Where is the best place to stay in Bali?

Where is the best place to stay in Bali?

You’ve booked your vacation and now you’re wondering where is the best place to stay in Bali?

I know where you’re coming from, especially because there are SO many great places to choose from.

I spent a month in Bali with most of that time in Ubud. The rest of the time, I spent at the coast and I think it was the perfect combo.

In this post, I’ll share the main areas of Bali, from the rice paddies of Ubud to the white beaches of Amed. We’ll look at what each place has to offer, as well as a variety of places for you to stay so you can decide where to stay in Bali!

Let’s dig in.

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Where is the best place to stay in Bali?

Almost all of Bali is edged with white, sandy beaches. Its insides are rice paddies and thick tropical forest. If you want your holiday to be on the beach, surrounded by fresh food and juice bars, Seminyak, Canggu, and Amed will all meet your expectations.

If you like quiet, Legian is your scene. If you want a party atmosphere, Canggu is definitely the place. Ubud is the most unique of the bunch, being inland and full of art galleries and yoga.

Whether you’re wondering where to stay in Bali for a week, a month or just a few days, here is a quick overview:


Where is the best place to stay in Bali?

Why stay in Ubud:

  • Surrounded by rice paddies and mountains
  • Loads of delicious healthy food
  • Filled with arts and culture


Where is the best place to stay in Bali?

Why stay in Seminyak:

  • The best shopping
  • Best upscale restaurants
  • A vibrant party town with beach clubs


Where is the best place to stay in Bali?

Why stay in Kuta:

  • All the best bars and clubs
  • Amazing local cuisine
  • Great youthful atmosphere


Where is the best place to stay in Bali.png

Why stay in Legian:

  • A relaxed beach paradise
  • The calmest, quietest area
  • The height of luxury


Where is the best place to stay in Bali?

Why stay in Canggu:

  • Yoga and juice bars everywhere
  • A healthy alternative to partying
  • A vibrant hipster scene

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua, Where is the best place to stay in Bali?

Why stay in Nusa Dua:

  • Home to the Nusa Dua Temple
  • The most historic area
  • Full of local culture and beaches


Jimbaran, Where is the best place to stay in Bali?

Why stay in Jimbaran:

  • White sandy beaches
  • Tropical forests all around
  • A quiet paradise


Sanur, Where is the best place to stay in Bali?

Why stay in Sanur:

  • Great for boating activities
  • Lots of swimming and snorkelling
  • Perfect for water lovers


Ahmed, Where is the best place to stay in Bali?

Why stay in Amed:

  • The ultimate Scuba location
  • Amazing swimming and snorkelling areas
  • Great beach for relaxing

Where to stay in Ubud Bali

The heart of Bali

Ubud is one of the only inland towns, beautifully surrounded by rice paddies and lush forests. Locals call it their arts and culture hub for good reasons: it’s where all the best art galleries can be found. If you ask me, Ubud is one of, if not the, best areas in Bali.

Hotels I love in Ubud

Luxury – Alaya Resort

Just down the road from the Monkey Forest is this luxurious Bali resort. From your private balcony you get a view of a huge pool that you can enjoy. And the cuisine is an amazing mix of local Balinese and international food options. Prices go from $370.

Mid-range – Siwaya Villa

Here you can enjoy a private pool and a continental breakfast every morning. The villas themselves are designed in a traditional Indonesian style, and you can leap from your room into the pool. Prices start at $50.

Budget – Kishi-Kishi Ubud Villas

The best thing about these villas is the view. You are surrounded on all sides by either a stunning private garden or the iconic and beautiful rice paddies. Your room is also spacious and your bed comfy. Prices start at $25.

Pros and cons of staying in Ubud


  • Best place to go if you love art and spirituality
  • A great choice if beaches aren’t your thing


  • Far from the beach, so a big turn-off for many people
  • Not as much fun if you have children
Where is the best place to stay in Bali?

Where to stay in Seminyak

Perfect for shopping and dining

Located to the south, Seminyak is a bustling little town. Almost all of Bali’s best restaurants and shops are located in this town. It’s ideal for people looking for paradise but who still want a more luxury setting full of fashion and good food.

Hotels to love in Seminyak

Luxury – Ilot Bali Residence

Landscape gardens and a big pool make this a calming, relaxing stay in paradise. The best restaurants in Seminyak are just down the street from this great villa. You also get your own kitchen and dining area if you’d prefer to cook for yourself. Prices start at $90.

Mid-range – Villa Senja Seminyak

This is the perfect villa for a family or a group of friends traveling together. Here you have several bedrooms you can enjoy together, making for a comfortable and memorable family trip. There’s a kitchen and a private pool! Prices go from $70.

Budget – Bali Paradise Suites

This is an amazing budget villa that is just for you. It’s perfect for couples who want a private getaway. You get your own private terrace and an indoor swimming pool. For the price, this is an incredible stay for two! Prices start at $45.

Pros and cons of staying in Seminyak


  • Perfect for shopping and dining
  • Great nightlife and beach bars


  • Not a priority area if you like relaxing
  • A little too busy and noisy for children
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Where to stay in Kuta

Ideal for backpackers and parties

If you love your long, sandy beaches to be overflowing with likeminded tourists and lined with bustling bars, this is the area for you. The popularity of Kuta has erupted recently, and fun-seeking tourists are flocking to it for swimming, drinking, and chilling!

Hotels to love in Kuta

Luxury – Satriya Cottages

This luxury Kuta accommodation really does feel like a cottage. You get a balcony with a pool or garden view. The buildings have a European feel, but there’s a traditional Balinese décor inside. And you’re a short walk to the beach. Prices go from $85.

Mid-range – Swiss-Belhotel Tuban

Budget – D’Pande

Here, you’re right in the heart of Kuta, surrounded by great restaurants and bars. You’ve got a room with a lively and modern décor, and a great breakfast menu. Prices start at $25.

Pros and cons of staying in Kuta


  • A good mix of everything Bali has to offer
  • Perfect for drinking, swimming, and relaxing


  • No real specialist hobbies like yoga or diving
  • There are more quiet and relaxing areas if that’s what you prefer
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Where to stay in Legian

A relaxed beach paradise

If you prefer resorts and wondering where to stay in Bali, Legian is it. The whole area is designed around beach relaxation. Water sports, diving, swimming, and beach fun are the name of the game. It’s easily one of the most relaxing and luxurious areas to stay on the whole island.

Hotels to love in Legian

Luxury – Astagina Resort Villa and Spa

This luxury Legian villa is stunning and just a five-minute walk from the beach. The wooden décor is homely and tastefully done. There’s an on-site spa to enjoy. And you’ve got an outdoor pool, restaurant, and bar! Prices start at $65.

Mid-range – Grand La Walon Hotel

With a beautiful outdoor pool to swim in and a continental breakfast to devour every morning, this hotel has everything you need to feel comfy. There are also plenty of restaurants within walking distance. Prices go from $45.

Budget – Gempita House Bali

The area that this lovely Legian accommodation sits in is a really popular cycling spot. If you love to cycle, this is definitely the ideal place to stay. The rooms are beautifully-decorated. Prices start at $20.

Pros and cons of staying in Legian


  • The most luxurious area on the island
  • Best place for utter relaxation


  • A lack of nightlife and bars
  • Not as much variety in its activities
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Where to stay in Canggu

A vibrant young hipster scene

Canggu is similar to Kuta in many ways, but it has a more vegan/yoga/hipster edge to it. Here, you’ll find yoga on the beach, healthy juice bars, and the best vegan restaurants on the island. If you like your vacations busy, but more health and less beer, this is it!

Hotels to love in Canggu

Luxury – Echo Beach Resort

Bright, colourful, vibrant, spacious. All words you’d expect to use for a luxury resort. Here you have a great outdoor pool to enjoy. There’s even a library and entertainment facilities to use! Paradise for $80 and up.

Mid-range – Sakura Guest House

Named after the Japanese cherry blossom, it’s is a perfect description of this lovely Canggu accommodation. Flowers adorn everything in your room. You also get a terrace and a kitchen to yourself. Prices go from $50.

Budget – Soka Bali Guest House

Here you’re a short walk from the beach, have your own private bathroom, and you get a fantastic garden view. It’s an ideal budget guest house for couples who need a place to relax. Prices start at $20.

Pros and cons of staying in Canggu


  • A happy, healthy atmosphere
  • Something to love for every kind of traveler


  • Not the most calm and quiet area
  • Might be a little too busy for families
best areas in bali - where to stay in canggu

Where to stay in Nusa Dua

Home to the iconic Nusa Dua Temple

The Nusa Dua Temple is famous across all of Indonesia and is a stunning piece of local history. With so much modern tourism in Bali, with its great food, bars, and beach fun, it’s easy to forget the overwhelming and rich history here. It’s all in Nusa Dua.

Hotels to love in Nusa Dua

Luxury – Bali One Love Villa

At this incredible accommodation you’ll feel like you’re living in a temple. The rooms are designed after traditional ancient Balinese architecture. It’s incredible! There’s also a stunning garden to enjoy. Prices start at $95.

Mid-range – Sama Sama Suites and Restaurant

Here you get a huge, spacious suite that’s more like an apartment. The restaurant serves a delicious continental breakfast. And you’re a short walk from the beach. Perfection achieved at $45.

Budget – Kirana Residence

Near to this budget accommodation are great museums and a white sandy beach. You get a private room here, and some great nearby restaurants to enjoy during your stay. Prices start at $25.

Pros and cons of staying in Nusa Dua


  • Perfect if you love your history and architecture
  • An incredible piece of local culture to explore


  • Not as much dining and drinking to do as in other towns
  • Can be easy to see everything quickly
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Where to stay in Jimbaran

Where tropical beach meets tropical forest

Where is the best place to stay in Bali, you ask? If you like the area to be a little more rugged and rural than the others in Bali, Jimbaran is the answer. The beach edges into a massive and luscious tropical forest. Here you can still enjoy the beach but feel even more connected to nature, removed from the distractions of modern-day life.

Hotels to love in Jimbaran

Luxury – Kubu GWK Resort

Here you get a massive luxury suite, a private outdoor pool, your own private bath, and a balcony overlooking the pool and gardens. There’s also a continental breakfast every morning. All for $80.

Mid-range – Brothers Bungalows Balangan

These bungalows are a tropical paradise all by themselves! Amazing, fresh continental breakfasts by the poolside, spacious gardens to roam, and comfortable rooms. You may never want to leave! Prices go from $50.

Budget – Clover Bali House

Swimming in this private pool, you can overlook incredible scenery. You also get a lovely seating area to relax in, and a spacious room to enjoy. Everything you need for 25!

Pros and cons of staying in Jimbaran


  • The most naturally beautiful place on the island
  • A great area to get back to nature and relax


  • Not much dining and shopping to be done
  • Not as many people to meet and hang out with
best areas in bali to stay

Where to stay in Sanur

Great for boating and fishing

A huge beach paradise, and what was originally a fishing village. As such, you’ve got all the best boating and water activities at your fingertips. You can sail, swim, dive, and snorkel here!

Hotels to love in Sanur

Luxury – Besakih Beach Hotel

As the name suggests, this gorgeous Sanur hotel sits right on a white sandy beach. The rooms are stunning, and the hotel has private gardens to relax in as well. Open your doors, you’re at the beach! Prices start at $75.

Mid-range – Green Studio Apartment

This amazing studio apartment is decorated with a heavy wood décor. You get your own private pool! And it’s an open-plan space, perfect for couples to enjoy! Prices start at $45.

Budget – Jukung Guest House

These lovely rooms have a sliding door which leads out to the private pool. Take a dip every morning and evening, at your leisure. It’s a great space to relax after a day of exploring. Prices start at $25.

Pros and cons of staying in Sanur


  • Perfect if you love boats and the water
  • A great beach for relaxing on


  • Not much of a vibrant town atmosphere
  • Could be boring for children
Where to stay in Bali Indonesia

Where to stay in Amed

A Scuba diving paradise

If scuba diving is your thing, Amed is the best place to stay in Bali. Whether you’re a pro or you’ve always wanted to give it a go, Amed has you covered. I cannot recommend this part of the island enough to do diving.

Hotels to love in Amed

Luxury – Aura Villa and Spa

These stunning villas are in traditional Balinese design. There’s a private pool surrounded by gorgeous tropical plants. You also get a dining area serving amazing traditional cuisine. Prices go from $75.

Mid-range – Amed Harmony Bungalows and Villas

Relax by the pool; enjoy a mountain view; enjoy yoga and cycling in the local area. This accommodation has everything you need for a relaxing stay. Prices start at $45.

Budget – Anugerah Villas

Here you’re treated to a balcony, a huge private pool with a view of the surrounding area, and a comfortable private room. All for an amazing budget price of $20!

Pros and cons of staying in Amed


  • The best place for Scuba in Bali
  • Great swimming and snorkelling as well


  • Not much else besides the ocean
  • Little to do if you don’t want to Scuba dive
Where to stay in Bali Indonesia

So, where is the best place to stay in Bali? I’d say Ubud and Canggu!

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