27 unique things to do in Georgia (the country)

Georgia (the country) is one of the most beautiful, underrated countries in Europe, and I’m so glad to have visited.

It’s got history, snow-capped mountains, cave towns, and amazing food, and it’s not too crowded with tourists.

Are you thinking about visiting Georgia and wondering what to experience there? In this post, I’ll guide you through the top things to do in Georgia to make sure you get the full experience.

Let’s dive in!

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Things to do in Georgia

1. Visit Tbilisi’s Old Town

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, and you’ll find history around every corner.

Walk around to explore the colorful, old buildings in one of the most atmospheric capitals in the world.

Make sure to visit the Narikala Fortress, which dates back to the 4th century. It’s a great spot for panoramic city views and understanding Tbilisi’s strategic importance through the ages.


2. Experience a traditional Georgian Supra

A Georgian Supra is an extravagant meal held on special occasions. A Tamada (toastmaster) will lead you through a series of toasts and stories.

This tradition is so integral to Georgian culture that it’s been recognized by UNESCO as an expression of intangible cultural heritage.

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3. Tour the Vardzia Cave Monastery complex

Explore the Vardzia Cave Monastery, a remarkable 12th-century cave town.

This monastery complex was built under the reign of Queen Tamar, one of Georgia’s most famous rulers, and it was used as a cultural and spiritual center.

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things to do in Georgia the country   - Vardzia Cave Monastery

4. Visit the Uplistsikhe Cave Town

Uplistsikhe is an ancient town carved into rock, with structures dating back to the early Iron Age. It was a major political and religious center up until the 9th century.

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reasons to visit Uplistsikhe cave town

5. Inspect the frescoes at Gelati Monastery

The Gelati Monastery is known for its incredible frescoes that have survived since the 12th century.

Founded by King David the Builder in 1106, the monastery shows the Byzantine and Georgian church architecture that flourished during Georgia’s Golden Age.

things to do in Georgia the country   - Gelati Monastery

6. Explore the Ananuri Fortress’s history

Head up to Ananuri Fortress and take in the views of Jinvali Reservoir.

This fortress has seen its fair share of battles for control over the region, especially during the 13th century when it was a castle of the eristavis (dukes) of Aragvi.

It’s easy to visit on a day trip from Tbilisi – book here.

things to do in Georgia the country   - Ananuri Fortress

7. Discover the David Gareja Monastery Complex

One of the best things to do in Georgia is to visit the David Gareja Monastery Complex on the Azerbaijan border.

It’s a sprawling network of rock-cut churches from the 6th century, showing off Georgia’s dedication to its faith through centuries.

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things to do in Georgia the country   - David Gareja

8. Walk through Mtskheta’s ancient streets

Stroll through Mtskheta, where every path leads to history, like the 6th-century Jvari Monastery.

As the place where Christianity was proclaimed as the state religion of Georgia in 337, you’re literally walking through the cradle of Georgian Christianity.

Mtskheta from above

9. Admire Akhaltsikhe’s Rabati Castle architecture

Rabati Castle in Akhaltsikhe stands as a testament to the region’s diverse history, with influences from the Ottoman Empire to the Russian Empire.

It’s been rebuilt several times since its initial construction in the 9th century.

things to do in Georgia the country   - Akhaltsikhe's Rabati Castle

10. Explore Gori, the birthplace of Stalin

Gori has a complex history, notably as the birthplace of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in 1878.

The Stalin Museum there gives you a look at his life, while the Gori Fortress offers a glimpse into the area’s medieval past.

things to do in Georgia the country   - Gori

11. Trek to Chalaadi Glacier

If you’re up for an adventure, the trail to Chalaadi Glacier is calling your name.

Starting from Mestia in the Svaneti region, the hike will take you through a lush ancient forest along the swift Mestiachala River.

It’s a must-do for nature lovers and those looking to experience Georgia’s stunning mountain scenery.

things to do in Georgia the country   - Chalaadi Glacier

12. Visit the Katskhi Pillar

The Katskhi Pillar is something straight out of a fantasy book.

Imagine a towering limestone column with a monastery perched on top, 40 meters above the ground.

Maxime Qavtaradze, a monk of the Orthodox Church, has lived on the Katskhi Pillar for 20 years and only comes down twice a week.

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things to do in Georgia the country   - Katskhi Pillar

13. Visit the powerful Ushba waterfalls

If you’re near Mazeri village and want to see something extraordinary, visit the Ushba waterfalls.

They’re in the middle of the Caucasus Mountains and are pretty impressive because of how powerful they are.

things to do in Georgia the country   - Ushba waterfalls

14. Ski or snowboard in the Gudauri resort

Looking for some winter fun?

Gudauri Resort has got you covered with its excellent ski and snowboard slopes.

Plus, it’s just a stone’s throw away from Tbilisi, making it an easy getaway for some snow action.

15. Drive the scenic Georgian Military Highway

Taking a drive on the Georgian Military Highway is an experience in itself.

This historic road is a vital link between Georgia and Russia, but it’s also a journey through some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery you’ll find anywhere.

You’ll pass by ancient watchtowers, valleys, and gorges, making it the perfect route for anyone who loves a road trip with a view.

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things to do in Georgia the country   - Georgian Military Highway

16. Visit the Rainbow Mountains

The Rainbow Mountains in the David Gareja region are unbelievable.

Picture layers upon layers of vibrant colors streaked across the hills, all thanks to the unique weathering and erosion that’s taken place over time.

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Rainbow mountains

17. Visit Svaneti

Svaneti has towering medieval stone towers and snow-capped peaks.

It’s a place that’s managed to hold onto its ancient traditions, and with mountains like Tetnuldi and Shkhara reaching for the sky, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another world.

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things to do in Georgia the country   - Svaneti

18. Ascend to Gergeti Trinity Church in Kazbegi

The Gergeti Trinity Church is a hallmark of Georgia.

Perched high at 2,170 meters in the Caucasus, Gergeti Trinity Church dates back to the 14th century.

Its iconic silhouette against Mount Kazbek and historical significance make it a must-visit in Georgia.

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things to do in Georgia the country   - Gergeti Trinity Church in Kazbegi

19. Drift through Martvili Canyon’s green waters

Imagine floating through the emerald waters of Martvili Canyon, surrounded by the sounds of waterfalls and the sight of steep, lush canyon walls.

It’s a peaceful escape that’ll make you appreciate the quieter side of nature’s beauty.

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things to do in Georgia the country   - Martvili Canyon

20. Discover Racha

Take a detour to the tranquil region of Racha, a place that’s off the beaten path but brimming with natural beauty.

You’ll find forests you could get lost in, lakes that mirror the sky, and a peacefulness that’s becoming rare. And while you’re there, sip on some local wine.

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things to do in Georgia the country   - Racha

21. Try iconic Georgian cuisine like khachapuri

You can’t visit Georgia without trying khachapuri, a warm, gooey cheese bread that’s a staple at most Georgian tables.

Also, you should taste khinkali – it’s some of the best Georgian food you’ll find!


22. Relax in Tbilisi’s sulfur baths

When in Tbilisi, do as the locals do and soak in the sulfur baths of Abanotubani.

These thermal waters aren’t just a great way to unwind; they’re steeped in history and said to have health-boosting benefits.


23. Visit the beach in Batumi

Take a trip to Batumi and enjoy the Black Sea beaches.

It also has great cafes, street art, and cool finds in the Old Town. You’ve got a nice market, cableway views, and it’s close to national parks. 

Oh, and you’ve got to try the local food while you’re here. Batumi is where they make Adjaruli Khachapuri – that’s the bread boat filled with cheese and egg.

things to do in Georgia the country   - Batumi

24. Taste authentic Georgian wine in Kakheti

In Kakheti, you’ll get to sip your way through the birthplace of Georgian wine.

This region is a treasure trove for wine enthusiasts, offering a peek into the ancient traditions and rich flavors that make Georgian wine truly unique.

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things to do in Georgia the country   - Kakheti

25. Visit the abandoned spa houses in Tskaltubo

When you visit the abandoned spa sanatoriums in Tskaltubo, you’ll explore Soviet history firsthand through the grand, decaying architecture of what were once luxurious retreats.

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things to do in Georgia the country   - Tskaltubo

26. Take a cable car in the mining town of Chiatura

Chiatura in Georgia is one of the weirdest places you’ll see, full of old cable cars and cool views.

They put in these cable cars back in 1954 because the town’s stuck way down in a valley, and it’s way faster to get around with them. There are 17 of these cable cars left, and if you try to find and ride all of them, it’ll keep you busy for a good while.

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things to do in Georgia the country   - Chiatura

27. Find dinosaur tracks at Sataplia Nature Reserve

Sataplia Nature Reserve is home to well-preserved dinosaur tracks.

In Sataplia, you can find dinosaur footprints from both herbivores and raptors from various periods. The local dinosaurs, known as “Satapliazaurus,” are different from those found in Europe.

things to do in Georgia the country   - Sataplia Nature Reserve

FAQ – Best things to do in Georgia

What is the number 1 attraction in Georgia?

The number 1 attraction in Georgia is the historic city of Tbilisi, particularly its Old Town, which is known for its diverse architecture and sulfur baths.

What is the most famous thing in Georgia?

The most famous thing in Georgia is its wine, which is one of the oldest wine regions in the world.

What is the most scenic place in Georgia?

The most scenic place in Georgia is the mountainous region of Svaneti, with its medieval towers and dramatic landscapes.

Which month is best to visit Georgia?

The best month to visit Georgia is May or September when the weather is warm and dry, ideal for exploring both cities and the countryside.

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