary. A handful of the temples in Bali are definitely worth visiting while you’re here, though.

You can join several organised tours that will combine one of two temples with other Bali sights. However, if you’d like to choose your own temple itinerary, I highly recommend that you book a private driver to take you.

That’s what I did and it’s by far the best way to see them all.

The temples I recommend seeing for a spiritual experience are:

  1. Tirta Empul (water temple)
  2. Ulun Danu (lake temple)
  3. Pura Lempuyang (most Instagrammable temple)
  4. Gunung Kawi Temple (underground temple)
  5. Tanah Lot for sunset (overlooking the ocean)

6. Spiritual yoga retreat

best spiritual retreats in Bali

Rating: 5.0 of 5 stars (33 reviews) | Read all reviews here

One of the best spiritual experiences in Bali is attending a spiritual retreat.

The benefit of a retreat is that you’ll spend several days experiencing deep connections with yourself and like-minded people.

This women’s retreat is the best one. It’s for women only and it’s led by a spiritual psychologist who combines her knowledge within psychology and spirituality for a one-of-a-kind experience.

7. Food detox

food in Ubud

Aaah, the food… It’s one of the best, most healing aspects of Bali.

The Balinese food is not only nourishing and wholesome but also fresh, organic and innovative. What’s more, you get to enjoy it in naturally beautiful settings that add to the overall experience.

Whether you dive into the heathy food on your own or decide to attend one of the popular detox programs, you’ll experience how the food nourishes, nurtures, and cleanses your body, mind, and spirit.

8. Ayurvedic retreat

spiritual things to do in Bali

Rating: 4.9 of 5 stars (24 reviews) | Read all reviews here

This luxury ayurvedic retreat offers an exclusive and rejuvenating experience. What sets this retreat apart is the focus on Ayurveda, which is not just about physical health but also mental and spiritual well-being.

You can join yoga sessions in the morning and at sunset along with other activities like Udwartana and Avagaha sweda.

You can also experience Balinese massages, an Ayurveda wellness consultation, Marma energy, Banjar hot springs, an eco-forest walk, the Vihara buddhist temple, reflexology, and a sunrise dolphin sail.

The retreat ends with an Ayurvedic facial before you depart.

Some key points:

  • The tour takes 8 hours
  • Airport transfer
  • Daily sunset and sunrise yoga
  • 13 Ayurvedic and spa treatments per person
  • Banjar hot springs, eco-forest walk, Vihara Buddhist temple
  • Daily fresh, locally sourced meals
  • Sunrise dolphin sail

9. Kecak trance show

spiritual things to do in Bali

Rating: 5.0 of 5 stars (237 reviews) | Read all reviews here

The island of Bali is rich in culture and religion, and no matter where you are, you’ll get the chance to see traditional dances with exotic masks and mythic storytelling.

There are several performances to choose between, but I was particularly impressed by the kecak dance. I watched it in Ubud, but it’s prettier in Uluwatu because of the scenic view.

Book a Kecak Fire and Dance Show in Uluwatu here.

Some key points:

  • The tour takes 5 hours
  • Get picked up and dropped off at your hotel by a dedicated driver

10. Blessing and Traditional Healing at Balian Jro Gede Eka Sukawati

spiritual things to do in Bali

Rating: 5.0 of 5 stars (9 reviews) | Read all reviews here

This tour takes you to see Jro Mangku Eka Sukawati – a Balinese healer specialising in energy healing for positive change.

His methods include removing bad spirits, improving chakra points and kundalini through massage and herbal oil treatments.

This is an opportunity for you to experience Balinese spirituality and receive powerful healing from an experienced practitioner.

Some key points:

  • The tour takes 1-2 hours
  • Get picked up and dropped off at your hotel by a dedicated driver

11. Bali Meditation Class at Jro Gede Eka Sukawati

spiritual things to do in Bali

Read more here

The local healer, Jro Mangku Eka Sukawati, also offers meditation classes, which you can experience on this spiritual tour.

Your journey begins with an energy cleansing ceremony called melukat, followed by energy healing and traditional Balinese medicine to detect and treat any diseases.

You’ll then learn different techniques and breath control with Pranayama, while also gaining insight into chakra points.

With his guidance, you can process the energy that enters and leaves each chakra point for a more peaceful mind and healthier life.

Some key points:

  • The tour takes 2-3 hours
  • Get picked up and dropped off at your hotel by a dedicated driver

12. Matasidhi Holy Trip for the Soul

spiritual things to do in Bali

Rating: 4.9 of 5 stars (7 reviews) | Read all reviews here

This spiritual tour in Bali gives you four experiences in one. The shamanic healing tour allows you to try water soul cleansing at a waterfall followed by sound and crystal relaxation healing.

You’ll do an animal release as a compassionate act and then get a karmic reading from a Balinese Shaman. They can read your palm, face and aura, and you can ask them anything you’re struggling with or wish to know.

Some key points:

  • The tour takes 7 hours
  • Get picked up and dropped off at your hotel by a dedicated driver

Where to stay in Bali

I stayed in Ubud during my spiritual trip, and I highly recommend you do the same to experience the spiritual side of Bali. The city itself is Bali’s spiritual hub, and it’s conveniently located with most main sights in a close range. If you’d rather stay near the beach, I recommend Canggu.

Ubud: Purana Suite Ubud (⭐9.5) Outdoor swimming pool, a spa and wellness centre awaits you at this amazing hotel. If you’re looking for that classic Bali hotel experience you’re seeing on Instagram, this is it. Book here.

Canggu: Ecozy Dijiwa Canggu (⭐9.2) Friendly staff and great location close to the beach and amazing restaurants. This 4-star hotel is the perfect place to stay in Canggu. Book here.

spiritual things to do in Bali


Where is the most spiritual place in Bali?

The most spiritual place in Bali is Ubud. Surrounded by lush jungle and rice paddies, this town is known for its yoga studios, meditation centers, and traditional healers.

Many travelers come to Ubud seeking spiritual enlightenment and a deeper understanding of Balinese culture.

The town is also home to several ancient temples, including the famous Ubud’s monkey forest, which adds to the mystical atmosphere. Other spiritual places include Tanah lot temple and Uluwatu temple.

What is the spirituality of Bali?

The spirituality of Bali is deeply rooted in Balinese Hinduism, which is a unique blend of Hinduism, Buddhism, and animism.

Balinese Hindus believe in a complex system of gods and goddesses that govern every aspect of life, from birth to death. They also believe in the concept of karma, which is the belief that your actions will determine your fate in this life and the next.

Spirituality is an integral part of everyday life in Bali, with offerings made to the gods and goddesses at temples and shrines throughout the island. Balinese people also practice meditation and yoga as ways to connect with their spirituality and achieve inner peace.

In addition to traditional Hindu practices, there are also many healers and spiritual practitioners throughout Bali who offer alternative forms of healing such as energy work, sound therapy, and herbal remedies.

Overall, the spirituality of Bali is a rich tapestry that blends ancient traditions with modern practices to create a unique and vibrant culture.

spiritual things to do in Bali

What is sacred in Bali?

Many things are considered sacred in Bali, including nature, ancestors, and the gods and goddesses of Balinese Hinduism.

Nature is highly regarded in Bali, with many landscapes and natural features believed to be home to spirits or deities. For example, Mount Agung is considered to be the abode of the gods by Balinese Hindus. The island’s rice paddies are also considered sacred as they provide sustenance for the people and are seen as a gift from the gods.

Ancestors are also highly respected and honoured in Bali. Family temples or shrines are common in Balinese homes where offerings are made to honour ancestors on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and death anniversaries.

The gods and goddesses of Balinese Hinduism play a central role in daily life in Bali. Temples dedicated to various deities can be found throughout the island, with each temple hosting a variety of ceremonies and festivals throughout the year.

Overall, there is a deep sense of spirituality woven into all aspects of life in Bali, with many things being considered sacred and deserving of reverence and respect.

Is Bali a healing place?

Yes, Bali is considered to be a healing place by many people. The island’s natural beauty, spiritual traditions, and alternative healing practices have drawn visitors seeking physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for many years.

Bali’s lush landscapes, hindu temples and tranquil atmosphere provide a peaceful setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Many wellness retreats and spas have sprung up around the island offering a range of treatments such as massages, yoga classes, meditation sessions, and detox programs.

In addition to these traditional practices, there are also many healers in Bali who offer alternative forms of healing such as energy work, sound therapy, and herbal remedies.

Balinese traditional healers or “balian” are highly respected members of the community who use their knowledge of herbs and ancient rituals to treat various ailments.

Overall, Bali’s unique blend of natural beauty and spirituality make it an ideal destination if you’re seeking physical, emotional or spiritual healing.

spiritual things to do in Bali

What beliefs do Balinese people have?

The Balinese people have a unique blend of Hinduism and local animism beliefs. They believe in a complex system of deities and spirits, with the ultimate goal of achieving balance and harmony between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

Offerings are an important part of daily life, as they are seen as a way to appease the gods and maintain this balance.

The Balinese also place great importance on community and family, with ceremonies and rituals often involving large gatherings of extended family members.

Which God is worshipped in Bali?

The Balinese people worship a variety of gods and deities, but the most prominent one is Sanghyang Widi Wasa (also known as Acintya), who is seen as the ultimate source of all creation and the supreme deity.

Other important deities in the Balinese Hindu pantheon include Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and Ganesha.

The Balinese also recognize a host of local spirits and deified ancestors, who are believed to play a role in daily life and can be appeased through offerings and rituals.

spiritual things to do in Bali

How to find yourself in Bali?

Bali offers a unique opportunity for self-discovery and finding a deep connection with yourself. Here are some tips on how to find yourself in Bali:

Practice yoga and meditation: Bali is known for its yoga retreats and meditation centers. Joining a class or retreat is one of the most popular things to do here, and it can help you connect with your inner self and find inner peace.

Spend time in nature: Bali’s natural beauty is breathtaking, from its beaches to its rice fields and waterfalls. Spend time in nature, go for hikes or walks, and immerse yourself in the island’s natural wonders.

Connect with the local culture: Balinese culture is rich in tradition and spirituality. Attend a traditional ceremony or festival, visit temples, or learn about local customs and beliefs to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Detox from technology: Take a break from social media, emails, and other distractions that keep you connected to the outside world. Instead, focus on being present in the moment and connecting with your inner thoughts and feelings.

Try something new: Whether it’s learning to surf or trying Balinese cuisine, stepping out of your comfort zone can help you discover new parts of yourself.

Remember that finding yourself is a journey that takes time and patience. Be open to new experiences, take things one step at a time, and enjoy the process of self-discovery in beautiful Bali.

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