10 magical things to do in Lake Bled in winter (2024)

Are you visiting the fairy tale Lake Bled in winter? Here’s everything you should know to plan the perfect trip!

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Lake Bled is one of my favorite places in the world.

Its magical little island, the castle, and the lakeside views are like a fairy tale – especially in the snow. This is one of those places that’s always beautiful no matter when you visit.

In the winter, you can hit the slopes, explore the Bled Christmas Market, and visit the lakeside sights (just dress warmly)!

Here are my favorite things to do in Lake Bled in winter.

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Lake Bled in winter - Lake Bled winter (2)

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What’s it like visiting Lake Bled in winter?

Winter is the low season in Lake Bled, so it’s not crowded. However, there’s no shortage of events and activities.

My top picks include visiting the Bled Christmas Market, gliding on ice skates, and savoring traditional Slovenian winter fare among other fun adventures!

Lake Bled in winter - Lake Bled winter

Weather in Lake Bled in winter

In winter, you can expect chilly, crisp weather ranging from 25—38°F (-4—3°C). So, make sure to pack warm clothes.

MonthHigh / Low (°C)
December7° / 0°
January5° / -4°
February8° / -1°

Things to do in Lake Bled in winter

1. Visit the iconic Bled Castle

In winter, Bled’s medieval castle offers great snowy views.

Inside, you’ll find a nativity scene with Christmas music and traditional shows. There’s also a museum, a wine cellar, and a honey shop you can visit.

If you get hungry, the castle restaurant serves local dishes.

Lake Bled in winter - Bled castle

2. Relaxed hike to Osojnica hill

Don’t miss out on a hike to Osojnica Hill – this is the best viewpoint in Bled.

Start from Velika Zaka, stroll along the lakeshore, then head up the hill. Once at the top, you’re rewarded with this winter landscape view 👇🏼

The hike is about 45 minutes.

And if you’re up for more, there are other hills like Ojstrica, Ravnica, Višče, and Grad to conquer with equally beautiful vistas in the winter months.

Lake Bled in winter - Ostojna hill (2)
A panoramic view of Bled Island in the middle of the lake

3. Visit the Bled Christmas Markets

In December, this dreamy lakeside town turns into a hub for the Bled Christmas Market, or as the locals call it, the Bled Winter Fairytale.

Right on the Lakeside Promenade, you’ll find wooden stalls lit up with sparkly Christmas lights, where you can grab some festive munchies, and warm drinks, and pick up a few holiday gifts.

Lake Bled in winter - Bled Christmas market
Bled in the Christmas season

4. Visit Bled Island’s bakery, Potičnica

I also recommend sailing to the tiny island of Bled in a traditional Pletna boat.

On the island, you’ll find the Potičnica bakery where you can even join a guided workshop.

You’ll have the chance to discover over 50 flavors of the classic Slovenian cake!

Lake Bled in winter - potica
Lake Bled in winter - Lake Bled winter

5. Go ice skating

From late November to early March, hit the ice rink on Park Café’s outdoor terrace, with a gorgeous lake view as your backdrop.

While skating, you can try ice curling, ice dancing, and skating to popular tunes.

They have short ice-skating lessons for kids and live music on the rink. Plus, Park Café arranges torch-lit night hikes by the lake.

6. The Christmas Day light show

This is a special event!

Every Christmas Day on the 25th, there’s a light show by the lake.

It tells the Legend of the Sunken Bell, which is a story of a young widow.

Heartbroken over losing her husband, she used all her gold and silver to make a bell for the island’s chapel. But the bell, the boat, and the boatmen sank during a terrible storm.

In the show, divers pull up a lit-up bell with a mix of sound, light, and fire. It’s a local tradition that really draws a crowd.

7. Try snowshoeing

If you’re looking for an adventurous thing to do in Lake Bled, why not try snowshoeing?

On this tour, you’ll be picked up by your driver and then head to Jezersko Glacier Valley.

They’ll give you snowshoes and walking sticks so you’ll be ready for a guided trek along the snowy trails with a local expert. All equipment is included.

Book your tour – 3-Hour Snowshoeing in the Slovenian Alps

Lake Bled in winter - Snowshoeing

8. Try ice climbing

In winter at Lake Bled, you can actually climb a frozen waterfall!

During this winter sports tour, a professional guide will teach you basic ice climbing techniques. Then, you’ll climb the waterfall on your own!

Book here – Ice climbing in Lake Bled (⭐ 5/5)

9. Spa retreat at the Rikli Balance Hotel

After an active morning outdoors, or if you’re just in the mood to unwind, Bled’s spas and wellness centers have got you covered.

I highly recommend staying at Rikli Balance Hotel where you can take a dip in the hotel pool, heat up in a sauna, or opt for a relaxing massage or body treatment.

It’s a wonderful way to switch gears, warm up, and recharge before heading back out.

Book your stay – Rikli Balance Hotel

10. Climb Mount Triglav in wintertime

Taking on Mt. Triglav is a high-energy adventure in Lake Bled in winter.

With a seasoned guide, you’ll scale Slovenia’s highest peak amidst a snow-packed landscape!

On this two-day Triglav climbing tour, you’ll spend the first night in a Julian Alps mountain hut below the summit, then hit the top of Triglav National Park on day two.

Book your tour – Reach the top of Slovenia in winter

Lake Bled in winter - Climb Mount Triglav

How to get to Lake Bled from Ljubljana

You’ve got three ways of getting to Lake Bled from the capital. Check out this post I wrote about it – How to get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled.

1. Take the bus

Taking a bus from Ljubljana to Lake Bled is straightforward and budget-friendly. Buses run frequently, taking about an hour to reach Bled. It’s a comfortable ride and you’ll arrive near the lake’s shore, so it’s very convenient.

2. Rent a car

Renting a car gives you more flexibility. The drive from Ljubljana to Lake Bled is around 40 minutes, so you’ll get to enjoy Slovenia’s scenic countryside at your own pace. I recommend booking through Discover Cars.

3. Join a guided tour

Going for a day tour from Ljubljana is the most comfortable solution, it’s also the most convenient if you’re short on time. Tours include transportation, a local guide, and sometimes even meals.

It’s a great way to visit Lake Bled without worrying about logistics.

FAQ – Lake Bled in winter itinerary

Is Lake Bled worth visiting in winter?

Absolutely! Lake Bled has a different charm in winter. The snow makes everything look magical.

You can ice skate, visit the Bled Castle, or just enjoy a quiet walk along the shores of Lake Bled while looking at the snow-capped mountains. It’s less crowded, so you get a more peaceful experience.

And yeah, tasting the famous Bled Cream Cake is a must, even in winter.

What is Lake Bled like in December?

Lake Bled in December is serene with snow-covered scenery. With temperatures between -4 to 3°C (25 to 38°F), it’s chilly but cozy.

The calm, festive atmosphere alongside the stunning winter views makes it a unique spot to soak in the holiday spirit.

Is Slovenia worth visiting in winter?

Absolutely! Slovenia in winter offers a mix of snowy adventures like skiing and snowboarding, along with quaint, festive markets in towns.

The serene, snow-draped landscapes are beautiful, and it’s a less crowded time to explore the country’s charming sites and cozy up in its cafes. Plus, it’s a gateway to several ski resorts in the Alps.

Does Lake Bled have snow in December?

Yes, Lake Bled typically gets snow in December, with temperatures ranging between -4 to 3°C (25 to 38°F).

The snowfall transforms the area into a picturesque winter scene, perfect for capturing beautiful photos and enjoying winter activities like ice skating or walking around the snow-covered lake and town.

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