Romanian food: You’ll be surprised

Before I visited, I had no idea what Romanian food was like or if I'd even like it. But now I know that a) despite various vampire myths, garlic is a main ingredient in many local dishes, b) pork is king, and c) they have some bizarre dishes for the adventurous souls only - I'll tell you more about that in a minute. [...]

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The most delicious food in Slovakia

So, what exactly is Slovakian food? I asked myself that question before arriving in Košice and found out that it packs a punch of cabbage, dumplings and stews. It kind of reminded me of dinner at my grandma's, which was high-fat, but very down-to-earth. In this post I'll share some of the dishes I had in Slovakia [...]

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Everything I ate in Budapest – Taste Hungary

Let's just begin by saying that the food scene in Budapest surprised me. Yes. It’s giving me really good vibes even right now. I expected paprika and goulash and lots of stews, but I wasn't prepared for the gorgeous cakes, the vast International food, the horse salami or beef tongue. As a foodie I looove discovering new food stops [...]

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The best Finnish food in Helsinki

Do you know Nordic cuisine? It's innovative, simplistic and rustic, and the food we have in Denmark, Sweden and Norway is very similar. Finnish food also falls under the Nordic theme, but it comes with a twist -  an interesting combination of East and West. Helsinki is a great place for foodies, and the capital has no less than six [...]

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A merry Christmas in North Jutland

We spent Christmas in North Jutland at my uncle's this year. In many ways it's been a wonderful Christmas, but I've also had some mixed emotions. It's the first year that my little brother (wasn't supposed to) spend Christmas with us, and one of my best friends´ mom passed away this Christmas. It's difficult to block out things like these, even when everything [...]

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Why you should travel to Croatia for the food

I was recently in Croatia where I spent two whole weeks eating and drinking just about everything I came across. I spent most time in Istria, which is a heart-shaped peninsula in the northwest corner of Croatia. This region is bursting with gastronomy, beauty and heritage, but for foodies it's more specifically known for its olive oil, honey, wine and [...]

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Joining a Thai cooking class (delicious recipes)

Source You guys, I'm in luuuhve. With red curry, pad thai, and tom yum goong soup topped with fresh chopped cilantro. Thai cuisine is my absolute favorite so naturally I was THRILLED to join a Thai cooking class and learn how to make the awesomest, most heavenly tasty Thai food from scratch. This was my first cooking class, ever, and by [...]

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Photo of the Week 17 – Danish food

Greetings from Randers. It's only been a week since we left Aarhus and already so much has happened. I celebrated Thomas and my mom's birthdays. I got a new part-time job and I had my first day at work today. I reached 10,000 followers on Twitter, which I'm really proud of. And I've been food-spoiled by mom since [...]

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Why the world would end without Danish Christmas food

In Denmark, we love to eat. Eating is pretty much what we do all day this time of year. We have so many various dishes and drinks depending on which part of Denmark you're from. Since my family comes from North Jutland, some of these dishes are most popular up there. In our home, we (read: mom) make most of [...]

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