17 most beautiful cities in Austria you should visit

Looking for the most beautiful cities in Austria? Let me show you the prettiest ones.

I’ve traveled throughout Austria and can help you plan your trip to this amazing country.

Let’s jump in and take a look at the best places in Austria you should visit.

The most beautiful cities in Austria

1. Vienna

Vienna is the cultural and political heart of the country.

It is Austria’s largest city with a population of over 1.9 million people and some of the most popular tourist attractions in Austria.

Stroll along the Danube for views of the majestic cityscape or explore the Belvedere Palace, a testament to the city’s Baroque past.

Population: ~1.9 million
Top Attractions: Belvedere Palace, Rathaus, Vienna State Opera


2. Salzburg

In Salzburg, you’ll feel the legacy of Mozart and scenes from The Sound of Music come to life.

This city has an impeccably preserved Old Town, recognized for its Baroque architecture.

With a population of about 155,000, Salzburg melds artistic tradition with the beauty of the surrounding Alps.

Population: ~155,000
Top Attractions: Mozart’s Birthplace, Hohensalzburg Fortress, Mirabell Palace

Salzburg, Austria

3. Graz

In Graz, modernity meets history.

Admire the blend of Renaissance courtyards and futuristic buildings like the Kunsthaus Graz, often referred to as the “Friendly Alien.”

Don’t miss Schloss Eggenberg, a palace with beautiful grounds and a peek into Styrian history.

Population: ~290,000
Top Attractions: Kunsthaus Graz, Schloss Eggenberg, Old Town Graz

The most beautiful cities in Austria - Graz

4. Linz

Head to Linz, and experience a city that’s both an industrial powerhouse and a bastion for contemporary arts.

Visit the old town for a sense of Linz’s past, and the Ars Electronica Center for a glimpse into the future. Linz is also intersected by the Danube River.

Population: ~205,000
Top Attractions: Ars Electronica Center, Old Town Linz, Linz Castle Museum

The most beautiful cities in Austria - Linz

5. St. Pölten

St. Pölten, the smallest provincial capital with about 54,000 inhabitants, takes pride in its historical Landhaus and cathedral, illustrating Austria’s love for Baroque and Rococo architecture.

Walk through the charming old town while feeling the rhythm of local life.

Population: ~54,000
Top Attractions: St. Pölten Cathedral, Landhaus

The most beautiful cities in Austria - St. Pölten

6. Eisenstadt

Visit Eisenstadt, the capital of Burgenland, and home to around 14,000 people.

It’s famed for its connection to Joseph Haydn, with several historical sites dedicated to the musician.

Eisenstadt may be small, but its cultural significance and attractions like Esterhazy Castle enrich your understanding of Austria.

Population: ~14,000
Top Attractions: Esterhazy Castle, Haydn Church

The most beautiful cities in Austria - Eisenstadt

7. Innsbruck

Nestled in the Tyrol region, Innsbruck is encircled by the towering peaks of the Nordkette range.

With a population of over 130,000, it’s a city where you can hit the ski slopes and explore the Old Town’s Baroque architecture in one day.

Top sights include the Golden Roof and Ambras Castle. Don’t miss the exhilarating hiking trails accessed via the Nordkette cable car.

The most beautiful cities in Austria - Innsbruck
Incredible Austria nature

8. Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt sits at the edge of the shimmering Wörthersee in Carinthia, with a stateliness punctuated by Renaissance courtyards and Baroque palaces.

As of 2021, roughly 100,000 people call it home.

You’ll enjoy the provincial charm and water sports on the lake which is a hotspot during the summer months.

The most beautiful cities in Austria - Klagenfurt

9. Bregenz

Overlooking the shores of Lake Constance, Bregenz in Vorarlberg captures your attention with the annual Bregenz Festival.

The city, with close to 30,000 residents, serves as a gateway to both the Alps and Switzerland.

It’s a cultural hub where the performing arts take center stage against an Alpine backdrop.

The most beautiful cities in Austria - Bregenz

10. Hallstatt

Hallstatt is the best place to visit in Austria if you ask me. It’s a postcard-perfect scene in Upper Austria’s Salzkammergut region.

With under 800 residents, it features serene Lake Hallstatt and the Dachstein mountains.

Visit the historic salt mines or the peculiar Beinhaus (‘Bone House’).

Hallstatt, Austria

11. Zell am See

In Zell am See, you’re greeted by Alpine meadows and the crystal-clear Lake Zell.

Its population is nearly 10,000, and it’s renowned for both summer and winter activities.

Find your adventure hiking in the Schmittenhöhe or relishing lake views from cozy cafés. For ski enthusiasts, nearby Kaprun offers year-round snowy slopes.

The most beautiful cities in Austria - Zell am See
Beautiful Austria countryside

12. Villach

With a vibe that’s as friendly as its approximately 61,000 inhabitants, Villach lies near the borders of Italy and Slovenia in Carinthia.

It’s known for its thermal baths and access to the Gerlitzen ski resort.

Stroll along the Drau River, or explore the old city’s blend of historic buildings and modern shops.

The most beautiful cities in Austria - Villach

13. Baden bei Wien

The spa town of Baden bei Wien is located just 26 km south of Vienna, and it’s renowned for its thermal springs.

As of 2019, this historic town has a population of about 26,000 residents. Surrounded by vineyards and the lush Vienna Woods, Baden bei Wien captivates visitors with its Baroque architecture and tranquil parks.

The main attraction in Baden is the Römertherme spa, where you can unwind and soak in the historic atmosphere.

The most beautiful cities in Austria - Baden bei Wien

14. Bad Gastein

One of the most beautiful places in Austria is Bad Gastein, nestled in the High Tauern mountains.

Historically, it hosted the 1958 Winter Olympics for the ski jumping competition. Today, with a population of approximately 4,000, it’s a haven for relaxation and outdoor activities alike.

Don’t miss the spectacular Gastein Waterfall, and for a touch of wellness, the Felsentherme Spa is your go-to for a spa experience with majestic mountain views.

The most beautiful cities in Austria - Bad Gastein

15. Feldkirch

Step into Feldkirch, a medieval city in Vorarlberg with a population of about 34,000, where cobblestone streets meet a skyline defined by Schattenburg Castle.

Founded in the 13th century, Feldkirch’s charm lies in exploring its well-preserved medieval castle and strolling through the historic old town.

The Montforthaus plays host to a range of cultural events, making it a vibrant piece of the city’s arts scene.

The most beautiful cities in Austria - Feldkirch

16. Dürnstein

In the heart of the Wachau Valley wine region, Dürnstein is more than just a visual treat with its blue-towered St. Hippolyte’s Church.

This small town, with roughly 900 inhabitants, is steeped in history, including Richard the Lionheart’s imprisonment in the castle above the town.

Enjoy a hike up to the ruins for an unforgettable view, and don’t forget to taste the local Grüner Veltliner wine, a specialty of the region.

The most beautiful cities in Austria - Dürnstein

17. Krems

Lastly, there’s Krems an der Donau, a picturesque town with about 24,000 residents, part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Wachau Valley.

Krems is a gateway for exploring nearby vineyards.

The town’s cultural landscape is complemented by art institutions like the Kunsthalle Krems. Meanwhile, the authentic wine taverns give you a real taste of Austria’s celebrated wine culture.

The most beautiful cities in Austria - Krems

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