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Amazing food in Budapest with Taste Hungary

On my trip to Budapest, I wanted to try some of the local food so I started looking for Budapest food tours.

I could have just checked Tripadvisor for the best restaurants. Sure. But I wanted to know about the hidden spots. Get the insider tips from a local.

So, that’s how I found Taste Hungary, a local food tour company in Budapest. 

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Budapest food tour with Taste Hungary

During my research for Budapest food tours, I kept hearing about Taste Hungary and how their tours introduce you to all of Budapest’s greatest culinary hits.

And that’s how I ended up on their Culinary Walk.

Taste Hungary is a local company with local guides. The company offers several tours, but the most popular is the Culinary Walk, which is led by a food-specialised guide. The tour includes:

  • 8 tasting stops (including a trip to the central market)
  • Full lunch
  • Cake tasting
  • Wine tasting

The tour takes 4 hours and starts at 9.30 from Monday to Saturday. 

Food samples at the Central Market Hall

My Taste Hungary tour started in downtown Budapest at the Central Market Hall – a large, three-floor indoor market selling all kinds of foods. I met with the rest of the group and our guide at the entrance, and we kicked off the tour with a shot of Unicum; the national drink of Hungary made from 40 herbs & spices.

It’s said to have medicinal qualities, but all I got was a throat burn.

Amazing food in Budapest with Taste Hungary

Amazing food in Budapest with Taste Hungary

Amazing strudel

With bellies full of Unicum, we moved on to a food stand with a huge crowd around it. To my surprise I found a cheery guy in the stand making strudel from scratch, and gooood it looked! To be honest I’m not a fan of Austrian or German strudel, but this was different.

Our guide ordered a small selection so we could try the different flavors and I went straight for the cottage cheese strudel. It was SO delicious!

Amazing food in Budapest with Taste Hungary

THE strudel place in Budapest

Amazing food in Budapest with Taste Hungary

Best strudel ever: with cottage cheese

Meat from the butcher

Our next stop was the butcher where we tried a variety of salamis, like spicy salami, regular salami, a pork sausage made from the famous hairy pig, boar salami, horse salami and beef tongue.

I’ve tasted some pretty interesting things in my life, but this is the first time I tried horse meat.

It’s not bad.

Amazing food in Budapest with Taste Hungary

Lunch at Belvárosi Disznótoros

Leaving the bustling Food Market, we went to Belvárosi Disznótoros, also called “Downtown Pig Feast”, to have lunch. Bear in mind that we had been eating for 2 hours already so I wasn’t exactly starving.

Our guide ordered a variety of small dishes, like sausages, suckling pig, stuffed peppers, goulash and side dishes including cabbage and bread.

And then the feast began.

When I think about Hungarian cuisine, goulash and paprika are the first things that come to mind. I’ve found different versions of goulash all over central and eastern Europe, but the Hungarian version is said to be the original. My expectations honestly weren’t that high, but then *surprise* I loved it so inappropriately much that I was ready for seconds and thirds!

Amazing food in Budapest with Taste Hungary

Stuffed pickled peppers

Amazing food in Budapest with Taste Hungary

Amazing goulash soup

Amazing food in Budapest with Taste Hungary

Amazing food in Budapest with Taste Hungary

Hungarian sausages

Dessert at Auguszt Cukrászda

After the huge lunch, we walked to Auguszt Cukrászda, a classic coffee house (patisserie) to have some of the elegant cakes that Hungarian bakers are known for.

Again, YUM.

Amazing food in Budapest with Taste Hungary

Cake a la Hungary

Delicious chocolate at Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé

Next stop was an award-winning chocolatier at a boutique called Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé. We each got to pick two chocolates, and I chose a marzipan (my favorite) and a plum palinka.

Amazing food in Budapest with Taste Hungary

Chocolate heaven

Amazing food in Budapest with Taste Hungary

Wine tasting at The Tasting Table

The tour ended at Taste Hungary’s head office: The Tasting Table. After a little wine and cheese tasting, we learned that 90% of Hungarian wine is consumed within Hungary and that 70% is white wine.

As a wine connoisseur I was pretty darned amazed by their selection, especially the fruity and sweet white wine Tokaji aszú, which in my book now goes under the name: take me home!

Amazing food in Budapest with Taste Hungary

And some Hungarian wine

Highlights of Taste Hungary’s Culinary Walk

I’m glad I joined the Taste Hungary food tour because I learned lots about Hungarian food and the food in Budapest. And as a bonus, our guide shared a number of eating and drinking recommendations for the rest of my time in Budapest. It was a fun way to see the culinary side of the Hungarian capital.

These are some of the highlights of the Taste Hungary food tour:

  • Selection of classic cakes and coffee
  • Lángos (Hungary’s favorite street food)
  • Artisanal chocolate tasting
  • Traditional Hungarian lunch (incl. goulash soup)
  • Shot of Unicum
  • 3 classic Hungarian wines
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Artisanal cheese tasting

Before you go – don’t miss this:

Many thanks to Taste Hungary for hosting me on this food trip in Budapest. As always, all opinions are my own.

Have you joined a Budapest food tour? Need more tips?